CalendarPro (Profiles) 1.1.0

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  • New in v1.1.0: Can now apply filters based on Calendar and Availability

CalendarPro (Profiles) is a highly configurable ring profile manager that lets you use your Calendar events to control how your phone will ring or vibrate for notifications ranging from phone calls to push notifications.

CalendarPro offers seamless integration into the normal Calendar application and gives you the ability to quickly set up a profile for just one event, create custom ring profiles, or create extensible rules that apply to multiple events.

The rules give you quite a degree of freedom.  You can use rules to:

  • Set your phone to silent on weeknights.
  • While at work, only let incoming calls make noise while other sounds only vibrate.
  • Silence your phone during any meetings that occur during business hours.
  • Set all busy events in your work calendar to silent.
  • Have your phone ignore the ringer switch if you’re going to a noisy event.
  • Set up keywords to trigger different behaviors (useful for setting up profiles via your computer)

CalendarPro (Profiles) is compatible with large calendars, Exchange synchronization, and consumes hardly any resources.

If you’re in school or in the work force, this app is for you! Check it out!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

29 Responses to “CalendarPro (Profiles) 1.1.0”

  1. mike Says:

    Calendar based filtering seems not to work for me. When setting up a filter I cannot choose an calendar – is there a limit for the number of choosable calendars? There is just a blank screen…. : (

  2. iTariq Says:


  3. Gadgeta Says:

    My problem is that I set it up with special tones for certain events but then I forget which tones mean what! So I have to always look at it regardless of the tone I choose.

  4. phoenix3200 Says:

    It appears that something disappeared between 3.0 and 3.1. I’ll be issuing an update soon to make it show up under 3.1.


  5. Jackal Says:

    I have 1 outlook calendar and 1 google calendar, but when I try to filter by calendar, the list is blank. What should I do?

  6. Jackal Says:

    oh…I didn’t read the 1st comment before post.

  7. Ed Says:

    Am I missing something? No option to change the alert sound to alarm and ring more than 3 seconds?

  8. MikePA Says:

    The only problem I have is in order to silence my phone during working hours you have to schedule a recurring, daily phony meeting which causes these phony meetings to appear on my lock screen with Intelliscreen.

  9. Dan Says:

    Hi Ive just purchased CalendarPro and installed in my ipod touch 3.1.2, cant find the way to assign a differents alerts sounds for each profile that I create. Can you help me please

    Many thanks

  10. Dan Says:

    Can you explain me how you setup the special tonesI cant find the option to select alert sounds.

    Many thanks

  11. phoenix3200 Says:

    It’s not built to do that. It determines when your phone makes noise or vibrates based on different alerts/notifications and your Calendar events.

    I hope to write a program over Christmas break that is compatible with CalendarPro, allows for fast profile switching, lets you customize the sounds themselves, and will let you quickly designate a profile until a particular time. But none of that has been started yet.

  12. Daniel Says:

    Thanks, I’ll be waitting for this addon must be great have a distinctive sound for a particular event, specially for the iPod Touch that not have vib!
    Please let me know any news about!

    Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

  13. Betyár Says:

    Is there a user manual for CalendarPro? I am somewhat confused about the options like “overlapping” & “contained”.

  14. Eric Says:

    Yes! Please put out a user guide for Calendar Pro. It is difficult to figure out what the different options mean when setting up custom rules and profiles.

  15. Superfly Says:

    Just bought CalendarPro today via Cydia and all it’s done is:

    1) dramatically slow down my phone – getting past the lock screen takes 10+ seconds

    2) Eliminates my vibrate and silences system noises like the slide-to-unload sound

    and wait for it…

    3) Doesn’t actually add an option in the calendar events to create/change ring profiles, as the sw says it does.

    I’m sure it did all this correctly at one point since I believe the author to be an honest one, but the sw seems to be half baked at present and full of more bugs than features.

    Save your money.

  16. Xaver Says:

    Is IT possible with Calemder Pro copy some entries. Not only the Title. I want the Full entrie with time and all Settings.

  17. Marc Says:

    I have one calendar, and it syncs with Outlook 2007 via iTunes. Is it possible to set it so the phone goes into “Always Vibrate” mode during any meeting which appear on my calenday between 9-5, except “all day events”? If so, can you detail the steps/settings?


  18. Dirk Says:

    I just purchased and installed CalendarPro – a great feature which should have been a default thing by Apple – great thanks to the developer!
    Some questions I still have:
    - I keep being unsure whether my silent mode is really working. I installed StatusNotifier – but there is no ‘silent’-Icon in the status bar although my iPhone is correctly in silent mode, having been toggled by CalendarPro. This icon only appears when toggled by the mute button. Is there any way to fix that? Or any other way to indicate that the iPhone has correctly switched to mute?
    - I also want a manual! I can’t get the meaning of some features just by their caps. ‘Overlapping’? ‘Ignore’? ‘Overrule’? (I have the german version – maybe these are not the original english words.)
    - Maybe this is still a bug or maybe I just don’t understand the feature: Filter.
    Does that mean: An appointment containing ‘lesson’ can switch my iphone to mute? (I am a teacher.) If I understood that correctly, that would be a perfect item – but my version does not seem to work. Is there still a problem like mentioned in post #1? (I have iPhone OS 3.1.2 and CalendarPro 1.1.0-3).

    :-) Dirk

  19. planetscooter Says:

    I just bought and installed. It does NOT show up in Calendar (my OS is German – is that a possible reason?). Several other Apps stopped working, e.g. WhatsApp. And others (e.g. Overboard) work E X T R E M E L Y slow since I installed it. I will remove and ask fpr a refund.

  20. Alex Says:

    I’ve purchased it few days ago, and I`ve installed the last (04) update.
    As in previous one, i can’t add custom rules.
    I have iPhone 3Gs with 3.1.2 OS.

    Please help.

  21. Alex Says:

    I’ve found the problem, looks like when i first installed the app, the database tables weren’t properly created.
    I’ve uninstalled the app. and deleted all the tables , then reinstalled it and now it works.

  22. Mike Says:

    Guys, would you stop with your questions already? The developer needs your money, not your pleas for help. If you’ve purchased the software, you have no leverage – what are you going to do, ask for a refund? If you haven’t, why should phoenix3200 bother to enlighten you – what have you ever done for her?

    And what is with the pathetic cries for a manual? You shelled out ~$500 for an iPhone – did it come with a manual? No? Then why do you expect a $3.99 software to have one? If you are not smart enough to figure out how to use the program in a few hours trial-and-error session, perhaps you should just move on.

  23. Dave Says:

    I have installed the app on my phone and it seems to work correctly if the time is not over night. I phone goes to silent at 10:00 pm and is suppose to go to default at 4:00 am. Its now 5:25 and the phone is still on silent and hasn’t switched to default and I can’t figure out how to force it. I have tried restarting it and relaunching springboard, neither has worked. The only option left is uninstall. Hopefully that will bring my phones voice back. Please fix this thing!

  24. Bill Says:

    Yes your right iPhone doesn’t have a manual but it does have instructions and videos to operate the device on the apple website. And the iPhone is easy to use. But this app CalendarPro doesn’t have any videos or instructions for lots of its features.

  25. Alex Says:

    I have installed the calendarpro app on my iPhone, too. I have the same problem: my iPhone switches to silent mode at 10 PM, but doesn’t switch back to default mode at 8 AM until I check the calendar at the iPhone. That’s quiete annoying… Sometimes my iPhone doesn’t switch to silent mode at 10 PM until I check the calendar app. Please fix this bug, because I paid for this app. I have a iPhone 3GS with firmware 3.1.3

  26. Eric Says:


    Will this app be compatible with ios4? If so when?


  27. Jorge Cassiano Says:

    Hi, I’ve bought your app right now but its not working as it should do.
    it does not force ring/noise… it keep only ringing once
    what is happening? some bug on app?

  28. Luciano Says:

    I am in dire need to have a bi monthly repeat option…

  29. Luciano Says:

    Amazing app…forgot to mention. It would be awesome if you could create a daily event, that wouldn’t show up in calendar. At least not with the dots on calendar view. Or if you could change the color of the dots. That would be awesome!!!

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