Categories v2.23

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I have updated Categories today addressing some stability issues in the configuration app. It’s still not perfect but it should at least run better. Hopefully sometime I will get enough time to really go through this thing.

The main issue was a pretty substantial memory leak in the configuration app. What would happen was springboard would detect a low memory state and shut the app down. The then on close, the app would respring. The respring would not have enough memory to complete and springboard would freeze up the device. I have done a lot of work on this, but there is still some smaller memory leak left. The launchers are fine so the hassle is just setting up the folders the first time. I have also removed the respring when low memory state is detected so hopefully it will prevent the freezes.


  • Fixed issue where users behind a proxy had the app close and safari open in some cases.
  • Worked on memory usage. Fixed a large memory leak. (There is still a memory leak in the configuration part of the app, but it’s not as big. I hope I get time to fix it in the near future).
  • The iPhone 2.1 and newer froze up when trying to respring with less than 7MB RAM. When memory got low, springboard would kill the app causing it to respring and freeze up. The respring flag should now be cleared in most cases when memory gets this low.
  • The app will now detect if it gets closed due to low memory and allow you to continue your editing where you left off.
  • Memory free and respring state are now in the status bar while the app is running

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


126 Responses to “Categories v2.23”

  1. marciton Says:

    if you can add a “backup/restore” solution when we update the firware it’ll be wonderfull … it’s really long to do it each time

  2. darklord87 Says:

    if i press the button “i” to change the setting into the folder..i still see “v 2.22″ at the top of the screen..

    and..just another thing..i know that i’m not the only one that ask you this..but..
    give us the rounded icons..
    all these edges make me crazy XD XD XD..

    However..thank u 4 ur work..u r great! ^^

  3. iLauncher Says:

    i dunno if the prob is with categories or firmware 2.2 but if the folder is set to run as a background process and when u enter the folder the 2nd time ie.without any loading time, the springboard icons (although not clickable) appear in the back of the current folder icons which makes it appear very messy. i hope this can be resolved.

  4. Xaviour Says:

    Just tried the new version. Although I notice there still many crashes due to the leak of memory (very nice that you can see the current memory status at the upperright), but it won’t freeze forever again which make you have to press down the home and on/off button in order to restart the Iphone. I’ve been waiting for a upgrade of Categories for a while. This upgrade definity makes a good progress.

    Also there was a problem which occurs after Categories crashed. And that is all the apps that are added to a folder appear at Springboard again. And you have to use SBsetting to hide the apps again. Also SBsetting crashs alots when you want to hide an icon. I think this is due to the memory leakage of the Iphone. Great works and great apps.

  5. dallasnights Says:

    Seems to work much better, would love to see adding Webclips in the next version

    Thanks BOSS really appreciate all the work!

  6. Mason Says:

    Looking forward to giving it a try. I went all the way back to 2.16 to find a version that seemed stable enough to use. Thanks for your work!

  7. Cheryl Says:

    Thank you so much for fixing my iPhone!! I found your iPhone Speaker Issues information about cleaning the headphone jack sensor. Now I don’t have to buy a new phone because it is working fine. Apple Tech Support didn’t tell me this secret, instead told me it need a $199 repair. So thank you for your good work!

  8. shotly Says:

    Okay, am I the only one having issues with 2.23? Every since updating, I can’t open the actual categories app, as soon it opens, it immediately crashes! :-( I can open the one category I made though. I’ve tried reinstalling numerous times, still not working. Any advice? Do I need SSH into phone and delete stuff that way? What about my folder that actually works with the apps in it. Can I use the Boss Prefs app to unhide them?

  9. Egamer25 Says:

    Having an issue I created categories, later I downloaded an app from th official Iphone Appstore in Categories it removes it from the list when I add it to a category but out on the springboard It still appears as a stand-alone and is not in the category icon I selected for it. When I go back in to catagories I still can’t see the app listed to add or remove from that catagory and it’s no longer in the list to add to another category.


  10. K-Nitsua Says:

    I’m having the same issue. You can unhide the icons using “Poof!”

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling categories. Funny thing, when I uninstalled categories, my categories folder still worked. I’m gonna try and SSH into the phone and delete categories manually. I’ll let you know if it works.

  11. shotly Says:

    Cool man, yeah let me know. Just glad to see someone else have this problem. I hope it gets addressed!

  12. BigBoss Says:

    I believe this is caused by backgrounder. Try uninstalling backgrounder.

  13. BigBoss Says:

    I did not update the launcher apps so did not update the versions.

  14. BigBoss Says:

    Try changing your wifi to data (or data to wifi) depending on how you’re loading it and see. It may be fault of admob.

  15. BigBoss Says:

    Just respring. You need do nothing else.

  16. shotly Says:

    Thanks for your response, but unfortunately same behavior for both data and wifi.

  17. Dan R. Says:

    Thanks for the update. I love this program. It really helps me keep my Iphone apps from being unmanageable. Keep up the good work.

  18. Don Says:

    Dumb question and I am sure it has been answered but I guess my googling abilities are zero for this topic. I love this app but how can I make it look like the iphone after setting up my folders? For example, I just want the nice looking curved icons. I know I have seen it somewhere but I can’t find the theme or however it was done. Any thoughts would be magnificent.

  19. RhythmBox Says:

    Thank you!

    Improved crash handling makes big difference – finally gone from 2.1 to 2.2 and resigned myself to rebuilding all my folders… some sort of backup up and restore feature would be a lifesaver for the next worthwhile firmware :)

  20. Noah Says:

    +1 on adding ability to include Webclips into Categories folders.

    +1 on Backup/Restore.

    +100 to BigBoss for his work on this — please keep it up!

  21. THEdAY Says:

    To get custom icons for the apps just go into the folder you’ve made, then press “i” at the bottom right side.
    Here you’ll see the settings, the last setting is “icon themes”.
    Choose the theme for your icons and then press Done.

    Note: Custom icons need to be named exactly how they show in the folder. In some cases the icon name may be different than how it’s named on the springboard.

    Thanks for all the great work BigBoss!

  22. fher Says:

    My iphone blocks of nothing, I connect it to the PC and the itunes says that this in way of restoration, what can i do ?
    I already restore it to all the versions and jailbreaks that exists and the problem persists, please help me :D

  23. shotly Says:

    Okay, got my situation figured out. Somehow or another in the Backgrounder app, I had Categories auto-enabled. Disabled it, all is well! Don’t know if that got set by the update, or if I accidentally tapped it, which is very easy to do, I’m thinkin the latter.

  24. Aaron Says:

    Sorry if I sound pissed but when you’ve gone threw what I have you’ll understand.

    Man frack Categories! 13 frackin’ times in the last 36 days I’ve had to restore my iPhone, I’m sick of it! No wonder Apple never allowed such a thing cause it is unreliable! If I sound angry thats because I am, don’t like it when things don’t work. My advise to those who are considering to download this is… Don’t waste you’re time on it unless you want to spend your time restoring your unit every week.

  25. Aaron Says:

    Forgot to say: I restart my iPhone allot to recover memory loss that Categories hogs up but that still does not stop the crash’s. In my words not matter what trouble shooting topics I have red Categories remains a “iPhone Crasher” to me and will never use it again nor pay for it.

  26. oxidize Says:

    It’s free, dumbass. You probably have some other interfering program causing that many crashes. Unfortunately, Apple had to lock down the iPhone for morons like yourself.

  27. Aaron Says:

    You attacking me? Man frack you, I don’t have to listen to you at all cause you were no help at all. You have no idea the stress this as caused me and you don’t know me at all so you have no right to call me a moron. Don’t ever reply back cause don’t want to hear it and the same goes for the rest who just want to sit here and attack me. I’m done with Categories, it’s a great idea but if it would stop sucking up all my phones memory and crashing all the time then I would love it.

  28. BigBoss Says:

    Unfortunately, Aaron, you have not provided any data except your emotional state, which is irrelevant. Without specific data, it is absolutely impossible to help you.

    First, Categories will not cause you to have to restore your iPhone under any circumstances. If you are restoring due to your own lack of knowledge, you should seek help and ask questions rather than falsely assume you have to restore then be pissed off. Nor does categories cause you to have to reboot your device constantly.

    If you would like help you may contact me with specific questions. I will not help you with “it fracking does not work” and I am not psychic. If you give good details and leave your emotional state elsewhere, I will try to help you.

    Once the folders are set up, it does not leak memory or cause any iPhone instability issues. The folders do not stay running unless you have enabled backgrounding. Nor do you need to reboot when setting up folders. Exiting the app frees all the memory.

    Finally, you have said you will never pay for the app. That’s good. No one ever will because I do not charge for it nor do I accept donations, and I never will. If you don’t want to use it again, that is fine. If you want help you can contact me in a reasonable manner and I can try to help you. My email address is easy to find.

  29. Cole Says:

    I was having a slight problem with this app but I figured it out so I decided to post in case anyone else was having the same problem. I made 9 folders and only 6 showed up. The problem was I was trying to use &’s in the folder name. Once I took out the & everything showed up fine. It probably has similar side effects when using other symbols. Just in case anyone else is having problems with their folders showing up…

  30. Tomas Arias Says:

    Hello, I restore my iPhone, I used the AptBacup Application but when I restored it seems that my apps that were in folders using the categories app are there but no folder was actually re-install after the restore from AptBackup so I tried to creat the foldes again to see if the apps appear but still not…so now I now the apps are there as I used the iPhonebrowser but they are not on the screen. I need help on how to restore this properly. Any advice?? thanks in advance!

  31. BigBoss Says:

    There is a permanent link on the top of the main page of this site called “Missing Icons After Restore”. It talks about your problem, which is not a categories issue.

  32. Tomas Arias Says:

    Hello, Thanks for the prompt reply. Problem Solved. My Best Regards!

  33. Angie Says:

    I thought I was the only one having similar problems. Thanks for the help!

  34. Rich Says:


    just installed 2.2.3 and encounters a strange little problem.

    The first time I started Categories and tried to create my first folder, I was presented with several pages of icons to customize its look. That was fine. But the application crashed, and after one or two crashes, I’m now presented with only one page of icons to personalize my folders. And of course, the coolest ones are the ones that seemed to have vanished.

    I connected my phone with iPhone tunnel and went into the application folder. I the saw an icon subfolder that I transferred to my PC and saw that the cool icons were still there. Anyone knwos why they don’t show up in Categories anymore? The permissions seem identical for all (644 if I remember well). Strange problem. Not critical, but a bit annoying.

    Anyway, thanks for your work. I also use SBSettings, this is the best system add-on along with MObileStack from Steven Troughton-Smith (I always add both apps).



  35. 5hak3y Says:

    I’m having the same problem as iLauncher. Where the folders run in the background using memory. I did have backgrounder but i uninstalled but it didn’t resolve the issue. I’ve got sbsettings installed with processes and i have to kill the folder process everytime. I would be greatful if you could help me resolve this


  36. ecu_md2b Says:

    First, thanks for a great program that fills a real need in the original OS! Having that said, please consider releasing an ad-free version! This program is a wonderful concept, and I would gladly pay for something so helpful, but the ads make it all but impossible to use. When selecting an icon for the categories, all goes well until the ad changes. If I haven’t completed the icon selection by that time, the program crashes immediately upon the ad changing. I’m running categories v2.23 on an iPod touch with firmware 2.2.1. Thanks for your consideration and/or any insight you may have into this problem.

  37. David Says:

    If an approved app is in a Categories folder,will the App Store be able to determine if an update is available when accessed from the iPhone AppStore app? Or must the app be on the SpringBoard outside the folder? How does it work when syncing? If iTunes says an update is available according to the installed apps list iTunes, will it find the app on the phone for the update. Thanks.

  38. Jeff Says:

    I have been having many instances (2-3/day) of springboard opening in safe mode. I have backtracking my steps of my loading procedures and it appears as though my problem is either with categories or lockdown. Just thought I would post in case there is a bug problem pattern. I am running 2g iphone, 2.2fw.

  39. Wizard Sleeve Says:

    Loving this really cleaned up the look of my iphone and after some messing around with the setting app crashing, all is running perfectly. The one request I would like to see in the app is the ability to switch the folder to list view. Like when Im looking through my contacts. Ive got so much stuff now I would just like a list of the app names.

  40. Mason Says:

    Just wanted to follow up and say I have had very few (and very minor) issues with this new version. The crashes still happen, but they are not nearly so serious.

    And no, I don’t mind the ads.

    Thanks Big Boss!

  41. Gerhard Says:


    I use categories already for about a year. Unfortunately, my installed collection of applications got rather big in the meantime.
    Its still quite awquward, to re-organise all categories again after installing a new iphone firmware (currently: 2.2.1)
    When will be the feature backup/restore categories (icons, applications,…) in place?

  42. Chak Says:

    Will there be a update in the near future which make it possible to back up or restore the folders where I put my apps in it. I’m struggling rather I update my firmware or not because once I did I will have to organise all the apps again and that’s going to take a lots of time. And It will also be very nice if SBsetting has the same function which I can restore the apps which I have hidden.

  43. Synergist Says:

    Hi, Thanks for the Great App.

    I’m using this app for about 2 years.
    I have absolutely no complain in ‘installer and cydia age-when apps installed by installer or cydia-’ but now when apps installed by installous or app store, all icons in categories are squared and not shiny…

    in winterboard theme case, Usually used tags below:


    but in Categories, I have only way to get round icons: making every icons png files.
    I captured each sprinboards and sliced icons(round icons) in photoshop and made winterboard theme for categories and applied it in categories folders.

    So, Please, CAN I GET UPDATES with round icon wrapping on appstore apps?

    Please! :(

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Fantastic!! Thanks so much for your post. I had this issue too and no search I tried yielded results. I figured it was something minor like this… And was about to email bb or post a question but wanted to exhaust all possibilities on my own first. I appreciate the unsolicited post as it answered my issue in 5 minutes of scanning this forum (all interesting, some rather amusing…!)perhaps make it impossible to name a category using the symbol “&” (just as trying to include “/” will not even work)! Thanks to Bigboss for the awesome app and all of your great work!

  45. Penny Says:

    Is there a way to change the main icon? Like I have a games folder and decided I don’t like it. Thank you in advance for the help! Thank you VERY much for the Categories!

  46. bubbleman Says:

    Just want to give a big thanks to the developer for the update and continuing work on this essential program. I’d much rather have a phone full of apps I use rather than an extra 5G of music I won’t listen to.

    Still crashes (a lot) but the results are not nearly as devastating as before. Would love to see it able to use webcuts and apps with symbols in the title.

    But the main problem I have are the freezes I get when trying to add an app more than about halfway down the app list. Frustrating. I would gladly pay for an optimized version of Categories. Thanks again Big Boss! Hope you continue to perfect this app!

  47. bubbleman Says:

    And for Penny, AFAIK, you need to empty the folder, delete it and start over. To help someone with an earlier question, the App Store sees those apps and updates them just fine. They will pop out onto the springboard when updating, but will hide themselves again with a respring.

  48. Steve Says:

    Thanks for that post – I too had the issue with the “&” character. I almost uninstalled Categories as I thought I might have lost the items in the folder…

    I’m guessing that the app will improve over time with even fewer crashes and I look forward to that.

  49. Jonny Says:

    I am currently Jailbroken on Firmware 2.2 and am using ‘Categories’.
    If I upgrade to 2.2.1 through iTunes obviously I’ll have to Jailbreak again.
    Will I have to redo everything I’ve done in putting my apps into Categories etc or is there a way I can keep what I’ve done ?

  50. kakkalla Says:

    As a new user of Categories, thank you for a great application. I suppose I am one of the lucky ones that hasn’t had any problems with it.

    My question is about the behaviour of Categories. I have a folder called Card Games. If I select a card game, then quit that game, I come back to the springboard, not back into the Card Games folder. How can I change this so that when quitting one card game I come back into the card games folder so that I can choose another card game?

    I have clicked on the i symbol, and have turned ‘Keep Resident’ on but it doesn’t seem to help.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  51. Imad Says:

    hi,,i failed to find Categories v2.23 to be downloaded from my cydia or installer,,can someone tell me where to find it??

  52. grant Says:

    where exactly is the location of the hidden apps:
    i cannot seem to find it anywhere
    thank you

  53. James Says:

    anyone having trouble getting categories to download via Cydia? Its a critical piece for the Inav theme

  54. JoLan Says:

    bugreport :
    - in categories, the app name is “truncated” : letters like ‘g’ will appear more like a ‘o’ beacause the string is not drawn downside.
    - “App Store” is renamed “AppStore” (w/o space) in categories
    - AppStore does not get the selected theme icon (probably related to the previous bug)

    feature request (some are utopias ;-)):
    - badges in categories (and some kind of indicator telling the user there is a badged app in a categorie)
    - folder icon chooser organized by icon set (should also reduce memory while choosing an icon) and perhaps ability to change all the folder icons in one step (from one set to another)
    - ability to select a theme for all the categories in one step or to use the current winterboard theme
    - springboard-like icon reorganisation
    - springboard-like app removal
    - option to hide loading screen icon or use the categorie icon instead if possible

  55. Ezekeel Says:

    awesome app

    is there a way to resize the icons in the folders?

    feature request:
    add a small button in the lower left corner of the folder which you can use to close the folder as an alternative to the home button

  56. Ezekeel Says:

    to be a little clearer on my question:
    my icons have the right size and are displayed properly in the right size on the springboard. categories scales the icons down. is there any way to prevent this?

  57. James Says:

    I downloaded categories 2.23 yesterday on my iphone from cydia but after install, no new icon for categories or any other way to access its gui. so i used finder to open it. after creating new category “Games” –memory error– respring, icon select, add games done, done, respring, no “Games” icon or original game icons, finder,, edit, delete individual games from folder, done, delete folder, respring, still no icon and now no original game icons. lots of invisible icons but no “Games” no icon and no games. WTF!!

  58. chickdigger802 Says:

    Well my iphone went into the infinite boot screen and I restored my iphone, the problem is that I had 3 folders with apps that are now ‘missing’ from the home screen, which includes the ‘categories’ app when I reinstalled it. What do I needa do to make my app’s visible again?

  59. Anonymous Says:

    add the missing apps to a categorie (you need to launch it from elsewhere, eg. sbsetting’s dock ) and then remove them from it if you want. or use another app to unhide them

  60. Dannii Says:

    Hiya, love this app! thank you so much.

    Is there any chance that when you have time in future releases you consider:

    * Web Clips – ability to add them to categories
    * Five columns for the categories
    * Five rows for the categories
    * Font – ability to change weight

    I would love to have a go at doing this myself but i haven’t seen the source anywhere…

    thank you so much
    take care


  61. Marcus Says:

    Like the app, but I’m having 2 problems:

    1. Some apps aren’t showing up in the “Add” list. One is the NY Times app, which is web-fed, obviously, but not a Safari web clip. Black and White (an Othello game) and Weatherbug are native and don’t show in the “Add” list.

    2. Others, like Pandora and MXTube can be added to a folder, but then also remain on the Springboard. Do I have to hide them somehow from SB but not Categories?


  62. Victor Says:

    I made a category called Tools and when i restart springboard the folder is not on my springboard. Help please?

  63. Victor Says:

    nvm figured it out

  64. MP Says:

    I have an issue with Categories.
    I have 3 main folders.
    Games, Utilities, and ROM’s.
    Games has 3 folders, Utilities has App Store applications like Converters, and ROM’s has emulators.

    The Games folder has Paid Games, Free Games, and Installous Games.
    Paid and Free meaning exactly what they mean from the App Store.

    The main problem is that when I open an application, it’ll show the app’s loading screen, then exit to springboard immediately.

    The problem happens in the folders;
    Paid Games, Free Games, and Utilities.
    The emulators in ROM’s all work.
    And the cracked app’s in Installous work.

    As you can see, all my legitimate applications just won’t work with Categories.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance.

  65. MP Says:

    Even when I try to run the Apps in these folders from Quickgold, it doesn’t work.

    On a side note:
    All of the Applications worked before I installed Categories and organized them.

  66. Joon Says:

    I am enjoying your app very much in conjunction with the vista perfection 4.0 theme. Great job!

    However I do have one request. Is there any way to have a “list view” in the folders? It would be awesome to have a list view option that can show a scrolling list of apps with a mini-icon on the left side. I think this view would not only be more functional but more pleasing to the eye. Thanks again!

  67. Camphill Says:

    LOVE this app!

    I’ve read this question a number of times and not sure I’ve seen an answer…

    If I upgrade firmware and use APTBACKUP to restore all my Cydia apps, how will Categories be reinstalled? Will all category folders be recreated and all apps placed back inside them?

    I look forward to iPhone v3 but hate to think I’ll have to manually recreate all categories again.

  68. pattulus Says:

    I’m trying to make an cydia package for the donator’s version of my theme. Can you tell me how to make one of these Categories add-on packages? I’ve searched some good iphone sites (modmyi,,, …) but haven’t found a hint.

  69. Chrilou Says:

    I really like this application. Thank you! I have a question: I use Winterboard with many themes. Each time I change the theme, I also need to change icons of folders created with Categories to match the new theme. Is it possible to save the files with their icons and content, so I can then simply reload according to the theme? Otherwise what’s the name of the file and where can I find it, so as to copy it to my Mac and then copy it to my iPhone? Thanks in advance.

  70. Chrilou Says:

    To be clearer in my question: can we save one folder or a set created with Categories, with icon and content, to reload it later ? Otherwise which path for finding the file pref. to copy to my Mac and later copy it to my iPhone ? (sorry for my english, I’m frenchy :-)

  71. Synthezoid Says:

    I would love to see the category folders run as a Springboard extension so there’s no load time… like, SBSettings has its Dock, which is a step in the right direction, but it’s limited to 12 apps, and you can only have 1 dock. But it’s FAAAAAAAAST and I’d love to see Categories folders work similarly to that, just with unlimited, named docks and much more than 12 apps in each.

  72. Synthezoid Says:

    It would be helpful if you could install syslogd, run the apps that are crashing, then post last few pages of /Private/var/log/syslog starting just before you tried to run the app. That could show what’s causing the crash.

  73. ali Says:

    hello bigboss when will 3G Downgrader Pro” by ATTNCK be added to cydia

  74. sd Says:

    Thanks for this app.
    Great improvements would be :
    – round icons (please, please!)
    – faster load time
    – less crashes when editing
    – alphabetized sort order when choosing an app to add

    Is there a 2.3 in the pipe?

  75. Freeman Says:

    Thanks for this app too.
    bug report:
    when installing “tv d’orange” from the french appstore, it can’t be possible to put this app in a folder
    Waiting for an update …

  76. AK Says:

    Thanks for such a great app, I second for possible changes that would make it perfect;

    - round icons
    - faster load time
    - less crashes when editing
    - alphabetized sort order when choosing an app to add


    -remove loading icon and have blank screen instead
    -fix icon titles from getting cut off (like y letter, etc)
    -remove i icon from folder page

  77. AK Says:

    strange I saw this on youtube, where he was using categories but looking much cleaner with round icons and no loading screen. plz bigboss how is this possible?

    p.s. thanks again for all ur great contributions to the iphone.

  78. BigBoss Says:

    He is using a theme with rounded icons and he enabled the background folder option in the folder settings screen.

  79. AK Says:

    Cool, thanks for the quick reply. Is there any tutorial about making themes for categories and setting up the background.png, cause i love categories except for these small points.


  80. Tim Says:

    Had to restore my iPhone. Performed a jailbreak, restored from last iTunes backup 3 days ago, installed APTBACKUP, performed a restore in APTBACKUP and some apps are back except the ones that used to be in Category folders. I see in POOF that they’re hidden but how do I get them back in their respective Category folders?

    I un-Poofed them all and now where I used to have 7 full pages of apps (112), after un-poofing everything and deleting the plist to rebuild the Springboard, now I only have 3 pages of apps (48).

    Is this an issue with Categories or APTBACKUP having not backed everything up?

  81. Tim Says:

    Also, curious where Categories folders are saved in the iPhone because I did a ls -R at root and searched the results and could not find my Category folders anywhere.

  82. Tim Says:

    Three hours later I finally have everything back in place, minus Categories. As much as this was my favorite app, until it comes with a backup/restore feature, if you ever have to do an iTunes restore, it simply adds at least twice the time restoring.

  83. AK Says:


    plz BigBoss are there any tutorials for making themes and background pics for categories?


  84. taz79 Says:

    I have a problem with this apps… When I tried to use Categories… I put this apps in one of the Categories…then when I restore my iphone (due to restore to factory setting) … when I do restore a backup of my application, I cannot locate this apps … I tried to reinstall Categorise several times…but the icon does not show up… can anybody fix this? Thank you

  85. taz79 Says:

    I think my problem is the same like Tim…actually how do you solve it?

  86. Freeman Says:

    Am I alone with this bug ?

  87. Art-now Says:

    I can’t use Categories with my webapps !

  88. TS-DET Says:

    I have a problem here. After installing Categories and creating folders, i.e. Games, Entertainment, etc. I closed out of it and many of the apps from the bar on the bottom are gone. For example Music and movies are gone and are not in any of the folders i created. Any Ideas???

  89. hoyoyo Says:

    I have a problem, please help:

    1. I installed Categories and created folders to put apps into. I put Categories app into one of these folders.
    2. I decided I don’t want to use Categories app anymore so I removed Categories app. Problem was, I didn’t remove all apps from folders before removing Categories app.
    3. Categories app is removed but the folders remain and apps are still in them.
    4. I reinstalled Categories app to try and remove folders
    5. Categories app is no where to be found (but it is installed).
    6. Installed SBS settings so I can try do something about teh Categories app not showing up but SBS Settings is also no where to be found.

    What can I do about this? I just want to get rid of Categories completely and have all my apps back on teh homescreen.

    Thanks in advancce

  90. hoyoyo Says:

    Ah, solved it.

    I just went to setting > general > restrictions.

    Set restrictions on a few items then unset the restrictions. After that, everything showed up on the home screen.

  91. Mike Says:

    Hello, I just love this app, but I made a mistake. I deleted a folder that was not empty. And now I cannot find my apps from that folder. Can anybody help?

  92. thefatman Says:

    I have a strange problem. I don’t know if ‘Utils’ is a reserved word and shouldn’t be used as a category name, but I created a category called Utils. Put cydia, categories, etc. in there as well as some ‘settings’ app in there. But I don’t know when this happened, it did work atleast a day after I did that. But yesterday I noticed that my ‘add’ list is now the list of apps in the utils folder, but if I go to the utils folder, it shows all the icons/apps from my springboard. When I go out of categories, springboard looks fine and all the categories with the exception of the ‘Utils’ category, load fine. If i go into utils category from springboard, it shows all the icons from springboard again. And I can’t find the cydia/settings/categories icons.

    Luckily I have quickgold installed and it finds the apps fine. So categories just messed up somehow. Maybe because I put the settings icon in there or maybe because I called it Utils, or maybe unreleated. Reinstalling categories didn’t help. Restarting SB also didn’t help. What else can I try?

  93. thefatman Says:

    Well I guess I fixed it. I removed the apps in the ‘Utils’ subcategory. This didn’t really change anything in SB, except remove the duplicate entries in Utils, and left it empty. What should have been in utils was still hidden. But when I go to categories, and do Add to Utils, icons that should be in Utils as well as the springboard apps show up now. I added the icons that I could remember as missing, back into utils. I might have missed an app or two, but if I remember ‘em, I’ll put them back in Utils. Atleast that part isn’t hidden. Or I can use poof to unhide them etc.

    Anyway, Thanks for the app/functionality that Apple should have added in the first place.

  94. calvin Says:

    Hi when I delete an app from a folder the app does not reappear on my springboard. How can I fix this? Any help would be much appreciated.

  95. Kozerk Says:

    How can I add more icons into categories library from iPhone Browser? location?

  96. Kozerk Says:

    Where is the icon folder in the root? can i add more icons to library of categories?

  97. Kozerk Says:

    I found at the end, the icons is located;
    Var/stash/App./ folder, you can add what you want and enjoy

  98. Sam Says:

    I have rearranged my icons with Categories, great app. But I also moved the Settings icon to a folder and after a firmware update of the iPhone I dont see the applications on the Springboard that used to be in categories folders. I also put the categories icon to a folder so I cant access that either… kind a stupid… but s–t happens. any ideas?

  99. Pixel Rogue Says:

    Hello. Not seeing these items addressed so thought I would check it out here:

    1) Categories does not appear to be working w/3.0 (?) Is there an update needed -or- maybe I’m totally missing something.

    2) Categories ( General > Restrictions. Turn Restrictions on, click home… return and turn Restrictions back off. This will load ALL your icons to the desktop and then you re-categorize.

    This worked for me on the same problem. Now if I can just get Categories to work at all I can clean up the billions of icons floating around.

  100. Pixel Rogue Says:

    ^^ post is not publishing correctly. Trying again…

    Hello. Not seeing these items addressed so thought I would check it out here:

    1) Categories does not appear to be working w/3.0 (?) Is there an update needed -or- maybe I’m totally missing something.

    2) Categories ( Restrictions. Turn Restrictions on, click home… return and turn Restrictions back off. This will load ALL your icons to the desktop and then you re-categorize.

    This worked for me on the same problem. Now if I can just get Categories to work at all I can clean up the billions of icons floating around

  101. Pixel Rogue Says:

    Trying a third time… different formatting

    ^^ post is not publishing correctly. Trying again…

    Hello. Not seeing these items addressed so thought I would check it out here:

    1) Categories does not appear to be working w/3.0 (?) Is there an update needed -or- maybe I’m totally missing something.

    2) Categories Restrictions. Turn Restrictions on, click home… return and turn Restrictions back off. This will load ALL your icons to the desktop and then you re-categorize.

    This worked for me on the same problem. Now if I can just get Categories to work at all I can clean up the billions of icons floating around

  102. Pixel Rogue Says:

    Ok. Sorry everyone. I need to break this one post up to get it to post. Hope someone will delete these bad entires.

    Hello. Not seeing these items addressed so thought I would check it out here:

    1) Categories does not appear to be working w/3.0 (?) Is there an update needed -or- maybe I’m totally missing something.

  103. Pixel Rogue Says:

    2) Categories (<3.0) would always crash on me when I was not w/i wifi range. I expect that the application was looking to display ads but would have a hard time when there was not access.

  104. Pixel Rogue Says:

    3) Speed. What can I do on my end to speed Categories up? I don’t have any of the directories overloaded w/applications nor use any fancy a icons/graphics.

  105. Pixel Rogue Says:

    4) Feature Request: Ability to move BETWEEN categories, rather than all the baggage tied to traveling home and then back to a category.

  106. Pixel Rogue Says:

    *) TIP: If you lose your icons on the 3.0 upgrade try the following:
    General > Restrictions. Turn Restrictions on, click home… return and turn Restrictions back off. This will load ALL your icons to the desktop and then you re-categorize.

    This worked for me on the same problem. Now if I can just get Categories to work at all I can clean up the billions of icons floating around

  107. jj zavalla Says:

    does anyone know how i can make my apps from itunes appear on the SB after upgrading to 3.0? i had categories before i upgraded, and all the apps that were in categories do not appear although itunes and my iphone say that they are there? please message ASAP once you know. thank you!
    twitter – @jjzavalla

  108. Please add SORT Says:

    Please please PLEASE add a sorting option into the categories! I have over 60 items in my games folder and it’s a bitch to keep them in any sort of alpha order

  109. Jsil Says:

    Is there any way to enable spotlight to search apps inside the custom categories? I loved that QuickGold did that pre 3.0

  110. Stefan Says:

    I just love the BB apps and Categories is one of my favorites.
    This is just a small thing i’m thinking of, but on 2.2.1 when a category folder was opened the background was still showing when the loading folder appears. Now on 3.0 the background goes black when the folder loads and when the loading is done the background is shown again.

    I know it is small, but having the background shown during the loading like it was before looks much better. I hope it is possible to fix this.

  111. GayAzn Says:

    can some one please tell me ?!

    I need your help , please

    i have some damn question,
    I can’t find out… :-( how do i change back to default theme ?!
    Please Help me,

    Thank you :-)

  112. Keyhole Says:

    Some of my icons have turned to question marks, how do I fix this ?

  113. Keyhole Says:

    Ah, I got it now.
    Is there any way to change the fonts ? they look a bit grainy :(

  114. Courtney Says:

    Im having the most trouble ever with Categories for some reason. PLEASE PLEASE someone help me!!!!

    Last night i tried to upgrade my unlocked iphone 2g with 3.0 firmware to the 3.0.1 firmware and it totally screwed me over. After about 3 hours sitting at my computer trying to unlock it again i finally got everything back except for all of the cydia apps i downloaded INCLUDING categories. All the apps that were in specified categories were lost but my iTunes and my iPhone still insists that i have these apps– but theyre NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! i really want my apps back. can you please help me??

    –all the categories i came up with are gone. and wen i clicked on the actual app it had the names within but said “(0)” next to each one so I just deleted it all. I reinstalled Categories from Cydia thinking maybe something would happen and it didnt.

    Big Boss please help.

  115. nilepharaoh1 Says:

    I have been a user of categories but on a limited scale and thank you for such excellent efforts.

    I have a questions and appreciate your feedback, after having several folders with applications in them, what will happen if i uninstalled categories? will the folders remain?

    thank you,

  116. fredv Says:

    Hmmm and how does he keep the Dock icons when in a category ?? Is it a non-clickable dock icons background image or is there a way to do that ?

    And how to use a theme with rounded icons in Categories ?
    And i’m using “Keep Resident” but still got a fast “Loading” page, is it normal ?

    Thanks thanks bigboss !

  117. mike finder Says:

    any way to get a user created shortcut in a folder created by catagories?

  118. Fabrizio Says:

    BUG in Categories:
    if you have all your categories nice done after 2 hours of work and your wife change the iphone language to german all icons will be copied to the 8 main iphone screen!!

    regards fabrizio

  119. sircutbreaker Says:

    Question… i hit an icon and then delte by accident on the root level of icons.. now when i go to add that particular one.. i cannot, as it doesnt show up in the enumeration…

    where can i go to reset that? I was looking at all the plists in the app folder and i couldn’t see where to reset or eliminate the entry.

    Any help would be much appreciated

  120. Frodo Says:

    I did create some folder and I do have some applications in. But since I upgrade to the latest version I can’t access the application in the folder, I seem them but soon I click on it bring me back to the page I have the folder. Anyway to correct this situation?

  121. izzy Says:

    hey thanks for the great apps. but i have a problem. im currently stationed in iraq and i cant download any of your apps because of error code 403; hacking site. I really need categories so i can mod my phone. can u post a direct link for a download through rapidshare or another download site so i can ssh it to my phone.

  122. andy Says:

    I created a category named ‘Etc.’ And later, I tried to edit it with categories app, but the ‘Etc.’ category doesn’t show in the category list of the application. (I can see the category on SpringBoard though)

    Could you help fix this? Thanks in advance.

  123. krissy Says:

    Yes the same as happened to me. But I updated my categories app to version 2.29, now the folders created with version 2.22 can no longer be edited or deleted. This is quite frustrating.

  124. Verse Says:

    Hey was wondering if anyone knew if a non-click able blank app could be assigned into a folder created by

  125. Steve 1 Says:

    Hi. This a great app. Thank you!!!

    How can I put web clips inside a category?

    Thanks in advance.

  126. Xian Says:

    Do you have any plans to make this work for the iPad? There’s a real need for something like this for the iPad.

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