New Application: Cracked Screen

Author: Steaps  //  Category: Apps, Development, Jailbreak
Download in Cydia now!Hey, I’m Steaps and I’m a beginner developer from Canada. I’m 16 years old, and began developing on my late ’08 MacBook the day after they were released. This application was made as a port from and iPod touch Fans Jiggy application back on the 1.1.x days, felt like porting it to stop people from asking to use my iPod touch. Enjoy :)

Simulate a cracked screen on your iPod or iPhone! Have those annoying friends who always ask to use your iPhone or iPod, but you really don’t want them to? Now you can stop them!

v1.0.2: BigBoss and Planet-iPhones Cydia Repository

To Be Fixed / Already Fixed:

  • Too many images – Need to learn more coding etc.
  • Disable home and power/sleep buttons.

Please post some comments and suggestions in the comments.

Thanks, Steaps.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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32 Responses to “New Application: Cracked Screen”

  1. cLeY Says:

    nice job! Keep up the good work Steaps.

  2. asdafa Says:

    make the lockscreen cracked

  3. djo Says:

    it’s nice, thanks!
    small suggestion, make it possible for the program to save/remember the chosen picture so you can skip the step after choosing the picture for the first time

  4. Jeton Says:


    I already pranked two of my friends.
    The expression on their face is unforgettable!

    Thanks for this app.

  5. josh Says:

    that was really hilarious on my family, my brother thought he broke it

  6. NoOne Says:

    It’s bad luck to play with a fake cracked screen :[

  7. iTalk Says:

    I can’t find the app :(

  8. Lol Says:

    I don’t need it, I already got my screen broken lol

  9. Steaps Says:

    I could add this in… Thanks :).

  10. Welll Says:

    I like the app, however a suggestion is to add some kind of sound along with the warning, there’s also quite some delay between pressing the phone and the image cracking. Good work tho ;)

  11. Noah Says:

    Hey great app but what is the name of the app to find it on itunes?

  12. Noah Says:

    how did u find it? and where?

  13. sami Says:

    hey could you make it so that the home, power and volume buttons don’t work so it is more real? I tried it on my brother but he just pressed the home button and exited.


  14. Abe Says:

    Using the accelerometer and dropping the phone on a soft surface would work fantastic.

    one of the most unique app

    Great job Steaps!

  15. Jeton Says:

    It’s not on iTunes.

    You need to install Cydia for it to work.

    Google Cydia. ;)

  16. cheese Says:

    cheese is a kind of meat

  17. cheese Says:

    a tastey yellow beef

  18. cheese Says:

    i milk it from my tiit

  19. cheese Says:

    i try to be discreet

  20. enespe Says:

    i can’t download from cydia

  21. bungga Says:


  22. CLY Says:


  23. Garrett Says:

    Whats the app called

  24. Abe Says:

    Please put this on iTunes. I don’t want to jailbreak the phone because the warrenty voids.

  25. Matt Says:

    I just recently got my iPhone n I have no clue how to download this app onto it. Any help for me?

  26. iDefil3d Says:

    on cydia just type in cracked, and there will be 1 called cracked screen or somthing

  27. non Says:

    Thank you

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Thank u

  29. b Says:


  30. iPhoneExp Says:

    That’s retarded. Why would you purposely brick ur phone? Use a liitle common sense.

  31. nathan mcmahon Says:

    Why is this not on the app store!? such a great app but i cant get it because i have the new boot and the jailbreak would have to be teathered!

  32. Ash Hobbs Says:

    Does NOT work!
    iphone 3GS ver5.0(9A334)
    Followed instructions to the letter:
    Snapshot the Home Screen
    Image Picked it from the Camera Roll
    (appeared very briefly then disappeared)
    then …… nothing. Bit of a dissapointment!

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