biteSMS Release 4.95 out now…

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8 July 2010
  • Fixed all known issues with Drafts and Backgrounder consistencies in conversation list and conversations.
  • A nice NEW feature for all those users who have been so patient with the iOS 4 bugs. You can now backspace in Quick Compose to quickly get back to the “To:” field. Makes it much easier to change the recipient name. Settings->Quick Compose->Backspace to “To:” default OFF.
  • Fixed Quick Reply issue when there was more than 3 lines of text in landscape mode.
  • Cursor no longer disappears in Quick Compose.
  • There is no longer any “cannot use Keyboard” delay when Quick Compose is invoked. So now it’s quicker to use.
  • Fixed issue, whereby you could touch the “Contact Name” area on Quick Reply and it would incorrectly dismiss the alert.
  • Fixed a number of issues with signatures containing special characters, like smileys or brackets.
  • Fixed issue where biteSMS Passcode (if set) did not always appear if you opened the native Messaging app.
  • Fixed issue where [Open] in Quick Compose and Quick Reply and Contacts (etc) did not prompt for biteSMS Passcode (if set).
  • For incoming MMS messages the badge is now correctly shown on the biteSMS icon not the native Messaging one.

The above fixes are all for iOS 4 issues. The only change for iOS 3 is a fix whereby the Quick List icon did not always function correctly for a limited number of users.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

8 Responses to “biteSMS Release 4.95 out now…”

  1. Dafsing Says:

    I have a problem with the last SBSETTINGS update. The EDGE toggle don’t work again, and my iPhone has lost the Edge conetion.
    Could I do something to downgrade to the previous version of SBSettings?

    I wait for your news

  2. Dafsing Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to tell you:
    my iPhone is 2G, with IOS 3.1.2


  3. jjowie Says:

    Iphone 3G jailbreaker:

    I was sending txt msg using bitesms when I push the send it suddenly when off and when it come back the Cydia and bitesms icon was gone, including the original iphone messenger and clock and couple of bigboss program I install.

    Can some help to get the cydia again? I read so many blog and way how to get it back but NO such luck, including the mobile terminal (ssh) I lost too.

    I try everything but still No luck. I know once I have the cydia it will be easy for me to get all those program that provided. Please help another way to get my cydia back…

    Iphone still jailbreak by blackrain and still working as jailbreak. I use Tmobile..

    Please Help, thankyou


  4. Beaudean Says:

    Do you have root access ?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    did you try using the Search page on your home screen?
    find the programs with the search function

    also try to enable, and then disable app restrictions. this option is in your Settings app.

  6. Will Says:

    That’s a huge issue happening with a tons of people.. they had EDGE disabled on their iPhone (my 3G) and after this last SBSettings upgrade their phone is with EDGE disable and won’t enable it back! Come on! help!

  7. Moey Says:

    Um… I got a 3rd gen ipod touch that i got hacked by a frend n now resently i updated it to version 4 n i cant find a new jailbreak ive tried many but they wont work

  8. Anonymous Says:

    what a root acces? im oldies so pretend i try learn ing through manual process

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