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I have been working hard on iPhone 3.0 OS testing all my apps. At this point, most stuff is working although SBSettings has a couple small quirks. I plan to have everything ready and released before 3.0 is actually out. Apps tested are:

1) SBSettings - In addition to patching current kernel in current jailbreak to get this to work (sorry, I will not be able to give this patch out, wait for 3.0 to be released), I have fixed many of the changed hooks in Springboard 3 and installed an entirely new toggle mechanism. The old toggles mostly stopped working and had to be rewritten. This will also provide a more stable SSH toggle and EDGE toggle. It also will open the door for toggles like safari download and syslog which were previously not possible. Safari download toggle will become a trivial task and I plan to have a toggle whipped up for this new SBSettings.

2) BossPrefs - I planned on killing this app, but it seems to be used quite a lot in spite of SBSettings being out and better. The original BossPrefs was built for 1.1.x and built with the compatibility SDK. This is no longer possible to use on 3.0. I had to rewrite it from scratch. In doing so, I have it actually using the SBSettings toggles pack. (Yes, even brightness, fastnotes and the likes work, LOL).

3) Categories - Tested and working. Currently requires core-utils to be installed, which is no longer default install in Cydia.

4) Poof - Tested and working. Currently requires core-utils to be installed.

5) Flashlight - Tested, worked with no modification.

6) Docs - Tested, worked with no modification.

I have other apps, but they just do standard things and I believe they will all work without modification.

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  1. Phoenix Says:

    Thanks for the update … I’m hurting without SBSettings, can’t wait for the update to come out! Was hoping it would be out before the 3.0 release, but a couple weeks aint that bad … somehow I’ll make it :o)

  2. BigBoss Says:

    Even if I released it, you couldnt use it without a patched version of the jailbreak.

  3. Santana Says:

    Thanx for ur effort

    SBSettings is a #1 Must have app for me


  4. Kevin Says:

    great work, BigBoss. I do have a question, will the docs ever be able to do landscape.

  5. Jeton Says:

    Do you plan on adding an option to move the icons of the SBSettings toggles?

    Arrange them on a certain way?

    The number of toggles has grown, so having them arranged would be useful.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    hello bigboss anyword with the unlock situation.thanks

  7. asd Says:

    Thanks BigBoss!!

    SBSettings is a #1 Must have app for me


  8. bubba Says:

    Great news, Boss. Thanks for your efforts!

  9. rays laid off Says:

    good work

  10. Zack Hébert Says:

    The 3.0 update is gonna be the best update ever I think. It seems that all the devs are already ready so that there won’t be the 3 month waitin’ period to rewrite all the apps fer 3.0 . It was a shame I had to wait fer 2.1 to upgrade from 1.1.4 to ensure stability =X

  11. reznor9 Says:

    Just curious why you are keeping this patched kernel to yourself? A lot of devs need the patched version so they could effectively update their apps that rely on the mobile substrate(like your SBSettings app)

  12. AK Says:

    anyone tried “the iphone” is the software they are sellig gonna work with iphone 3g with boot loader 5.9?

  13. Adem Says:

    Glad to hear that SBSetting has been rewritten for OS 3.0. I wouldn’t know what to do if i wouldnt be able to disable EDGE..(otherwise my iphone is always connecting to the mobile network which cost me some money in the past :/)

  14. BigBoss Says:

    Yes. One day I will get off my lazy ass and fix that as well as the excel endless loading problem.

  15. BigBoss Says:

    Yes, its on the long todo list as well as coming up with some way to show more than 12 toggles. I had no idea there’d be so many available when I created it.

  16. BigBoss Says:

    There’s a big difference. Most apps will continue to work on 3.0. SBSettings, bossprefs, categories, these apps do things that are constantly changing in the OS so I have to keep them updating with new OS versions.

  17. BigBoss Says:

    It’s not my patching work. I got it from the patcher and promised not to give it out. Therefore, that is what I will do.

  18. FiTzu Says:

    is it possible to create Wiki2Touch toggle?? Jut instead of that toggle in BossPrefs? Or is there any simple way to move this toggle to SBS??

  19. Cliff Says:

    Sbsettings well installed on my iphone 2.2,
    But, the menu doesn’t appear when I touch, (gentle slide or two-fingers tap) the top bar.

    I have installed and reinstalled it 3 times, but same bad result. No sbsettings menu ,-((

    I don’t know why ?
    May be some app or extension I installed before. But which one ?

    Any clue to help me ?

  20. Fireblaster Says:

    I love SBsettings….My number one App, but I keep activating it by mistake..would it be possible to switch the activation (slide or two finger tap) to maybe something like touching opposite corners of the Iphone or sliding at the top and bottom at the same time..If it can’t be done I understand, I still love the app…

  21. Jeton Says:

    Excellent! Thanks for the reply.

    And thanks for your hard work. SBSettings is a must install after jailbreak. :)

  22. Bless Says:

    Big Boss, keep up your hard work. There are many people like myself who appreciate the amount of effort you put into the jailbreaking community.

    SBSettings is by far the best reason to jailbreak. It is light, convenient, and manageable.

    I would love to see new features in the 3.0 release, such as different types of transitions, and PLEASE, a bigger close button!!! Maybe clicking out of the toggle area could also close it.


  23. Joe Says:

    Totally Fucking awesome.
    “Life is all in the timing”

  24. Rajiv Says:

    Thanks BigBoss for everything!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    What do you mean SafariDL wasn’t possible? Some guy just released the toggle on ModMyI forums.

  26. JP Says:

    hey bb. ur website gives me a virus everytime i visit it. or tries to, avast blocks it. anything u can do about this?

    but good job getting sbsettings updated. i was loosin my damned mind. now if only backgrounder would start working again…

  27. E Says:

    Is there any way to add a toggle for SBsettings that can quickly turn caller id on/off? This is the only setting that still requires me to dive deep into the iPhones menu structure.

  28. Mobi Says:

    I think apple will release 3.0 on june 1
    That what my friend told me

  29. DW Says:

    I would also love a caller ID toggle.

    Brilliant App!

  30. regggge Says:

    to bad you cant jailbreak 3.0 on ipod touch 2g or this would be great for me

  31. Eric Says:

    I alway just hit the homebutton, that also closes the toggles, since I always miss the close button ;)

  32. srt10coupe Says:

    please test BossTool for wipe fonts.
    Sorry for my bad english ;-)

  33. Andy Turner Says:

    Categories is giving me several error messages when installing from cydia. I’m on 3.0 firmware.

  34. Skizz Says:

    yea boss tool does not relocate fonts on 3.0 fw

  35. jusalcho Says:

    Bosstool doesn’t work on Iphone 3.0 it needs BSD subsystem…. so where can i download it?? please i need it!! thanks

  36. Ben Says:

    Has anyone been able to successfully install categories on 3.0 yet? I am also receiving install errors.

  37. iEcout' Says:


    LockDown doesn’t work in 3.0 …
    When he work in 3.0 ?

    (Sorry for my english, i’m french ;))

  38. jusalcho Says:

    not lockdown it doesn’t work on 3.0 :(

  39. Minos Says:

    And what`s about catagories?

  40. youngyoshi Says:

    same problem here… Im sure imma run out of space once i get to installing stuff from cydia

  41. youngyoshi Says:

    I think bosstool tries to copy the fonts folder from private/var/Fonts

    But the fonts folder is located in /system/library/Fonts in 3.0

  42. Nate Kaplan Says:

    I am having the exact same error. I don’t understand it, I reinstalled coreutils and I am still having the same issues. I am getting errors in the sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg giving me an error code (1).

  43. iWell Says:

    Categories working on OS 3.0 JB.

  44. Hastro Says:

    Thanks for your work.

    Do you plan to fix “LockDown” for 3.0?
    In m’y opinion, it’s the best app ever created

  45. aqd Says:

    yea boss tool is not relocating my fonts.. how can this be fixed so that my memory doesnt run out… please boss help me out!!!! what should i do to free up my HDD

  46. jusalcho Says:

    i need lockdown!! :)

  47. Rod Says:

    I can’t download movies or tv shows anymore on 3.0. I believe it’s the safari download plugin. I was always able to download on 2.2.1. Will there be an update to fix this problem?

  48. No name Says:

    Big boss boss tool dosent relocate the fonts

    PLZ fix it

  49. Dreamer Says:

    i have the same problem its going to release
    boss tools for os 3.0 ???

  50. Fire GurU Says:


  51. YZEPT Says:


    A repeatable bug in BossPrefs that has bitten me hard. iPhone 3 RedSnowed with latest Cydia updates. I mainly JB to use Categories as I have around 250 Apps, it takes quite a few hours to set up all the folders and get things organized. Three times in a row after getting it all setup I have tried to turn on the numeric battery toggle with BossPrefs. This has not worked but when exiting BossPrefs on each occasion a message screen appears explaining how to rearrange apps on the home page. The next time the phone is restarted after attempting the toggle all 11 pages are filled with apps in alphabetic order although most of the apps are also visible in the categories folders, but some are missing and some are in the wrong folders. To fix it I have had to delete all apps from every categories folder, make visible the hidden ones with BossPrefs and re add them to the folders. For some reason it takes quite a while for some apps to reappear (hours) before they can be added. The numeric battery toggle in SBSettings works perfectly so I will forget about BossPrefs till it is sorted. It is a real pain as bugs go, it takes many hours to clean up the mess and the first time I did not associate the Numeric Battery Toggle attempt with trashing the careful arrangement of apps via Categories

    Love categories, really like SBSettings, am over BossPrefs.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  52. jusalcho Says:

    Springback doesn’t work on iphone 3.0!! please update! thank u

  53. Scooby Says:

    when is the release of boss tools for os 3

  54. Oneiroparmenos Says:

    yeah when is going to release ??

  55. Richard Says:

    SBSettings is the new boss prefs.

  56. james Says:

    did anyone figure out how to fix this? 3 days and no one can figure it out on my end. Help please.

  57. ilia Says:

    bigboss its my first time on your saite and first of all i want to thank u! and i would like to aske you please if you could rewrite: CLOSE APP Toggle for 3.0 firmware becouse when i press on close app toggle it crashes the SBSettings. its really usefull for lots of pepole and myself, my home button is anstable and not worcking well!
    please give me your thoughts on this,

  58. ilia Says:

    in SBSettings CLOSE APP Toggle for 3.0 firmware needs updating, bigboss pleaase give us idea when will it be ready. will be highly appreciated

  59. envy Says:

    Hi BigBoss can you cheak Categories in 3 search option app inside folder are not listed on list like QuickGold is that can be done ?? so we can use Categories thanks a lot for your support to all iphone user’s

  60. JaysinNY76 Says:

    What’s going on with Lockdown? Doesn’t work on 3.0. Any idea when it’ll be working again?

  61. pingeleven Says:

    spotlight cant detect apps within categories..

  62. Derek Auble Says:

    Is there any way to get bosstool workingon iPod touch fw 3.0?

  63. Issachar Says:

    Is there anyone hate SBSettings? I HATE IT and I always accidentally call it out and switch on/off service that i dont intend to.

    Also, I always have the problem with “status sync” like when it show SSH is off, but it’s actually not.

    I perfer BossPrefs much much much more!

  64. Syntax Says:


    wird am Bosstool für das OS 3.0 gearbeitet? Es ist doch ein sehr wichtiges App ;)



    at Boss Tool for OS 3.0 to work? It is a very important app ;)


  65. Foghorn Says:


    first off thx for all the ingenious little progs that you’ve written for the iphone. I am using sbsettings and many others.

    Any good prognosis for the future of Bosstool?

  66. andrea Says:

    I’ve a 3gs with 3.0.1 and i’ve two problem:

    bigboss tool doesn’t work (dependence problem — >require firmare 3.0)

    some apps aren’t installable/upgradable (like pkgbakup) error:

    http/1.0 403 Forbidden

    and then
    http/1.0 403 Forbidden

  67. JJ Says:

    Same problem here.
    On multiple apps.

    Hope someone can help us out.

    thnx in advance

  68. mat Says:

    same her …..

  69. seemebreakthis Says:

    Same here… i cling onto bossprefs (and used it to actually disable the sbsettings deamon since the installation insists on installing sbsettings also).

    This worked until the most recent sbsettings upgrade (sometime in the beginning of July 2010). Now even after i disable the sbsettings task, the pop-up will still appear when i swipe across the top of the screen.

    The existence of sbsettings seems to cause a lot of havoc on my machine. i have had to hard reset the device at least twice during the past day or so after the thing became frozen. Never happened before.

    I just uninstalled both bossprefs and sbsettings and i am searching for a replacement app… anyone knows of such a thing?

  70. Sibyl Derwitsch Says:


  71. zak Says:

    what website is toggle on

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