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Read our guides below for iphone, ipod and ipad. But if you need interactive immediate assistance, join our IRC channel #iphone on If you join us, please pick a nick name. Do not just use the mib_ random generated nick. It is too difficult to talk to you if you don’t choose a nick. Also, just ask your question and wait for an answer by someone. Do not ask “are you there” or “can anyone help me”.

Install and use SSH/SCP – How to install and use SSH/SCP to modify files on your phone.
Using BossPrefs – How to use BossPrefs and how to create a plug-in toggle yourself.
SBSettings Themes – How to create an SBSettings theme.
SBSettings Toggles – Are you a developer? How to make your own toggle or widget.
iPhone SDK without code sign – Are you a developer? Are you trying to test your app on the iPhone and don’t want to pay the $99 to apple? Are you trying to compile an app for distribution in Cydia? This guide will help whether or not you plan to distribute your app.

Hacking / Jailbreaking:

Jailbreak Table(Recommended Jailbreak) Use this to determine which jailbreak will work for your device and where you can find the guide / software for it.
Spirit – Jailbreak all 3.1.3 firmware on all devices.
Redsn0w Jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch without having to restore first. Jailbreaks 3g, 3gs, 2g iphones and iPod touch 2.
Pwnage – Jailbreak and unlock your iPhone OS 2.0 (v2.0 or 2.0.1) phone on OSX. Note, procedure same for 3.0.
Purplera1n – How to jailbreak your 3GS with purplera1n.
Quick Pwn Guide – Jailbreak your iPhone 2.0 on Windows without a restore!
Unlock 3.0 3g – Using Ultrasn0w is easy and free to unlock your iPhone and get it onto another carrier
Tzones – How to use $5.99 T-Mobile Tzones for your unlimited data plan.

General Help:
Enter DFU Mode – How to enter DFU mode to restore your phone without errors.
Get Out Of Recovery – How to use iRecovery to get out of recovery mode without restoring.
Restore in iTunes – How to restore your phone back to factory state. Also covers various iTunes errors and solutions.
iPhone Firmwares – Where to get older iPhone firmware files and how to program them.
Upgrade in iTunes – Proper way to upgrade a jailbroken device in iTunes.

No Sound – Troubleshoot your issues if you are not hearing sounds.
Enable Syslog – How to enable the syslog to see NSLog messages on 2.0 FW.
Cydia Crash Fix – What to do if Cydia is just crashing on load.

What is Jailbraking? – The fast breakdown for what jailbreaking is.
What is IOS? – Get the needed points of the best mobile operating system.
iPhone 6 Specs – Giving you the ones that matter.
New iPhone release date – Based on rumors and speculations.

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