biteSMS 5.2 out now…text for FREE!!!

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29 March 2011
  • TextFreek integration (text for FREE!!!) – See biteSMS, Settings, TextFreek.
  • iOS 4.3 compatibility.
  • New feature for the default send method to be ‘Remember per Contact’. Especially useful when you’d like to switch to using the biteSMS network for specific friends (say international or not included in your carriers unlimited plan).
  • Added ringtone support for iOS 4.2.1 such that biteSMS now interacts correctly with the new iOS per contact ringtone feature.
  • For biteSMS Ringtones (packaged or in directory structure) the volume is now reduced by 50% if headphones are plugged-in.
  • With privacy set, the [Open] and [Call] buttons should display as active / inactive as expected.
  • Fixed up bug when composing a new scheduled message it did not always show the scheduled clock icon.

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6 Responses to “biteSMS 5.2 out now…text for FREE!!!”

  1. Marco Says:

    How use textfreek for blackberry and iPhone? Please

  2. mark boyce Says:

    anyone tried bitesms on ipad?

  3. Kaleigh Says:

    That’s a mold-breaker. Great tnhkinig!

  4. BDH Says:

    I dont have an I-phone but can anyone tell me how to see if these cell phone tracker apps have been run on your phone and how to block them?? I have seen the sights where you can pay $100 and can track and see the text messages on a persons phone and want to be able to block or remove if it is on my phone..

  5. QVD Says:

    There will always be ways to get around security barrier and get personal info depends on who you are and how badly they want it. If you are afraid of that then u should stick with non-jailbroken phone

  6. Omar Says:


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