biteSMS 4.96 out now…

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12 July 2010
  • Fixed a number of orientation issues with Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • Polished up the animations for Quick Compose and Quick Reply, such that these are now 100% complete in the lock screen mode. Unlock screen mode is still being worked on.
  • Fixed up all known issues with the Apple passcode interaction on lock screen with Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • The biteSMS pop-up (smileys etc) now fades in and out, instead of just appearing suddenly (thanks @cdevwill).
  • Fixed crash issue that impacted some users when pressing the “Messages” button to navigate back to the conversation list.
  • Fixed up some more issues associated with signatures.

Note: No changes for iOS 3 users.

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  1. Windoze Says:

    When will biteSMS add iPad 3G support?

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