Bluetooth Keyboard In Cydiastore

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With this app called BTstack Keyboard from Matthias Ringwald, jailbroken iPhone users can now use a bluetooth keyboard for text entry in your iPhone. Great for college or taking notes in a class or meeting at work! The app should work with most any bluetooth keyboard available.  For more details see Ringwald’s product page.

The keyboard is available for $5 on Cydia Store. Added to reasons to jailbreak!

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13 Responses to “Bluetooth Keyboard In Cydiastore”

  1. DavidH Says:

    Just a case of symantics, but that is the application that is available for $5 on Cydia, the keyboard (i.e., hardware) is NOT INCLUDED! ;-)

  2. Matthias Ringwald Says:


    DavidH! thanks for pointing that out before the class action suits started…


  3. PolishOX Says:

    This is stupid…

    It HAS a keyboard and the screen is too tiny to use a full sized keyboard!

    Glad to see the efforts but seriously what a waste of time.

  4. Ogami_Ito Says:

    I used wireless keyboards on smaller WinMo devices. Lack of BT Keyboard support has been my #3 gripe about the iPhone (#1 = I have to jailbreak it in order to get a calender on the lack screen, #2 = no good multi-tasking).

    I’m so happy for this. It seem there is a demo program… I’m going to install that now and go to the store to test with a BT keyboard tomorrow.

    I don’t know why so many people say this is stupid. To me, this is common sense. I don’t want to carry a big laptop around that will get only 2 hours of battery life, just so I can write in my online journal. I don’t want a semi-functional netbook (which will break in 2 years ) either.

    Mathias, Thanks.

  5. pss Says:

    I have a Bluetooth foldable HP iPAQ keyboard similar to what is pictured on one of the insets on their website. It shows up in the keyboard list as “BT-FoldableKB” but when I select it, nothing happens. Anyone able to get this working?

  6. smanettone Says:

    this app works with fewer keyboards,for now

  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. Anonymous Says:

    SOLD SOLD SOLD. I’ve been bugging Apple and waiting for this application for years. Thank you.

  9. Joel (france) Says:

    Fine application which fills a gap in Apple bluetooth software !

    I can’t wait it can drive an I-Tech Virtual Keyboard (VKB). ;-)

    For the moment, when selecting my VKB on my iphone through BTstack application, nothing happens.

  10. Rogerinnyc Says:

    Much needed app, but still needs some work. It does not work in QuickDocuments — which is essential to me. Have not tried it with Documents to Go (as I don’t own that and don’t want to buy a 2d Word editing program). Developer has responded to my inquiry and said they will try to fix, but, until he does, this is not nearly as useful as it could be.

  11. Mandeep Bhullar Says:

    I’m using the Apple BT Keyboard and the app works fine for me. When responding to SMS Messages, the return key on the keyboard should send the message but it doesn’t so you have to switch to sending it from the iPhone. Hopefully this can be included in a future release.

  12. Cos Says:

    Paid for but when I try to install I always get can’t find host even tho all other internets work fine :( -feeling robbed!

  13. Mike Blais Says:

    I’m unable to use PayPal to buy a copy of this program. Will it on jail broken ipod touch 2g.

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