10 iPhone Tricks You Probably Forgot

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Your iPhone is a very complex and powerful device with thousands of features and tweaks to help make life easier. Today I am going to go over just 10 iPhone tricks you probably forgot where there. I know some of these I forget about as well, but when I remember them it reminds me of why I love them so. So without further interruption here are the 10 iPhone Tricks You Probably Forgot.

1. Location Based Reminders: This can be taken care of through Siri, simply tell Siri something like “Remind me to give Josh his sunglasses back when I am at his house” Then when you show up to Josh’s house later that evening you get reminded.

2. Double Tap for a New Sentence: When you come to the end of a sentence simply double tap the space bar and a period and space will automatically be added for you.

3. Faster Charge: Place your iPhone in airplane mode to greatly speed up charging.

4. Shake to Undo: Dont like what you just typed? Shake the iPhone to bring up the option to undo it.

5. Use Your iPhone as a Level: Go to compass and swipe left, now you have a Level to use and a saved trip to home depot.

6. Use Volume Keys to Take a Photo: When the camera is on you can use the volume buttons to snap photos.

7. View Time Stamps on all Texts: Just slide the message bubbles to the left and all the timestamps appear.

8. Rapid Photo Burst: Hold down the capture button in camera mode to take rapid bursts of photos.

9. Light Flashes for Alerts: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > LED Flash For Alerts and now you will be notified of a new alert or message via LED flash.

10. Have Siri Generate Random Passwords: Just tell Siri something like you need a random 10 or 12 character password and she will do it.

There you have it, the 10 iPhone tricks you probably forgot. The great part is all these work regardless of if your device is jailbroken or not. As I come across new tricks and tips I will post them on the blog.

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    Use Volume Keys to Take a Photo – thx a lot, I did not know this :D

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