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The simple way to make an alternative backup of your iPhone.

Many people know that the iTunes backup is not good. Sometimes, you lost your contacts, SMS, etc. Thinking about this, I developed a tool called BackToUp. What it do, is create an alternative backup of your iPhone that is independent of iTunes.

The program is pretty good and make the backup of:

  • Contacts
  • Text Messages (SMS)
  • Bookmarks and History of Safari
  • Call History
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Bookmarks and History of Maps
  • General Preferences (ringtone, etc)

Also, BackToUp can:

  • Create a backup
  • Restore a device using a backup
  • Erase backups
  • Update a backup

Download link:

BackToUp 1.0 – Mac OS X – Binary


BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


40 Responses to “BackToUp iPhone Backup”

  1. bubba Says:

    Does it also backup icon placement? What about 3rd party apps (both App Store and Non-App Store) and preferences for those apps?

  2. ben Says:

    where does it store the backupfile?

  3. rays laid off Says:

    Dose it back up cydia apps like winterboard

  4. German Says:


  5. Adel El Ahmer Says:

    I need the software to be install in my IPHONE or Window Vista Buisness

  6. A J Says:

    is there a windows vista version?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Windows version needed nothing more

  8. michell Says:

    Does it back up cydia apps, intaller apps, icy apps, kryptes apps, mods, themes, etc.??????????????????

  9. Esmandau Says:

    Please make and nice GUI interface!

  10. regggge Says:


  11. regggge Says:


  12. RB Says:

    Just launched it on a PPC Mac and it won’t run (Bad CPU), so I guess it’s Intel-only…

  13. RDL Says:

    I double clicked on BAcktoUp and Terminal opened and it said a bunch of stuff.. who knows what it said. Thanks for not warning the average user that this app is useless unless you know how to use it without directions.

    Guess when I opened the Read Me file and it didn’t contain ANY useful info (all is said was to double click on BacktoUp then follow the on screen directions) I should have stopped but I thought ON SCREEN directions would show … unfortunately they didn’t.

    Hopefully someone reads this and saves the time loaded something onto they comp that they will never use.

  14. Request Says:

    Win version PLZ!

    Thx :)

  15. pissed off Says:

    fucking gay that you didn’t make this for windows users too…. DUMB ASS!!! PS. next time you release something make sure that something isn’t half ass done!!!

  16. quis5550 Says:

    app doesnt work

  17. mark Says:

    With as poor a grammatical name as it has, what did you expect?

  18. Houser78 Says:

    pissed off…the app is free…what else did you expect? If you want the Win version…why don’t you do it yourself?

  19. Mr. Vig Says:

    Really, Stop wasting our time, just because we all paid top dollar for our iPhones doesn’t mean we didn’t shop for the better deal and go PC!

  20. Mr. Wolf Says:

    I cant believe all of you people are being such assholes to an iphone program developer who’s TRYING to make an App that will allow you to enjoy your phone even more than you currently do. All I hear is boo-hoo, no PC version and blah, blah, blah. Why dont you all show some respect… let the developer work out the bugs and than when its done you can thank him for the FREE App he just created! If I remember correctly whenever a new jailbreak tool comes out its usually available for OSX the first week or so, and than it becomes available for PC users shortly afterwards. Maybe some of you ungrateful, picky bastards should develop your own version of the App for PC’s and then share it with the community instead of whining about how picked on you are and how much of your precious time you wasted on this FREE program. BTW …… Thank you pH.

  21. Jason Says:

    Hey, great app. I just backed up my iPhone files. Now how exactly would I restore it and put these files back on? I know the second option is to restore device using backup, but do I just run the Terminal, hit 2, and that’s it? Do I do nothing with iTunes? What do I do if I’m restoring my iPhone and iTunes asks me if I want to create a new user or restore a backup?

  22. jason Says:

    i like it

  23. MAD Says:

    Right on mate!

  24. RDL Says:

    I respect that the developer is making free apps for others to use but again atleast state that there is no directions and unless you are an advanced user you might not want to waste your time with this specific app.

  25. mani Says:

    Dud, I just download and run it, it works perfectly, and very easy to use.
    just read the steps carefully.

  26. mani Says:

    Big thanks.
    perfect app. I just backed up my iphone, but it looks work for restore too.

  27. macfr3ak Says:

    @BigBoss: Please do mention iBaRes 2.4.5 as well.

    Full Backup/Restore with iTunes = Perfect symbiosis !
    Free & very reliable…

    Just G00gle it !

  28. Cruisin Says:

    Bigboss,,,, please ignor those bustard,, who even don’t know how you strive hard just to come up with a good Apps………. thatnks for sharing your hard work…..

  29. mööp Says:

    is it possible that u will release a windows version?

  30. DavidA Says:

    I’m afraid that it only works on Intel Mac’s it
    doesn’t work on the older PPC Mac’s. Can you make
    a change in the code to target PPC, and publish it?


  31. Richard Wells Says:


    Thanks for this handy app. As I was backing up, I got the message…”root@ password”. I tried every password I could think of, but it kept asking. My iPhone.dat is only 4k so I guess it did’nt work. Any thoughts?


  32. No1 Says:

    Did you try “alpine”?

  33. spooky Says:

    Hence the OSX binary on the download button…

  34. spooky Says:

    Clean up that language.

    Since when are people who write programs for their own use, then have the courtesy to share them with those of us who don’t have time to write code for fun anymore, required to write more code that is useless to them and supports only idiots who run another OS?

  35. G Says:

    I have to iphone version 1.14 and I download backtoup to my mac and it says this after: cannot execute binary file
    [Process completed]

    Am I missing something because its not working? Do I need to have another program? Help please.

  36. LeeMahn Says:

    What’s “gay” is that you’re pissed about something that’s FREE not doing something you want it to do. Tell you what, go run down to your local liquor store, ask him if he has a free pack of matches. When he hands you a white one, throw it back in his face and scream “F*(#ing GAY that you don’t have a RED one for me, you DUMB A&&!!” and see what happens.

    Jeez.. people are amazing. Ok.. out of the pool! Get OUT of the GENE POOL!

  37. Red or White Says:

    It would not hurt a bit if the creator of this App spent another 30 seconds to write simply this short warning (like the Dev Team): “For now, MAC users only please, Win folks give us some time”.

    I like what LeeMahn had put up there but if he ever realized giving a gallon of diesel will not make a guy (whose gasoline drivencar stopped in the middle of the road) any happier. Folks were mislead by the way the creator put and they do have the right to be angry regardless of such free will.

  38. Doug Says:

    I am running OSX, even if I have an older PPC computer. You need to specify that it is not a Universal Binary – It only works on Intel machines.

  39. Anonymous Says:


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