123Spoof MLM with Version 2.1

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Long time no speak everyone. We have made alot of updates and wanted to inform everyone of just a few. Firstly, our main feature Spoofing is still free so long as the calls are kept under 2 minutes. You still have to listen to a short 10 second ad before your call is placed but we haven’t found a easier way to cover these cost yet. Secondly, for everyone wanting to try the service without downloading the app just yet can go to http://123spoof.com/free/mobile/ from any iPhone. Last but not least our new feature that takes the cake though is only for users that decide to make a purchase. Once a purchase has been made you will be given the ability inside the app to create a custom coupon code. Once the coupon code is created the app will generate a url that can be passed around via email or a text to all your friends. Each time it is used not only will it give 10% off the purchase to the person you sent it to but it will also add 10 credits to your account. In addition to all that, anyone that has created coupons from their account that get used at least 50 times in the month of May will get $100 and if they are used 100 times you will receive $250. This promotion will go on for June and July as well.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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  1. Nathaniel Says:

    Thanks for providing this service for free! Because of that I decided to buy some credits :)

  2. Hardeep Says:

    I looking for 123spoof in my cydia but I can’t find it please help me.

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