Get Out Of Recovery

Author: BigBoss

If you have a device that’s booting into recovery mode and every time you reboot it, it just goes back into recovery mode, you can come out of this mode without restoring with a couple of commands.

First, download irecovery for Windows or OSX.

Install the apps. Note, for Windows, if you’re running vista or windows 7, make sure you install the app using xp compatibility mode. If you do not, your USB will be dead on the system until you manage to uninstall it. If you have a USB mouse / keyboard, you’re done.

Run irecovery -s from the command prompt. In OSX this is terminal and in Windows this is cmd.exe:

Type these commands. Wait about 2 seconds between each:

setenv auto-boot true

After the last command, 5 seconds will go by and your iPhone should reboot.