3Gs Downgrade Assistant

Author: difrnt  //  Category: Apps, Development

This is a tool that I whiped up to assist in the downgrade of firmware 3.1 to 3.0 (or if you’re lucky 3.0.1) using Saurik’s method. In order for his method to work you had to allow Cydia to store your 3Gs SHSH key. This tool is ONLY for 3Gs iPhones and is NOT a [...]

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ECID Grabber & iBEC and iBSS Grabber

Author: difrnt  //  Category: General, Jailbreak

An ECID Grabber that difrnt created. It makes the process of getting your purplera1nyday certificate faster and less complex. Read More / Download At: http://difrnt.com/blog/?p=25 *Getting your ECID and purplera1nyday certificate may be crucial to your 3Gs Jailbreak! Screenshot: UPDATE #1 difrnt also created a iBEC and iBSS Grabber! If you find it too hard to manually grab [...]

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Jailbird (WinPwn Replacement) – UPDATE

Author: difrnt  //  Category: News

There you guys go, a brand new screenshot. Let us know how you like it! Tweet with us! https://twitter.com/jailbird_dev FAQ Q: Can I jailbreak my iPod Touch 2G with Jailbird? A: If the ability is there to do it, it will be built into Jailbird, but as of right now…this second…no you can not Q: [...]

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Jailbird – Winpwn Replacement

Author: difrnt  //  Category: Development, Jailbreak, News

Jailbird is a new application that will allow Windows users to jailbreak & unlock their iDevices!

Jailbird is meant to be a replacement for WinPwn, this means unlike Quickpwn, you will be able to generate a Custom IPSW and change your partition size!

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