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Edit: Ok, updated the deb to 2.99.1. I guess it wasn’t properly code signed. Sorry. Link below is updated.

It’s been slow going due to my lack of time lately, but I have revamped the Categories GUI making room for some future enhancements and adding some things to it. We (ashikase and I, mainly ashikase) have also added some internal clean up code which will help on cases where the conversion did not go well from an older version to the latest version.

I am holding the release now for some initial bug reports or to see if there are any major issues. Download it here and use dpkg -i to install it. (If you dont know how to do this, you should wait for the release).

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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  1. Pelaez Says:

    Hey BigBoss, I just installed this deb and the app was killed upon launch. I fake-signed it and it worked, so I guess you forgot to sign it.

    For anybody who doesn’t know how to sign it, you need to install ldid from Cydia and then execute this on the terminal “ldid -S /Applications/”.

    I like the new layout on the app, btw.

  2. 1 Says:

    Crashes for me, too. But ldid does also:

    # ldid -S /Applications/

  3. BigBoss Says:

    Are you on 2.x? I’ll sign it and repack it.

  4. 1 Says:

    I am at 3.1.3 and is crashes, too…

  5. 1 Says:

    2.99.1 works

  6. ninjadudester Says:

    BigBoss, i just downloaded categories off of cydia (trying to do the psp theme) and the categories app says it has made folders, but their not on my homescreen. am i talking to the right person, if not can u direct me to someone who could go through the troubleshooting process?

  7. ninjadudester Says:

    does this app work for 2.2.1?

  8. BigBoss Says:

    Lets keep these comments focused on the 2.99.1 beta.

  9. Ryan Erwin Says:

    I’m a registered user of CategoriesSB.
    I’ve installed the Categories 2.99.1 Beta and noticed that the bottom icon in my “Mange Folders” list is covered up by the online Ad at the bottom of the screen. It’s possible to still select the Category to edit it by carefully clicking the top of the icon, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to click the blue “Edit Arrow” for the bottom icon. For reference, I have 9 items in my “Manage Folders” list.

    Filtering the hidden icons out of the list and sorting the remaining icons alphabetically is a big improvement. This is huge usability improvement. Great work guys.

    Last, please consider removing the Ads for people who’ve paid for the “CategoriesSB” plugin.

  10. metaclam Says:

    Looks fine so far. Thanks. But I thought one of the main points of this was to re-do the way that icons are loaded? Doesn’t seem to be any difference there.

  11. BigBoss Says:

    Categoriessb is an addon by another author. I don’t sell anything myself. Therefore, I won’t remove ads from my program because people pay someone else for their program.

    But I will look at the ad covering up the last row. This is good feedback. Thank you.

  12. torpie13 Says:

    Help Needed.
    I making a backup of the /Applications/ folders and /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.bigboss.Category* files from my iPhone OS 3.1.2.

    after a fresh resore of the system in the same OS version (3.1.2) then Installation of CategoriesSB, I restored by copying back /Applications/ and Preference files.

    The problem is that I got all my folders, but when I lounch any of them I got an empty folder !!!

    Is there something I missed to backup before ?

    Please help.


  13. mjpjr227 Says:

    Just upgraded to 2.99…. Big problem – most of my apps won’t launch. It appears that any app that I have or had ever placed into a Categories-controlled folder won’t launch successfully. By this I mean I usually see the startup screen for the app (whichever app I’m attempting to use) but I then see the home screen right after that (I am not able to make use of the app). Apps which have never been placed into a Categories-controlled folder appear to work just fine …. HELP !!!!!

  14. BigBoss Says:

    Honestly Categories (and SBSettings) both get blamed for things that often aren’t caused by them usually with the argument “well all I did is update”.

    Apps not launching is usually caused by a DRM issue in appstore mobile installation daemon. If you want to troubleshoot it further, you can install logmailer then launch one of your apps that won’t launch and send me the resulting syslog. Then I’ll take a look at it.

  15. redbarron1980 Says:

    I did update on cydia along with install0us but cydia crashed while updating and now cydia crashe and will not refresh… Both apps work though so i have no idea whats going on!? can anyone help.

  16. Danny Says:

    I had the same problem. Cydia crashed during Categories update.
    Try this: delete everything under /var/lib/dpkg/updates/

    Worked for me.

  17. BigBoss Says:

  18. fusen Says:

    Categories 2.99 Beta (latest deb available) causes SpotBright 3 to stop functioning.

    Once Categories beta is installed, spotbright stops displaying the recently opened icons from within spotlite.

    Seeing as zaamong or whatever the developer of SpotBright is called seemed to have stopped all iPhone development, Categories will be left with the role of fixing this (I don’t mean to sound as rude as that sentence does :P)

  19. William Says:

    Big boss…i wonder why the Hidden Icon thing wont work,im using Categories Beta v2.99.3. those apps i move into the folder that i created but it was still on my springboard…it duplicated all the thing i move to the folder…may i noe wat happen? i tried boss pref,poof and other software but it jus wont hide those icon that i wanted to :( (i got 8 pages of icon there T.T)

  20. Horseman Says:

    Ditto William!

    I tried Categories as another way to hide my icons. I’m on 3.1.2 but can’t get any of them to hide by using Categories, Poof! or SBSettings! Any help much appreciated as my springboard is getting a bit messy now… :/

  21. Donald Task Says:

    Is there a way to organize the icons once they’re in their folder?



  22. Siejo Says:

    Will there be an update to make the icons be the same size as the iPad icons? They are coming up a little bit smaller after I have chosen the icon for my category. I have tried to ssh into it and replace it with a bigger icon but it shrinks it back down.

  23. Edsel Says:


    Will it work for Ipad?


  24. Bastian Says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering, whether you know if there’s a way to make categories look like the “Folders” Function of iOS4?
    That’d be amazing!


  25. Lazkopat Says:

    Hey BigBoss nice Job.
    But i have a problem after install.
    I have two iphones one is a 3g and. On the 3g i see the appnames in the categories. Same Version of CategoriesSB and same seeting on the 3gs but i doesnt see the Appnames ? Can you help me please

  26. Noel Says:

    Very USEFUL application, but I encountered a problem.

    Using iPod Touch (64GB), firmware 3.12, Spirit (updated to fix sync with iTunes 9.2).

    After successful installation of “Categories 2.24″ thru iPhone PC Suite, tap icon, main menu but instantly followed by dialog box:

    Permissions Error
    A permissions error bla3…
    The Categories binary did not have 4755 permissions and will not operate correctly this way. Please restart categories.

    Will restarting the iPod Touch correct this issue, or do I require the latest Categories version?

    Thanks and You Rock!

  27. Noel Says:


    Using PC Suite
    1. Uninstall Categories 2.24
    2. Download and install “mobilesubstrate_0.9.3087-1_iphoneos-arm.deb”
    3. Close and restart PC Suite Apps window
    4. Download and install “Libhide_2.0.6-5.deb”
    5. Close and restart PC Suite Apps window
    6. Download and install “categories_2.99.1.deb” from this page’s link


    Thanks again BigBoss!

  28. rubbercake Says:

    Hey everyone. I much prefer the Categories method of organizing things compared to iOS 4 folders (even with InfiniFolders…). Anyways, I was wondering if ANYONE on here had a crash course tutorial on how to make an icon pack for Categories?

    And for Boss, I was wondering if an update was coming soon. When install app store apps, sometimes Categories just freaks out and dumps all my icons until respring. Keep up the excellent work =)

  29. Richard Says:

    Love this program but noticed a problem recently. I use folders within folders and make them invisible and empty so I can use them as blanks (like iBlank). But everytime I open a folder within categories to add or remove an app, all the empty folders within the folder have to be re-added and re-ordered. They are stil on the phone, its just that i have to re-add them to the folder. Real apps are not affected, its only the empty folders.

  30. Foxnolds Says:

    Please implement a repair option.

    I use PkgBackup to take a snap shot of my Cydia Apps and settings for quick restore after upgrading iOS then re-jailbreak.
    I just went through this painful process with my iPhone 4 on 4.0.1 upgrading to 4.1. In a few weeks, with luck :-) I’ll be going to 4.2….

    Before upgrading, I take screen snap shots using Home + Sleep buttons of my 38 Screens then print them out 4 per page over 10 pages.
    The problem is, after Syncing with iTunes I get my 400+ apps, unpack my Cydia Apps with PkgBackup but allthough I get Categories Folders restored, the Apps that should only be in Categorie Folders are still on my Springboard, most beyond the 11th page!

    To fix this I have to enter Categories, select a folder, delete its contents then using Printout, re-add each item back into the folder again then exit folder, exit Categories (sometimes I have to force a respring) to repair each folder in turn.

    Could you add a “Repair” option that grabs ALL un-hidden apps that are in Folers and hide them as they should be?

    P.S. I Hate iOS 4 folder limitations. I love Categories.

    P.S. I also loose Categories Folder Icons as well but I am going to write my own Folder Icon set anyway that will be quick to restore my Icons.


  31. christian Says:

    i tried to download categories from cydia and everytime am on my ipod’s home screen and try to open the app an error window comes out saying it needs more permissions i tried reinstalling and nothin still how can i get the app to work? I really had my hopes up when i was tryin to use an inav theme but have this problem with categories

  32. Brian Says:

    I have a huge problem with this. Everytime I open an app in a folder, made in Categories, the SpringBoard crashes. /: What should I do?

    Thanks, Brian

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