CyDelete – Uninstall Cydia packages from SpringBoard!

Author: Dustin Howett  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak

Since the dawn of Cydia, users have been struggling to remove applications they’ve installed with it. Uninstalling a package is a seven-step operation at best: Start Cydia, Manage, Packages, (locate package), Modify, Remove, Confirm.

With the advent of CyDelete, however, Cydia packages can now be removed like any App Store applications- hold down the icon, wait for them to start wiggling, and tap the X. What was once cumbersome is now integrated into the standard iPhoneOS workflow. It is a lightweight MobileSubstrate plugin that only does anything in Wiggle Mode.

CyDelete will not remove applications that are not managed by Cydia, though they will be branded with an X. From SpringBoard’s standpoint, applications managed by Cydia and applications just sitting in /Applications are one and the same. CyDelete will also not remove Cydia itself, for safety reasons.

Without further ado, some screenshots!
Delete Colloq? Presto! It's Gone!

With the release of 1.0.0, it is expected that some uninstallations may fail, and that some packages may incorrectly be flagged as removable when they’re not, and not removable when they are, and that there will be crashes. For that reason, there is a “Bug Report” link available on the Cydia information page for CyDelete. Please submit any failures you encounter. Here is the link.

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