New iPhone Release Date

Author: KvX

If you are like every other iPhone fan the first question after a new iPhone is released is when is the next new iPhone release date. The next hot question is what new features and options will be available. To make this never ending rumor process a little bit easier to handle, I am dedicating this entire page to the updates, news and rumors concerning the next iPhone release date and specs.

I will post all new updates below, I will try and keep it short and simple as well to cut to the point of what you actually care about.

New iPhone Release Date:

So for release date speculation, that should not come as too much of a surprise, apple has been sticking to a mid to late mid release date in September each year. However there have been rumors of a 4″ iPhone 6s to be developed for those looking for smaller iPhones. Rumors on this iPhones release date have been placed as early as mid Spring around April.

I think a smaller version is a definite possibility on the horizon to expand future offers much like the 5c was. As far as a Spring arrival I would doubt it, but there have been reported rumors of talks about releasing iPhones twice a year. The logic is there and would make sense as demand is out of control, however this rumor desperately requires a time will only tell clause.

Will the new iPhone be called a 6s or 7?

Tradition states the next iPhone will be called the 6s, however there have been very valid arguments made for Apple to call it the iPhone 7 come next fall. The biggest reason relies on the rumor that Apple will begin releasing the iPhone twice a year, ex. the 6 in Sept like this year then come Spring releasing the iPhone 6s.

What Features will the new iPhone have? Rumors say…

  • An option for a smaller 4″ iPhone.
  • Wireless Charging
  • 3D Display
  • Sapphire Glass
  • Liquid metal body(though after bendgate, maybe not very likely)
  • DSLR Quality Camera
  • Overall Look,expect this to stay pretty much the same
  • Facial Recognition Unlocking
  • Someone told me solar power charging, you know kinda like a citizen eco drive watch(I have yet to see much traction for this rumor at the moment however).

  • I will keep this updated as more rumors and news become available.