Caller ID Faker 2.4

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Now EVERY feature is FREE! This is what everyone has been asking for and now you have it. The Caller ID Faking, Voice Changing, and Call Recording are ALL FREE!! These items will only work with the new upgrade to version 2.4. You can make as many calls as you like but each call is still limited to 2 minutes, and you must listen to a 10 second advertisement before your call is connected. If you wish to make calls longer than 2 minutes or without the ads you can upgrade to a Premium Account.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


137 Responses to “Caller ID Faker 2.4”

  1. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    Great! Ive been using this product for quite a while now to torment my friends. Thanks for this awesome app.

  2. LocoMoco Says:

    Awesome! I noticed that recording play back on iphone is not working.

  3. iLauncher Says:

    Does this version work in any country, especially India?
    Also will it use a local number to place the call?

  4. kasdjh Says:

    i just made a 3 minute call, they cant charge me can they?

  5. JP Says:

    yea the recording playback is broken. says movie format not supported.

  6. Edd Says:

    Moviieee formaatt not supported!!

  7. Nilius Says:

    Constant crashes on my 3gs. Uninstalled and now Cydia keeps crashing. Stay away

  8. Caller ID Faker Says:


  9. Caller ID Faker Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. We will look into this right away and submit an update as soon as it is finished. This problem currently is only with the iPhone as the web app so far is working smoothly.

  10. Caller ID Faker Says:

    Unfortunately we do not have a local access number in India. You can forward a local India number to one of our other access numbers as a cheap workaround. You can also send an email to for a free 15 minute pin that you can use for international calls.

  11. Caller ID Faker Says:

    Nope. There are times that calls go through our system for longer than the 2 minutes allowed. But we will never charge you if you are using the free version.

  12. Caller ID Faker Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Sorry for any headaches this has caused you. We will look into this right away and submit an update as soon as it is finished. This problem currently is only with the iPhone as the web app so far is working smoothly.

  13. Caller ID Faker Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Sorry for any headaches this has caused you. We are preparing an update. This problem currently is only with the iPhone as the web app so far is working smoothly.

  14. Caller ID Faker Says:

    This is an issue that we have not had with anyone. Please send us an email so that we can research the issue and attempt to write a fix.

  15. aozman Says:

    works but when i call it always comes up as private… using in Australia. And free calls dont work in Australia either?

  16. xIOM Says:

    Cant make any calls I live in Chicago IL and have tried prank call my buddies , its always the same massege that the number i’m calling from ( fake number) has wrong prefix then the massege pops up saying to use or 011 or 00 so I have done that also with no results maybe I’m just missing one dumb obvious step . Did anybody encountered problem like that ?

  17. Aleg Says:

    Im in chicago evwrything works perfect , besides known issue of playing back recorded calls.
    I usually start with 1773 …….. Works everytime

  18. jayson Says:

    is this app is for us only?,coz im livin here in japan and i want to try this app…,thnx

  19. isaacmajdi Says:

    can i use it in palestine/israel?

  20. jayson Says:

    i hope in your future update on this app you may include japan as one of your covered countries,thanks…

  21. Anonymous Says:


  22. pablo Says:

    cant get this work in the uk when I place a call the number +44 2033181171 comes up then cuts off and returns to CallerID faker with please enter your pin!

  23. Adam Says:

    This app is a scam!! Free trial did not work. Paid for it and paid use did not work. Contact page on the website has no telephone number and contact form does not work. Keeps asking to enter captcha over and over again endlessly.

    Do not use or spend your money on this app, it is highway robbery!

  24. nikilaos Says:

    oh pls do it to work in Greece,”cosmote”,thank you very very much
    BB you are SGenious and your crew and everybody else

  25. Robert Says:


  26. Vlad Says:

    Hi,I am from Ukraine

    I’ve tried to make a phone call, and received the message:

    I’m sorry, we do not support placing free calls to ‘Ukraine-Mobile-UMC’ at this time

    If I purchase a pin code, can I make a phone call?

    What would you suggest?

  27. Vlad Says:

    what do you mean local access number

  28. JEFF Says:

    it doesnt work in my i phone. I entered the pin and it keeps crashing the apps

  29. aozman Says:

    yeah this app is dodgey stay away

  30. emile Says:

    it can work in Brazil?

  31. Calimero Oeuf Says:

    Doesn t work in FRANCE ?????

    i try all possible numbers but doesn’t work

  32. Nizmo Says:

    well this app is great..but when i make a recording and try to play it back it has an error “Movie format not supported”

  33. Eriikoo Says:

    Well i do not understand this. I must say.
    First, verry lack of info on the site. Should the app call an non-internation call. That’s get hell of expensive for me. Then you read “allways use ssl”. Does in use wi-fi/3g to call?! There’s no info on the webbsite. What about free?! You read that you must buy a free pin? But is it free to buy a “free” pin? Kinda funny.

  34. HK Boi Says:

    Hello I am from Hong Kong and i am not sure what your meant to put in the PIN area of the settings tab. Could u pease tell me what to do?

  35. manila Says:

    doesnt work in the philippines yet..:(

  36. THIS IS A CON Says:


  37. Caller ID Faker Says:

    We are sorry for the code added to send your personal info to our servers along with the sponsors. We are working to fix this right away and ask that you delete this program until this is resolved. Please be as patient as possible.

  38. Conraddon Says:

    BEST APP EVER!!!! I’ve been pranking all day at work… So great! Question I see that you can purchase like 60 units? for $10.00… what does that equal? Like a unit is 1 phone call? Thanks in advance for the help.. and this is truly one awesome app!

  39. aaarrrrrrrr Says:

    so what kind of private info did this program send to you, and are you keeping that info and if yes for what use???? BTW trying to place free calls keeps asking to enter pin #

  40. knil Says:

    this thing looks awsome but it dosent work on el salvador wonder when will it work in here any update will be very much apreciated

  41. luis Says:

    Hola Soy de Argentina Sta cruz y no funciona el programa me dice que el tel no existe que tengo que colocar el 00 o 0011 no se cual es el herror

  42. Fernando Says:

    Ok hope u guys respond I give u guys 5 stars and nothing but excellent comments. For some reason the 2 min free call is now asking me for a pin?? Any help would be great just last night my 2 min free call was working fine n great and now I’m stuck

  43. Tina Says:

    It is asking for a pin # now what do I do?

  44. Saulo Says:

    Xupenme la pinga

  45. DizzL Says:

    Why does it ask to enter pin I thought this was free

  46. Bobby West Says:

    Big Boss,
    I have recently unlocked my 3G thru cydia with I am in Germany and the phone was purchased from a Germany T-Mobile. My stateside T-Mobile card will not work (no service/invalid sim message). Should I have installed my 3rd party sim card during the reboot process after unlocking? If not, what else should I have done?

    Please advise.


  47. pene Says:

    Chupene…..el pene

  48. Oumdaddy Says:

    when you click it, it shows the option to email it. email it to yourself and click the link. it will open from there if you are using the iphone.

  49. Baby1 Says:

    It keeps asking for a pin#????????????????????????? What is the pin # to make a call. PLEASE fix this I have NOT been able to make a free call yet.

  50. Ncarlav Says:

    I purchased this. Then my account was placed on hold for whatever reason. Now I cannot contact this company at al. I intend to contact my credit card company to report this.

  51. yo baby Says:

    it sayz plz enter pin # and i dun hav 1…what shuld i do?? plzzz help

  52. franco Says:

    I need your help how can my iphone when i call people dif id number or change my voice? please help

  53. Jason Says:

    I purchased a pin and whenever I enter the pin the app just crashes. Not happy about this, wasted money for nothing.

  54. C Says:

    After I used this app someone called me back how did they get my number

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Ya still doesn’t work for iPhone recording

  56. iPhone 3GS Says:

    This is a shit app..

  57. patricia Says:

    How do i download this?

  58. Yikes Says:

    I downloaded tonight and tried to crank call my brother in law by using his phone # in the caller id field. Well, it rolled into his voicemail and since it wasn’t pw/pin protected I heard EVERY message on his phone. Let this be a warning to you. Set your vmail up with a PW/PIN otherwise the system thinks you’re calling from your phone.

  59. JB Says:

    i live in usa and i have an iphone with at&t: 450 anytime , unlimited N&W.
    my question is : if i buy a premium account and i make international calls, will at&t charge me for those calls? if not will i loss my minutes? and what about de 16cent ?
    otherway, exept the calleridfaker credit what are the other fee for an international call?

  60. YB Says:

    where do i get the app and wuts its name

  61. john Says:

    This app is great! However, the best part of it does not work (playing back recordings) I see you are aware of the problem from previous comments. Also there is a crash when scrolling down to the bottom in the call log page. Keep up the good work!

  62. Atif Ali Khan Says:

    Hi Big boss,

    I wanted to use this application from Pakistan can it work from here?

  63. Anonymous Says:

    does the app work for people living in the uk??

  64. Luca Says:

    damned sucking app!!!

    i got $10 of credit and a ID number…

    everytime i try to insert my id in config page
    it crashes!!!!

    stay away!!!!

    [Lk from Italy]

  65. O.A Says:

    I just downloaded it. Using the free version, I went to the call selection and it keeps telling me to input a PIN. i thought it was free.
    fix this app plz n thanks.

  66. Lu Says:

    I downloaded this app… used it 2 times… and now I’m recieving spam messages

  67. beware Says:

    uses your caller id to send text messages to your phone… at a price!

  68. Hamza Says:

    it was working fine but for a couple of days whenever i cal it turns off after the advertisement can u tel me wat i shud do??

  69. Roman Says:

    Hi, I had downloaded this app on about a month ago on my 2g iphone and just got a new iphone the other day, I can’t find the app anymore to download though… what happened to the app? is it no longer available?

  70. Roman Says:

    Hey John, What I have been doing to listen to the play back is emailing it to myself then using the link for play back, you’ll have a blast with it cause you can listen to it on your computer or on your iphone or what not… it never gets old…. Ask my friend Johnny who hid in his closet when i prank called him when he was house sitting for my friend MUAHAHAHAHHA

  71. Roslyn Says:

    I can’t believe someone would invent something like this. Is this legal? I had no idea this was available until I contact my cell phone carrier about harassing phone calls. You have no idea how many phone calls I have to get from my stupid ex-boyfriend harassing me at all times of the day and night, changing the caller ID phone number and his voice. How can I block this feature from coming into my phone number?

  72. JJ Says:

    I did not know whatpin was so I put random numbers. Now that I know what it is, I have been having problems removing the pin. If I erase it, it brings me back to home. Can you help me?

  73. Leyf Says:

    Good app but it stop working and is asking for a pin number por favor ingrese su contrasena

  74. r4t4ss Says:

    when is the video playback for iPhone going to be fixed so I can listen to my recordings on my iPhone?

  75. Vlad Says:

    at Leyf

    i have the same problem as you keeps asking for a pin
    any fix for this

  76. WTF Says:

    I live in UK and it’s not working for me……why is that?????

  77. Mike Jacobs Says:

    great app having a lot of fun calling my store managers from a district managers number who doesnt work with us!! Only draw back is i cant listen to any of the recordings it wont let me. Why is this and can it be fixed??

  78. moon88 Says:

    okay so when ever i try it it says its dialing some 647 number then it like just disconnects…

  79. moon88 Says:

    okay so when ever i try it it says its dialing some 647 number then it like just disconnects…

  80. Leoo Says:

    what do i put to get this app? i cant find it!

  81. yoright Says:

    ya me too

  82. joe Says:

    total scam! do not buy an account! i bought an unlimited account and used it twice and its saying i need to contact support about my billing information. however they already charged my credit card $29.99 so why would they need it? then when i try to contact support there is no phone number or email addres and when i try to email them from the site it says every captcha i enter is wrong. don’t waste your money people. there are many other sites you can use

  83. M.K. Says:


  84. Mitch Says:

    About a week ago i used this app and it was working great. Had a bit of fun with some co workers. Today it dials the local access number and then drops the call. Doesnt matter what i do, The phone rings maybe 3-4 times. Then i get the i phone dropped call Beep. Not sure why this quit working. I personally thought it was the funnest best app of them all

  85. jonathan Says:

    its asking me 4 a pin number? i though it was freee bull shit

  86. Mikey Says:

    It keeps asking for a pin# what’s the pin?..

  87. Russ Says:

    Purchased for iPhone. Entered pin that was sent by email and all it does is crash

  88. Anonymous Says:

    the recordings are sent to your email, and you can listen from there.
    my droid send my emails to my phones i can open and listen from email, and save the attached to my phone, its so funny

  89. Josh Says:

    Wow same problem as everyone else with tht stupid pin thing, y say it’s free if it doesn’t even work, and I like how u don’t ever respond to the pplz comments?

  90. ruben Says:

    gooodddd tanks

  91. ruben Says:

    tanks man you welcome

  92. Mimi Says:

    Hi im trying to find this app for my iPhone but I can’t Find it, can u help me ?

  93. QuickPwnZ Says:

    Can u guys just tell me (or us…) whAt the heck we got to do with that
    fckdamnit PIN. Plz, zzz

  94. Anonymous Says:

    how do i get caller id faker

  95. Yello Says:

    how do i get the app (caller id faker)

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Do u no how to get the PIN for the Caller ID Faker

  97. Jb Says:

    Do u no how to get the PIN for the Caller ID Faker

  98. Jb Says:

    If u find it tx it to me

  99. Aravind Says:

    Does it not work in India? Can anyone help? I am not able to use the free service in India. I dont want to pay international rates every time :)


  100. hk Says:

    this is a scam

  101. nigger Says:

    fuck u faggot i will kill u

  102. bitch tits 2.0 Says:

    this app is fucking awesome i hope some day that all jews will be enslaved. and all people of color will be wiped clean of this earth.

  103. nigger hater Says:

    the thing works good, but NO playback no matter what you do FROM ANY CELLPHONE!!!! Thats why I wont ever pay for it.

  104. Wolfpack Says:

    I cannot make calls from the US, it continues to try international numbers….. how do I fix it so I can use this app?

  105. Anonymous Says:

    Crazy ass! Racist

  106. useless Says:

    The app is useless and from what I read here I wouldnt buy the premium services. The developer needs to address these problems and reach out to the community more if they want to make any money.

    The app says you can make free calls and directs you to a “call” tab, but there is no “call” tab. So its impossible to configure it to call for free. If you try to use the numbers it gives you to makes calls, it asks you for a pin. If you dont have a pin(which costs money) you cant make calls. Plain and simple.

    Sorry, but the app does not work and the directions are useless.

  107. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you bitch

  108. Jj Says:

    Fuck you bitch

  109. 0101752336 Says:


  110. Muhammad Nouman Says:

    Can we only change voice without faking caller ID??

  111. Anonymous Says:

    Nigger reply:
    Gas on bro!

  112. Anonymous Says:

    Can they trace the number back to the phone it was called from.

  113. Debb Says:

    Is there anywAy to erase the call history?

  114. anton Says:

    hi i was wondering i live in the uk and have 300 minutes, will this app charge me anything at all and just use my minutes, thanks anton

  115. Anonymous Says:


  116. Crix Says:

    CAN someone help me pin # to activate the caller id faker?

  117. dontee Says:

    can you get this app for the iphone 4 by verizon because i cant find it

  118. my lo Says:

    i know this may sound stupid but its asking me 4 a pin # do i have to make anacount or someting? if ist someting really easy il lagth at my self lol hoo and by the way im in P.R (Puerto Rico)

  119. my lo Says:

    u have to download the cydelete app

  120. Anonymous Says:

    Seriously wow fuck u bet u die first dumb add

  121. Booom Says:

    Works awesome on my iPhone 4 in Toronto.
    Been using the free version so far and am
    Having a blast pranking people :D

  122. Jamie Says:

    What the fuck was the point of your comment you piece of shit were talking about an app here WTF dude ur so lame and if your white then your going sown to buddy cuz guess what when ur angry you turn red and when u blush ur pink when I punch u in the face it will be blue and purple so who is more fucking colored than you dumb piece of shit

  123. carla Says:

    i want a faker id

  124. Turd Ferguson Says:

    Downloading this app would be the equivalent to giving yourself hemorrhoids. It will make your balloon knot unhappy and resentful. Even the medicated wipes are useless, your balloon knot will burn and itch forever if you try and get this app. – Your Welcome

  125. 傑克森 Says:


  126. Mather Says:

    I live in Vancouver BC…I downloaded this application called Caller ID Fake. It only works for 4 seconds and now asking me to enter PIN number followed by # key. Wonder, if anybody has any clue so that I can use this app before purchasing it.

  127. Anonymous Says:

    I try to dial one for free and it tells me to enter a pin.

  128. Anonymous Says:

    How do I dl in the app store. I can’t find the app

  129. Anonymous Says:

    cn u tell me whats d pin of dis fakercaller id

  130. Anonymous Says:

    can anyone temme d pin for dis app.?

  131. kunwar Says:


  132. Krille Says:

    When i press call the call comes up but i just hear 3 “beeps” and it hangs up.. Why?

  133. shady Says:


  134. flavioapple Says:

    I use iphone in Brazil and which version would be possible, ETTER quality

  135. Jefferson Says:

    I wonder if it works in Brazil, and the version that works

  136. Glen Says:

    It is clear this is a scam. It doesn’t work. Everyone…bag it and go home. You will never get a response from the company. What does that tell you?

  137. anuj Says:

    i live in india nd i dont know how to use this app plz help me to use this app asap……
    with full details i want to use this aap free of cost so plzz help me..

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