New: RingerX VIP – advanced ringing and silence features

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A new tweak is now available in the CydiaStore: RingerX VIP

RingerX VIP offers you many outstanding options to configure the ring and vibrate behaviour for calls and messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage).
It contains an Activator-enabled Temporary Mute feature which allows you to mute your iPhone for a defined period of time after which all tones are turned back on again. You’ll never forget to re-enable the ringer (switch on the left side of your iPhone) after a meeting or going to the movies because RingerX VIP automatically takes care of that.

RingerX VIP includes extremely useful features for individual contacts and groups and can seperately be set for calls and messages.

The following features can be assigned to individual Contacts or Groups

Automatically silent your iPhone when a certain contact calls. This is almost like blacklisting the contact/group but you’ll be able to see who calls/ed.

Set a custom volume for when the ringer is turned on. Make it ring at a low volume when an annyoing person calls.

Do you want to be reachable all the time by people such as your boss or girlfriend? Set RingerX VIP to ignore the ringer switch and always ring; you can even set a custom volume for each instance.

In addition, you can assign custom ring and textones to groups.

RingerX VIP fully integrates into iOS. The settings are located in the contact/group view of the Phone and Contacts application, so there’s no configuration needed from within Settings or through a SpringBoard application. Furthermore, icons in the rows with the contact names will indicate if you have important settings enabled.

Once installed, there will be a section in your Settings applications which allows to quickly disable RingerX VIP and offers additional information on usage.

A SBSettings Toggle is included.

  • Temporary Mute Feature – never forget to to switch your iPhone back to loud again.

For Groups

  • Custom ringtone
  • Custom text tone

For Contacts and Groups

  • Always Silent
  • Custom volume for when ringer is enabled
  • Ignore if your iPhone is muted
  • Custom volume if the mute state is being ignored
  • Always Vibrate
  • Fully integrates into iOS
  • Settings in the Phone and Contacts application
  • Indicators to easily find important settings
  • Section in Settings app with further information
  • SBSettings Toggle

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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  4. B Says:

    How can I turn off the always vibrate? It keeps waking me up!!

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  15. Ropuh Says:

    There is problem – when contact has custom ringtone and it assign to group with ringtone it rings with group ringtone. Documentation says it should use individual ringtone – but as I mentioned it uses group ringtone.

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  26. hansk Says:

    I got RingerX VIP and use it regularly. Very convenient. BUT….
    Have you never silenced the phone over night and then in the morning you forgot to turn the sound back on, and you lost an important call because of that? I think that would be easy for RingerX to incorporate. I hope! Cheers, Hans

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