What is iCloud?

Author: KvX

What is iCloud?: If you are new to apple and iOS devices this is a very important piece of the iOS and apple universe. SImply put iCloud is a cloud storage service provided by apple. Now in the iOS device universe iCloud is used for backing up and storing your most prized photos, videos, downloads, music, mail, documents ect. It is available from any device and also helps aid in sharing your content and media amongst all of your apple devices.

Among all of iClouds uses the two biggest standouts is first the ability to restore all content back to your iOS device or computer. This is especially helpful in cases of damaged phones, lost phones or you simply moving up to a new device. The second biggest standout is the find my iphone feature, which is supported across all apple devices. Personally I have my macbook, ipad and iphones connected to the find my iphone feature, this is helpful if you simply leave a device somewhere or if one is stolen acheter viagra.

So as you can see whatever your use of said device iCloud is a great tool for securing and sharing your most important info. So whether you are just getting an apple device or thinking about it, iCloud should be considered a big selling point for ios and the apple universe.