What is WiFi?

Author: KvX

What is WiFi: While this question is not specifically related to iOS devices like iPhones it is an important concept to understand, especially if you have any iOS device. WiFi is simply a technology that allows computers, phones, and just about any device to communicate wirelessly. Wifi uses a device called a router to transmit the signal.

In relation to iOS most all apple devices give you the ability to connect to a WiFi connection, so whether you are at home or a coffee shop you can avoid using your data plan and use the wifi instead.

There are quite a few apps in the Cydia store if your iPhone or iPad is Jailbroken that allow you to turn your device into a personal WiFi hotspot using your data plan giving access to other devices in the area. This type of hotspot makes life much easier when trying to work off a laptop or iPad when there is no standard WiFi connection available. This allows you to make use of your cell carriers data plan to get your tasks completed.

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