Problem: I have Null folder names for folders that don't exist.
Answer: Hit "edit" and delete those folders.

Problem: Categories is not removing apps in v2.28. They are duplicates now! (fixed in v2.29)
Answer: Install poof or sbsettings and hide them. After this, check and see if categories auto hides apps on its own. (This section will be updated when we can reproduce and understand the cause of this).

Problem: I have folders that I cant edit or delete. They don't show up.
Answer: Your conversion from 2.26 to 2.29 update errored out somewhere. You need to manually delete those folders from /Applications folder using ifile or such. Then you can just recreate them. If you don't know how to delete the folders using ifile, then install poof or sbsettings and just hide them so you don't have to see them and make new ones with slightly different names.

Problem: I made a folder and it no longer asks me for an icon. This sucks!
Answer: Loading icon screen is very memory intensive. Therefore we no longer do this by default anymore. You can hit "edit" and then tap the folder and change the icon though. We are in progress of adding a paged icon selector screen that is low on memory.

Creating and Deleting Categories