BigBoss Repo now has Comments

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I have added a comments section to my pages in Cydia. It’s on the new styled depiction pages. You can view the comments in most recent to oldest order and add your own. I have infrastructure to add ratings as well but left it out for now as Saurik says he’s adding this himself. See screenshots of Cydia:

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


12 Responses to “BigBoss Repo now has Comments”

  1. Ricardodude Says:

    I wish comments were a standard Cydia feature instead. But this is still great =D

  2. boy Says:


  3. billchase2 Says:

    Great thinking, thanks!

  4. Martin Says:

    Popular tool but I cant seem to find the download-link.
    Where is it?

  5. justin Says:

    +1 – and how about showing screen shots on the first page for themes instead of having to select “more info” or a “screen shot” link

  6. john Says:

    Every package should be required to give info on how much memory it uses, if any.

  7. chronzz Says:

    big boss we need to moderate the comments there are ppl who dont know what not to say in comments check the comments for fontswap

  8. Hamed Says:

    Nice addition :)
    Let’s see who’s first? :p :)

    I think the comments need to be shown on the first page without the need to click a link..or maybe under the screenshots directly

  9. BigBoss Says:

    My comments allows me to ban users. The “bad” users have had their iphone UUID banned.

  10. Kyle Flanagan Says:

    Finally got this app to query my iP3G’s peanut-sized brain. Said ‘no support’ or in other words ‘tough luck dude’, wait for 3.0 ;)

  11. Alissa Says:

    I don’t know what the hell this is! Please tell me.

  12. srt10coupe Says:

    yeah “comments” in cydia.

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