Blackra1n Icy Warning

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Edit: It looks like this may be fixed in latest blackra1n. I have not tested this personally but have been told it is the case. Finally.

Just a warning about blackra1n. Geohot released blackra1n a couple weeks ago, and it was pretty good. Unfortunately, Geohot has included a very buggy version of Icy which, when installed, will pretty much screw up your whole jailbreak causing you to have to restore.

Shame on Geohot for not fixing this. We have told him numerous times there are issues. Users have messaged him, he has been notified, he just doesnt care. Anyways:

–> Do NOT install Icy in Blackra1n <–

The icy bundle is broken and does not have permissions to install software, but that’s not the worst part. Blackra1n install of Icy breaks cydia and rock your phone since it has a very old version of dpkg. This is the core to all these installers.  Since icy is usually installed last, it overwrites dpkg with its own. This causes things like winterboard not working, sbsettings not working. What is really happening is mobile substrate cannot be installed (among other things).
I get about 20 emails a day on various issues that all stem from this one issue. So please spread the word. Do not install Icy in blackra1n.

Note: Icy is not to blame here, but the installation of Icy on blackra1n. Icy bundle in pwnagetool is fine. The problem is Geohot found a very old Icy and did not get it from rip-dev guys.

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45 Responses to “Blackra1n Icy Warning”

  1. Alex Says:

    I had installed icy, rock, and Cydia through blackra1n. What you have to do is search for debian packager in cydia, and install that. Next you have to search for and install mobile substrate. Then SBSettimgs will work, you don’t have reinstall them.

  2. kline1 Says:

    Icy should not be included in any of the Jailbreaks period it suks and Cydia is all we need…..Cydia should be the official JB App……and then if ppl want Icy or Rock they can install thru repos in Cydia……

  3. Jim Says:

    I have read a ton of complaints about blackra1n, and justifiably so. There are a few quirks with Icy and the install process on the 3G. I have to say that I am thankful for geohot and blackra1n. I have a 3GS OTB with 3.1, and only Windows systems. Were it not for blackra1n, I would still be a prisoner to Apple. I have had 0 problems since using blackra1n (the very first day it was available). I have since JB my wife’s 3G 3.1.2, daughter’s 2G 3.1.2, and other daughter’s 2G Touch 3.1.2. The only one I had problems with was the 3G, but that was easily overcome.

    Bottom line is that we Windows users have no other options, since Dev-Team only programs for OSX, and who knows if iH8sn0w will truly release something for the 3GS.

  4. Mark Says:

    GeoHot doesn’t care about people, he just wants you to donate to his cause. Typical sloppy coding on his part, no different than purple1ra1n was.

  5. GW Says:

    Wow, so you’re complaining about something that someone did for free, and was coded in a few days.
    Read that again.
    So what if he included an old Icy version?

    Maybe you should just wait for the dev team to come up with something for windows instead?
    Oh that’s right, they can’t be bothered to do something in windows that can patch a file and send it down the USB port.
    That’s pretty shallow for people who can reverse engineer machine code.
    Also, so what if geohot accepts donations? You don’t seem to mind paying $$$ for JB apps from the dev team that aren’t exactly doing something as fundamental as doing the JB.

  6. Keyaku Says:

    I kinda agree: GeoHot called himself the “father” of jailbreak and plus he is a developper.
    He just made this to win money on donates? Kinda likely, not really much cuz he would’ve been an idiot, but he’s just a little bit.
    I just gotta complain with this software:
    As said and known, he is a developper. He should care on the biggest problems from his software. He just doesn’t.
    This includes the following:
    -GeoHot says to not install Icy from blackra1n. If he would care about his (let’s say) customers, he would remove that option or just fix it. He didn’t and doesn’t care.
    -Jailbreaking the iPhone 3G with this tool is a real headache. No iPhone 3G has been jailbroken with this in the normal “make it ra1n” process. So people tried many stuff: putting it into drive C:, kill everything in Task Mangaer with Apple and iTunes (even iPod), or even run PC in Safe Mode. None of these worked for me. That is when I received a tweet from GeoHot (sent to those who are following him) saying that he tried to jailbreak the 3G, tried various ways like those above and didn’t work. Instead of trying to fix it, he just said “Support for iPhone 3G sucks” and he went on with his life.
    -this jailbreak breaks many stuff such as SSHing it from your PC. To fix this in a friend’s iPod Touch 2G, I went manually with a trial of iFile and the free version of Safari Downloader put the Services.plist file in its place to fix this problem. Just later, a tweak/utility appeared on BigBoss’s repo to fix this.
    -this jailbreak also doen’t have the same flashing drive as Redsn0w or doesn’t have the same code jailbreak as PwnageTool (a.k.a. doesn’t the same feedback). I’ve read that gpSPhone 6.6.7 released recently doesn’t work on Pwned iDevices but on w3t iDevices, and that really sucks for developping.

    The only thing I found amazing on this tool is the needless option to press the Home and/or Power button to reach the DFU. On my friend’s iPT2G, I forgot to kill iTunesHelper.exe, I just connected it and made it ra1n. It worked like a charm.
    The problems are like I said: not the same feedback, doesn’t work on most iPhone 3G, Icy doesn’t work, breaks the capability to SSH.

    That’s why I think GeoHot should be less idiot on his work and work like a real Developper and, if even true, a real “father” of the jailbreak.

  7. JL Says:

    You guys are so screwed up… just because there are some minor problems you guys are shooting and flaming him. If you guys (bigboss included) are so good, why not make your own jailbreak?

    I mean who made 3GS to be jailbreakable? First purplerain and then blackrain. I have some of the above problems but its WAY BETTER than having a plain normal iphone.

    BTW, I see theres nothing to do with donation coz no1 forced anyone for donation.

    Seriously, I used to respect Bigboss for all the tips and stuff but this post is way too low. How can you flame someone if you are not as good as them?

  8. Stu Says:

    Its called jealousy.

    You stupid idiots. Nobody is forcing you to use this jailbreak, it you dont like it or it doesnt work how you’d like it to work then either get over it and adapt or dissapear and find something else.

    GeoHot, good work dude!

  9. Jonathan Says:

    Hello BigBoss

    your site has adverstising overlays that prevent me from reading your home page

    I could not find a contact link to let you know this privately

    Your website has become practically unuseable for me, due to the advertising

  10. Juan Says:

    I have 3 g with 3.01 jailbreak itwas walking well but 2 week ago the cydia dont open, whem i try to open it coming but and a few second disapear please can anywant help me . What i do

  11. Keyaku Says:

    Lol I never said he was forcing. I said he wanted the money from Donations if people liked it.
    Plus I’m not flamming. I’m being the most respectfoul around here and giving out the bad points and the good points. But you readers around don’t know how to read and somehow only read the parts when I’m talking bad about blackra1n and not the good ones because most of you are a bunch of whining people thinking you’re doing the right thing when there’s no need to.
    I’ll repeat again: I’m not flamming, I’m not slowing GeoHot down. I’m just saying that he made a really fast jailbreak and also really DFU needless (good points) but it lacks of SSH and has a different feedback (bad points): Icy isn’t a problem since it wasn’t that really good on organization (even thought it was faster than Cydia, /much/ faster :P)

  12. apple sucks meanwhile Says:

    damn apple ! such a cool device and such ugly apple face behind that… I am so sorry to say good bye to apple. but I do not want to be a prisoner anymore…. so I say: hello N900 :)

  13. MaggieAco Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Cydia is all I need, and Rock Your Phone App to me seems like another wanna be JB App Store! Icy is nice but you should never include it as stated in past jailbreak guides on the actually Jb but off Cydia.

  14. MaggieAco Says:

    I thank GeoHot for his Purplera1n, he gave us a quick jailbreak, and it’s always up to the ppl if they want to jailbreak. You got to research first before jailbreaking cause if you don’t then things may go wrong. If it wasn’t for GeoHot I would still be waiting for a JB cause I sure don’t own a Mac. You Go GeoHot!!!!!

  15. MaggieAco Says:

    Oops I meant “Blackra1n”

  16. Scathraax Says:

    Gonna have to agree. GeoHot rushed Blackra1n, just to be the first out the door and reap the monetary rewards and praise from the community.

    I jailbroke my brand new 3GS that shipped with 3.1 on it, using Blackra1n and immediately regretted it.
    No Push support, had to use a workaround to get iFunbox/iPhone Browser to work..
    And still no update for better 3G support. (Doesn’t bother me much, but still sucks for those that want/need it)

    I kicked myself for using Blackra1n, then began jumping through hoops to create a custom 3.1.2 .ipsw on my Windows machine, just for a GOOD Jailbreak.

  17. Praveen Says:

    can any one give link for proper or working “dpkg” file please.. so i can replace that file on my iPhone 3G.
    i am not able to install anything through cydia!
    it’s(Cydia) keep on giving the error “Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code(1)”
    what i have done is..
    updated to 3.1.2 and tried with blackra1n which could’t helped me ,then i downgraded to 3.0 and JB with “redsn0w” ofcource i messed up with baseband update “05.11.07″
    but my cydia is not working now coz of dpkg

  18. BigBoss Says:

    No, thats not enough. It doesnt fix the bug. Any packages that depend on firmware >= 3.0 or such still wont work. You only partially solved the problem.

  19. dvtonder Says:

    To quote “put the Services.plist file in its place to fix this problem. Just later, a tweak/utility appeared on BigBoss’s repo to fix this.”

    I cannot find this utility. Does someone know the name to search for?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I read geohot didn’t care about things but I did not see anyone else finish a windows version jailbreak? Mac users are the only ones that should have an iPhone I guess????? I say thanks geohot, can’t please everyone….

  21. Keyaku Says:

    In Cydia, it is called afc2add. Install it, then reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch

  22. Keyaku Says:

    Read my reply.

  23. Miguel Says:

    You guys are too anxious… Dev team always coded first for macs and later for windoh
    if black rain fails all you need to do is wait… Or keep whining on the internet

  24. Anonymous Says:

    try emailing

  25. BigBoss Says:

    It’s not a “minor” bug. It’s major. If you install Icy you have to restore. The jailbreak is worthless in this state as you cannot install software. What good is a jailbreak that you cant install software?

    I have been flooded with support email all due to this problem. No one is bashing Geohot. He did a great job. I would just like it if he could take 10 seconds and pull the Icy bundle out of the package.

  26. BigBoss Says:

    Email me a screenshot of what you’re talking about. I do not see any overlays.

  27. brad Says:

    i have a 3g at 3.1.2. my cydia stopped installing anything and would not even load package list. would keep saying that it failed to fetch things. so i got rid of it and installed icy through blackrain i have installed multiple apps and they seem to be fully functioning.

  28. Frank Says:

    Well, the question is that do you want to have a respected jailbreak community, or irresponsible people that screw your phone, and just launch software or releases that make your phone unusable, or may be only Mac users should have the iPhone? which means the end to iPhone. Just check around you, how many of your friends/family use Mac, and how many Windows PC? You find now a days many paid applications on Cydia, so not everything is free now a days in Cydia? Am I right? As a person that I am not a iPhone software developer just an ordinary user that likes Appstore Apps and Cydia Apps, I trust both communities (non jailbreak and jailbreak), and I have already purchased many good JB applications from Cydia. Why not then make jailbreak community a professional one not a kids club same as geohot calling him self the Father and the Genius one, and then release a bugy SW which screw my phone, so I need to go back and pull my old HTC. I don’t have any problems to pay for a good JB FW release as I said i am already buying many good JB apps from Cydia. To be honest I don’t have any more faith on bigboss or jailbreak community, and I can see now that Steve Jobs is laughting out.

  29. dauerhippo Says:

    Geohot just announced that he’s releasing blackra1n RC2 tomorrow, in which Icy is fixed, and the 3G issue is fixed.

  30. Keyaku Says:

    I guess he IS actually caring about customers :)
    Just a “little” bit slow on actually thinking about it :/

  31. GW Says:

    That’s right, all those “windohs” people, stop whinging, you’ll get a application soon. You stupid mac fanboy.

    I think the dev team may also fall into the mac only elitism:

    Let’s see, take that there must be 10 windows PCs out there for every mac. It wouldn’t be too surprising that the majority of iphone users have a windows PC. Now tell me why windows users don’t have the pwnage tool equivalent a month and a half later? Surely they’re only hurting themselves touting their own apps in cydia since people are waiting for a windows version?

    How hard could it be for the dev team to recruit a windows coder? Or is it more a case that the dev team is too snobby and so up apple’s ass that it takes them that long to recode something that could be knocked up in VS in a few days?
    Remember, they already have code to redo the FW, all they’d need is to convert that and then squirt it down a usb port.
    There’s no excuse that they can’t code for windows without the hardware, as you can even install the damn OS on a mac. Shame PCs cant just install mac os or get a virtual machine to run it, then we wouldn’t have to resort to sponge a custom FW off someone with a mac.

    Keep it up Geohot, maybe you can embarrass the dev team into pulling their fingers out. Funny how him and lots of other developers can code for different platforms fairly easily.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    I installed blackra1n, then put cydia, rock, and icy on my phone, not knowing about the problem with icy. It was all messed up so I restored my phone, not I can’t load Blackra1n to get cydia. It goes straight to recovery mode. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Brad Says:

    Never mind about about my 3g working it freaked out and stopped installing apps. I restored and now I can’t jb again.

  34. Chaz Says:

    Any word on a new release date for the bug free blackra1n?

  35. Playafied Says:

    There is a update for blackra1n (RC2) available now at that fixes the bugs and the icy patch….

  36. ahmad Says:

    my app on cydia have prob each app and game is timed out

  37. Bob Says:

    Well, I am a Mac OS X user and tried using the Dev Team’s pwnage tool solution. I got nothing but 1604 errors.

    A fair number of other folks had the same problem. You want to know what the suggested solution by the dev team was?

    Jailbreak the 3Gs with blackra1n and then install my custom firmware (with with pwnage tool). That solution worked for me like a charm.

    So I for one am grateful for Geohot’s work.

  38. Dustin Says:

    I’m posting mainly to get a little more info about Keyaku’s post about blackra1n not working for the 3g and the SSH issue. I just did the jailbrak using blackra1n on my 3g about two weeks ago, and have had no issues with it. I forgot to kill tht iTunes process so “make it ra1n” didn’t work at first, but after killing the process, it worked just fine. As for the SSH issue, I haven’t tried to set up SSH yet, but now that post has me worried that I won’t be able to. If it’s not going to work, does the tweak in BigBoss’ repo fix this completely?

  39. Anonymous Says:

    All you geohot bashers… I hope you don’t run 3.1.2 and need to unlock your iPhone. He’s found an unlock for the latest baseband.

    You can view the details at iPhone Atlas.

    As for me, I’ll be unlocking my phone and thanking geohot for his work. As I’ve noted in the past, both the dev team and geohot are doing valuable work. You all should get over yourselves and be thankful that this guy is spending his time working on this stuff.

  40. yanaung Says:

    Hi dude,
    I downloaded keyboard from cydia. Ichanged it in winterboard but nothing chaged/Wat happen? and how to do> ty

  41. Anonymous Says:


  42. Andy Says:

    Need phonebook backup

  43. one.beat.consumer Says:

    This is a pretty fiery conversation, and maybe I’m being a fool for putting my two cents in, but…

    I personally had a great experience with Blackra1n. That said, it was with the RC2 or RC3 release (no Icy bundle), and it was on a 3G 3.1.2 model phone – cleaner than the first releases, I know.

    The only problem I ran into was using a USB hub the first shot. My fault. Directly to a USB port it worked like a charm.

    Bottom line… here’s my two cents:

    1. As someone relatively new to the JB-world, I greatly appreciated the lack of bundled features/stuff, and a clear separation between JB and Unlock. Further, I was very glad that it did NOT include SSH. I find distribution like this makes it easier to understand whats happening, especially when something fails. It also makes more sense to avoid assuming that every person JB’ing their phone wants AFC, SSH, or to Unlock the baseband for other carriers, or even use Icy. Applications with a single purpose are always better apps – ask any developer.

    2. That said, as a developer myself I agree with BigBoss, distributing “plug-ins” or additional stuff that doesn’t function properly is wanky and unprofessional.

    3. Maybe the kid did rush his package for some coins or his ego… but it matters absolutely none and is adolescent to argue about it. He’s done the entire community a huge service. Remember he is only human and that he (hopefully) does have some bit of a life outside his hack-world… for god’s sake in the few weeks that everyone was in panic about a buggy application hopefully the kid was getting laid, or a little sunshine, or reading a book with his donations… ;)

    anyway… thanks.

  44. Adam Says:

    How do u get installer I went to cydia and did sosiphone it did not work I need help

  45. Anonymous Says:

    I am kind of iffy about installous. Last time I installed it my device revolted it’s self without me doing anything. Then Cidia stopped working. If you still want it the source is

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