3.0GM – Dont upgrade yet

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Yes, 3.0 GM is released to developers. This is the final 3.0 release. There is no jailbreak for it at this time. Do not yet upgrade. There are rumors of people using the 3.0 b5 jailbreak tools. This is a terrible idea. It will replace most your 3.0GM with B5 components. You will not have a real 3.0 final any longer, instead you will have a hybrid 3.0 and beta 5. It’s a terrible idea. Next week when beta 5 expires, your 3.0 jailbreak could expire as well and you would have to restore all over again.Yes, some people may claim that they did this and “it works fine”. But as I just stated, it is not a real 3.0 final any longer. Definitely not a good idea nor is this something you want.

Just wait a few days and you should be ok.

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69 Responses to “3.0GM – Dont upgrade yet”

  1. iPhone2G Says:

    Will my unlocked iPhone 2G remain unlocked if i upgrade?

    Does it update baseband?


  2. bubba Says:

    It depends. Just wait.

  3. hhh Says:

    hey guys
    I know exactly when will Apple release the 3.0 Got the news from a well trusted source in Optus ( Australia ) 17th june so 8 days. Copy & paste feature…..

    I just hope the unlock for BB 2.30.03 BL 6.04 2.2.1 (which I currently got) but as 3.0 is out in 8 days, I hope you legends release the unlock for the 3.0 soon after it comes out for BB 2.30.03 & BL 6.04……………

    Once again you guys r legends……Dev-team, BigBoss, iclarified and few others…….. THANKS

  4. KORG Says:

    I have beta 5 but now I just want the regular update from apple on 6/17. Do I really need to update to GM. because I’m gonna give my bro my iPhone 3G but don’t want to worry about it expiring before that date & don’t want it locked into beta testing either… Can anyone help

  5. DvTonder Says:

    If 3.0GM is the final they missed a big bug in the contacs app address fields.

  6. Geo411m Says:

    Things you’ll need to downgrade:
    1. Official Firmware 2.2.1
    2. Quickpwn 225
    3. iTunes (I Used 8.2)

    Step 1. Turn off your iPhone.
    Step 2. Hold down the power and home button.
    Step 3. When you see the Apple logo, release the power button but continue holding the home button down.
    Step 4. Open iTunes and wait for it to tell you that it’s in restore mode.
    Step 5. Hold the shift key (alt for mac) and hit restore. Point it to the official 2.2.1 firmware.
    Step 6. After downgrading finishes run quickpwn and follow direction to jailbreak.

    This has worked on 2g iPhone only. I think it would work for 3G too but you may not be able to unlock due to baseband update.

  7. Poseidon Says:

    2G Phones remain at the 4.05 baseband and will remain unlocked. As with any jailbroken iPhone you want to RESTORE to the new firmware, not upgrade so you don’t lose 500MB of space. Due to this fact you will have to wait for the official Dev Team release of Quickpwn which will activate your phone and be packaged with a compatible Cydia for 3.0.

  8. Poseidon Says:

    You answered your own question. “I just want the regular update from apple…” The GM is a pre-release for Devs only.

  9. KORG Says:

    Can anyone help me answere my question above:(

  10. Chris Says:

    Where can we check that the jailbreak is out? or when the jailbreak is out…

  11. Poseidon79 Says:

    The Dev team does not announce release dates for their software. They have already said they won’t release a jailbreak until the 3.0 becomes public which is on June 17th. So all we know is the jailbreak will come AFTER June 17th.

  12. kafka Says:

    I hope there is a toggle in the making for Tethering!

  13. Poseidon79 Says:

    You mean “anyone” other than me? :)

  14. Chris Says:

    bummer… i wanted to install 3.0 already… i am waiting out anyways as i need my internet connection.

    What i meant was not a release date, but where to look when they release it… Like maybe this site will announce… Jailbreak is out for 3.0 or what not.

  15. chickdigger802 Says:

    hmmm so if i upgrade to 3.0 GM will it work with jailbreak that comes out next week?

  16. Jessev Says:

    this site you’re on will be one of the best to watch. of course the dev team’s blog is the first for any news from them.


  17. lungulescul Says:

    Hello. I have a question: i have an iphone 2g and i was wondering if the devs will try into pushing some of the features only available for 3g or 3gs into the 2g firmware. It would be nice for us to have native video recording, mms, a2dp or voice recognition. I know other features cannot be implemented due to the lack of hardware, but on the ones i mentioned above i think its only apple not wanting to activate thwm. Could activatig them be possible by the devs/hackers? Or could the phone be tricked into thinking it is a 3g or 3gs? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  18. dan Says:

    Is there some reason all of you with 2Gs can’t upgrade. The price for 3G is now $99 US

  19. Martin Says:

    Unlocked 2.21 2G -> 3.0GM = not unlocked.

    Just finished restoring to 2.21 and reinstalling Itunes 8.2 so I can restore my phone from backup.

    Waiting on QuickPWN. And some of us 2G’s are on T-Mobile or other networks.

  20. Alejando Says:

    Hey guys, first of all, thank for the advise and all that u do.

    Second: I like to ask you that includes the jailbreak for the IPOD TOUCH 2G, you are forgetting about us, and I believe that we are the ones who going to have more advance in the software. So please don’t forget us.

    Thirth: If it is possible, try to include VOICE CONTROL.app to the Jailbreak on iTouch 2G, cuz it will be useful to control iTunes.

    If you could answer me I’ll apreciate it.

    Thanks, and sorry my english, it isn’t my mother languaje.

  21. lungulescul Says:

    U are a smart one, aren’t you?

  22. yes Says:

    dont forgett about us!!! touch 2g!!!!

  23. Berd Says:

    I hope the unlock for BB 2.30 BL 6.04 will come out ASAP…I need to use my iPhone badly…

  24. James Says:

    Does the GM firmeware expire next week before the public release?

    Also, why do devs get the final release now an dnot next week?, is there a reason for this? or is it just a thing they get for being a dev?

  25. Fernando Pinto Says:

    My iPhone3G fw version 2.2.1 Modem FW 02.30.03 (I deducted “ModemFW” is the same as BB right?)
    is not recognized by QwickPwn.
    It was jailbroken, not unblocked but ok, and it started to ask for an anexisting passcode to work and only working after sync with iTunes (8.2).
    At some point iTunes asked for the unexistent passcode, so I had to restore it and I did, for the QP not to recognize it anymore.
    I recearched and was told to downgrade iTunes to 8.1, done.
    Still my Iphone no linger recognized by QwickPwn 2.2.5 so no jailbrake or unlocking.
    Could BigBoss help?
    thank you

  26. Steve F Says:

    Found and upgraded to OS 3.0 GM (3g 1,2 7a341_restore.ipsw) yesterday and am liking it. After hours of playing battery life seems better. Only app I miss is winterboard. :-( I will jailbreak again when it is available. :-)

  27. Shawn Says:

    I have filmware 02.30.03 when do you think I can unlock? and if I due what are the negatives? will I have to due this everytime? I heard you say you need to use youre I phone badly, did you upgrade and stuck untill a new hack comes out?

  28. Ivan Sinigaglia Says:

    Here, in Brazil, the upgrade is the price for a new: iphone 3G 16GB US$ 800,00. So, my 2.2.1 (1.0.2) will go on for a while.

  29. b Says:

    $99 is only for new at&t customers.I don’t plan on switchin from tmobile to get a iphone for 99 and pay alot more for my plan.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    You will have to wait a official quickpwn release

  31. Rashid123 Says:

    I did upgrade 3.0 on yellow unlocked 3G 2.2. Now it’s in emergency mode. Is my phone a brick forever? :-(

  32. HomeGrown Says:

    I would suggest listening to BigBoss if you want a jailbreak, however only if you are on iPhone 2G (since baseabnd doesn’t update) here are some steps to have it running activated and unlocked (no jailbreak):

    1. Put your iPhone in DFU and restore it with a custom 2.2.1 IPSW (PwnageTool not Quickpwn)
    2. Once you have 2.2.1 jailbroken and unlocked plug your phone in and once it has detected your iPhone with iTunes disconnect from internet and click on Option+Update/Shit+Update [Not Restore] and select 3.0GM IPSW
    3. Wait for you iPhone to reboot with 3.0GM activated and unlocked.

    *Note: I have not tested this without having my phone registered as a dev so it might not work if your phone is not an authorised iPhone.

  33. taranfx Says:

    @Steve F how did u activate it?
    I upgraded my iphone 2g to 3.0 and its unlocked but not activated..
    how to activate?

  34. Darren Says:

    Can’t activate without a jailbreak to my knowledge.

  35. X Says:

    Thers not, MMS and tether have been taken out of GM. I can confirm this. BUT, i have the ATT ipcc file to re-enable these two options. They both work great. Cheers.

  36. Nayan Says:

    You can only activate I think if your device is attached to a dev’s account.

  37. xXrkidXx Says:

    … theres no Mic on the iPod touch… it would be impossible for that to even happen.

  38. Alejando Says:

    On the iPod Touch 2G <–!!, the plug 3,5mm includes entry for mic. So that is too possible.

  39. magu Says:

    Video recording requires a camera, which the iPod Touch doesn’t have.

    MMS requires cellular connection, which the iPod Touch also doesn’t have, or else it would be called iPhone.

    Voice recognition requires a mic, which the iPod Touch doesn’t have.

    Summarizing: the iPod Touch is NOT an iPhone. Didn’t think that one through, did you?

  40. magu Says:

    Please ignore the above comment. Just now I realised that I’ve replied to the wrong person.

    Apologies for that!

  41. Ghost360 Says:

    Downgrade like u told doesn`t work on iPhone 3G with OS3.0 on it
    shows error 20 whatever that means

  42. steve Says:

    Did you upgrade or restore. just curious if the activation stays after and upgrade. I know you lose it when you do a restore.

  43. Steve F Says:

    The Gold Master revision 7a341 that I downloaded is the version that will be released on the 17th. It does not require a Dev account and activated on reboot.
    I’ve found it available for download on two sites and via bit torrent. I twittered (tweeted?) the megaupload link a couple days ago.

  44. Neoprancer Says:

    agreed. however, I can’t downgrade my 2G backwards. I have created a brick.

  45. Steve F Says:

    Forgot to mention in iTunes I clicked update while holding the shift key and selected the .ipsw file. After the file loaded it rebooted and activated. I then did a restore and was able to sync. The nice part is most of my data and settings were restored. Since I have my contacts and calendar on the Google cloud it was all up to date, no re-entering anything.

  46. Manixru Says:

    Anybody would add me to his dev account!? I’m a little bit afraid …… thanks

  47. Manixru Says:


  48. alex Says:

    so once you update to 3.0 can you then use yellow sn0w?

  49. Kaz Says:

    There’s no official jailbreak. So you can’t. That’s what this news item is about…
    Best to wait til next week. Last thing you want is to make your phone unlockable just cos you (me) couldn’t wait a few days.

  50. abdul Says:

    i have 3.0 GM and everything works fine i was just wondering if this is the final release. i have an ipod touch and i just want to make sure i wont be stuck in “testing” mode.

  51. alex Says:

    well i mean in terms of once the final 3.0 OS comes out… you can then upgrade and do a soft unlock with yellow sn0W?

  52. LuckuGuy Says:

    To downgrade directly from OS 3.0 GM will not work, will just give you error 20 … do it this way ..

    Jailbreak your iPhone using the QuickPwn Beta 5 + OS 3.0 Beta 5 … this way it will put your iPhone into DFU Mode (Pink Color) … then from DFU Mode Restore your OS 3.0 Beta 5 (7a312g) …

    From Beta 5 … if you want to go OS 2.2.1 … Restore OS 3.0 Beta 2/3 .. after restoring Beta 2/3 .. iTunes will pop up message “OS has been expired already” just ignore the message …

    Again restore your OS 2.2.1 … if having a good luck .. no error 1013 if not … error 1013 will pop up … then ignore error 1013 … Turn OFF your Iphone … close iTunes …

    From error 1013 … open QuickPwn 2.2.5-2 and click OK for the first message of Iphone and do nothing from the QuickPwn … connect your iPhone (from OFF MOde)using the USB Cable … press Power Switch of the iPhone for at least 2 seconds then the Logo of Apple will come out then few seconds the DFU Mode will go away and the Emergency Call will pop up … that is the time you need to activate it using the iTunes … thats it … cheers … hope this help…

  53. luka Says:

    just change date on pc to after 17.6 and downgread to 2.0.2 and jailbreake with quickpwn RC3.
    Now go to iTines and upgreade to 3.0 GM,you are unlock legaly!
    you must be on iTunes 8.2!!! :)

  54. Damien Says:

    I can confirm this does work on a 2G phone not registered as a dev (my 3G is though)

    thanks for the heads up.

  55. Steve F Says:

    Dev Team doing a live demo of yellow snOw 3 unlock tomorrow.

  56. Biz Says:

    I have a 3g 2.2.1 2.30.03What are the pros/advantages of upgrading to the new 3.0 update then jailbreaking compared to if i just stay with this jailbroken version

  57. Johnny Dozer Says:

    Didn’t think that one though, did you?

  58. Justyn Says:

    I am running GM 3.0 on my iPhone 3G, and MMS is in the Messages app. Also there is an option for Tethering under settings.

  59. Justyn Says:

    I’m missing Winterboard and SBSettings. :-(

  60. J Says:

    Can I unlock 3G with 3.0 version software with GEVEY or yellow sn0w ?

  61. Connor Says:

    Hey I was just wondering if you uprade to 3.0 on your iPod touch, I know you lose the apps that game with jailbreaking like cydia and instalous, but will you lose the apps you get from installous? Like for example from installous I got free apps that u have to buy in the app store (bubble pro etc) will I lose them?

  62. Connor Says:

    In my last comment I meant CAME not game

  63. jayesh Says:

    may i know exactly what time new tool will be released today ?

  64. LittleBoss :P Says:

    I’ll eat my own ass if any of them arrive today and you can hold me to that! lol

    The jailbreak was supposed to be out shortly after the release of OS 3 and the unlock today. Now shortly can be interpreted as anything some people may think an hour to be short, some a day, some a week or a month…. (You get the picture)

    I’ve always said releases like this should not be made public until they are ready cause all it causes is countless posts and threads asking “when will it be here, where is it!?!?!?!?” And what responce do you get to that! COcky remarks from them saying “When it’s ready it’s ready” or f*#kwit comments in responce to how long will it be like “2 or 3 inches” (Pfft Pull your fat heads out your asses devs!)

    Looks like there going the right route with the 3GS stuff as they have said they are not going to post progress on what they have or don’t have till it is done, and hats off to them for that ;)

    And as for those of you that are theiving Pirate fooks! Yes I am looking at those of you using Installous and moaning that you lost Apps you never paid for in the first place! At the end of the day if you lost those Installous apps and want them back then there obviously worth paying for so put your hands in your pockets and support the developers!

    End of rant, flame away and see if I care. I’m just telling it as it is.

  65. LittleBoss :P Says:

    “I’ll eat my own ass if any of them arrive today and you can hold me to that!”

    Looks like I have some ass eating to do as the jailbreak has been released for OSX :( Where’s the salt and pepper at lol


  66. thevmax Says:

    I had to upgrade from OS 3.0 BETA 5 to OS 3.0 GM because my phone had a message that my software had expired. Just a note for everyone…phone is functional.

  67. Charles Says:

    is there a jailbreak for the Ipod touch 2G for the firm ware 3.0????

    plz reply


  68. anna Says:

    i have an unlocked t-mobile iphone 2g. i really want to get the os 3.0 update for my iphone but im afraid it will relock my iphone. will my iphone stay on t-mobile and still be unlocked after i do the update?

  69. SETKEH Says:

    He is correct I have iPhone 3g and an iPod touch 2nd generation I paid apple a rediculous amount of money for a set of head phones so I could use skype on my iPod touch 2nd gen this is before I got my phone so if they could move the voice control over to the iPod touch 2g it will work as long as you have the aftermarket headphone with a microphone :)

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