Calling out for tester: Samba for the iPhone

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UPDATE: The Final version has been released, just search for “Samba” on Cydia, or check out this blog post:

This is a beta for the most technical users. If you cannot follow the instructions below without help, you should not be attempting the process.

Samba for iPhone/iPod Touch allows you to see your device as a network drive on your computer (and you can copy / change / stream files from / to it). It works on any OS that supports SMB/CIFS protocols (out of the box for most ones, including Windows). Basically it should work / interact just like another computer in your network with regards to file sharing.

This package should work on both 2.x and 3.x OS versions.

This is a BETA release, install it at your own risk, only if you feel comfortable with accessing the device via terminal. The final release will be made publicly on Cydia with a much simpler installation routine.
If you install it, please provide me back with feedback about this package as much as possible, including on what device & OS and if it works Ok or not, and general thoughts about the configuration.

Please report your findings to openhebrew (at) gmail (dot) com with Samba in the topic or leave a comment here.

Installation instructions
Run this lines on a terminal on the iPhone/iPod Touch as user root:
1. apt-get install wget
2. wget
3. dpkg -i samba_3.2.7-4_iphoneos-arm.deb
4. wget
5. apt-get install mobilesubstrate preferenceloader
6. dpkg -i com.openhebrew.samba_latest_iphoneos-arm.deb
7. respring/restart the device.

Again, in the terminal:
1. apt-get remove samba

How to use this
Samba is disabled after installation, to turn it on and configure it:
1. Go to Settings in your device.
2. Go to Samba.
3. Change the settings as you like.
4. To start samba, make sure to turn autostart on, and leave the settings pane.

After turning it on, find your device’s IP and put it in your computer as a samba / network share (windows \\<your device ip> or linux smb://<your device ip> etc…)

Important Notes
- The service is turned off by default after installation.
- The service username is root and cannot be changed.
- The service default password is listed on the bottom on the settings pane (this is a security feature, each device has it’s own auto generated passwd), you can use it, or change to your own one.
- nmbd isn’t automatically loaded, so device doesn’t show up at “network neighbourhood” (and the likes) for now.
- The whole filesystem of the device shows up as a writable network share with the URI \\<your phone ip>\main in windows or smb://<your phone ip>/main otherwise.
- To make samba work also when screen is black (device is idle), consider installing insomnia and running it: apt-get install com.imalc.insomnia (and respring), this makes network applications still keep running when device goes idle, and is not specific to samba.

SBSettings switch
You may also install an SBSettings switch to quickly turn samba on/off via running:
1. wget
2. dpkg -i com.oranav.sambatoggle_0.0.1_iphoneos-arm.deb
Then, you should have an samba sbsettings toggle in your list (after you run samba settings atleast once).

I need feedback, even if everything works ok, I also want to get your input on if the settings pane is ok, and if the default password issue is ok as well.

openhebrew (at) gmail (dot) com with samba in the topic or leave a comment here.

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124 Responses to “Calling out for tester: Samba for the iPhone”

  1. Paul Says:

    Does this package also include a samba client for the iPhone?

  2. Topher Says:

    This is great!

    Yes I just got this working on my iPhone (1st Generation, osx 2.2)

    I am Running windows 7 Used winscp, then putty to run commands. Tried copying files and everything works great.

    The settings menu is fine, and when i clicked auto run, does that mean it is always running from now on? is there a way to get a pop up icon, top right corner? next to alarm etc.

    I changed the password from the default, and it seems to be working fine.

    Future Version;
    It would be cool to be able to have read/write access via root login, and only read via public or another login.

    Also needs to be a SBsettings switch thing to turn it on and off.

    Thank you, and good job.

  3. openhebrew Says:

    Yes, via terminal you can use smbclient to access network shares. Mounting a CIFS/SMB share currently isn’t working.

  4. openhebrew Says:

    Well just like OpenSSH you don’t have an on screen notification when it’s running. Auto run means it’s always running till you cancel it there.

  5. The_Ben Says:

    This is great but I ran into one bug that seems rather strange and I couldn’t figure out how to solve it, if anyone here knows the solution to this..I’ll be more than happy to hear:

    I can’t access paths such as the Calendar (/var/mobile/Library/Calendar) or the AddressBook folder, they show up to be blocked or something as such.
    But..Using a Finder (the default OSX file browser, such as explorer.exe on Windows) replacement called PathFinder I was able to access these folders.

    A screenshot of the above problem is can be seen here:

  6. morehush Says:

    Works from XP Pro sp3. Changing the password worked for me, too. No bugs or glitches in the settings pane.

    Uninstalled, but left some non-empty directories behind which I cleaned up manually.

    not deleted:

  7. ramguerra Says:

    Really good job. Nice app with no glitches that I have seen. Things that would make it better are either a sbsettings toggle or an icon to not have to go into the settings pane to turn it on or off…insomnia a good example to follow for the icon

  8. Innovative1 Says:

    I was using samba on my iPod Touch like a year and a half ago. How is this different?

  9. openhebrew Says:

    There was an old version of samba for firmwares 1.x that wasn’t easy to use.
    This is the newest samba for firmware 2.x/3.x with an interface that is easy for anyone to use.

  10. z Says:

    Works perfectly connecting with Leopard finder smb://iphone (i have mapped this in /etc/network)
    The available mount options are good. They avoid the need to have to use smbpasswd.

    One question… is this using encrypted passwords?

  11. openhebrew Says:

    afaik it uses encrypted passwords.

  12. Alessandro Says:

    Same problem as The_Ben on Leopard, but I think it is a Finder issue. No problem on Linux and Windows XP sp3.

  13. openhebrew Says:

    If anybody on a MAC OS X could try to repeat this issue, please comment ehre.

  14. Santana Says:

    ok here is my contribution

    im using iphone 2g with 3.0 beta 5
    Windows 7 RC1

    all installation process is successfully done
    i can see my iphone folders within the windows browser
    and here are some screenshots for it:

    things to note:
    1- no icon shown for Samba in the settings
    2- AutoStart Samba option is automatically turned off when going back to settings screen
    3- when going back to HomeScreen the iphone is still accessible from the PC ^_^

    other than that its working perfectly when coping files from and to the iphone

    thanks for the effort

  15. The_Ben Says:

    I also have the problem with the auto-turn off of the AutoStart Samba switch.

  16. openhebrew Says:

    Hmm.. please report exactly what you are doing step by step, and where is the failure point.

  17. The_Ben Says:

    I went into -> Samba preferences pane -> Turned on “AutoStart Samba” switch -> Quited (using a normal Home button click).
    After that Samba was working but later on when I:
    Went into -> Samba preferences pane
    I fount out that the “AutoStart Samba” switch was turned off.

  18. Tony Karakashian Says:

    Installed beautifully, thank you very much for this.

    What would be wonderful, though, is if you could write an article outlining some of the steps you used to get this to compile. I’ve just started playing around with the toolchain on my phone and while I’ve been able to work around some issues, others leave me vexed. For example, I eventually got cron to work, but Samba was giving me issues that you obviously worked around.

    There are some half-assed tutorials out there that give the basics of getting started with the tools, but it’s obvious from the above that you could probably write what could become the standard to follow. Please consider it.

    Thanks again, this is a fantastic addition to my phone!

  19. OpenHebrew Says:

    Santana, are you using OS 3.x or 2.x ?

  20. OpenHebrew Says:

    Ignore that question, does anybody with the “autostart” issue have 2.x or it’s just 3.x people ?

  21. Mike Says:

    Hi, nice posts there :-) thank’s for the interesting information

  22. john Says:

    this website has malware
    when i surf to this site, i get popups ans a fake IE window appears scanning my PC telling me i got alware
    and it happens when i vist this site
    be careful

  23. Peter Says:

    In case BigBoss cares, the text of hany’s double-posted comment is Arabic for “bitch”.
    That’ll teach you, openhebrew, hey? Doesn’t take long for racist pr*cks to appear.

  24. klxsitouchhelp Says:

    connects great i have problems accesing certian files

  25. klxsitouchhelp Says:

    same here but im on a mac. i find it so funny when malware douse that

  26. klxsitouchhelp Says:

    didnt work on finder for me either. i found a problem with all my bigger folders in my device dont load.

  27. klxsitouchhelp Says:

    on macs testing it out on finder and path finder unable to access large folders.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have the problem I mentioned above? That you have some block icon on folders such as: /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook
    through Path Finder I ca access these folders (even though they have this icon thing) but not through the Finder itself, there I get stuck at /var/mobile/Library and can’t access the contents of the AddressBook folder.

  29. BigBoss Says:

    There is no malware on this site. One of the ads may be showing something. I will pull clicksor off and see if it is better.

  30. Ruben Says:

    what do I do wrong

    I have put the two files into root/rivate/var/temp

    and run the commands in terminal (with winscp)

    Connection breaks everytime it starts to unpack, no chance of installing (:-((


  31. Batumulia Says:

    It’s working fine for me. I’m on OS Windows Vista Home Premium iPhone FW2.2.1. I Samba installed very smooth I have no “auto-restart” bug and I can acces all folders just fine. Playing with it a little more right now.

  32. pirogoeth Says:

    i have looked through all the files in the package and it is missing smbd, nmbd, and smbpasswd. all there are are launch daemons and plists.

  33. pitbullface Says:

    It’s also working great for me. I’m on Windows 7 RC1 and iPhone FW2.2.1. It installed very easy and no sign of any “auto-restart” bug. Good job and I look forward to future versions.


  34. hack2learn Says:

    Hy openhebrew,

    i wrote a blog/howto in german here:

    Thank you for releasing Samba(Beta) for the iPhone.

    I write you a feedback when i have tested Samba on my iPhone 3G

    best regards from Switzerland


  35. Taliezin Says:

    No autostart isseu with 2.2.1 over here.
    After re-enetering in settings, autostart is still on.

  36. Taliezin Says:

    I got it working on my iphone 2.2.1
    No problems so far.

    Can I use this share connection in iTunes like Firefly, since firfly is crashing on my device, and can’t get it to work anymore.

    And an idea for the developer:
    would it be great to make an option “media center” wich will generate a html from which you can access all your photo’s, video’s and music.
    with option to add custom folders.

    thanx for the app.

    Greetings, Taliezin

  37. Taliezin Says:

    Wow, in Vista Explorer, the navigating thru the folders are very quick. And this is the first time I have a way to searching my system folders on my iphone. Amazing how quick this all is working. Does wonder me why iPhonebrowser and diskaid are so slow and have no search functions.

  38. OpenHebrew Says:

    Read the instructions carefully, you need to install the samba package before sambactl.

  39. farklem Says:

    Thanks for releasing this! I have been waiting for samba since I first jailbroke my phone. So far I haven’t had any problems with it, its fast and easier than dealing with sftp. I am curious if there is a difference between Insomnia and KeepAwake for SBSettings (I thought they did the same thing but samba doesn’t appear to be affected by KeepAwake). Again, thanks openhebrew for an awesome release. I can’t wait to see a final version in Cydia one of these days.

  40. SylStyle Says:

    It works great with XP SP2 and vista except the netbios name which is not recognized… if you have any solutions?

    Thanks for this great work ;)


  41. OpenHebrew Says:

    Netbios resolution will be in future versions.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    kinda old news…

    A working samba package is available through cydia since about a month now by adding to your repositories.

    Includes a proper app to config, 2 users to connect with, sbsettings toggle, yada yada

  43. Ekim V Says:

    …except the “working samba package” you describe is not free whereas this is.

    Good job to the OP for the effort.

  44. mashedtaz1 Says:

    All working ok here.

    I have added my iPhone 3G (2.2.1) as a mapped drive in win7RC1.

    Can access all folders and I am using my own password rather than the automatically generated one.

    No bugs as yet. Another awesome app!

  45. killingspree Says:

    Man I can’t wait for the new iPhone 3G S, my iPhone 1st gen really needs a replacer.

  46. taliezin Says:

    I used this with succes on os 2.2.1 iPhone 3g, with much joy. Now want to install it on os 3.0, but can’t. Is this a known bug or is it just my device?

  47. taliezin Says:

    sorry, to bother, installing samba now, just missed the apt-get command install.

  48. Eimis Says:

    When going to settings/samba, always shows OFF

  49. Ted Says:

    Wow! Love it!. I was looking for this for a long time. No problems so far. Keep up the good work!.
    Just wondering: any chance of mounting an external smb share?. I would LOVE to access some of my smb shares on my NAS. Can’t find smbmount to do it though.

    Thanks for supporting samba!

    2.2.1 (5H11)

  50. Ted Says:

    Forget my question about smbmount. It isn’t there yet as I read later in this article. Hopefully it will be here any time soon.

    BTW: I’m okay with the auto-generated password and
    your settings pane is clear.

  51. Gleiss Says:

    Awesome work. Thanks a million!

  52. Jason Says:

    When will you add the support for mounting the smb network share to iphone os?

    I really care about this feature!


  53. Ruben Says:

    is this working on OS3 too?


  54. Alvin Lam Says:

    Cannot auto start in 3.0 OS

  55. Carlos Says:

    Yet, it works on 3.0. Follow these instructions:

  56. Alvin Lam Says:

    It works on 3.0 OS, just the Auto Start in Setting not showing up

  57. Burnz Says:

    Thanks for a great feature.

    3G, 3.0, com.db.samba_0.0.1_iphoneos-arm.deb
    WinXP Pro SP3

    Works great. No Problems acessing directories, no problems with the Auto-Start toggle issue.

    (But nearly useless to me since i cant add non-privileged users. (or can I?) I would like to give friends access to only one dir so they can copy stuff to and from the phone…)

    Big thanks again for a great feature.

  58. openhebrew Says:

    I’ve released a new package in

    which should fix the auto start switch to work both in 2.x and 3.x, enjoy, and tell me if you have problems with it.

    I’ve updated the instructions in the post regarding this change as well.

  59. Chris Says:

    Works perfectly
    iPhone 3g OS3
    win vista ultimate x64 & xp 64 32
    mounting shares would be excellent or any other way other that inside terminal thank you so much for this! It is my prefered way to access my phones file system.

  60. openhebrew Says:

    You can mount external shares via the iPhone terminal using the command “smbclient” you can check it’s syntax online, but usually it’s
    smbclient //

  61. openhebrew Says:

    Sorry, to clear up my statement, you can browse / use / download using “smbclient” on the terminal, you cannot mount currently remote smb/cifs shares on the iPhone itself.

  62. nseus Says:

    Hi folks,

    you really did a great job!!! Works very fine as a network drive in Win XP.(3G OS 3.0).
    It took me quite a while with google to find this page. Most bloggs tell something about the package and I just couldn´t find that.
    so thanks a lot.

  63. zeflash Says:

    Hey, just installed it on a 3G on 3.0, no issues.
    But, I was copying a rather large file this aft on it via wifi, and the phone locked itself while it was copying.
    I unlocked it and it took about 2 minutes for the phone to “come back to life” – everything was slow as hell during the time.

    Would it be possible to prevent the auto unlock when a copy operation takes place? it would be quite nice :)

  64. open hebrew Says:

    this is not a samba related issue, i recommend sbsettings + insomnia plugin.

  65. zeflash Says:

    I know about insomnia, I’m just saying that regardless of the status of the wifi or the auto-lock delay in the settings, when a lenghty operation is going on it would be nice to prevent the iphone to auto-lock – until the transfer is over.

  66. Alvin Lam Says:

    AutoStart Toggle and SBSetting switch works perfectly, iPhone 3G 3.0, Vista

  67. N C Says:

    Samba works great with my iPhone 3GS, OS 3.0.1!! Thanks a lot!

    SB toggle can turn OFF samba, but not turn ON samba. But I can live with that ;-)

    Thanks again!

  68. lulux Says:

    Is there a final Package available on cydia ?

  69. SHadoW Says:

    Samba works great on both my iPhones (3GS, 2G) running 3.0.1.

    SB settings toggle works also great.

    Smbmount would be much appreciated (or maybe some smbclient GUI front-end to begin with ;-) ).

    Thanks a lot!

  70. Vahalas Says:

    Thank you many times over. The app works well on my iPhone 2G running OS 3.0. I’m connecting using Win7 RTM.

    I’m using it strictly to allow a drive mapping to the Media partition so I can access the files there using my desktop media player. It’s perfect for that.

    I didn’t have any trouble getting it setup other than having to get the APT 0.7 Strict package and Mobile Terminal from Cydia in order to use apt-get.

    I also agree with some of the previous feedback:
    1) Add an actual icon to the settings page
    2) would like to see something in the status bar indicating that samba is active (like insomnia does)

    I also had some confusion about when samba was actually turned on that would be resolved by the icon. For example it appears that I have to set the autostart switch to on AND then leave the settings page by hitting the back button before it activates. It seems like flipping the switch isn’t the actual trigger to start the service.

  71. tawi Says:

    YOU ARE A GOD. Works perfectly on Iphone 1G OS3.0. Do you have a Paypal ?

  72. Anonymous Says:

    Man, this is unbelievable ! Everything works perfectly… Everything. Symlinks on / aren’t followed properly, but apart from that, awesome !

    How about an icon for the settings page and the SBSettings toggle ?

    No matter. This is really cool. Great work.

  73. RuX Says:

    Works like a charm. I have however two questions.
    1. Why do I see two active daemons of samba (smbd)?
    2. Please unveil the way how to stop/kill those instances.
    Via the normal way you described I am unable to stop samba which renders my iPhone virtually an eternal samba-advertiser.

    Much obliged.

  74. RuX Says:

    Sorry for bothering, I stumbled upon smbcontrol.
    Problem solved.

  75. llemtt Says:

    Is this software derived from samba GPL code?

    Can you please share all the source code?


  76. litux Says:

    Works without problems on Ipod Touch 2G with 3.0

  77. lolwut Says:

    Works perfectly with iPhone 3GS and Win7 RTM 64-bit :)

  78. ssvillamor Says:

    my ipod touch 2g is 3.0

    i followed your instruction..

    my xp is service pack 2

    \\ my ip seems so slow to response

    its very slow

  79. openhebrew Says:

    Not yet, you’ll know when it is.

  80. openhebrew Says:

    Check out the latest version of the SambaController .deb installation, and tell me what you think.

  81. openhebrew Says:

    Yes, I do have a paypal:

  82. openhebrew Says:

    There is a instance spawned per connection. It will close when the connection is closed and/or you close SMBD.

  83. openhebrew Says:

    llemtt, you can find the latest source code of samba from the samba site. As for the GUI controller, it is not derived from anything.

  84. openhebrew Says:

    Seems like you have a local issue on your network..

  85. AppsForEveryThing Says:

    Thank you!

    iphone 3G 3.0.1

  86. link463 Says:

    Hi, works great but
    are unacessible on leopard ( there’s a red forbidden icon )
    do you know why ?
    Thanks very good job :)

  87. how2use Says:

    works very good on 3gs with win xp sp3
    all access able
    Thank you !!!


  88. Nima7747 Says:

    Worked greatly. Worked…
    Didn’t try Samba for some time, and find today that it doesn’t work.
    I use iPhone 2G with 2.2.1 firmware and WinXP SP3.

    What can be the problem?

  89. Vahalas Says:

    Looks good. It’s nice to have the icon on the settings page now and adding the extra text on the settings page clears up any confusion about when the samba settings take effect. Thanks!

  90. Wass Says:

    I love you guys; that’s something i needed badly.

  91. Foilman Says:

    Works perfectly for me, except I cant seem to hit it via the Netbios name & theres no icon on the SBS switch button.

    iPhone 3GS on 3.1.2

    Nice Job! Thanks

    When’s the client gonna work? :)

  92. sbooob Says:

    Yep, desperately waiting for the client to !
    vlc4iphone can play any kind of video and I have tons on my home server. That would be nice to mount this server’s share and enjoy all of my movies on my iPod Touch !

  93. Anonymous Says:

    There is a client “smbclient” in terminal. If you are talking about an kernel mounter, I do not think that will happen.

  94. Andrew Says:

    This works flawlessly for me, thanks so much..

  95. ekrazy Says:

    Working good for me… as for the client i mount them using ezshare and works greate for me. what is the difference is one is using sftp… i was using it before

  96. Tarrinho Says:

    what about mount_smbfs? :D

    But know I can use my Iphone as a Pen! weeee

    Thanks, great job.

  97. tiny Says:


    Worked straight out of the box…
    Latest Iphone 3.1.2 3gs + Win7 x64

    Did’nt bother with installing apt-get,

    just downloaded the .debs in windows and passed them to the iphone with WinSCP.

    Used a terminal on the iphone to install the .debs as described.

    Installed Preferenceloader from Cydia on the iphone.

    Then set up and enabled samba from the iphone settings (and changed the default password).

    Then mapped a network drive in windows explorer
    (x.x.x.x being the iphone ip).
    typed root as login and my password when asked.


  98. Mick Says:


    Works perfect for me.
    I encountered some problem on making apt-get working , maybe for the way I jailbreak e unlock my iPhone.
    Hope to see ASAP an easy cydia install.

    My data:
    Iphone edge 16gb MB384LL
    OS 3.0.1 (7A400)
    Windows Vista Home Premium


  99. Andrew Says:

    Any news on mounting SMB/CIFS onto the iphone filesystem? btw, accessing the SMB share with smbclient is quite useful in itself, but sort of like a hand without a thumb. Thanks for any info.

  100. Edgar Curcio Says:


  101. Hoge Says:

    It worked on ipod touch 1G with 3.1.2.

    And I also try to use as “mobile” user.
    (root# pdbedit -a -u mobile).
    because I’m annoyed change privilege everytime.

    but it didn’t work.
    (I also try it by smbclient)

    so I checked the log (I changed smb.conf).

    When I type
    #smbclient //(my ipod touch IP)/mobile -U mobile
    “tree connect failed: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)”

    “Failed to set gid privileges to (-1,501) now set to (0,0) uid=(0,0)” is written in the log.

    and smbclient says

    I search and may find the reason in

    Could you build with the option “-DUSE_SETREUID” ?

    Sorry my bad English. thank you.

  102. Lunatik Says:

    so far working pretty good. this is definately alot easier than trying to use iphone browser or iphone explorer. Another nice thing if anyone can figure it out is a way to make the usb port toggle between normal usb or mass storage device so that we can access the filesystem from any computer when wifi is not an option.

  103. Lunatik Says:

    Ignore the mass storage device comment. I found “USB Drive”

  104. Tim Says:

    Thanks for this feature on my iPhone 4!!!

  105. ruben Says:

    you saying it works with ios4

  106. bixxman Says:

    Yup, I just installed it on mine

  107. civil Says:

    Thank you very much for this product. Works properly under iOS 4.1 on iPhone 3GS / WinXP Pro SP3. But without sbsettings toggle, when i try install it manually, it gives dependency error. If install through cydia, no errors indicates, and toggle switch simply doesn’t appear.

  108. Alvin Says:

    Works on iPhone 4.1 with Win 7

  109. lobo Says:

    whats about the ohter way?? – mount a nas network storage from iphone is missing. mount_smbfs is not part of the current operating system.
    any idea??

  110. Fighterash Says:


    I am using samba beta, its working really nice.
    Tested in Windows 7, vista and Mac OS X

  111. 시라노 Says:

    very nice
    Thx ^^

  112. Ryan Says:

    1. You should enable nmbd unless it’s bad for some reason. I started it and it works great. Maybe just the option to enable it?
    2. The root pw idea is great for security
    3. Samba misreports free storage. It thought /private/var was low on space, when in fact it was fine. The free space warning actually applied to the root fs. Dunno why that is happening.
    4. For some reason gnome can’t browse shares, but can connect to them if specified. Windows can browse them no problem.
    5. It would be nice to see a share manager in the interface as long as editing smbd.conf manually doesn’t get broken :).
    6. I know it’s not part of the project but I’d love to see a smb filesystem.
    7. I’m seeing 1MByte/sec, which is excellent.

    Great job, this is very useful. Sort of something apple could have included as a default way to manage files on your phone instead of the **** iTunes interface.

  113. Samuel Aubins Says:

    Samba is GPLv3, is this project going to maintain the freedoms guaranteed by that while on the iPhone?

    Jailbreaking is a product modification that isn’t always available. Should samba even be on the iPhone if the iPhone isn’t designed to meet the LEGAL minimums for free software?

    It’s not Apple’s responsibility – it’s the developers to ensure that their code is not illegal or stolen. I’m not the ‘freedom police’, maybe it would be good to revert to old samba code from GPLv2.

  114. ruben Says:

    any iphone 4 experience?

  115. Mchammer Says:

    Can’t read 4th step could u pls retype it for me

  116. Mchammer Says:

    Nm about that earlier post works great with backwards comparability on Iso4

  117. Luis Aranguren Says:

    Works well on iPod Touch 4G with iOS 4.1

  118. creepingmee Says:

    This works great!! iPhone 3g 4.2.1…. PLEASE make a cydia install of this so more people can use it!

  119. eros Says:

    I tried it with iPhone4 (4.1)…it works great…………no problem…..a few suggestion though

    1. Share manager should be there in settings.
    2. samba client should be showing graphically the shared resources from other systems.
    3. cydia installer for samba package.
    4. I am able to connect to my iphone from windows through ip address but can’t see my iphone in windows network neighbourhood, some thing to do with netbios I guess.
    5. SWAT(samba administration tool) kind of environment would be nice if possible.

  120. Pepper Says:

    By the way, it installs flawlessly on an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.2 – but I haven’t yet figured out if it is actually working.

  121. Pepper Says:

    I hope the author doesn’t mind, since I wipe my devices frequently and need an easier way to install stuff I have put these on my experimental repository. If you want to add it to Cydia it is www (dot) pepper (dot) net.

  122. Entropy Says:

    I installed Samba on my iPhone 4, IOS 4.3.3, Jailbroken with Redsn0w r16. Windows Professional

    It’s working flawlessly.


    1. It’s turned off by default
    2. Every time you respring it’s turned off again.
    3. Then you log in. Remember to use the iphone as your domain not your computer. Otherwise the password will not work.

  123. dreambillows Says:

    I encountered the same problem. Have you got answer?

  124. dreambillows Says:

    BTW, your English is good!

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