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I put up a beta repository a month ago with the intent to have it host unstable packages for hacker level users that wanted to take an extra risk and were both willing and able to provide syslogs for debugging problems. This actually worked well for the BossPaper initial release.

It turns out that many users that did not fit the above description installed this repository anyway. In addition, all sources packages included it. Those “all sources” packages are dangerous and no one should ever install them.

The result of all this is that a bunch of end users have installed my latest beta updates intended for beta testers only. Due to that, I now have had Saurik release an update of the bigboss repository that conflicts with the beta repository. This will uninstall the beta repository from everyone when they upgrade the main source.

I will be posting the beta repository URL for users to manually type in for each beta test in the future and I will expect only users capable fo debugging problems (without complaining mind you) will install it.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

19 Responses to “Beta Repository Private Now”

  1. eema Says:

    it’s maybe a too extreme decision…becayse i know how test an app and i know the risks…but now the new libhide slows down spotlight to me and to solve this i have 2 solutions…i can wait the final release and upgrade it or i have to uninstall the new libhide (with all the other apps that uses it!).. but if you leave the beta i can simply wait a new beta version that fix that problem.. ;)

    btw i want to do the betateter again for this app…;)

    unother thing…it’s not possible to hide the app icons without hide them to spotlight? because actually the only solution to allows to search the hide apps is a mobile substrate addon..but it slows the search…

  2. BigBoss Says:

    No, you don’t have to have everything uninstalled. Just refresh sources and install sbsettings or whatever and the original libhide will be installed.

  3. Ruben Says:

    I don’t understand that fully, I have no problems, I just installed the lib and installed the updated source – so I still have the msubstrate installed – only thing I see is the slow spotlight. I am on 3G

    So how will me lib getting its update.

    And I would be more than happy to test – as I didn’t see any crashes I wasn’t seeing any need of sending info. Never use spotlight, so…

  4. jody Says:


    I am having trouble getting my nes 3.0 to see my roms. I went thru the steps but still can not see them. Please help!!!

    Thank you,

  5. eema Says:

    i have installed sbsettings… i try to reinstall it but i still have the old version…the only option is uninstall libhide…because also if i install unother app i don’t have cydia checks if i have a libhide installed (every version) and i have installed it the new version… so i have to remove libhide…and when i do this cydia try to remove ALL the app needs libhide.. (i count it…in my iphone are 13..i can’t uninstall all this apps!!!)
    so i have to wait your next beta or final update ;)

  6. not buying junk Says:

    Jody google the term thread jacking. It’s what you are doing. Hello? Did you even read what this damn thread is about?

    Do you need help tying your shoes as well?

  7. Lindsey Says:

    Big Boss – Can you please email those who understand beta testing the repo? Cydia is giving me an error and is trying to uninstall sbsettings and all of my addons. Unacceptable! I like ALL of your apps, and they are the only reason I am jailbroken! Please don’t punish us for some stoopid noobs. Thanks for al of your work!

  8. Bill Says:

    Very smart. A+ to you.

  9. Ruben Says:

    get Version 2.01 – works perfect.

  10. UEF Says:

    “Those “all sources” packages are dangerous and no one should ever install them. ”

    That’s a bit much, isn’t it?

  11. Joe Says:

    “Those “all sources” packages are dangerous and no one should ever install them.”?

    Please explain exactly what you are talking about, outside of the context of your own Beta repository being inadvertently included.

    I can’t find anything via Google that substantiates your assertion, but if there is such justification, I would much appreciate your response.

    If people are taking an unnecessary level of risk by using the all sources option, they need to know about it!


  12. Ryan Says:

    I’m using 2.0.2 and springboard app is visable and a couple of times poof stopped working and I resprung useing sbsettings also if your continuing or moving the beta repo please email me with it

  13. liljake Says:

    thank you too all those who were upset after downloading the libhide beta…

  14. cheapfame Says:

    I agree with this dude. It’s no use saying to people they are at an elevated risk if you cannot explain why. I’ve trauled google over the times also and cant find anything other than a few crack/script kiddy reps. Is that what you mean? they are able to exploit if added ?

  15. kufalup Says:

    hi, i am having a problem installing aptback up and i want to install it so i can update my iphon 2g 3.1.
    please need help

  16. Matt Says:

    Hey I accidentally deleted the big boss source and I can’t seem to get it back, any help would be greatly appreciated

  17. Josh Says:

    Please E-mail me the repo if possible I hate being punished for others mistakes?

  18. Josh Says:

    Ive also accidently deleted the source and would love to have it back?

  19. Rayan Says:

    Hi i have a problem with downloading big boss i accidentally deleted it and also suddenly I can’t download any source and when I try each and every kind either its modmyi or bigboss ?? Any help here I’m lost and pretty pissed so any answers?

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