What is Jailbreaking

Author: KvX

So you ask yourself what is jailbreaking? you have heard some friends talk about it but never really looked too much into it until you got you’re new iphone, ipad, ipod or even apple tv. Let me give you a fast once over to explain what is jailbreaking and some benefits it can give you.

What is Jailbreaking

To put it simply jailbreaking is the process of removing limitations on the IOS (Apples operating system of your device). The jailbreaking process is completed by using exploits in the hardware or software. Jailbreaking simply frees your device from the limitations Apple or even your carrier like Verizon or At&t have placed on the device.

Jailbreaking opens the door for you to further customize the device and gain access to a wider variety of apps and tweaks. Jailbreaking provides you with root access to your device to fully unlock its potential, like using different skins, and themes to personalize its look and feel.

See the below shots of just a few up the options available.

So now that you know what jailbreaking is you may want to know why should you should jailbreak, for that answer click here for our why jailbreak iphone page. Maybe you have decided you read enough and you want to jailbreak your device right now, for that acheter levitra click here for the jailbreak now page.