biteSMS Version 4 out now for Firmware 3 !!!

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This is the BIGGEST ever release of biteSMS!

This release has got everything the built-in Messaging application has got!!!

  • Provides support for all the new Apple features; Full Landscape, 3G MMS, Multiple Forward / Delete, Cut & Paste and the Retry Sending feature.
  • Plus all these extra great features

For Firmware 2 users, although you’ll see a biteSMS update in Cydia as Release 4, functionally it’s exactly the same as biteSMS Release 3.2. In other words all the new biteSMS features shown below are only available for Firmware 3 users.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

31 Responses to “biteSMS Version 4 out now for Firmware 3 !!!”

  1. tdassa Says:

    that was

  2. Matt Says:

    Have to admit, I laughed after reading this article: BIGGEST ever release of BiteSMS. Sure it may be the biggest release for them, but it simply adds all the features that Apples stock iphone app has. And thats their best release?! I don’t really have any need for BiteSMS anymore since 3.0 now that I have deletion, forwarding and a landscape keyboard in the stock app. Although the Quick reply feature, i’ll admit is pretty good and may come in useful to some people.

  3. Important news on the jailbreak Says:

    Hey there bigboss, may I please ask you if the jailbreak will be released in the next 4 hours or not?

    Thank you .
    Please delete my
    message after you have replied.

  4. MJ Says:

    biteSMS is awesome, and I know these guys will keep adding new features!

  5. Chris Says:

    I need a mass SMS, so I can sms my customers.

  6. Ragge Says:

    I don’t like the tiny textwindow in Apple’s app, and look forward to install BiteSMS again

  7. Evil Kaz Says:

    Quick reply is the #1 reason i use BiteSms. Having to close an app in order to reply to a txt is very annoying. And its missing in Apple’s 3.0 Messenging App. Now all we need is the jailbreak….

  8. Chris Says:

    it’s out now… COOL.. but we can’t install it yet!!! ;)

    I guess they either have already the jailbreak or what?

  9. billchase2 Says:

    That’s the same reason I use it. Quick reply is awesome. So, hopefully we’ll see that jailbreak soon!

  10. hy565 Says:

    Still no quick reply/compose in lock screen? no thanks.

  11. victor Says:

    Much props to the Boss and the Dev team
    but when will the new jailbreak be released

  12. Desampaio Says:

    Hy there.

    Does it have delivery reports function?


  13. ziadsa Says:

    Bitesms is the best application, what are you talking about fuck apple, when bit was offering all these features apple they took these features and used them. what about international message.
    in my country when i text to International destination my local operator is a thief they charge me 35 cents / SMS

    now i am in europe and i can text from my phone over wifi and i do not pay roaming sending fees.

    but how to install the 4.0 if the jailbreak is not out yet.


  14. J Says:

    They do but I think they are working on some major bugs in certain iPhone apps like YouTube or something. Just wait cause it’s better to wait and get it to work properly rather than release it and break peoples’ iPhones.

  15. Fad Says:

    Hi, I have 2g 1.1.4 jailbrake, if I update to 3.0 using iTunes, is there a software that unlock my iphone.

    many thanks

  16. Ruben Says:

    get irealsms or bitesms

    both + abcontacts make that possible

  17. bam24nicx Says:

    yes.. without worries your iphone 2g will be unlock by using red snow just follow the steps given…

  18. bam Says:

    someone know how to crack biteSMS 4??

  19. Hareesun Says:

    It’s been done, but i havent been able to get it to work for me. I can’t tell you where to find it, but i can tell you ‘Google’.

  20. gfonk Says:

    Any MMS apps for us 2G users? Maybe Swirly will come through with the 3.0 version.

  21. Daymouse Says:

    Im happy to have BiteSMS back just for the smileys! (o:

  22. jayman Says:

    well you may think it is pointless but apple sms doesn’t cover all of its features. Apple seriously need a privacy option to stop sms from popping up entirely caus some of us don’t need our friends and girl friends reading our personal messages while sitting beside us.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Wut about quick reply…..the stock app does not have that …everyone should appreciate wut there doing here !!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Yes mate same here in India.

  25. Anonymous Says:


  26. Loco Says:

    Why?? Are you cheating on your girlfriend?

  27. Shaun Says:

    Hey :-)
    I have jsilbroken 3gs, on version 3.1.3 and baseband 05.12.01, how can I put os4 on my phone please?

  28. Tyler Says:

    I try and download things…and it says size mismatch…what do i have to do

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you big boss

  30. Milad Says:


  31. Mac Says:

    I backup my firm in ishshit 4.3.3 I was forced to restore to 4.3.5 and Lost my jailbreak I need help back

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