Apple stopped signing 3.1.2 today

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Just a note that Apple stopped signing 3.1.2 today. That means those of you 3gs or iPod touch 3 users that did not rush out and store your TSS in Cydia or Rock are screwed and cannot restore anything but 3.1.3. If you are a jailbreak user running a 3gs or ipod touch 3 (or later generation ipod touch 2) that has not stored the TSS in cydia, you should be very careful with what you do from now until the next jailbroken firmware. You will want to be careful in what you install to make sure you don’t have to restore for any reason. It would be a good idea to install open SSH and learn how to use it so that you can get in and fix any problems without a restore, also.

3g / 2g users need not worry as you dont need Apple to sign your firmware files.

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  1. mac Says:

    apple sucks so hard.. ballz

  2. Jorge Says:

    Yes they do

  3. Danny Says:

    Well I currently have a 3GS that is on 3.1.2 right now. Can I still at least jailbreak/unlock it?

  4. iphil Says:

    Does anyone know if an unlocked iphone can be used on the Bell network and get 3g out of it?

  5. Chris Says:

    So…. I downloaded the 3G(S) 3.1.3 firmware from the iPhone firmware files from Big Boss. I did a restore using that firmware and everything booted okay. I used my wife’s 3G(S) because she doesn’t give a flip whether the jailbreak works or not. iTunes says that I am using version 3.1.3 even though I never actually updated the version through iTunes/Apple, I used the 3.1.3 firmware from Big Boss. The big question is, is my wife’s 3G(S) screwed from being jailbroken?

  6. mark boyce Says:

    yes you can

  7. Johny miric Says:

    Guys, hope somebody can help

    I used blackrain and blacksnow on my brand new 3GS, 3.1.2 and everything works fine except push. I was wondering should I restore it with original iTunes 3.1.2 and try doing it with redsnow blacksnow. You think this could work? And what about hacktivation, will redsnow do it?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    u can fix that thru push fix. download it thru cydia without restore. d repo address s “”. hope this helps. :)

  9. Jack Says:

    I have a iphone 3gs with 3.1.2 jailbroken firmware. The problem I have, my Cydia is doing the crash bug, where it just loads and crashes before anything happens. My friend jailbroke it for me but he didn’t open my SSH so I don’t have SSH access in order to go in and delete the files.

    I tried to restore my firmware back to the original 3.1.2 via DLing the restore firmware and shift clicking in itunes, the restore failed probably because apple stopped signing the 3.1.2 firmware.

    Is there anyway to fix Cydia without SSH access or ifile (don’t have it DL’d either)? Any way to restore my firmware to the original 3.1.2 so I can jailbreak it again with blackra1n? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Jack Says:

    I’ve also tried DiskAid but it doesn’t allow me to access the root directory b/c it says my iphone isn’t jailbroken.

    Tried jailbreaking it again with blackra1n but at the logo screen with the guy and the iphones the loading circle doesn’t show up. The phone doesn’t restart and it just goes to the dashboard and loads up my service provider again.

  11. Johny Miric Says:

    thx for help but it seems its not working. I install it, reboot it and reinstall few apps with push but still I dont get any notifications

    I tried several of this Push Fix solutions and they are all coming from strange sources and none of them are working properly and some of them are actually spamming you with fake Facebook notifications.

    Is there any proved solution coming from known developers?

  12. Frank Says:

    If you activate with official sim during update, you can then unlock and use any sim. That’s how to fix your push. Hacktivating causes push issues

  13. Kubi Says:

    Try that;

  14. Kubi Says:

    Open the hosts file at”C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” by a test editor and add line of
    to bottom and save file.
    Apply shift+restore and point the 3.1.2 fw to iTunes.

  15. Kubi Says:

    I suppose you have signed keys at CYDIA…

  16. Incredible Says:

    approximately how long will the next jailbreak update be, one that can work with 3.1.3?

  17. Johny Miric Says:

    problem is that I don’t have official sim. Hope some better hactivation method will come soon


  18. sorrow Says:

    sorry, for my questions…

    does a howto exists how to backup a jailbroken iphone via ssh?

    and exits a way how to get these TSS in Cydia ? (what does this mean btw, and is it the same as “the device has SHSHs on file for iphone OS: 3.x.x”)

    thanx for any feedback and your great work!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    you should have followed the intructions. dont re-install and use iphone explorer and delete several repo. unfortunately you cant do that anymore..good luck

  20. Anonymous Says:

    if you’re at 3.1.2 and its working great, just be cool and wait…

  21. Anonymous Says:

    when will you guys learn your lesson??? goodluck

  22. Anonymous Says:

    for now, YES! and since your wife doesn’t care at all, its not a problem

  23. Anonymous Says:

    use redsn0w…its reliable

  24. Jordan Says:

    I have a quick question, both my wife and I were on 3.1 for the longest time, just because we didn’t want to have to re-do our themes to restore to 3.1.2. lol, so I just did this the other day because of a crash. But my wife’s phone is acting up, and I wanted to restore with a customer ipsw with Pwnage Tool. We are on att, can I still use a custom ipsw to restore her phone with pwnage tool to 3.1.2 and be okay?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    NO! Apple stopped signing 3.1.2 today

  26. Jordan Says:

    I knew that, but I wasn’t sure if I was to restore with a custom IPSW of 3.1.2 if it’d change it up a bit and be okay. Thanks!

  27. Moodi Says:

    I have a iphone 3gs with 3.1.2 jailbroken firmware.It is working fine the only problem I have, my Cydia is crashing.I have stored my TSS in Cydia ,So can some one help please in how to get them so I can restore to fix the Cydia crash.


  28. BigBoss Says:

    The links on my page come from Apple. Thats the same as restoring to 3.1.3 in itunes.

  29. Illusion_R Says:

    I happened to Jailbreak my 36s yesterday afternoon and got a message from cydia that the TSS was pending. Would I be correct in assuming it may never go through now?


  30. BigBoss Says:

    If you had cydia store your TSS hash, you can restore 3.1.2 using Saurik’s server. See for details. If you didnt do this. You can only restore 3.1.3 and not jailbreak for who knows how long.

  31. BigBoss Says:

    No one will release a 3.1.3 jailbreak for 3gs. They will not burn up an exploit for this. Look for the ipad release for next version to be jailbroken.

  32. BigBoss Says:

    You can if you have the TSS hash saved in Cydia and use saurik’s server as Kubi noted above.

  33. BigBoss Says:

    Kubi posted the answer above.

  34. BigBoss Says:

    Highly likely. If it’s still pending, you’re screwed. Hopefully 3.1.4 or 3.2 or whatever ipad uses will be jailbroken.

  35. Illusion_R Says:

    Thanks for the reply. No biggy really its my wifes phone. I did mine the previous day and got my TSS stored :)

  36. C2k Says:

    What is with the Iphone 3G? Can i restore without problems or not?

  37. NeoGeo71 Says:

    use pushfix 2.o at for 5.99, worth every penny!

  38. NeoGeo71 Says: for 5.99 works. it is worth it.

  39. Natboy Says:

    General Cydia crashing as in when you click on it, you get a spinning wheel and then it shuts down? This is usually caused by Cydia crashing when download/installing a package and it leave thinks behind. If you delete the files with “__” in /var/lib/dpkg/updates, cydia will start. I usually use iFile, or Terminal. iFile is nice as you can make bookmarks.

  40. DistortedLoop Says:

    I’m so sick of this jailbreak cat & mouse game with Apple! It’s the reason I’ve purchased a Nexus One from Google, and after two weeks of testing, I’m ready to say the Android 2.1 OS and Nexus One hardware blow away my iPhone 3G[s] in most regards, and the biggest win that matters, none of this lockdown Apple control freak crap. I’ll always love my Mac, and my 4 different iPhone versions will hold a special fondness as the best gadget I owned for 2.5 years, but enough is enough. Time to move on…

    At least until iPhone 4G comes out and is jailbroken, assuming Steve Jobs lives up to his promise that iPhone 4G will be something Google can’t catch up to. ;-)

  41. Anonymous Says:

  42. Zac Massey Says:

    Ok. I don’t really get what it was saying but I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G with 3.1.2 .. Is it ok if I forgot to “Sign my Keys”?

  43. jailbreaker Says:

    is this true, iphone 2g/3g/3gs no longer has the option to browse for firmware?, and force to restore/update to 3.1.3 on itunes???

    when i did SHIFT+RESTORE all it says was RESTORE/UPDATE. :(

  44. Newbie Says:

    What if I just got my iphone 3gs and I want to jailbreak it. Should I do it even though I won’t be able to s”ign my keys”? Or should I update it to 3.1.3 and wait till it can be jailbroken?

  45. Moodi Says:

    Thank you Sir but I have Apple system not window . Can you advice how can I do it in Apple please.
    Thank you

  46. Moodi Says:

    I did through iFile but it was empty and files are there .Any other suggestion Please.
    Thank you

  47. Moodi Says:

    I did through iFile but it was empty and NO files are there .Any other suggestion Please.
    Thank you

  48. Joseph Says:

    I updated my iPhone in iTunes then I restore it in version 3.1.2 but the problem is I can’t use my simcard. There is no carrier. I’m a globe user from Philippines is there a way so I could use again my simcard by using my iPhone?

  49. Anonymous Says:

    you can no longer do that. apple stopped signing the 3.1.2 FW

  50. crash Says:

    I have an iPhone 3G[s] running 3.1.2, i recently started having problems in which my “phone” and “contacts” crash as soon as i open them. i can still receive txts although it only shows the # and not the contact name. besides restoring what can i do to fix this. cant find any info on this issue anywhere.

  51. Anon Says:

    I have a jailbroken 3.1.2. Today the peice of shit froze on my for now reason. It entered into a residual White apple of death boot up/re boot cycle. I spent hours trying to get it into DFU/recovery mode. I finally got itunes to recognize it in DFU, and strangly enough the screen is totally black…not “connect to itunes” sign as a million times before.

    MY ONLY OPTION NOW is to upgrade to 3.1.3 and not be jailbroken for a few months? Will my phone at least work. I have ATT, so I dont mind, I just dont want a bricked Iphone. What do I do?

  52. Anon Says:

    Any ideas?

  53. andrew Says:

    so isnt there a firmwire to download for ipod touch so that we can restore a ipod touch to 3.1.2 ?????

  54. Ricky Says:

    Need help on the issue
    using iphone 3Gs jailbroken 3.1.2. somehow it got poweroff now when i connect it only allows me to go >3.1.3
    it there any way i can go to 3.1.2 …
    I read but if someone finds a solution plz reply

    thanks in advance …

  55. sonny Says:

    Okay guys. I am one of the dudes that screwed up. I accidently updated my i[hone in itunes to the latest 3.1.3 version firmware 05.12.01. Great. now i Cant use the phone. I just have a glorified ipod now. Is there anything I can do??? Should I just wait for a miracle. Or try to create my own? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

  56. d v nagaraju Says:

    hai friend this is nagaraju from india, i bought apple iphone model no : a1241,fcc id: bcga1241,icid:579c-a1241,8gb, yesterday i updated i think 3.1.3 or 3.1.2, after that my phone stops working, itunes says “THE SIM CAR INSERTED IN THIS IPHONE DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE SUPPORTED” like message coming, phone locked and no signal.please give me solution,

  57. rubeNG Says:

    Your 3G iphone is now locked if it was unlocked before you did the 3.1.3 upgrade.

  58. rubeNG Says:

    all u can do is wait for an unlock, but probably wont happen until the next iphone is out.

  59. rubeNG Says:

    If u have ATT then it’s fine to just 3.1.3.

  60. Gadi Says:

    My luck is I have working jb 3.1.2
    but I tell you one thing : I will recommend to all my freinds in work NOT to buy iPhone.
    Apple just announced that we will suffer with ipad too.
    Back to Dell/Microsoft/nexsus ? Yes. I am.

  61. EdYYZ Says:

    Absolutely. Just after Bell started selling SIM cards, I got one ($5 for the SIM, $15 for programming fee, plus taxes) and moved my old Palm 700wx off my Bell account and put my iPhone 3G on that plan. Works a treat. Only hurtful thing was having to pay the $450 termination fee to Rogers (but I would have paid them that much by keeping the contract more than 5 months anyway and I was not using it any more).

  62. Beyondregion1 Says:

    I have in iPhone 3GS with a new bootrom. I stored the files in Cydia. I even did what Saurik said with modifying my Hosts file. I tried a restore by directing it to the 3.1.2 firmware and no go. I even put the phone into DFU mode like Saurik said, and no go. Fortunately, I still have 3.1.2. The only question is: What did I do wrong?

  63. Anonymous Says:


  64. Anonymous Says:

    dyr laren mjhy

  65. Anonymous Says:

    So my iPod Touch 2G model number starting with MB can still restore to 3.1.2? Even though I don’t have it saved anywhere on my computer?

  66. Anonymous Says:

    I had a jailbroken 3.1.2 blackra1n (5.11.07). i reboot it and it entered into the White apple of death boot up/re boot cycle. when i tried to use itunes to restore got the msg “this device isnt eligible for the requested build”

    THIS IS HOW I FIXED IT, after about 20 attempts.

    first i ran pwange too1 3.1.4 on my mac and did not install cydia or icy. then i ran blackra1n on my win7 box. then ran blacksn0w, i had a at&t sim in until i ran blacksn0w and then i put in my tmobile one. extra info i added the host saurik host line to my win7 box and in itunes when i ctrl clicked to restore i hit cancel every time it asked to check with apple until it did not ask.

    hope this helps someone!

  67. xcx Says:

    and yes it is a 3gs, forgot to add that.

  68. Beyondregion1 Says:

    I’ve done all of this. My files (keys) are at Cydia. I added the line in my Hosts file (Mac OS X 10.6.2. I am unable to make a restore work with 3.1.2., even in DFU mode. I still have 3.1.2 (which I jailbroke using redsn0w), but if something major happens, I will be totally screwed. I feel that I’ve done everything required. What is it not working? If anybody can help, I’d be much obliged.

  69. Jeffrey Says:

    How do I use redsn0w when apple does not sign it. I was trying to use redsn0w but failed since apple did not sign it. Then I failed to use blackra1n to reboot. It is now on DFU (without using blackra1n) or on Geohot’s face (when using blackra1n). Have NOT updated to 3.1.3 but cannot reboot. What to do now? Thanks.

  70. Jeffrey Says:

    I was thinking what you were thinking. Had blackra1n and blacksn0w installed without any issue. Tried to use redsn0w for some reason. Got an error saying apple did not sign it. So could not continue with redsn0w and now my 3GS does not even boot up using blackra1n.

    Thinking to update to 3.1.3 and take it back to Apple/AT&T and exchange for a new one (mine is one week old). Any comments?

  71. Ed Says:

    I tried to download this stupid app in Cydia, it rebooted my iphone 3gs. Now nothing works and I have to update the firmware to 3.1.3 This totally sucks. I hate Apple, they can’t even put Flash Player on their dang iphone. I’m going to check my receipt, I hope it isn’t over 30 days so that I can return this piece of shit. Apple store is sucking us all dried.

  72. Mo Says:

    Do not update just jailbreak it

  73. Beyondregion1 Says:

    NOW I know WHY Saurik’s instructions didn’t work for me. When you save the Hosts file after doing the edit, you must NOT have the ‘If no extension is provided, use “.txt”. box checked. That’s why it failed. It was saving the Hosts file as a .txt file. IClarified had a tutorial on this and I found my problem. I performed a test restore of 3.1.2 and it now works.

  74. Anonymous Says:

    Does this mean that the iPad jailbreak will also work for 3gs?

  75. Silencer Says:

    Ok i just jailbroked my ipod touch 2g to 3.1.2 on the date Feb.6
    Now i want to know what is TSS and if i already have TSS stored in cydia.

  76. Luxiel Says:

    iRecovery, google it and u should be able to boot your device

  77. Bad Vacation Says:

    Hi can someone help me with my iPhone 3GS. I’m running 3.1.2 and activated with O2 in the UK in November. After which I unlocked using Blacksn0w. My phone hung a few times over the course of the last few months and have had no problems running Blackra1n again. It happened again last week and I figured it would be normal – now all it does when I run Blackra1n is hang at the Frodo picture! Someone please help I have a lot of data and contacts on the phone that seem lost forever!

    Would be very grateful for help! I can’t restore to 3.1.2 and JB/Unlock again as apple won’t let me!

  78. TAHA Says:

    I used bell for a month and sucked donkey ass, was connected to network but wouldn’t make the phone call.. or sms, Most of the times,,,and tried with different iphone still same,
    sometimes I had to search for network manually to get connected on both iphones,,,

  79. saki Says:

    hi im saki!
    im using iphone 3gs with OS 3.1.2 with cydia n rock installed on it n it was working very fine but i recently updated my phone to OS 3.1.3 n now cydia n rock r not getting installed i have installing them through blackrain but everytime i try my phone goes into restore mode .please help as i am in a big fix coz widout cydia n rock my phone is really unworthy

  80. Dozer Says:

    I see your point, I’m on a 3.1.2 and in case it’s gonna lock or something that has to use iTunes to restore it, I’m pretty much out of options of using iTunes since it’s now offering 3.1.3, right?
    What about a manual SHSH & TSS? Is it possible since I didn’t use Cydia to store this info. Thx

  81. gustavophil Says:

    hi.. i have a big problem regarding this topic. my brother accidentally left my IPOD TOUCH 3rd GEN 3.1.2 (jailbroken w/ Blackra1n) running with an app. thus bricking my unit and dried the im stuck on RESTORE mode and Battling against UPDATE to 3.1.3 but loose my jailbreak VS. hoping i can find a way restoring it to 3.1.2.. please help me.. i already downloaded 3 restore file but to no avail and just says it is not compatible… i cant find a custom firmware 3.1.2.. where can i find one and will it works.. if not.. five me a room to run and will my problem stll have the chance…

  82. Dozer Says:

    gustavophil, try this guide? good luck, I hope it’ll work!

  83. saki Says:

    So is there any way of downgrading my iphone 3gs from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 firmware . i have already downloaded 2 restore firmwares of 3.1.2 but its not compatible and hence it says “this restore firware cannot be verified with apple”
    please guide me to install cydia on my fone .
    can cydia be installed 3.1.3 firmware with blackra1n or any other installer ?

  84. Ionut Says:


    I have an Iphone 3GS running OS 3.0. It is Jailbroken and Unlocked. But I don’t have made the TSS Backup. Can I restore to OS 3.0 without any problem? Thanks

  85. riyas Says:

    hi please help me
    i was having an 2g i phone with the version 1.0.2
    and now i updated that to 3.1.3,updation completed successful with an error displayed and now its showing a picture like connect to itunes

  86. joe176 Says:

    i hv a jailbroken iphone fw 3.0 with shsh stored in cydia (model MC) i would like to update to the newest fw because i think fw 3.o is draining my batteries. plz help me i cant seem to figure it out.

  87. Eve Says:

    My son updated my iPod thru apples… Grrrr now every time I touch a app it just flashes…. What can I do to fix the problem… Please thanks

  88. Anonymous Says:

    i upgraded ma iphone to 3.1.14
    hw can i unlock in india???
    i have no unlock sim.

  89. Arcticfires Says:

    How would I go about saving thy TSS thingy?
    I’m on a iPod touch 2nd gen with 3.1.2 software. I read this and am worried about it somehow. Can anyone make a tutorial or tell me how to “bakup”/”save” my TSS.
    Thanks guys for our help in advance.

  90. Alexia Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m stuck in the following situation and ask for your kind advice.

    Iphone 3GS 3.0 JB & Unlock. I must therefore have old bootrom

    Since yesterday the phone is stuck on apple logo. I don’t know what happened. It happened while installing an app (IMDB) from APPStore. A new disclaimer from Apple
    has been displayed (i stupidely hit accept very fast). IMDB started to install and then crash of the iphone.
    I’m now stuck with apple logo. Phone boots & reboots all the time to apple logo only.

    I can DFU. Itunes detects but obviously i can only restore to 3.1.3 and i understand this is not the best as no jb for 3.1.3. Obviously trying to restore with 3.0
    3.1 or 3.2 doesn’t work and i get the message “the iphone could not be restored. the device isn’t eligible for the requested build”
    as apple is not signing those fw anymore.

    I do have my IBEC & IBSS files.

    I tried using Redsnow 0.9.4 and 3.0 ipsw or even 3.2 but my phone doesn’t get detected

    I tried irecovery but my phone does not get detected

    My OS: Win7
    What can i do ? What do you recommend me to do?

    Please kindly advise.

    Thanks a lot,


  91. Cj Says:

    i have a iPod Touch 2G MC Model and when i run redsn0w it goes to a black screen then after i run redsn0w the second time its boots up but its not 3.1.2 it just goes back to 3.1.3. Can someone plz help?

  92. iphoner Says:

    I cannot restore my iphone 3gs 3.1.2 !!!!!! i understand apple stopped singing them… if you have a solution can you please give us a date you guys will be releasing it. I want to get a new iphone but if the solution is released anytime soon let us know?? THANKYOU to the team for a great job!

  93. David R. Says:

    I have iPod Touch 2nd gen, Jailbroken w/ Black Ra1n, 3.1.2, I’ve had it jailbroken since I got it (when 2nd gen was released, then used Blackra1n to jailbreak, well, just today i had rebooted my ipod and noticed that Rock App had 4 updates, so i updated them, soon after, my status bar didnt show. so i rebooted and now its stuck on the apple logo, i try and turn it on and the apple logo comes up for a little over 4 seconds, about five or six, then goes black,like, turns off. I try again, and to no avail it does the same shit. pleasseeee help meeee!! I ADVISE TO THOSE WHO READ THIS *DO NOT UPDATE ANYTHING FROM ROCK APP* It sayd “Cydia Installer” update, and alot of other stuff, I usually just click “update all” and thats what i did. Dont be ignorant like i was and just “update” shit without reading what it is just because its an update not an install. please help!!! or email me with answers as now i dont have internet acces whenever i need it. —->

  94. curious Says:

    is jailbreak and restoring two different things??

  95. Kessa Says:

    HI Big Boss,
    I have a 3GS 3.1.2 with 5.11.07..I tried to jailbreak and unlock via Blackrain..I was unable to get an AT&T carrier signal. I was able to get on WI-Fi. So I did 3.1.2 restore and that didn’t work either..the Cydia icon was still there and I still couldn’t get a carrier signal..please help. Do I need to update to 3.1.3? What do I need to do?? I did not save any files.. At this point if I can just get the phone working, I will be happy. Please assist!!!

  96. ///AMG Says:

    I dont get what you saying below,

    you must NOT have the ‘If no extension is provided, use “.txt”. box checked. That’s why it failed. It was saving the Hosts file as a .txt file.

  97. Bono Says:

    9o6h6A That’s really tnkhiing out of the box. Thanks!

  98. aksie Says:

    yes…ilike iphone

  99. aksie Says:

    i love iphone

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