Introducing Zephyr — gestures for your iPhone!

Author: chpwn  //  Category: Apps

Zephyr is an awesome new tweak by chpwn to add swipe gestures to your iPhone. It’s really easy to use, works with pretty much everything out there, and it’s available in Cydia right now. Go check it out!

Zephyr’s features:

  • Swipe from app to app with just a single swipe.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to see your app switcher.
  • Smooth, accurate gesture recognition and finger tracking.
  • Tons of options: choose how many fingers to use, what apps and when the gestures work, etc.

Here’s a video demo of Zephyr, to see what you can do:

Zephyr Video

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

18 Responses to “Introducing Zephyr — gestures for your iPhone!”

  1. Suki Says:

    Is it free ?

  2. Tyler Says:


  3. Austin Says:


  4. Tim Says:

    It would be really great If it’s possible to swipe anywhere on te screen to switch between apps and multitask nOw that we can use multifinger gestures!

  5. Jim B. Says:

    well, you can’t. no, activator is not needed, app is self-sustaining. not free, cost money, look at installous for cracked version, works perfect. I don’t support piracy, I just support these things not costing as much as a gallon of fuel…

  6. Herman Says:

    I think it’s really perfect if function ” back to homescreen” added.

  7. jiahua Says:


  8. fhu Says:


  9. fhu Says:


  10. fhu Says:


  11. Jeff Says:

    So you do support piracy. A few bucks for months of someone’s work is not a lot to ask.

  12. sd Says:

    “Tons of options: choose how many fingers to use, what apps and when the gestures work”.
    Are you sure? In the video there are only 2 very basic options!

  13. Marcus Lim Jun Peng Says:

    Just got the cracked version, working great.

  14. Dave Says:


  15. Oscar Says:


  16. Anonymous Says:

    If you want to try out the cracked version, fine, but done steal from the guy. If you use it, buy it, just like you did your iDevice.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Ccd guy xsggsxd

  18. Spammy Says Says:

    Er… Checking for purely research purposes of course, but the only ‘Zephyr’ installous finds is a finger-painting app – and it’s ENTIRELY non-porn/smut/beastiality related!! WTF?!? (research… yep!)

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