4.2 due soon. Hold off

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4.2 is out. Most of you should hold off on the update for now. If you have some bug you are hoping is fixed by 4.2, it’s not.

Worse yet, while limera1n and greenpois0n allow for 4.2 to be jailbroken, in most cases this is a tethered jailbreak. That means if you have to reboot your device, it shows a “connect to itunes” logo until you run the jailbreak software again.  I suggest not updating until something changes and your device is in the untethered jailbreak list (once tools are out):

iphone3g - will run 4.2 untethered. Redsn0w or such will be updated
iphone 3gs – old bootrom will run 4.2 untethered if done via pwnage tool while updating from 4.1. Otherwise it will be tethered.
iPhone 4 – tethered
iPod 2g – 4.2 untethered.
ipod 3g and newer – tethered
iPad – tethered.

Tethered jailbreak isn’t that bad for ipads and ipods. But if something happens and your iphone reboots while you’re away from your computer, you cant use the device until you get home and run something on your computer again.  The community is working on a solution to this to either make the jailbreak untethered or at least semi-tethered. Semi-tethered means the device will at least reboot, but unjailbroken while on the road until you return to your computer.

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  1. Savvy Says:

    Thanx a lot mate for cydia and everything.

  2. Thhank Says:


  3. slythe Says:

    I’m not even sure I will upgrade to 4.2 anyway. The new features don’t seem suited for me. The lockscreen emergency call bug is maybe the ONLY reason I would upgrade to 4.2.

  4. Yasser Says:

    Thanks for you

  5. Mimu Says:

    Can’t apple just give up this “mouse/cat” game!
    They are spending money and time, and you guis can do something better then work on new jailbreaks.
    The iPhone device is totally cool but if I new what I know now about apple and there policy/strategy I would newer by the deam thing!
    One reason why I give up ms win for Linux is ms lack of respect to there cousomers. Now I feel that apple is 10 times worse.
    Sorry for bad spelling.
    Cheers 4 more freedom!

  6. Carriinnn Says:

    Thank you guys for working so hard :)

  7. Poeria Says:

    Thx for the clear info

  8. Tom Says:

    Thanks. For this great info!

  9. Memra Says:

    Thx man

  10. Tushar Says:

    Wait, so let say I upgrade to 4.2, my iPod (2g, mc model) can be jailbreaken, or not, and it will be untethered. Pls comment back on this, thanks .

  11. Parker Says:

    How do I find th free apps someone please help message me parkernorton1996@yahoo.com

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  13. Koolio king Says:

    Should not be a reason cause voice dialing is active in lockscreen too…

  14. Bmx guy Says:

    Thanks a lot for it

  15. geohot Says:

    limera1n will work on IOS 4.2

  16. B1uuFlamez Says:

    SO wait, I have an iPhone 4 and your saying and new update is coming and I can’t elude the fact my iPhone will be shut down unless u guys find a solution to prevent that from happening? Yes I used greenpois0n to jailbreak. Someone help me I’m confused.

  17. Azar Says:

    Thanks :)

  18. Bubbax Says:


  19. Anonymous Says:

    Yah, you can jailbreak and it will be untethered, as long as you have your SHSH saved for IOS 4.1. It says that very clearly right above your question. LOL

  20. Akh Says:

    Thx man

  21. Aboodi Says:

    Thank you for the advice

  22. David Says:

    Woww it’s weird for once iPod 2g will have a untethered jailbreak before other Idevices do

  23. Jared Says:

    I think y’all should make your iPod touch company an copy the design And sell them pre jailbroken so if you restore it it will still be jailbroken post this if you think its a good idea

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Parker that’s pirating and is illegal and is straight up effed up.

  25. Da lakers fan 24 Says:

    Thanks fo the info
    Jb is awesome, screw apple

  26. Raul Says:

    You guys are great! Keep America free!!! Lol

  27. Thegrimscrim Says:

    Wow. Thanks alot

  28. A Says:

    So I can update to 4.1? I’ve been running the last 3. Version for forever.

  29. Bob Gandersflap Says:


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  31. Anonymous Says:

    Thank so much

  32. Zobra!n Says:

    Instead of thanking the cimynity you are shitting in your pants. Who said your device will be shut down. Lol. Funny.

  33. ???dunno Says:

    How can I keep from updating to 4.2? It’s like it could happen by accident the way everyone is carrying on. Is Apple going to present me with some choice to make every time I turn on my phone, or better yet, every time the phone rings? Seriously please answer, I dunno.

  34. Oztiz Says:

    Thank u!

  35. Your Mother Says:

    No offense dude, but you’re an idiot.

  36. Mazurka Says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m still waiting for the tool that will unlock iPhone 4 for all sim carriers. Bought mine in US and brought to Brazil but it didn’t work. Make your move first Apple! Then leave the rest with us.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Hi can some one tell me cool themes

  38. WyKeD Says:

    yes, you can jailbreak iPod touch (ipt2g) 2g running iOS4.2. It will be “untethered” as well

  39. WyKeD Says:

    Just don’t upgrade to 4.2 and you’ll be fine ….. IS WHAT THEY’RE SAYING!!!

  40. Giovani Says:

    When is the unlock coming out ?? For the iPhone 4 4.1 ????

  41. e Says:

    just dig around in the app store.. plenty of free apps there

  42. Hedu Says:

    Oh……..thanks a lot …I was about to do the update….we will always listen to cydia…

  43. Happy18 Says:

    No joke hummh. (:

  44. Shades Says:

    I have iPhone 3GS 4.1 bb 05.14.02. Jailbrake with limera1n.waiting for unlock! So can if I upgrade to 4.2 then do I have to jailbreak again? Am I just as well staying with 4.1?

  45. Pipi Says:

    How do I exactly prevent my iPod touch 4 from auto-update?
    After jealbraking and installing Cydia I clicked the “yes, make my life easier”. Does that already prevent my iPod from updating, when its connected ti ITunes?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Simply make sure you don’t update the iOS firmware through iTunes.

  47. Thomas Says:

    “geohot” that’s fake. The real geohot published he won’t write sth about jailbreaking out of his sites. And redsn0w works on the gm, why not on the final release? And comex is working on an untethered

  48. Anonymous Says:

    ITunes will ask you to update like before, but you saved your shsh’s which means you can restore to the firmware which shsh’s you have (they’re displayed in cydia at home on the top). There are enough tutorials how to downgrade if you’ve installed iOS 4.2 and it’s not jailbreakable (but it will be, I think)

  49. Anonymous Says:

    (previous post was an answer to pipi)

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Does updating to 4.2 fix the battery draining I get from 4.1?

  51. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    Only if you update to 4.2. Then it will be tethered. But if you stay at 4.1 or whatever firmware your on you’ll be fine.

  52. Elly2k2 Says:

    Thang for the update

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Just downgrade to 4.0.2… It’s fix battery drain :)

  54. Hentai Says:

    Thanks man

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Great comment

  56. Yued Says:

    Right on guys against the matrix!!! Tks 4 all

  57. Dave Says:

    I have limera1 can I just do the update to 4.2??? By the way I rebootet my phon alot but I never had to put limera back on…

  58. Admin Says:

    I updated to 4.2 on my iphone 3GS and jailbroked it and it works just fine nothing happened you guys should try it 4.2 is very fast and smooth too

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Make sure you read b4 asking stupid questions!

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Turn off push mail that will fix drain. At least it did for me

  61. DaMexican713 Says:

    Yes u can but some apps won’t work on 4.1

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Hi will it work on iOS 4.1.4

  63. Sara Says:

    Is it tethered or untethered? Thks

  64. Abel Says:

    So if i upgrade my iPhone to 4.2 I will still be able to jailbreak it?

  65. Zul Says:

    Runing on safe mode..I want running on normal mode…please help

  66. Anonymis Says:

    That would be illegal redistributation. The Big Boss could get arrested. Though that would be kinda cool!

  67. Anonymis Says:

    If you are jailbroken running iOS 4.x, add the source hackulo.us to Cydia. Then go to Manage>Sources>Hackulo.us and find AppSync for iOS 4.1. After that is installed go back to the Hackulo.us repo and install the app Installous. Once it is finished, it will appear on your home screen! If it isn’t there, reboot or respring your device. Please note these apps from Installous are illigally cracked and you are at your own risk for downloading them. Good luck!

  68. Anonymous Says:

    If u have cydia go>cydia>manage>sources> add this source cydia.hackulo.us
    Then search on cydia for installous then install the app then search for ur free apps!!!

  69. Better than you Says:

    You are dumb

  70. Nastaran Says:


  71. Invalid argument Says:

    I think you commentators are pretty cool guys, ask questions already answered in the original post and does not afraid of anything

  72. Shivani Says:

    You guys are rocking apple. To be frank apple is nice phone but all this problems…..

  73. Mattias Says:

    The super irritating google calendar bug is fixed in 4.2 – thats reason enough to upgrade to 4.2

  74. IH8tetheredjailbreak Says:

    I saved my shsh on iPad (ios 3.2.2) through tiny umbrella. So if I update to ios 4.2 then restore my shsh, jailbreak will by tethered anyway. @comex said it should be untethered.

  75. IH8tetheredjailbreak Says:

    “Jailbreak will be tethered anyway?” (correction)

  76. Allie Says:

    When you connect to iTunes then it will say tree is a new version available for your idevice and you can either update or cancel.

  77. Jerimie Says:

    I have a iPhone 3GS and I accidentally updated it to 4.1 and it’s basement changes to 5.14.2 Is it safe for me to upgrade it using iTunes?

  78. Solidator Says:

    Yup, the baseband is breakable….
    Go with the greenp0ison

  79. Pal Says:


  80. Allex Says:

    Many thank’s

  81. Tony Says:

    I limerained. Everything ok

  82. Jammy Says:

    Enlightening. Thnx pros!

  83. Anonymous Says:

    Help!! Does anybody know how I can jailbreak iPhone 3G that was previously jailbroken but then upgraded to 4.1!! If there’s a way pls let me know. Anything will be greatly appreciated

  84. Gian Says:

    Thanks for the info!! Appreciate it!

  85. Anonymis Says:

    Abel – What model is it? (iPhone 4, 3Gs, etc.)

  86. Josh Says:

    I have an iPod touch third generation and my jailbreak rubs untethered…

  87. Yvangru Says:


  88. Anonymous Says:

    No actually it means as long as you save your iPhone 4 device 4.1 firmware shsh blobs and you do upgrade to 4.2 then you can downgrade back to 4.1. Saving shsh blobs does not do anything toward tethered/untethered jailbreaking

  89. Anonymous Says:

    No. It will ask you to update in iTunes. You must not update yet

  90. Jesser110 Says:

    How can I get apps free from app store??

  91. Jason Says:

    Great info I’m not going to upgrade

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Instal hackulo from cydia

  93. Anonymous Says:

    Great info Ty so much 4 all ur work!!!

  94. Much better than you Says:

    You are dumber!!!

  95. Anonymous Says:

    What bug?

  96. Labargoth Says:

    Only iTunes is saying there’s a New version (iOS 4.2).
    Than you can click: “download and install”, “download”, or “cancel”

  97. Andy Says:


  98. iPois0ner Says:

    No, since you have an mc model, it will only be untethered along as your iOS 4.1 SSH blobs are saved.
    Visit my website and blog to get some of the best jailbreaking advice! ipois0n.com

  99. NateDawgg Says:

    Lol funny reading about all this, i’m on 3.1.3 on my iPhone 2G…

  100. Rockstar_Banti@yahoo.com Says:

    I have no idea what this is sayn maybe because I’m too lazy to understand but is it telling us not to update when 4.2 comes out because there is …………? Some one please email me and explain to me pls

  101. Peter Says:

    Hey anyone think 4.2 will fix battery bugs like my battery dies fast n I have everything turned off (Bluetooth, locating services, low brightness n no 3G it sucks )

  102. Ipodlover Says:

    Hey I have iPod 4g 4.1 used greenpoison to jailbreak it. And I don’t have to do it everytime because nothing happens it is nice though

  103. Miley b Says:

    Thank you guys for all your hard work !
    I love my jailbroken iPhone 4 . Keep up the great work

  104. Glenn Says:

    You can jailbreak 3GS with baseband 05.14.02 but cant unlock ATM they say 2 days after 4.2 is released which has been delayed due to wifi bug I am currently awaiting this myself as bought iPhone on orange wanting it on o2 didn’t realize bout this baseband marlarky I found greenpois0n didn’t work but limera1n did

  105. Anonymous Says:

    Your iOS will not update unless you authorize it.

  106. Mivicio Says:

    Thank you much.

  107. Here To Help Says:

    Try uninstalling some Cydia apps that you recently installed. Some apps don’t play well with certain IOS’s so your device will go into Safe Mode. Only install 1 or 2 things at a time and test them before you install more. That way if your device goes into Safe Mode you will know which app to uninstall. Hope this helps!

  108. Here To Help Says:

    @ Anonymous who upgrade to 4.1 and wants to jailbreak… Use GreenPois0n at greenpoison.com

  109. mossy Says:

    Tnx alot to all the open jailbreakers. Such great minds can’t be stopped.

  110. Joe Says:

    I still running the older firmware which 4.0.1. Is ok to update to 4.1? Jailbreak for 4.1 please

  111. Anonymous Says:

    You know where it says manage in cydia, go to sources and add the source below
    Then go to search and type in installous an install it and there you go.

  112. Nomee Says:

    By installous

  113. Chris45389 Says:

    When you plug into iTunes itchecks every now and again if there’s an update and will ask if u want to update, and it has to download it and confirms before installing it, you won’t do it by accident, if you’re still worried just set your iTunes to not look for updates

  114. Zobra!n Says:

    Hi anybody can detail the new features of 4.2, so the rest would know it’s worth the update or not. Thanks all.

  115. Fran159874 Says:

    Yea there is an update to greenpoison which is now currently in untethered. I used greenpoison with the exact same
    Model iPod as u and it worked and completely untethered …. Hoped this helped

  116. Anonymous Says:

    Open apps mks ,Installous,apps cake

  117. Kyawzaw Says:

    Open apps mks ,Installous,apps cake

  118. Philip Says:

    Thanks for letting me know. In this case won’t update to iOS 4.2 yet! I have iPhone 3GS with new boortom

  119. TeChNo Says:

    Thanks for the info
    You guys doing a great job
    But honestly apple need to
    stop this mouse and cat game
    Thing here!! Ones and for all..

  120. Sheyla Says:

    Uummm how is this going to help me?

  121. Nathan Says:

    Download installous

  122. Metehan007 Says:

    Thx man

  123. iphonetechtips Says:

    You have to Jailbreak device now while it’s on iOS 4.1, it will be untethered while on iOS4.1, if you upgrade to 4.2 it will become tethered(if device is turned off or rebooted, you must
    Re-Jailbreak the device). Besides ipad is the only device that benefits from iOS 4.2 really. WAIT FOR AN UPDATED JAILBREAK!
    *Check my blog for more info & updates*

  124. StarrWulfe Says:

    Yes– use pwnage tool for 4.1 if you know how,
    Or use limera1n for ease.

  125. Go joe Says:

    In iTunes u can set it to not auto update. Go to edit, preference, general, untick check for new software updates automatically. See if that works.

  126. TomRIOT Says:

    You guys are incredible, thanks for everything

  127. Anonymous Says:

    Add a repo call cydia.hackulo.us and get installous. It’s really illegal and I don’t use it, but if you want or need to fine…

  128. Anonymous Says:

    That wont work.apple doesn’t want you to be able to tweak with their operation systems

  129. sn0wpod Says:

    lol thank iGod

  130. Yous Says:


  131. Anonymous Says:

    Wut lol

  132. Anonymous Says:

    Installous Search cydia for it

  133. Danno Says:

    Installous Search cydia for it

  134. Philipponna Says:


  135. Ilikeipods Says:

    That’s correct :)

  136. Pred Says:

    Nice info thx

  137. Steve Says:

    Hi thx so much for the jailbreak. When you said it’ll work, will it be tethered or untethered for iphone4? Thx again

  138. Jacob Says:

    Can anyone tell me how I can get free music ive tried dtunes but whenever I click download it takes me to a YouTube video and I’ve tried like five sites and I’ve tried connecting my iPod to iTunes but iTunes won’t detect it so can someone please help or tell me someone who can help

  139. Anonymous Says:

    Some one please help I’m a amuture at this so here I go. I have just gone into Cydia for the first time and didn’t push ‘complete update’ !

  140. Anonymous Says:

    * and now when ever I’m on a screen where in the top right it says install the screen stays white and it does this in all the featured things ect. Any help would be great. Thanks

  141. XplicitXBL Says:

    Device: iPhone 4, OS: 4.01, shsh’s backed up, how to upgrade to 4.2? Is the answer greenpoison? Who knows?

  142. eh Says:

    Wow. There sure are alot of literally stupid snot nosed and dyslexic KIDS with iPhones! Man, that is embarrassing!

  143. Anonymis Says:

    If you are jailbroken and can’t get out of Safe Mode even on a reboot, go to Cydia (Cydia works in safe mode) and go to Manage>Packages and uninstall the most recent item you installed through Cydia. once it has uninstalled, reboot your device. It should run on Normal Mode. For more questions, contact Anonymis (me) at computergamer332@gmail.com. I will not spam any question replies.

  144. Jb buddy Says:

    If you save your shsh, and you upgrade to 4.2, you can have a untethered jailbreak

  145. Nicotine Parasite Says:

    Can all the kids here get their facts straight? If you use iPhone 4 with ios4.1, then stay with it. There is almost nothing new in ios4.2 that can make your device look cooler. Peace the duck out!!!

  146. Elad Says:

    Great post ^_^
    I have a question & I hope u guys can help out.
    I got 3Gs with 4.0 firmware & want 2 upgrade it to 4.1, now do I need 2 save my SHSH 1st?
    Or can I just install the 4.1 hackulous update?
    If I do need 2 save / backup my SHSH 1st then how do I do so & with what???
    I hope U can help out since I really need the
    Tnx :-)

  147. The kid Says:

    Thanks for all!

  148. XBL Says:

    Is 4.2 way different than 4.0.1?

  149. Pinkpoison Says:

    iOS 4.2 cool….

  150. Sudhakar Says:

    Hi all,
    I am new to iPhone upgraded to bb 05.14.02 not able to use my iPhone after unlock with cydia need help

  151. Charlie Says:

    None of the apps. And themes seem to work for me what’s goin on???

  152. Evilsam Says:

    Thanks, please release 4.2 fuzzyband soon :(( my ip is as an iPod ~.~

  153. Roland Says:

    Hi i am currently jailbroken running with iso 3.13 on my 3GS.
    is it advisable to upgrade to iso 4.1?
    Or stick to 3.13…?
    Need comment here … Thanks you

  154. Adrian Eves Says:

    You are the best Geohot I cannot tell you how chuffed I have been with your Limera1n and it’s release timing after being so disappointed with the realization that Greenpoison wouldn’t work on 3GS and finding that out so late on !! After that bad news your Limera1n was welcomed by so so many ….. Thankful so so much … Adey

  155. Segordon Says:

    Hi guys. I’m currently running 3.1.2 on my 2nd gen iPod touch. I have a couple of questions. 1. If I update to 4.2 will I loose all of my apps? 2. Is it a good idea to update to 4.2?

  156. Anonymous Says:

    Keats fuck

  157. iPhone Says:

    This page rocks

  158. Anonymous Says:

    You need to download a file source called hackula that’s where the free app store is

  159. Blah Says:

    Read b4 dumb ass

  160. 2cool4schoole Says:

    Thanx!!! I really appreciate it:)

  161. Arti Says:

    Thanks a lot

  162. Iphonemcm Says:

    Hi guys, I have 3GS fact. Unlock on 4.1 and jailbroken with limera1n, I have problem with my gps signal I must be in a wide open area to get a good connection can’t get the signal in a car , any help plz to fix the problem, is 4.2 will be the solution?

  163. Jason Says:

    Semi-thehered sounds a gd idea

  164. Jason Says:

    Cydia.hackulo.us is the package and the free app store is installous

  165. Anonymous Says:

    Yea you can. I ran mine on 3 forever too. Just becareful how you update

  166. Wanderson Says:


  167. Anonymous Says:

    I no u Parker

  168. Jhonny Appleseed Says:

    I no u to Parker and folders in folders is an awesome thing because u safe alot of room on your iPod or iPhone

  169. Jagtar Says:

    I am having iPhone 3GS 32gb with fido. It has currently 4.1 in it. I jailbraked with limera1n. Then I installed Cydia, did ultrasource and now when I put my Rogers sim it doesnot show network signal, but when I go to settings it shows rogers but no network signal. Please help me out

  170. Rich Says:

    I have a 3GS updated to ios4 and I cannot get the desktop/ background app to work. It always crashes and runs in safe mode. Please help

  171. Nuley1 Says:

    I have a iPhone 4 and just jailbroke it and am running 4.1 I see there’s really nothing I can use like tether for free or wifi this sucks what can I do

  172. Anonymous Says:

    Type in the search bar on cydia install and look for installus3

  173. Gee Says:

    I am still on 4.0.1. Didn’t bother to upgrade to 4.1. Should I upgrade now or wait for 4.2?

  174. Club17 Says:

    Nice comment & totally agree

  175. Ichigoku-San [Game Center] Says:

    Lmao! Dumbass…

  176. Anonymous Says:

    I’m using an iPod touch 3G 32gb is there any way I can downgrade

  177. Leshmutt Says:

    Haha ‘keep America free’ fuck r u in denial or what!!!!

    America will never be free my friend!!! Why don’t u wake up to reality?

  178. sisi Says:

    Hi, I want to unlock my phone so bad but I can’t now with the 05.14.12 baseband, can I unlock with 4.2 ? Help plz

  179. MasterOfJailbreak Says:

    Hey sup I won’t mess with this 4.2 but the cool thing is I got 4.1 and jailbroken :) on itouch 3G
    And thx for the awesome stuff will be using them for good and 4.1 rules!!!!

  180. Sebtastik Says:

    i still haven’t understood what to do
    i have a 3g iphone on 4.1 wich is jailbroken
    should i update or not?
    if i do, does that mean i have to jaibreak it again?

  181. Elnino Says:

    Thanks guys !!!

  182. Anonymous Says:

    read and read some more my frieng

  183. Anonymous Says:

    read and read some more my friend

  184. Anonymous Says:

    we have so many (lobter head ) in here

  185. Anonymous Says:

    we have so many (lobster head) in here

  186. Luis Says:

    When is the unlock for 3G 4.1 on 05.14.02 going to come out? Thanks for everything

  187. Luis Says:

    When is the unlock for 3G 4.1 on 05.14.02 going to come out? Thanks for everything

  188. Ness Says:

    I have the iPhone 3GS 4.1 jailbreak with limerain so my question is can I update to 4.2 and jailbreak or should I wait??? Thnks for your help

  189. Anonymous Says:

    Download instalous from Cydia.

  190. Wez T Says:

    Write it into YouTube or google to see how with insTalous

  191. Sarin Says:

    Thank u

  192. Austinhacker Says:

    You can jailbreak your iPod 2g mc model but it will be teathered, meaning, as said up top, if for any reason, such as Cydia makes you reboot after downloading certain files, if you have to do this the connect to iTunes logo will show up on your screen. You have to run the jailbreak process again to fix this.
    I have figured out a new way to jailbreak your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, using older software jailbreaks with the new firmware. Contact me at my email and I would be happy to fill you in ASAP. My email is…play_my_epiphone_2009@yahoo.com feel free to ask. Thank you.

  193. Austinhacker Says:

    Sorry, my email is play_my_epiphone_2009@yahoo.com feel free to ask me any questions you have. If I don’t have an answer I’ll fond one. Haha. Thank you for your support.
    Your friendly neighborhood hacker

  194. Anonymous Says:

    Redsn0w jailbreaks 4.1 on iPhone 3G. The site “www.iClarified.com” is awesome for step by step instructions on jailbreaks. That how I learned.

  195. Ash Says:

    Hey geo hot, just wondered if there is anyway to unlock my 3GS on iOS 4.2 with 05.14.02 BB? I know ultrasn0w wont release the unlock until at least 2 days after iOS 4.2 release but perhaps theres another way? Thanks for yours and everyone elses jailbreaks n hacks, without you guys I would sell my iPhone without a doubt

  196. SharpyC Says:

    They will never stop because cydia and jailbroken devices can get free apps and unlock features that would normally Cost monet

  197. newkid Says:

    You are the best! :-)

  198. mxcnflmmkr Says:

    I’m probably the only person in the world who hasn’t jailbroken his iPhone because I’ve heard from Apple geeks, to Best Buy geeks, to friends of mine who use other services who swear to have switched to Android devices because they don’t want to screw around with their iPhone.

    My hesitation isn’t that I don’t trust a community of highly intelligent brainiacs who managed to make technology accessible to us less-than-able folks: my concern is that I don’t know enough about technology that I’m afraid I’m going to screw everything up, crash my computer, and not be able to use my phone again. Is there like an idiot-proof website, “iPhone for Dummies” book, or a reference guide that would literally take me step by step on how to jailbreak a phone and still be able to plug it into my Mac without having to reset the settings, upgrade the software or just freeze the entire system whenever I connect my phone?

    Sorry for the long-winded message — I just want to make sure I don’t sound too much like an idiot. : )

  199. Anonymous Says:

    I think your a moron…

    Let’s take another companies product, hack it and re-sell it under a new company name for a higher price otherwise there is no profit… Nice lne

  200. Natsu Says:

    Well my iPhone runs on the 4.1 and no bugs what so ever. I am really happy with how it works now and I don’t plan to upgrade until some good Jailbraik appears.
    Thank you all for sharing the information necessary to help us get a plus of what the iPhone is with just the apple store and let us use the iPhone’s real potential to it’s true level.

  201. Anonymous Says:

    Go intoGo into app store and type in free the apps

  202. Kyle Says:

    I have version 4.1 not 4.0.1 or 4.0.2… And I used lime rain. It’s not TEATHERED and I have a MC model..

  203. shoq Says:

    The iPod touch 4G is missing in your list…

  204. Kixfan Says:

    Will limera1n work Untethered on a 3GS with new bootrom ?

  205. Kixfan Says:

    On iOS 4.2 I mean.

  206. Anonymous Says:

    That is true, but only if you jailbreak with greenpois0n.

  207. Abocci Says:

    Thank you sooo much for the great advice

  208. 2kbandit Says:

    Going to keep 4.1 on my ipod touch 2g 8gb version. Cause I’m thinking on getting a IPad.

  209. Sas Says:


  210. Roberto Says:

    Update to 4.2 request will happen when you’ll connect to iTunes your device once the 4.2 will be out: just answer “do not update” and you will be safe.

  211. henriV Says:

    I have iPhone 3G, iOS 4.1, FW 05.14.02
    Break with Sn0wbreeze went wrong, so now my phone is locked
    Any of you fantastic guys have a solution?
    HELP please!

  212. Anonymous Says:

    How cum wen I try watch videos on pornhub they don’t work

  213. Anonymous Says:

    @209 ios doesn’t run flash cuz Stevie is an asshole… Gonna have to wait for frash to support flash vids

  214. Tanty Says:

    When hotz?

  215. LogInMyPants Says:

    Lets all pls donate at least $5 to them even for the unlock!! Plz do it so they could keep working on unlocks and JB’s guys..thx..I will donate $10 when an unlock for 05.14 baseband is available!

  216. Fukallidiot Says:

    And u may get a bullet run through ur head, though it kinda kool also.

  217. Stuart Says:

    You need to download installous from cydia!

  218. Minos Says:

    How long do u reckon it will take until we are able to update it to 4.2 ?

  219. Rhumel Says:


  220. Feeddy Says:

    Apple have no choice but to continue. It’s their revenue stream via iTunes and app stormer they want to protect

  221. Anonymous Says:

    No offense, but you should research before posting! BigBoss didn’t make Cydia. SaurikIT did!

  222. Brian Says:

    What lockscreen emergency call bug?

  223. Ben Says:

    I just recently jailbroke my iPhone 4 using limera1n. However, I have restarted my phone several times but have never had to reconnect my phone. Why does this say I would have to?

  224. Elad Says:

    I got a problem with my iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.0 & I want 2 upgrade it to 4.1, but when I go 2 the hackulous package & try 2 upgrade it to iOS 4.1 it says I don’t have 4.1 firmware. Can U guys pls tell me what the he’ll it means???
    I even removed the 4.0 & then tried again since I thought it can’t upgrade cuz the 4.0 is installed but that still didn’t worked…
    Besides that my iPhone keeps on crashing every now and then and shuts down when I go on the settings.
    Can u pls help !!!

  225. Dodi Says:

    Thanks cydia for everything

  226. Sam Says:

    As long as you don’t need and unlock then yeah

  227. c0ca1n3 Says:

    Thought if you jailbroken on 4.1 with limera1n, you were broken for life? WTF is the point of a bottom exploit then?

  228. anon Says:

    Need more information for proper diagnostics; exact name of the app (or whatever ‘package’) you are using and the exact error message and when.

  229. Anonymous Says:

    I cant get the androidlock why

  230. Anonymous Says:

    You have to upgrade in iTunes

    @the others: the idiot means appsync :@

  231. RC Says:

    If people wouldn’t use the Jailbreak for using pirated iTunes apps, I’m pretty sure Apple would make our lives much easier. As long as the Jailbreak is used by MANY for hacked iTunes apps, Apple will make it pretty difficult for us. That simple.

  232. Anonymous Says:

    Ok so I am jailbroken and all but I can’t find any apps whatsoever. I found themes and such. But so do I just go to the normal app store and download anything and it will be free? Or do I have to find it on here? And if so where the he’ll r they? Pls help and if it matters I used greenpois0n

  233. anon Reply: November 21st, 2010 at 10:42 am Need more information for proper diagnostics; exact name of the app (or whatever ‘package’) you are using and the exact error message and when. [Reply] Says:

    anon Reply:
    November 21st, 2010 at 10:42 am

    Need more information for proper diagnostics; exact name of the app (or whatever ‘package’) you are using and the exact error message and when.


  234. Ilvcydia Says:

    Many thanks, very useful information

  235. Iphonemaa Says:

    Thanks to cydia for reporting this news ..!

  236. Jp Says:

    Hey have you gotten any reply bout the unlock for iPhone 4 4.1?

  237. Wat? Says:

    Wait idk wats going on can someone. Explain please( in kid language)

  238. cybermadz Says:

    i got the 3G with 4.0 and 05.14.02.

    my o2 Card doesn’t work, what can I do now. there are too many answers to unlock it now. I’m confused?!?

    please help me…

    thanx cybermadz

  239. Dean Says:

    I need to unlock my iPhone 3GS 4.1 bb 05.14.02 can someone tell me how? I tried fuzzyband, doesn’t work n when will the new ultrasn0w come out? Pls help…

  240. Oneal Says:

    Pull the plug out

  241. pissed off kid Says:

    wow buddy way to be rude.. how about you stop bitching about dyslexic kids go find something else to do.

  242. Malta95 Says:

    Is the jailbreak thethered or unthethered for iPod 2g MC model iOS 4.2?

  243. Dude... Says:

    Just use limera1n

  244. Mr.tapatio Says:

    When bro?

  245. uhh Says:

    why can’t i hear my phone ring when i have it set to the loudest setting and securely stored way up my arsewhole?

  246. uhh Says:

    Wait, so lets say you READ THE FKIN ARTICLE. Mental issues, have we?

  247. mrman Says:

    what do i do i updated to 4.2.1!

  248. Anonymous Says:

    Yes it is I heat iPhone they donor undertsrand what poor man mean they are money orrented

  249. Anonymous Says:

    I’m runnin 4.2.1 an luvvin it! U jus gotta keep an eye on yer battery level every now and again and don’t download apps that require a full reboot. Even so, it’s not that big a deal to boot tethered just a slight inconvenience until the proper tools are unveiled…

  250. RottenCore Says:

    I’m runnin 4.2.1 an luvvin it! U jus gotta keep an eye on yer battery level every now and again and don’t download apps that require a full reboot. Even so, it’s not that big a deal to boot tethered just a slight inconvenience until the proper tools are unveiled…

  251. Anonymous Says:

    how to downgrade 4.2?i jailbreak my 4.2 with greebpoison

  252. Anonymous Says:

    Yes it can with greenpois0n or spirt

  253. Anonymous Says:

    ur welcome!!!!

  254. Anonymous Says:

    How rude

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