3GS Users Cannot Restore 3.0

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So as of today, Apple has stopped signing 3.0 and 3.0.1 restore files. That means that if you have a 3GS iPhone you cannot restore any firmware other than 3.1. If you are happily jailbroken today and something goes wrong you are pretty much screwed.  Here is a summary:

1) If you have an iPhone 3g or 2g, you are fine and should be able to restore.

2) If you have a 3gs, you can only restore 3.1 (and kiss your jailbreak good bye). If you did not get an IBSS/IBEC signature before now and you restore, you may never be able to jailbreak again.

3) If you have an iPhone 3GS and you used Cydia to save your TSS or did purplera1n or similar a while back and saved your IBEC, then you will be able to restore in the near future, but you must wait for someone smart to write a utility that will let you do it.  Chances are good that such a utility will come out in a couple days. If you can be patient and wait, do so. No one wrote this utility prior to this because we were not sure if Apple would actually stop signing 3.0 – only that they *could*.

It looks like an exploit has already been found in 3.1 firmware so it sounds like a jailbreak will be possible, but again, hold out for a bit.

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114 Responses to “3GS Users Cannot Restore 3.0”

  1. Mark Says:

    Thanks for this. I wasn’t understanding why Saruik was no longer collecting hashes from 3G S owners.

  2. iLady Says:

    Thanks for the info. My 3GS ECID is stored on saurik server. I will not upgrade to 3.1fw till it’s safe.

  3. Henry Martyn Says:

    For a second, by the language you guys were using…I was beginning to believe that Apple finally found a way to block jailbreaking capacity. Those commi bastards!!!

  4. Aleksander Says:

    I have used Cydia to save my TSS from my new 3Gs. Is it enough to jailbreak it in the future if i didn’t save IBSS/IBEC signature before?

  5. Plotkin35 Says:

    I too used Cydia to save my TSS. Never could get it thru the IBSS/IBEC program.

    So, how would I(we) get my(our) number off Saurik’s server?

    Also, would MMS be attached to this 3.1 update? I read of something requiring MMS in the new update. But everyone has said the MMS is a matter of carrier update.

  6. BigBoss Says:

    Right, this update has nothing to do with MMS. It’s carrier only. There are carriers now that support MMS and it works fine in 3.0 with those carriers.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    If I have the 3.0 and 3.01 files still on my computer, have itunes set to not check for latest firmware and itunes updates, can I still get the IBSS/IBECs?

  8. Dondon Says:

    @Anonymous: I think the answer is no. Since you need to restore to get your IBSS/IBECs. And since 3.0/0.1 is already unsigned, you can’t restore :]

    I’m not sure about this though, correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. Joe Tokyo Says:

    Yup, I agree. It’s a matter of a carrier issue, not firmware. I’ve had MMS on mine using Tmob for months now. All I had to do was input the info on my network settings and I was all set :)

  10. Former_anonymous Says:

    Dondon, thanks.

    I don’t understand how Apple can stop a downgrade if we use all our own files? Does itunes go to the network or something to confirm from Apple actions to the iphone?

  11. Frank Says:

    I tunes must talk to the apple server before it does the upgrade or downgrade. That’s why you have to do it with Internet connection. That’s how they can block it even if u have the files on your computer.

  12. Former_anonymous Says:

    Thanks, that stinks. Looks like apple is stepping up it’s war.

    Now I wish I hadn’t procrastinated on grabbing those two files. I do have my iphone ECID value and registered in Cydia. Will those be enough?

  13. Former_anonymous Says:

    Oh and I also have the purplera1nyday file with the iphone ECID number

  14. dan E Says:

    Yesterday I attempted to JB my 3gs using PurpleRain – this was AFTER upgrading to itunes9.

    The upgrade terminated with PurpleRain crashing in an iTunes DLL. The phone was left in a recovery mode where the ONLY option was to install and recover 3.1

    I assume Apple closed the access to PurpleRain in iTunes9 so be careful.

    I dont know if this “fix” effects redsnow

  15. Former_anonymous Says:

    Too bad you didn’t try the Dev Team JB. PurpleRain never worked for 3.01.

  16. Dennis Says:

    The iBEC_iBSS grabber does not work. Had tried many times to capture it but does not work at all. The only file that were captured are the ECID (ECID Grabber) and the iBEC (from iClarified procedure) but the iBSS was not captured. This means I can no longer jailbreak my 3GS in case.

  17. Former_anonymous Says:

    Dont worry yet… just announced 3.1 vulnerability so all may be fine

  18. eweezy Says:

    i love the madness updates cause…. i just had to have the gs…. i lol as i remove any buggy programs due to paranoia

  19. ninja pimp Says:

    heads up. i installed itunes 9.0 on my windows 7 workstation and now I can not SSH into my iphone.
    i verify ssh is turned on and i have an ip address, but winscp fails to connect and iphone browser will not connect either.

    prior to installing itunes 9 it worked fine yesterday..iphone browser would connect w/o issues now today after installing itunes 9, i can’t SSH anymore

    can anyone else confirm this?

  20. Turbulance Says:

    I am surprised no one has realised that Apple just put every iPhone user in the hands of the personal info collectors, like Pinch Media. Thankfully I was too busy when 3.1 was released, though temped by shiny new code I would never have upgraded my JB phone until I had news of a way to exploit.

    I only rebuilt my phone last week due to an incident that I will not raise again here. Though I finally discovered how the JB the correct way, with a freshly flashed iPhone, no restored backup, and no Apps. It has never worked better. I am going to be extra careful with any new apps in Cydia until we have the comfort of a new JB method.

    I too ran the Cydia backup of my phone, but didn’t really understand what is was about. How does one find out if that really did run successfully?

    Saurik have a well earned sleep, things might not seem as glum in the morning. And thanks for all your hard work!

    Long Live Jail Breaking!

    Oh, and whatever happened to the EFF?

  21. Joe Says:

    I update my iphone 3gs by accident…And there is no roll back….

    Hope someone release a new jailbreak tool ,cause i am desperate for now….

  22. Aleg Says:

    Nice accident :(

    good luck coders , we believe in you!

  23. Joe Says:

    lool…. You are right…

    I haven’t heard tha 3.1 released… So i tried to restore the iphone from itunes… I didn’t notice the update… And thats all folks!!

    I know know… “So much stupidity ,into one person?”!!!

    I hope good luck to coders ,too…

    But i am scared if i can’t jb my iphone anymore.

  24. Dondon Says:

    I think that’s enough for you to be able to restore using whatever utilities the devs will come up with. Then through that restore process you can get everything you need to jailbreak. Again I’m not sure lol. But I think you’re safe.

    Now, let’s see what happens in the future.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    i dont know the terminology but i remember in vista days when they were trying to activate it thru a dummy activation server…would that be possible to do here…bypass apple’s activation server to a custom server?

    just a thought

  26. Turbulance Says:

    I can’t confirm but I can say that when I installed the iTunes update, new drivers for the iPhone installed the first time I connected it.

    I expect that more hacking is required. Can you SSH into an iPhone via Linux?

    Apple really has thrown down the gauntlet now to the JB community.

    I gather that Jobs fellow is back in town, and he is going to let everyone know that there all HIS iPhones. He doesn’t care if we where to all go away, and die, just as long as we have the iPhone the way he wants it to be period!

  27. Duluen Says:

    no. apples not signing them anymore.

  28. Mark Says:

    Stop having these “accidents” and you won’t have these problems, jeeze.

  29. Mark Says:

    That’s what Saurik was on to with his Cydia method. Editing the etc/hosts file to point to him and not Apple.

    DVD Jon used this same method along with an iTunes hex edit back in the 1.0 days. Remember “ albert.apple.com”

  30. JoblessPunk Says:

    I might have a stupid question and prepared to get trool’d.

    I haven’t updated iTunes,
    I haven’t updated my iPhone software,
    I haven’t even plugged it in to my computer

    But when I go to the app store and try to download a new app I have to agree to the new “terms of use”.

    By agreeing to that will it download anything to my iPhone that will un-jailbreak it?

  31. Aleksander Says:

    No, it wan’t.
    You can safely download and use apps from AppStore.

  32. JoblessPunk Says:

    I just didn’t want to fuck something up :)

  33. imagineThiss Says:

    For BigBoss (please reply ;) )

    i was just wondering… in cydia when its saids ECID SHSH on file.. where are they stored…

  34. Anonymous#1 Says:

    Have Apple stopped signing 3.0 & 3.0.1 firmware for 3G as well?

  35. jetmac Says:

    Ok, I’m still confused as to what to do. I have a 3GS with 3.0 jailbroken with purplera1n. Can I still get those needed files ? What should I do at this point ?

  36. Quildar Says:

    I was able to ssh into my 3gs without issue. Running Win 7 with iTunes 9 installed. I us winSCP to do it if that helps ya.

  37. Former_anonymous Says:

    Dont do anything. Simple.

  38. Nate Says:


    My 3gs froze today on the reboot after i tried unlocking. People are telling me I have to restore but as you all know already I can only go to 3.1, what should I do? Am I really just screwed?


  39. Anonymous Says:

    have a fucking cry … you scum of the earth.

  40. Nate Says:

    I am stuck in the same boat after trying to unlock mine with ultrasn0w. Can someone please advise as to what should be done? Is the restore to 3.1 the only answer?

  41. Hookem Says:

    THANKS for all your help and updates for us common folks. quick question. my 3gs has its ecid stored with cydia but when i tried to do the same with my girls 3gs it never gave me the little heart that my phoen had. Did saurik stop taking the codes and saving them on there server or is it a problem with her phone? also, is there going to be an issue regarding safety of those codes?

  42. Check cydia Says:

    Yes. as saurek said in his update. Won’t work his solution now that 3 3.01 not available to insta

  43. TatesMan Says:

    Any hope for the people who will get 3GS 3.1 OTB ?

  44. Piper Says:

    Thanks for this, unfortunately I’m screwed. Earlier today I tried downloading a new SMS program via Cydia (I can’t remember the name, it was the first one tho, so just FYI), and my 3GS wouldn’t reboot. Wouldn’t turn back on, just got the Apple logo. Tried the home+power button method, and nada. Tried the Option+Restore, and directed it to 3.0 and got the error that it’s eligible for restore. I even tried running redsn0w again to re-jailbreak. However, the phone shows “Error” on the last line of code, even though redsn0w says it’s been jailbroken. So I’m back to the “regular” 3GS. Freakin sux. Good luck to anyone who can jailbreak the 3.1. I have my BEC and BSS files, so crossing my fingers I’ll be jailbroken again.

  45. Piper Says:


  46. PhreaKwenCi Says:

    Just bought a 3g off a guy who updated to 3.1 this morning (FAIL) and tried to restore to 3.0.1. I CAN REPORT THAT AFTER SEVERAL ATTEMPTS, YOU CANNOT RESTORE A 3.1 UPDATED 3G TO 3.0.1 FIRMWARE!!

    Tried this over a dozen times, all in DFU mode with white screen and tried with black screen. It just puts you back into recovery mode.

    I’ll have to wait for a jailbreak and an unlock for this baseband. FAIL.

  47. andyxypher Says:

    so.. if i buy a new iphone 3gs i wont be able to jb right??!!!

  48. screwed Says:

    i’m locked out on the passcode, and now i cant restore on my itunes!!! what can i do? please help!

  49. Simey Says:

    my 3GS ECID is also stored with Cydia. would also be interested to know where this is stored.

  50. screwed Says:

    seriously any ideas anyone? my passcode won’t work for some reason! i came home to restore on my computer and bam! not able to :(

  51. vegivamp Says:

    too bad they turned off the signing from apple
    and saurik released the ecid shsh grabbing tool late.
    what i am wondering is if i had purplera1n ecid
    or ibec or ibss is there a way to upload it to the saurik’s ecid server. what format is the data stored. if i knew i could probably build the tool to upload . does anyone know


  52. Wise man Says:

    Hey to all of you!
    Always there is way to hack something because always there is a hole(bug)to get in the software..

    This is for all software things not only for iphone
    So do not panic there no sense to do that!

    There is also the same to be affected by virus!
    (as they said on twitter 3.1 has vulnerability=holes)

  53. Kroo Says:

    You will have to upgrade to 3.1 and Lose jailbreak. Is that check or checkmate, Apple?

  54. Christos Says:


    I have an apple 3GS with original firmware 3.0.1 and by mistake I updated to firmware 3.1. How can I unlock/jailbreak my iphone now? Is there any unlock software around? Is ti possible to downgrade?

  55. Plotkin35 Says:

    So my GOD DAMN F*%KING iphone 3Gs(s stands for shit) stays in Safe mode since yesterday afternoon. I can’t get it out no matter what. All I did was a network reset, and a reset all yesterday to clear out my network and anything else slowing me down. After I that my phone restarts and it’s in safe mode, and everytime I hit reset to respring, it resprings right back into safe mode.

    I haven’t added anything new to my phone to remove, I haven’t changed anything. Didn’t update itunes or download 3.1, so not sure why my POS phone won’t return to normal.

    Am I SOL and will I have to update to 3.1 or is there a work around?

    Help please, HATE being in safety mode.

  56. Frank Says:

    Saurik said it’s too late. Apple closed the hole. So if you havnt done it already, you can’t do it anymore. Just hope that the hacking world can find a way without needing those files for the 3gs.

  57. Rook Says:

    Count me among the folks who waited too long to grab the files off of my 3GS.

    It looks like iTunes is trying to connect to (gs.apple.com) over port 80 (regular old http). Can’t see yet where on that server it’s trying to get to though.

    Perhaps SOME hope for us too-late/lazy/new purchase folks? Might it be possible to edit the hosts file to redirect locally to a page that “approves” the 3.0 / 3.0.1 firmware? Or wishful thinking?


  58. ouija Says:

    I think my speaker is blown in my iphone 3gs, and I got an appointment at the local mac store / geniuses to have it looked at and possibly replaced. However, I have 3.0.1 JB and fully modified with a nice custom made theme and all the bells and whistles…. Would really be frustrated if I restore to 3.1 and they won’t replace it…

    Decisions decisions…. I really do think that my speaker is blown as it’s really quite next to other ppl’s iphones… hmmmm…. this is me pondering aloud…

  59. ericidle Says:

    Sh1t, I got my 3GS replaced early this week due to a display problem. I didnt get around to grabbing my ECID & IBSS files again so I guess I’m screwed. I do have the files from the old 3GS that was replaced but I guess they are iphone specific, can anyone offer advice or a solution?

  60. John Says:

    I was able to downgrade a 2g iPhone from 3.1 to 3.0. I ended up using the first part of Purplesnow to get itunes to let me restore it and then restored and jailbroke/unlock using redsn0w. Everything seems to be working fine. Anybody else try it this way?

  61. John Says:

    I meant Purplra1n program and not purplesnow, sorry about that.

  62. Jacobahalls Says:

    I have then ECID SHSH on file in cydia does that mean I will be ok
    to jb in the future or am I screwed because I don’t have the other files
    I am on 3.0.1

  63. Anonymous Says:

    if you take it in jailbroken, it’s out of warranty.

  64. GrizliPK Says:

    Hello! Can i jailbreak my iPhone 3G 8GB with firmware 3.1 ? Or… i two iPhones, but only this have firmware 3.1… second iPhone have 3.0.1… can i get 3.0.1 to first iPhone ? sorry for my very low english

  65. ToddJG Says:

    2G did not have a baseband update. That is why it worked. This same method would NOT work with the 3GS for sure. I don’t believe (or at least have no first hand knowledge) that it would work with the 3G either, since the baseband would still be the 5.11.xx version and should not work with any other firmware.

  66. ToddJG Says:

    No. 3.1 is not yet jailbreakable. Be patient, it is being worked on by the best and brightest.

  67. ToddJG Says:

    You are correct that they are phone specific – no solution to be offered other than “wait and see”. Sorry.

  68. GrizliPK Says:

    i must turn off edge…. because when is my edge turned on, i must have shutted down my mobile….

    do you know when will be jailbreak for 3.1 ?

  69. Didn't procrastinate Says:

    Thank goodness I’m NOT lazy and I spent time researching to get iBSS and iBEC files. Now I’m just waiting for some genius hackers to hack this for 3.1. Otherwise, I’ll be walking on eggshells for my 3GS’s life. :-p

  70. Jimbo Says:

    Jailbreak is done for 3.1 and looks like it will be out this weekend. Check out #greenpois0n on Twitter.

    This will be for ALL idevices!

  71. Anonymous Says:

    you’ve been warned but you just cant wait…and yes the only way for is to go for 3.1 sorry but you just boot yourself out of the JB world

  72. Anonymous Says:

    yes, you’re screwed for now:)

  73. Anonymous Says:

    if its still at 3.0 then you may

  74. Anonymous Says:

    sorry, you’re screwed….you should have heeded all the warnings….you may in the future

  75. King Says:

    I can confirm that you can not restore to 3.0.1 or 3.0 on the iPhone 3G.

  76. prez Says:

    Im about to cry. Mcleaner is the only app that keeps me happily married! I accidently updated to 3.1 I have the Iphone 3g. It was jailbroken. is there anyway to go back to 3.0? a Friend said that the modem wont allow it.I need professional help asap. I need that app back—got it thu cydia

  77. curious george Says:

    Bigboss comments about upgrade to 3.0 said “An update will mean you lose all your space where your jailbreak apps were installed.”

    Just curious, if I do upgrade my JB 3Gs to 3.1 will it lose some memory? I know the risk of not being able to JB again, just curious about the memory loss issue.

  78. yuckster Says:

    well i try to jalibrake my iphone again but before i did that i restore it from 2.2.1 to 3.1.0 firmware in itunes please help me i want my jailbroken phone back e-mail on what to do please!!!!

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Hey hi, I don’t have ECID and I didn’t obtain my iBEC and iBSS files. But I am already 3.0 jailbroken and unclock with ultrasnow/redsnow, am I be able to jailbreak and unlock 3.1 once its release.

  80. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I have an unlocked 3Gs (got it from Australia) and had updated the firmware to 3.01. Should I jailbreak it now or wait until the fix for 3.1 come out and then jailbreak. thanks

  81. steve Says:

    i did same thing. but my 3gs still 3.0 and sync with itunes but the sreen is nothing but apple logo

  82. Jimbo Says:

    Saurik just did it


  83. baller786 Says:

    Hi, i have an iphone 3GS and i had it jailbroken to 3.0.1 and the ultrasn0w source wouldnt add so i jailbroke it again and it messed up my phone and it wont turn on now. It is stuck on the apple screen on 3.0.1 firmware … I have to restore but i cant … i currently have not done anything to my iphone 3gs … i need to restore it to fix it so it will turn on but if i do then i cant jailbreak or unlock and im a tmobile user. SO i need to use the jailbreak and unlock features … PLEASE HELP! I AM VERY CONFUSED AND NEED ADVICE… any tips on how to fix it to turn on without upgrading/restoring… or do i need to wait on the 3.1 jailbreak and unlock … because if i use sauriks on file server i wont be able to unlock because when i upgrade through itunes my baseband will upgrade… PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE OR TIPS! THANKS SOO MUCH!

  84. leozino Says:

    I got an iphone 3GS. It came with 3.01, i jailbroke it with redsnow.
    It was not able to synch with iTunes, so I reset all data. Now all icons, apps, are missing.
    How can I fix without restoring to 3.1?

  85. mike Says:

    Hi guys,
    Well he is a new one for you all, got my Iphone 3gs (16mb) today via Tmobile in the Netherlands. Its OS was allready 3.1 no older system, its preloaded with the 3.1.
    Is T-moblie upping the phones before they ship?

  86. ant Says:

    i bought a new 3gs and it already has 3.1 installed what a piece of shit i want to return it and keep my 3g wtf

  87. Andy Says:

    Dame, I know all this 3.1 sucking issues, and I tried to backup my 3GS ECID files etc through Cydia, then it asked me to update the damn Cydia. Finally, the updating process crashed my IPHONE. Oh my god, now my 3GS turns to be a damn brick!!!!

  88. golan Says:

    i have the iphone 3gs which isnt working right now :(
    i have the ecid grabber so what can i do with it?
    how do i save it or where?? help please thx

  89. MythotiK Says:

    So if I still have 3.0.1 on my phone, I can still jailbreak correct??? I downloaded 3.0.1_7A400 and it wont recognize the ipsw in redsn0w

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Cydia crashed my 3GS aswell, cant use the iphone for 4 days now.
    Damn cydia.

  91. iPhonemod Says:

    pls download original firmware 3.0 for use in redsn0w

    not 3.0.1

  92. vineesh Says:

    hi all any solution for 3gs 3.1 jail break, did dev team has tool to fix it now

  93. Gino Says:

    I am dying to know the same thing!

  94. israin Says:

    Totally agree. +9 Thumbs up

  95. Steve Says:

    I have downloaded the original firmware from the links on this site but redsn0w styill cannot see the ipsw file

  96. AZTracker Says:

    Hmm….I’ve had this happen to me several times as well. The password is SURELY correct but it kept saying the passcode was wrong. REBOOT the phone – don’t let yourself accidently try the password too many times (8 or 10 times)…it might wipe your phone (at least that’s how mine works).

    After rebooting the phone, the passcode will work fine.

  97. AZTracker Says:

    Well if try to say the speaker is blown all because of the JB, you can tell them where to kiss. :-) Good luck…I hope you get a new phone. And all they can do is say no…I am not sure if they see that you’ve JB your phone if they “flag” it somehow in their system. If they turn you away and you wait a short time and a 3.1 JB comes out, put a fresh legit version of 3.1 on and take it back in there…if they turn you away AGAIN, at least you can JB it again.

  98. AZTracker Says:

    Wellnews states that a 3.1 jailbreak is right around the corner – you might wait a few days or a week (just don’t let your return policy lapse. Good luck and let us know what happens.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    I just attempted to upgrade Backgrounder (a WONDERFUL app) – and when I clicked on Restart Springboard, the wait screen (spinning white circle) just spun forever and I had to forcibly shut the phone off…each time I went to fire up the phone it would take forever (because Unix had to do an FSCK)…and always came back up in Safe Mode…I had to remove Backgrounder in order for my phone to work….so yeah, I LOVE Cydia but some of these things are scary and perhaps reading about someone having success with a new update before applying it….

  100. Anonymous Says:


  101. Anonymous Says:

    Mfd mfd

  102. Mfd Says:

    Mfd mfd

  103. Chanzew Says:

    I’m pretty sure this was already answered but I have a 3GS on firmware 3.0.1. I want to jailbreak with either 3.0.1 or 3.0. So are you saying that because those are now unsigned, I won’t be able to jailbreak my phone on those firmwares?

  104. Ali Says:

    I have the same problem, please any one reply with solution. i have my iphone on 3.0, but stuck on apple logo, was unlocked and jailbroken already, but tried to delete contact and after restart stuck on apple logo. please help.

  105. sr Says:

    I have a 3G on 3.0software but I need to restore and when I try to to do that iTunes tells me that it is going to Restore and Update to 3.1.2 but I don’t want it to do that. It will kill my Jailbreak/Unlock. Any ideas how to get around this? I turned off my internet connection to prevent it from downloading 3.1.2. but it still won’t restore with 3.0. Help please. I am having serious battery problems and I need to restore to fix it.

  106. harshil Says:

    pls help me!!
    i have a iphone 3gs 3.0.1. and my iphone wont start since last night. i went into reset option of the iphone and clicked on earse all settings and contents and now the main screen wont display. and i cannot restore back to 3.0.1 also in the recovery mode also! wht shld i do??
    also the screen just gets stuck on the apple sign when i strt my phone!! pls help sum1!

  107. tom Says:

    Hi guys!
    I just wondering why on earth no one of famous iphone hackers does not explain what will happen

    after this:!!!
    I been using iphone 3g with firmware 3.0. successfully jailbrak’ it and unlockt with ultrasnow.

    after abouth month i was installing something from cyndia and after rebooting my iphone crashed!!!!-

    its stuck in boot mode!!
    well , when i connect it to itunes- it says that i need restore my iphone to factory settings(that

    the only solution i found to fix my phone). But how to hell i can restore it to bloody 3.0 when

    recent itunes version is 3.1… and it wont let me to restore to other than that?
    so guys do you understand that if anything will happen with your iphone (what is verry offten) you

    will never be able to unlockit again?!
    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

  108. Tony Says:

    I have just bought an iTouch 3G that came with 3.1.2 firmware on. My question is what should I do Now. I presume my itouch does not have the ECID signature since Apple stopped signing these files so no point in me trying to get my ECID at this stage.

  109. d Says:

    I’m a NooB and I had the same problem at the beginning.. (I think).. Newest Jail Break is tethered meaning you have to run the JB program whenever the iphone is turned off or in recovery mode (that’s when the iphone screen shows a USB and has “connect to itunes” text on it).. also..
    if you’re running a PC.. ctrl+alt+del (Task Mgr)=> Processes Tab, and Shut Off 1) iTunesHelper.exe and 2) iPodService.exe [these services tell you the iphone can’t be identified, that you have to update, and restore settings.. IF it happens to pop up.. Cancel/Ignore.. don’t update/restore..
    Just run JB program again.. (I’m assuming you’re using Blckr1n..)
    From Cydia, (including Push-Fix, BossPrefs, Winterboard, etc) certain applications will need to reboot the device.. so when you do these things.. just be near a computer with iTunesHelper and iPodServices turned off, and simply Make It Ra1n… that’s it.. good luck :)

  110. Ethernet Cable Installer Says:

    Cydia seems to be crashing today (12/28/09) and I almost stripped my fone apart. Luckily I just noticed here that I’m not alone. Let’s see if there’s any updates.

  111. Vikram Says:

    LOL thanks but i think im pretty much fucked.. By to my iphone.. I used the new Blackra1n ti update and jailbreak my iphone 3gs to 3.1.. I was told to update to 3.1 using the itunes and then use the blackra1n software from blackra1n.com … But now im not able to unlock and not able to revert… is there ANYTHING i can do to get it back to the way it was ? anything at all ? help will be appreciated coz losing an iphone 3gs isnt a small thing.. please help me :(

  112. Jessica Says:

    Crap, im such an idiot!
    i upgraded and i didnt even know what the hell i was doing.
    now i lost my jailbreak and i guess i cant get it back till further notice.

  113. stumped Says:

    I just bought a 3gs 16g 3.1.3 iphone thru AT&T and need to jailbreak and unlock it. tried doing it with red snow and it went into DFU mode and came out with no changes was trying to downgrade to 3.1.2. Please someone help me get it to work suggest which break will work and which os to use

  114. Vera Says:

    hi guys, i jailbreak my 3gs and i was happy. after i deleted my skype and tried to instal it again,it asked me to have iphone 4. so, i thought it was a problem bcz i jailbreak it and i decided to restore my ALL settings!!! and i clicked it to do it! guess what happened? it started to restore and it still doing it (for more then 20 hours!!!) i give up!!! im going to apple store try to fix it (of course i wont tell then that i jailbreak it) will see what they can do! otherwise u guys have some comments on what is going on with my phone?

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