Announcing Mark Read 1.0

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Ever wake up with an inbox full of Facebook emails? Annoyed by newsletters you’re not going to read anyway? Going through all of them just to get rid of the red badge just takes too much time. This is why we invented Mark Read, an easy way to mark either your entire inbox or just the emails you want as read/unread, right within

Just tap ‘Edit’ in your mailbox, select the mails you want to mark as read/unread and tap ‘Mark’ in the upper left corner. If you want to mark the entire mailbox as read/unread, tap ‘Mark All’.

Available for $1.99 on the Cydia Store. Mark Read is another brilliant tweak for your iOS device from the crack team of tweakologists at CocoaNuts. For more info, check out the CocoaNuts website. Enjoy!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

6 Responses to “Announcing Mark Read 1.0”

  1. dukem Says:

    BiteSMS 5.0 is out, i have been checking this site for status, finally checked twitter, its been out for a few days, hosted by BigBoss. Ver 5.0 doesn’t crash on my 3gs 4.1

  2. e Says:

    hopen for mass delete feature someday!

  3. Me Says:

    I can not find it in Cydia. I have the Big boss standard repository.

  4. merlock Says:

    Hosed my mail app. Stayed hosed even after uninstalling. Don’t waste your money.

  5. Jaap Says:

    Works great

  6. crashes on FW 4.1 iphone 4 Says:

    installed this package today.. was quite interested to get it as my mail box is alway full of stuff that i don’t really care to read.. and i dont like having the badge always showing on my home screen, and when my internet is slow i dont want to download the mail. I found that if i open the same message twice in a row that even if i dont download the message it also marks the message read, but i don’t like the time that this takes especially if i have a few messages to mark.

    After several attempts to download “error message that the server was not reachable” i finally did download it. Cydia initiated a re-spring but for some reason my phone crashed (iphone 4, firmware 4.1). while in safe mode i tried to reload the app, but got the message that the server was unreachable again.

    After all this i did a respring and my phone started normaly..

    Overall i must say that this is a nice app.. exactly what i wanted.. little headache over the install so i’m not sure about the stability.. a few more reboots and re-springs has proven it to be stable for now..

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