Cydia crashing December 28th

Author: Optimo  //  Category: News, Repository

There is a problem with a particular source this morning. Signs point to it being Zodttd’s repo sending data that Cydia has a problem with. This causes Cydia to go into a crashing loop.

You should NOT need to restore your firmware to fix this problem. Please have patience, a fix is being worked on. If the coming solutions do not help there is still the possibility that a restore may be needed.

Update #1: Some good advice and instructions in the comments below. You can also try the FIXES AND SUGGESTIONS HERE, as the problem is the same as it was then. You must remove the zodttd source list that is causing the problem.

Update #2: A quick fix for some (works only if you have apt7 installed)

  • Log-in as root using MobileTerminal or SSH and run this command:
  • apt-get update
  • This will update your lists and then Cydia should work

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

125 Responses to “Cydia crashing December 28th”

  1. edward Says:

    Hello Sir,
    cydia is Crashing.
    when will it become ok?
    Thank you sir.

  2. Edward Says:

    Hello Sir,
    Cydia Is Still Crashing
    when will it become ok?
    thank you sir

  3. Nigeria Negro Says:

    Twitter updates?

  4. scph35003 Says:

    Phew! i thought it was something i did. Thanks for posting

  5. samhay18 Says:

    is this similar to what happened on july 18?

  6. Fabio Says:

    Oh man, I’ve just updated my iPhone to 3.1.2 with PwnageTool and now Cydia not working!
    Will it be up soon?

  7. PC repair guy Says:

    Same here. Glad I didn’t start the whole restore process. Will stay put for updates.

  8. ruben Says:

    you always can just delete zotdd source

    Navigate to the /var/lib/apt/lists/ folder. Delete the 3 x zodttd files Navigate to /private/etc/apt/sources.list.d Delete the zodttd file Then launch cydia.

  9. Jasper Says:

    Yeah it works, I deleted the 3 zodttd file and working cydia =D

  10. samhay18 Says:

    can we get it after this is over? after the corrupt package is gone?

  11. Yllier Says:

    if you want a temporary fix just ssh too /etc/apt/sources.list.d and rename the zodttd.list… later, when everything is fixed you can name it back.

  12. Dustin L. Howett Says:

    Please refer to the july 18th crash fix for the fix to this problem.

  13. xxdesmus Says:

    Worked like a champ! Thanks.

  14. KennyTM~ Says:

    Now that the problematic package has been removed, you can fix Cydia by simply follow these 2 steps:

    1) SSH into your device as root.
    2) apt-get update

  15. Drave Says:

    For those, like me, who do not have OpenSSH installed, is there, or is there likely to be, any other solution short of restoring?

  16. samhay18 Says:

    do we do the last step with mobile terminal?

  17. Wtt Says:

    Wondering the same thing!
    Using blackra1n on 3.1.2, because of this I have no access to the right folders through iPhoneBrowser, no openSSH, and so on! Now what? Would restoring help? As it would reinstall cydia, and not the “problematic package” according to KennyTM~, who says the problematic package has been removed. Is this true?

  18. REL Says:

    @ruben thanks buddy, worked like a charm!

  19. eelco Says:

    Should I wait?

    Using blackra1n on 3.1.2, 3GS. no openSSH, no WinSCP. I have only winterboard + mobile terminal + SBsettings + lockinfo + MXtube + sms helper .

    what will happen for those who choose to wait?

  20. Optimo Says:

    Yes. However, this only will work if you had installed the optional APT packages.

  21. KennyTM~ Says:

    Either SSH or MobileTerminal is OK, but for MT you first need to login as root using “su”:

    # enter root password e.g. alpine
    apt-get update

  22. KennyTM~ Says:

    You could use MobileTerminal, see my reply above.

    BTW, the July 18th fix posted above also works.

  23. scph35003 Says:

    For those who cant SSH, install a called DiskAid, then go through it that way. You may need to install Rock first.

  24. KennyTM~ Says:


    Wrong. DiskAid cannot spawn a shell, so my fix can’t work with that. Of course DiskAid works if you’re talking about the July 18th fix.

  25. scph35003 Says:

    DiskAid works. JUST Done it on mine. Peeps use it if you want cydia

  26. Norberto Says:

    OK, I do have Rock and I can install open ssh but after that I’dont know what to do with that I may also dowload Disk Aid, but again and after that?

  27. Norberto Says:

    I’dont see DiskAid in Rock, I found DiskAgent, this is it?

  28. Wtt Says:

    I do not have MobileTerminal either though? Or have I missed this application somehow? If not, how would I get this app on my phone without SSH or Cydia?

    I was adding a repo source when cydia stopped working, so I thought I somehow broke it by adding a bad source, not knowing the bad source was a default one in cydia. Therefore I restored my phone and reinstalled Cydia (If I only knew what I know now, I obviously wouldn’t have done so).
    Now I have no way of getting my custom apps on my iPhone untill this is fixed, am I right? :(

  29. Norberto Says:

    Since I have Rock installed I can just unistall the zotdd source? will this fix Cydia?

  30. monoxide Says:

    i restored my phone earlier thinking i screwed it all up, re-jailbroke it and went to sources and deleted Bigboss source immediately. cydia works fine now.. will put the bigboss back on when i see a fix…

  31. Norberto Says:

    Ok, using Rock I unistalled “zotdd source” and Cydia is workong again!

  32. monoxide Says:

    this screwed my whole day up lol

  33. Optimo Says:

    monoxide, if you read the text of the article here this problem was caused by zodttd source.
    there is no problem with bigboss source at this time.

  34. monoxide Says:

    so your saying if i install the bigboss source my cydia wont crash?

  35. Norberto Says:

    I mean “working again!

  36. lola1889 Says:

    I was stupid when I jailbroke I found Rock useless..I never used anything from it and it kept making me update so I decided not to install it this time.

    What can I use to fix it if I don’t have the Open SSH or Rock?!

  37. Norberto Says:

    lola1889 : wrong step, ROCK works OK and even if it sits there and you don’t use it is allways a backup tool, it saved my day before I went into restoring, just check an airplane instrument panel: it allways has at least two of the same.
    Open SSH?:Even if you had it you need to know how to use it, I don’t.

  38. lola1889 Says:

    Norberto: I know it was a very stupid there a way I can install Rock without having to rejailbreak?! I guess I have no way to fix Cydia I will have to wait it out.

  39. Norberto Says:

    lola1889:Sorry but I gave you all my knowledge aboaut this issue, you can either wait for Cydia to fix it or rejailbreak and as long as we are comunicating I can tell you I found the real solution for the Push ($5.99) and YouTube problems:
    “the package “Pushfix 2.0″. Instructions for adding the source are at as well.

  40. lola1889 Says:

    how long does it usually take for Cydia to get fixed?!

  41. Norberto Says:

    lola: Sorry I don’t know the answer but if you can wait do it for at least 24 hours

  42. Scittul Says:

    Wow i must be lucky then because i have not had one problem with cydia today.haha lol lucky me.It works perfectly fine.The problem is that one of the pakages in zottd is corrupted and many of u guys installed it and apparentely i

  43. drumin90 Says:

    Yeah Cydia crashed on me this morning so I figured I would reboot to attempt to determine the problem and then I was stuck at the Apple logo. 3 Restores and 2 jailbreaks later, it’s finally working.

  44. grim Says:

    i still have the blackrain in staller but when i install rock it dosent so im screwed so looks like im restroing to factor and re jailbraking

  45. dNEwayz Says:

    Thanks man…
    helped alot

  46. Dudeicon Says:

    Worked perfectly!!!!! Thank you

  47. jaylou180 Says:

    Luckily I have rockyourphone installed. I removed zod’s repo via the rock and cydia is up and running

  48. Scittul Says:

    Rock and icy could be slow and not as good as cydia but it comes in handy during situations like this.So everyone make sure to have either one installed next time on your iphone. And also have mobile finder or ifile;)Trust me

  49. Norberto Says:

    As I said before ROCK is good and it works and actually much faster than Cydia, so if you can have the options, why not have both of them.
    Now if you read the Dev-Team blog you will see the opinion of this Confucious (maybe confunded)guy which is very radical against Rock without any reasonable explanation except he gives much more complicated solutions to the problem.

  50. Gonzalo Says:

    my blackrain icon is gone how can i get it back?

  51. Anonymous Says:

    If youhave Rock installed, go to manage and delete his repo, then start Cydia and re add the repo.

  52. Tyson Says:

    If youhave Rock installed, go to manage and delete his repo, then start Cydia and re add the repo.

  53. Impala6363 Says:

    I used the same method. Only I used iFile to delete the same three bad zodttd sources and then respring in SB Settings and then open Cydia and you are good to go. No computer needed.
    iFile>var>lib>apt>list>edit>check the three sources from zodttd delete them, respring open

  54. Anonymous Says:

    that worked great thank you

  55. HellFire Says:

    This worked like a charm! cydia pulled right up with no crash!

  56. techie88 Says:

    when i use iPhoneBrowser the files under var>lib>apt>list> comes up empty. i dont SSH on my iphone. i tried accessing info thru winscp and it wont let me in. i dont ifile either. any other solutions?????

  57. dropmyload Says:

    my cydia has also crashed. I have diskaid and iphonexplorer but cannot access the root files as I didnt install some patch, jailbroken using blackra1n.

    what should I do next?

  58. poj Says:

    I jail broke yesterday for the first time and cydia stopped working after 30mins, thought it was something i had done.

    I dont have ifile, SSH, or mobile terminal installed.
    In fact the only thing i got to install was mxtube.
    I jail broke using black rain.

    please is there a fix, thanks

  59. Wtt Says:

    If you still have the blackra1n app, you can install rock with that, and somehow fix it through that. Or you could do what I did, sync/backup your iPhone so you don’t lose anything, then restore and rejailbreak. Just rain with blackra1n and reinstall cydia, when updating the sources, cancel, then cydia should prompt for an update (or not, I dunno, it did for me!). At least the new version removes the bad source. So it should work properly now.

  60. ketzazu Says:

    I have a blackra1n jailbroken 3GS. I had to reboot it 5 or 6 times after jailbreaking it to get Wifi etc but now as I was trying to restore I;m getting error 23 from itunes [radio failure]. I have my 3.1.2 ECID on Saurik’s but nothing worked. when the phone reboots I can’t pass thru the emergency call screen [with a background picture showing] after the iTunes 9 logo.
    Any ideas on how to get the phone to restore?

  61. 3gskem Says:

    All this solutions are only who has SSH or access to root. I recently jailbroke the phone and do not have ssh installed. Do I need to wait for the actual solution or this is it, Restore? Please advise

  62. ketzazu Says:

    Lucky you! I attempted to restore but my 3GS 3.1.2 keeps getting “error 23″ after iTunes 9 tried to verify the restore process with Apple.
    Any suggestion? iDisk can’t access the phone with “locked with a password error”.

  63. glassbase Says:

    Update 1 – didn’t work. Don’t know if it maybe doesn’t work on Windows 7.

    Update 2 – wasn’t working at first. Went into Rock (thank god I installed that) and installed any APT 0.7 that I didn’t have installed. Then, back into Terminal and voila!

  64. tys Says:

    So if I haven’t run Cydia in a few days, what do I need to do? Just wait for the “all clear” when this is fixed and it’s safe to use Cydia again, or do I need to do one of these fixes?

  65. CER Says:


    tried but the “non sufficient privileges” screen came up…even with option trashing

    pls advise



  66. Anonymous Says:

    the all-clear is already now
    you only have a crashing problem if you used Cydia between Noon and 3pm EST yesterday.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    IF you follow the link in Update #1, you will find some alternative fixes/solutions, some include hooking with the usb cable to a pc and revmonig files this way. Cydia will not fix itself, you will need to take some action.

  68. ArfionZo Says:

    ..You the Man..seriously..googling all night an this morning also : I tried almost everything and nothing and now just as abc..
    Thanks Son
    Long Life to GeoHOtz,Saurik and friends
    Steve Jobs You’re the DEVIL!!

  69. Joseman Says:

    I found an easy fix to that crashing issue. I have 3 iphones. Two of them are 3GS and one 3g. As long as they are runing 3.x.x firmware this will work.

    Shh in to you iphone and go to etc/apt/sources.list.d

    Then DELETE file “zodttd.list”. That is the ZodTTD repository file. After that reboot the iphone. Then you can run Cydia as usual. Once in Cydia manually add the ZodTTD repository and thats it. All fixed up. :D

  70. Anonymous Says:

    so what do you do now?

  71. PeterD Says:

    What do i do when my iphone lock-up after installing a cydia app. The apple logo just stays on the screen. i tried rebooting and it does the same thing.

  72. reza Says:

    sweet, it worked perfectly. Thanks! :)

  73. fero Says:

    Hi all.
    I’m no expert when it comes to all this but cydia didnt crash on my phone even though the repo was there. I deleted it just in case. Is there an explanation for this? Shouldn’t this have affected all the jailbroken iphones w cydia installed?

  74. Anonymous Says:

    only if you had used cydia during the time that zodttd had the bad files posted. it was removed after ~2 hours, and it’s now fixed

  75. fero Says:

    never mind i guess i should have read comment 49 before posting.

  76. fero Says:

    thank u
    makes sence now

  77. 3gskem Says:

    As mentioned earlier, I don’t have SSH installed, so no point hookingup to PC as I will not have access to /var or /root directory.
    I am just waiting for the automatic fix as its been mentioned in red color by Optimo “You should NOT need to restore your firmware to fix this problem. Please have patience, a fix is being worked on”…
    So do we wait for the fix? Please advise Optimo!!! or please post if we need to have restore option only.

  78. Jayson Says:

    When is cydia gonna be fixed!?! I am
    starting to get pissed off! I have a lot
    of people calling and texting me for fixes and picture messaging options!! I don’t have rock or sshto fix cydia. Please a update on when this will be fixed or what to do would be great

  79. Impala6363 Says:

    I have now fixed a total of 13 phones and 6 itouches using iFile. No computer needed. Check the post above.

  80. Calvin Says:

    I have mobile terminal, but no apt. I tried many fixes but none worked. Help please!

  81. Calvin Says:

    Is it possible to get ifile after cydia won’t work? I don’t have it atm…

  82. lolo Says:


  83. Edmund Says:

    Hi Guys, you can use iphone browser 1.9.3 from google search if you don’t have ssh,ifile or mobile terminal. Browse to /var/lib/apt/lists/
    Delete all cydia.zodttd-com_repo_cydia_dists_stable_main_binary-iphoneos-arm_Packages.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    There’s a link in Update #1 to another article that has fixes that will work. You hookit to your pc and use the windows or mac software to access the files and remove the zod list. you do not need ssh to use the usb method.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    follow the link

    you pluginj your phone to the mac/pc and delete the files using the usb cables

  86. dropmyload Says:

    pls pls someone help us who have jailbroken and not installed all the extras etc…and cant use a iphone browser to access the root!!!!!

  87. Adam Says:

    Ok so I jailbroke using blackrain so I can’t use diskaid. I don’t have rock, ssh , icy, or terminal. What do I do?

  88. dropmyload Says:

    i tried iphone browser, and it says my iphone is not jailbroken, no afc2 service found. However, my iphone is jailbroken using blackra1n, just i didnt manage to install afc2.

    Pls help!!!!!!!

  89. Edmund Says:

    Another alternative.. u may try iphoneexplorer or ifunbox. Hope it work.
    Mine is 3gs running 3.0.1

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Worked!!! Thanks so much!

  91. dchris Says:

    Did the deleting of the zodttd files with rock using disk aid took 30 seconds or so to load then it worked thanks for your help

  92. Craze Says:

    jailbroken using blackrain.. no ssh, diskaid and etc… don’t know what to do now…

  93. Speed Says:

    I have 2 Iphones running Cydia but only one is crashing, My 3gs, I’m really not good at understanding what I need to due to fix this, Can someone please help guide me through this, Thank you

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Please help!
    I am getting the cydia error database encountered a section with no package header.
    I did not installed openSSH. Cannot use wincp or have access to root with iphonebrowser.
    How can I enable iphone to accept SSH connections?

  95. Anonymous Says:

    There seem to be a lot of pple here who have jailbroken iphones(3.1.2) using blackra1n, but who don’t have ssh, diskaid, iphonebrowser or any usb filesytem browser because they weren’t able to get the afc2add required to run those programs. Are there any solutions for all us people in that situation, other then restore and re-jailbreak? Can you get the afc2add from any source other than cydia? Please help!

  96. Ryan Says:

    I deleted the source file… what is the url to add it back? or should we wait to add it again?

  97. Norberto Says:

    IFile is safer and easier to use than SSH

  98. Anonymous Says:

    my iphone 3g on 3.0 wont even load cydia at all???

  99. Jimmychan Says:

    I just started…. could you help me with updating the phone or should i wait awhile?

  100. Calvin Says:

    but I can’t get it

  101. pad Says:

    I found another way for all the people who have not downloaded any of the above mentioned apps before the cydia crash. Get “Phoneview”, open the folders to find the corrupted files and delete them. Thats all. For the future I do recommend to have at least terminal installed just in case Cydia crashes again-

  102. Calvin Says:

    thanks, I got terminal, but not apt I will try your method

  103. Calvin Says:

    aww, I have a pc, it needs mac

  104. Calvin Says:

    For Pc users, get touch copy, then follow rubens method.

  105. Calvin Says:

    try using touch copy to locate the corrupted files, delete them, and cydia should work. touch copy has a 15 day free trial. use it from you computer.

  106. Calvin Says:

    this method works, I am getting ifile now to prepare in case this happens again.

  107. drumin90 Says:

    Maybe try a DFU mode restore

  108. Plotkin35 Says:

    Okay, so nothing is working for me. I can’t figure out why. I’ve used WinSCP with go into my phone and remove the ZODTT lists/packages. Nothing worked. I still got the error when loading Cydia.

    S plan 2. I used Mobile Terminal on my phone to SSH into it. I successfully get in, and run apt-get update, and it runs, but right at the end I get the following:

    “Fetch 92.0kB in 6s (13.9kB/s)
    Reading packae lists….Error!
    E: Encountered a section with no Package: header
    E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/zodttd/com_repo_cydia_._Packages
    E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened”

    I’ve run this 3 times and nothing but the same error every time. I’ve restarted the phone a coulpe of times. No luck. Do I need to remove Rock? I can’t get the extension out of Rock. I cn only disable it there.

    Please help. WOuld love to be able to use Cydia again.

    iPhone 3GS 32 GB
    Windows XP

    Thank you,

  109. Plotkin35 Says:


    I retired something else and got it working again.

  110. StevieP Says:

    I had the same problem and was tearing my hair out..Thanks to this page Cydia is now back up and running. The post on the previous crash is brilliant and many thanks to Ryan. It reads:-

    “Ryan Petrich Says:
    July 18th, 2009 at 3:28 pm
    For those of you that are still experiencing the crash, delete all the files in /root/private/var/lib/apt/lists/ except for the partial subfolder” end…

    To do the above you need a programme such as WinSCP on your PC and the ability to use it. The Clear Cydia download didn’t work for me.

  111. Calvin Says:

    You only need to delete the zoddtd files

  112. Jayson Says:

    All these methods for me aren’t working. It’s been almost a week and cydia still is not working! I have jailbroke about a dozen iPhones ranging from the 2G to 3Gs and cydia works for them. I don’t wish to restore and re-jailbreak! When is cydia gonna be working again!?!?!?!?!!

  113. Calvin Says:

    I din’t think it will work until the corrupted files are deleted. Of course, you may have a completely different problem. Try using touch copy to delete the files if you use PC.

  114. Jeremy Says:

    Finally able to use Cydia again thanks.. 8-)

  115. Adam Says:

    Ok so I got diskaid for my mac, but it won’t let me access the root folder. I hear this is from jailbreaking with blackrain. Is there a way to fix this and give me access from my computer without a restore/ rejailbreak? I don’t have mobile terminal or anything installed on my phone so I think this is my last option. And if I just leave it will Cydia eventually fix itself?

  116. Anonymous Says:

    you are d great

  117. StevieP Says:

    For Jayson and Adam: There is one other method you may like to try..”iFile”. Obviously you can’t use Cydia to download it so get the .deb file from the net eg ( I believe you may have to pay for it but it is well worth it I promise. Follow the instructions to transfer it to your iphone. I’m assuming here that you can access and use WinSCP or similar to tranfer and run it? Once it’s on the iphone with a bit of luck you may be able to access and delete the Cydia files that are causing the problem. (Keep the Partial sub folder). Bon chance!

  118. Impala6363 Says:

    No you will need to fix

  119. Jp Says:

    I love u

  120. redbarron1980 Says:

    I have a problem last night I updated catagories and install0us and while doing the update cydia crashed… Now both apps work but cydia keeps crashing when i try to load, can anyone help me of give me insite on what to do????!!! PLEASE!!!

  121. deedee Says:

    I’m not sure why this is happening but every time I try to open Cydia it crashes and goes back to the springboard, I did not install SSH nor ifile, is there a way I can rectify this problem? also if I do a reboot on my iphone will it automatically update to 4.0 and/or will my Itunes update to 9.2?

    Iphone 3g
    05.12.01 firmware

  122. Chris Says:


    I have iPhone 3GS 3.1.3 BB 05.12.01 I want to unlock it. The procedure that I was did as the following:

    - Jailbreak with Spirit
    - Install Ultrasn0w on cydia(After my iPhone was freezing and close later on everytime I try to open cydia it’s close right away……)
    - I delete cydia file on other program that can see cydia file(Because I want to rejailbreak by spirit again)
    - Even I try to rejailbreak again its still crash, I can’t go to cydia………

    So anyone please help me?
    Very appreciate for your reply.

  123. Komitas Says:

    PLs help me to restore z oreginal iphone app source adding to my iphone or if u can tell me how can I adding my self thank you

  124. Arrow Says:

    I’m having problems with Cydia. nothing will install. i get error messages saying that say something about appsync and other files are already updated, and it takes me back to cydia. how can i clear out what seems to be a messed up probram and reinstall?
    one of the problems seems to lead from sinfuliphone repo version of the appsync.

    will deleting cydia and reinstalling fix the problem?
    what about my cydia installed apps??

    I am able to install jailbroken apps through installous.

    I have an iphone 3GS. 2009 week 42.

  125. Arrow Says:

    3.1.3 spirit jailbreak.

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