Action Menu and Plus Pack v1.1 Now Out

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Action Menu adds additional actions to the cut/copy/paste menu on iOS3.x and, with the 1.1 update, now on iOS4.0, iPad and iPhone 4′s Retina Display. New plus pack actions include Locate, Find and Send to Pastie.

ActionMenu 1.1

Included in Action Menu (free):

  • Copy All sends the entire text in the current field, all the items in the selected table, or the entire text of the web view to the clipboard.
  • Dial sends the number present in the field, web view or active table cell to the Phone application.
  • Favorites presents a list of common phrases to paste into the current text field. List is customized via the Settings app.
  • Scroll provides quick scroll to top and scroll to bottom buttons to make navigating tables and web pages quicker.

Included in Plus Pack ($2.99 for all six):

  • History maintains a record of items that have been added to the clipboard for quick and easy pasting.
  • Lookup integrates with Google Search, Wikipedia, Dictionary and Google Translate to provide quick info on the selected text.
  • Tweet sends the selected text to your favourite Twitter client so you can get the word out.
  • Locate pastes a link to your current GPS location on Google Maps.
  • Find allows searching within a page in Safari, Twitter for iPhone and other standard web views.
  • Send to Pastie uploads the selected text to for easy sharing.

Other @rpetrich packages updated recently:

  • HapticPro added support for iOS4.0 and iPhone4
  • DisplayRecorder added support for iOS4.0, iPhone4 and iPad
  • DisplayOut added support for all devices on iOS4.0 (and improved display quality on iPad)
  • Activator added full support for iOS4.0 and Retina Display images

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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33 Responses to “Action Menu and Plus Pack v1.1 Now Out”

  1. robdam1001 Says:

    FINALLY! Woot!

  2. rogerinnyc Says:

    Thank you! Most important jailbreak app of all.
    Note, I don’t think the paste function works in the App Store (I.e., pasting in your password). CopyPasteFix in Cydia used to cure this, but doesn’t seem to in 4.x. Hope you can address. I’ve bought Plus to support you!

  3. sansan Says:

    plus pack working fine for everyone? history function freezes up on me, lookup just crashes to springboard
    iphone4, 4.01

  4. rogerinnyc Says:

    To be clearer, I’m talking about using Favorites to paste in a saved password in the App Store. Unlike in other apps, it just leaves the field blank.

    Sansan, I’m not having any trouble with History, haven’t tried Lookup yet.

  5. sansan Says:

    a repsring got it working, thanks…

  6. Robin McMahon Says:

    I need someone to jailbreak my phone…. can you point me to somebody who understands this stuff in the Reno area?

    Plus I paid for and downloaded your BIG BOSS restore pkg, and cannot get the iPhone activated even with the original sim… emails have been unanswered for three days…

  7. Martin Says:

    Great to see Ryan updating his tools for iOS 4!
    Is he also updating Overboard to work with iOS 4?

  8. ruben Says:

    is ram use better now, last version was using loads of ram

  9. The6uest Says:

    BigBoss restore package? That sounds fishy.

  10. The6uest Says:

    Thanks for the update! This is one of my must-haves. Now I only wait for Inspell to be updated. I used it’s auto-correct dictionary a lot for commonly miss-typed words that weren’t corrected cause it’s still an actual word.. such as ‘time’ instead of ‘tome’ and ‘thing’ instead of ‘thong’.

  11. fix Says:

    great update but :
    - iphone 4 OS4.0 : the favorite paste function doesn’t work in the App Store (I.e., pasting in your password).
    - ipad 3.2 : it’s working

  12. Yamamoto Says:

    Just a silly question. I’d purchased the Plus version in my iPhone4, can I install it in my iPad as well or I have to buy it again from the iPad? If I can use it in iPad, how to install it?

  13. The6uest Says:

    As long as you use the same account for both devices you should only have to buy it once. Thats one benefit to buying apps on Cydia rather than Rock.

  14. Yamamoto Says:

    Thanks for your reply.
    Have logged in with the same email & got it work in iPad as well now.

  15. john23 Says:

    hi guess i got problem with my 3g 4.0.1 frmwire cycorder is not working on my iphone >>> why????? please some helpmeeeeeeeeee))

  16. PJ Says:

    PLEASE update FontSwap to work for iOS4!
    I miss my fonts. ):

  17. PJ Says:

    PLEASE update FontSwap to work for iOS4!
    I miss my fonts. ):

  18. The6uest Says:

    Cycorder hasn’t been updated for 4.0. Doesn’t the 3G camera have video with 4.0?

  19. Edwin Decker Says:

    I don’t understand the shorthand – will this work on my 3GS Iphone upgraded to 4.1?

  20. jacobseagall Says:

    Been using this with the Plus Pack since I first jailbroke and this update doesn’t work. It crashes whatever app I’m in. I’m still using an iPhone 3G and have 3.1.3. Any way to downgrade?

  21. Beaudean Says:

    Try mSecure

  22. ac Says:

    The email app crashes when Action Menu is enabled (in Settings) and using the magnifier glass in the email app. All other apps work, but the email app is where much of my information comes from so this is a deal breaker. I’ve reinstalled Action Menu, respringed the springboard and same problem. Any ideas?

    iPhone 4
    iOS 4.1

  23. ac Says:

    To add more details, the email crashes when the magnifier glass appears in view only mode. In other words, Action Menu works when you are replying or forwarding a message, but does not work when you receive an email and try to use action menu in that “view only” mode.

  24. ab Says:

    need action menu update for 4.3.1 :’-(

  25. MediaJunkie Says:

    Will there be an Action Menu update for 4.3.1?

  26. Action Menu Plus Pack Says:


  27. Paris V. Says:

    I have installed the action menu plus pack app but from the last update I have problem with this application.
    This app send me every time in translator message (translate error)

  28. Paris V. Says:

    P.S. My iPhone is 3G version and OS is 4.1

  29. John Says:

    Love this app on the iPhone used it a lot
    Any chance this will come available for android phones?

  30. Patadox Says:

    What happened to the “voice” feature that would do text-to-speech ? I desperately need this feature to have web pages and emails read aloud.

  31. Mehmet ali Says:

    I have problem with the transilator, it send me every time this message:
    Please help me to fix this problem. In fact i bought this app just for this option( i mean translate opthion)

  32. Mehmet ali Says:

    İ still facing same problem. Could you help me?

  33. Dallas Says:

    Hey, Action Menu is conflicting with placing a bid on eBay using their

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