Auto ShutDown Released!

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Do you fall asleep listening to your iPod or iPhone? While waste your battery no more! With Auto ShutDown you can setup a timer to go off that will automatically shut down, reboot etc. your device. Its easy to activate this timer also, you just hold down the power button until the power slider appears, then under that is a new slider that you can slide to enable/disable the timer.

The settings for this application are in the default preferences application, so no extra app icon taking up your screen. There are many settings to choose from. When the timer expires you can turn your device off, reboot it, or stop playing the music and lock your device (good for is you are on a tethered jailbreak).

This is very simple to use, you just set the timer and forget about it. Its a springboard class timer, so it takes only minimal processing power. After you set the timer and you are using your device, 10 seconds before the timer expires an alert will appear with a 10 second countdown before it expires. You can stop the timer by pressing the STOP button on the alert, you can also bring up the power down view and slide the slider below that to turn the timer off.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this application, because it would be really easy to add settings for something else to happen when the timer expires. Thanks.

- ipodtouchmaster05

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28 Responses to “Auto ShutDown Released!”

  1. Anon Says:

    the ipod touch already has a sleep timer built in, under the “clock” app. So this program is useless to anyone with a tethered jailbreak. and all the people i know that have ipod touches never shut them down because they have a long battery life as long as the screen is off and no background apps are running.

  2. Cyb3rH4Xter Says:

    Great App! A suggestion would be to warn the user like 30 or 20 seconds for those who are slow to react ;)

  3. Bubba Says:

    Why not use cron? It’s free.

  4. ipodtouchmaster Says:

    Does this sleep timer turn off your music too??

  5. ipodtouchmaster Says:

    This is a lot simpler, and i’m pretty sure cron doesn’t work on 3.0+.

  6. ipodtouchmaster Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Ill consider adding this as an option, an extra length countdown.

  7. Mark Says:

    “While waste your battery no more!”

    Well waste your battery no more!

  8. Sven7 Says:

    How about iPad support? The iPad doesn’t have a sleep timer, which is very annoying.

  9. ipodtouchmaster Says:

    I do not have an iPad to test with currently, so once I obtain one I plan on adding support for it.

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. Anonymous Says:


  12. kevin Says:

    i need help

  13. Gyig Says:


  14. Paul Says:

    U fuking bitch

  15. .ME. Says:

    How do u download on iPod touch if any1 knows plz tell :)=]

  16. Chais Says:

    WiFi lol

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Through Cydia?

  18. Anonymous Says:


  19. Anonymous Says:

    i cant figure how to jailbreak my ipod

  20. Anonymous Says: my comment waz up one help?

  21. Anonymous Says:


  22. Colten Says:

    Me either someone please reply how

  23. Andy Says:

    If it is tethered, you should make it respring. This will kill any media that is playing such as mxtube or dtunes without a reboot.

  24. gekiatuyarou Says:


  25. Anonymous Says:

  26. d biggest bigboss fan wid 1111111111100000000000 other fans Says:

    hi bigboss im ur biggest fan n i request u 2 release as soon as possible d jailbreak fr ipod touch 3g 4.0 pleaz i request u 2 release it pleazzzzzzzz i hav mistakenly upgraded to 3.1.3 without saving shsh file so pleaz help me in jailbreaking or downgr back 2 3.1.3 without shsh file n pleaz release d dat when jb fr 4.0 devices is releasing a very humble request

  27. Chris Says:

    I have installed this app on my IPad1.
    Everything looks like according to the descriptions.
    If I press the shut down button and slide for shut down for a certain time it does’nt works. No shut down.
    Nothing of this functions works.
    OS 4.3.3

    Have you an idea, where is the problem?

  28. steve Says:

    i bought this it dont work

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