biteSMS Release 4.8 out…nice!

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25 May 2010
  • It’s all about the NEW LOOK Quick Reply, including contact picture and timestamp – really COOL and great animations, check it out!!!
  • Added Activator support, done nicely of course.
  • Added back the delivery prefix feature (removed in Release 4.7) – mostly for UK O2 users. So biteSMS now supports the iPhoneDelivery application and Prefixes.
  • When pressing Quick List with only one message pending, Quick Reply will now open, so less touch events.
  • In the biteSMS app, the contact pictures now have nice rounded corners.
  • Improved the speed of touch events and animations when using Quick Reply and Quick Compose buttons.
  • Improved Privacy support in the new Quick Reply.
  • You can now tap the Quick List icon when a Quick Reply is displayed – this in effect does a Later action for you.
  • For Google “ad clicks” that result in the display of a web page we no longer exit out of biteSMS, but instead render the web page inside biteSMS.
  • Fixed up bugs with the “Currently Used” messages counter for messages sent via your mobile carrier.
  • Fixed up a bunch of other bugs and inconsistences.

Just to let you know that for the upcoming Apple Firmware 4.0 Release in June, biteSMS will be ready! We have completed most of the work, and are in the final testing stages. So expect a biteSMS release 4.9 very soon!

This should be the best, most stable release of biteSMS yet, so thanks for all your support!!!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

24 Responses to “biteSMS Release 4.8 out…nice!”

  1. Sigma Says:

    great thanks for all the work!

  2. Jazz Says:

    thiese people need some more credit for there fantastic work!!!

    Thanks for the Best SMS app ever!!!!

    Some poeple should check there past development and there incredible improvements for only $6 or free with ad’s

    thanks for BiteSMS


  3. th30utsider Says:

    i’m sorry for the stupid question, but WHICH IS THE REPO URL of bigboss?? bitesms 4.8 is not listed among the available updates… i’ve searched the whole site with no results… it should be written in the home logo, at least…

  4. ruben Says:

    you running beta 5? Then just reinstall

  5. rp4k Says:

    so bitesms finally got the same nice functions as irealsms 3.0 its about frackin time

  6. billchase2 Says:

    I love this app… and it just keeps getting better and better!

  7. Sal Says:

    I enjoy this app very much,but i think in the last two updates,the app crashes at times,not sure if it is my cellphone or the app.

    Regardless,great work!

  8. Poseidon79 Says:

    Does biteSMS integrate with iBlacklist?

  9. neogoe71 Says:

    can you have a phone keypad instead of a keyboard come up when you are sending a new text to a number? that is my fav feature of irealsmsm. prefer bite for speed and I own both.

  10. chappli Says:

    fantastic Support. i Love this guys.

  11. neogoe71 Says:

    been using this all night and love all the little UI touches. really feels more responsive and solid. all i need now is a optionwhen hitting numbers ky on the keyboard tohave it go to a dialpad and I will be set. Love that support for 4.0 is being worked on as well. well worth the $$$. I paid 6 bucks for this. I paid over twice a smuch for irealsms. irealsms just seemed to bog my phone down more than Bite. Otherwise both are excellent programs and provide the functionality that an sms app should have and all the features that are sorely missing from the built in app.

    I would like to see better support for mms gif animations but I think that is a limitation of the OS, not the app….

  12. Eric Says:

    I had problem with iBlacklist, so i cannot switch back from irealSMS yet.
    Sending an SMS works (message dissapears in bitesms) but an arriving message from a blacklisted person shows up :-(
    With ireal, it does work.
    Since iBlacklist is essential for me, I cannot switch before the both apps are compatible :-(

  13. Robert Says:

    The app is good but only one problem the app icon is pink. Ok that’s not a good color for all user for girls yeah but not for mans u know.

  14. Eric Says:

    There’s a package in cydia that’s calles “bitesms to messages icon”, which is a winterboard extension. after installing you have the regular stock apps icon on bitesms. I agree, the pink icon is horrible. Maybe they could include a way to switch icons within the app. iBlacklist has that option.

  15. Jazz Says:

    Hehe i love the Pink icon


  16. Poseidon79 Says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll have to wait until it’s tweaked for compatibility also before I switch from ireal.

  17. Rohaq Says:

    So I can see it in Rock, but it’s not offering the option to update, I’m guessing that an uninstall then reinstall should do the trick and won’t lose me any messages and such?

  18. Ralph Dieuveuil Says:

    Please can someone explain to how to download the bitesms on my iPhone

  19. Frank Says:

    You guys are the best. Another reason to jail break. Hopefully you are working with bitesms for os v 4.0

  20. Tom Says:

    Seems to be a problem with the update, when I do a quick reply none of the buttons: send, reply, forward, appear in the vertical mode, only when I switch to landscape do they show. Is anyone else having this problem?

  21. Tom Says:

    Actually it’s the open, call, send buttons that don’t appear on the quick reply in vertical

  22. bailey Says:

    I just had to reboot my phone and had to pay for this app for the 2nd time and its still not showing under licenses.. so if im about to switch to a new iphone do i have to buy it a 3rd time.. or how does that work? PLEASE HELP!!

  23. Forron Says:

    I installed the app. Would like to buy it. don’t have or want Facebook, don’t have or want a google account! I just want to pay for the app! Can this be done an easy way?

  24. Betty Says:

    Grade A stuff. I’m uqnuestoinlaby in your debt.

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