SwirlyMMS² ver 2.3 is now available in Cydia!

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SwirlySpace is proud to announce ver 2.3 of SwirlyMMS, the first and most complete MMS app for the iPhone. Ver 2.3 is packed with new features like text-to-speech, 3gp video encoding, SMS and free-of-charge messaging over SwirlyNet(*). Below follows a selection:

1) real text-to-speech of MMS text parts and SMS text! (3GS only):

Hear a sample.

2) handles SMS, both to send and receive:

3) MOV-videos are now converted to the proper 3gp-video format when sending a  (carrier network) MMS. When your message instead takes the way over SwirlyNet(*) no conversion to 3gp is made to preserve quality at its best (3GS only):

4) icons to indicate the message type. Below you can see the SMS, MMS and SwirlyNet types respectively:

5) editing of existing text parts

6) photos that are snapped from within SwirlyMMS are now also stored in your camera roll.

7) a whole lot of minor bug fixes.

For more information about SwirlyMMS and SwirlySpace please have a look here.

(*) SwirlyNet is a free-of-charge messaging network that integrates seamlessly with SMS and MMS. Today (2010-04-28) with around 14000 connected users. You can read more about it here.

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  1. Dalvin Says:

    I purchased swirlymms and still cannot receive or send mms messages can i get a refund

  2. Mb Says:

    Please contact techsupport@swirlyspace.com and describe your problem.


  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. armarose1 Says:

    i baught it but it just does not work on 4.

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