Cydia crashing fix for July 18th

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For 10 minutes on July 18th a corrupted packages file was posted. If you loaded Cydia during that 10 minute period, your packages file became corrupted. This subsequently causes Cydia to crash each time you use it.

Here are ways to fix it for Windows and Mac users:

**Update 1: crash-x has made a small update to the PDF. Please follow instructions carefully. We have confirmed reports that one or more source-repos besides TheBigBoss may be causing your problems. Removing all the lists may help.

Windows users: Download this tool for Windows (.NET required) and unzip the files to a handy location. Run the enclosed executable and connect your device to your PC. Click the button to start the fix. A confirmation screen will appear shortly when it has finished.

Mac or Windows users: This document (PDF) describes how to fix Cydia using DiskAid for Mac or Windows.

Note: This is not a fix for all Cydia issues, but only if you loaded Cydia on July 18th during that 10 minute period and now cannot load Cydia at all.

Thanks to DB42 of OpenHebrew and crash-x for the tools and instructions.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

154 Responses to “Cydia crashing fix for July 18th”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This isnt working for me =(

  2. Anonymous Says:

    just tried this and it did not fix the problem

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not working for be either.
    The first run after using the fix appears okay, but my phone crashes at the “reloading data” part.
    Then when reopening cydia, it crashes immediately.

  4. hostolis Says:

    Thanks, it worked for me.

  5. The Legend Says:

    Followed both steps to fix cydia and neither worked. Cydia continues to crash. It will open and start loading then after about ten seconds it closes. What other steps to try besides restoring phone and jailbreaking again?

  6. anthony Says:

    thanks for the app bosspref as it worked well on 2.2. however, after doing a fresh 3.0 update, jailbreak and unlock on my 2g phone cydia was working just fine. during the install of sbsettings it went to the apple icon screen and stayed there for a very long time. eventually the phone came back up. ever since then cydia crashes on open. i tried the fix here and there are no packages in the lists directory but the app still crashes after being on the loading data screen for a few seconds. i’ve tried restarting the phone after as well. it’s odd because what prompted me to upgrade to 3.0fw was cydia crashing on my 2.2fw after updating bosspref. am i going to have to reinstall the 3.0 again and stay away from sbsettings and bosspref to avoid this issue??

  7. anthony Says:

    btw..this was all done today on july 18th. thanks

  8. Rajiv Says:

    This program worked for me.

    My steps:

    1) Downloaded and unzipped file.
    2) Connected iPhone 2G 8GB to computer and backedup with iTunes.
    3) Closed iTunes.
    4) Ran .exe and clicked button.
    5) When the program was finished, I disconnected the iPhone from the computer.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    im reading on other forums and base on their response, this did not fix the cydia crash =(

  10. Ryan Petrich Says:

    For those of you that are still experiencing the crash, delete all the files in /root/private/var/lib/apt/lists/ except for the partial subfolder.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    thank you! cydia is working again

  12. Anonymous Says:

    i try deleting just the apt.bigboss

    and clearing the whole list folder except for the partial

    clearing whole list folder AND clearing the stuff inside partial

    all yield the same result. work on first launch of cydia and than it will crash after loading everything at the “reloading screen” afterwards cydia will have same problem, open for under 5 sec than close.

    this sucks

  13. c Says:

    lol i am so unlucky i just jailbroke after a restore, and then cydia wouldnt open so i restored again. o well

  14. y3k-bug Says:

    I have no idea why TheBoss chose such a convoluted technique for fixing this problem, where doing it by hand is much simpler:

    Find the folder /var/lib/apt/lists (may have to backtrack to the var folder – default log-in isn’t always the root folder where var is)

    I opted to back up all of the files I was deleting simply by dragging them to a folder on the desktop – you don’t have to, but having a way to undo stuff is usually a good option to have.

    Delete all of the files except for the partial folder

    Disconnect the SSH connection in your program

    Restart cydia, done.

  15. Optimo Says:

    That is what the PDF details. I’m glad you got your problem fixed.

  16. Optimo Says:

    Also, not everyone affected by this has SSH installed.

  17. goldfixxxer08 Says:

    y3k-bug thanks your way worked for me

  18. goldfixxxer08 Says:

    always install SSH. it leave a way in. in case of problems

  19. Jon Says:

    just use iPhone Browser or WinSCP or something like that, and delete the imodding source in cydia, that was the problem source.

    You should be back in business!!!

  20. Jon Says:

    sorry, iphonemodding is the source, application/cydia/sources

    right click on iphonemodding and delete, it will automatically make a back up just in case, at lease it will with iPhone Browser.

    Take care guys!!

  21. JASONK Says:

    i’m new at this and i have no idea how to find the files i need to delete or what program to uses. i use a pc with windows xp. can someone help me?

  22. Simey Says:

    worked for me first go. phew! cheers Optimo for the info.

  23. Jay Says:

    everything worked perfect with the tool, and i dont even have ssh installed on my 2g.

  24. Twilight_guy Says:

    yahoo!!!!!!finally can use cydia again…..thanks a bunch….

  25. Joyce Says:

    Thank you so much my cydia is back!!! Big Boss is awesome!!

  26. Naveed Says:


    A bundle………….A lot ThanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

    Very happy today……………dont have to restore 5th time…………. ;)

  27. dyrenr Says:

    hi im still getting that problem me some 1

  28. dyrenr Says:

    some help me

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Just delete bigboss from your soruce just ssh it

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I know I am off topic but how can I get the keyboads to work; for some reason since I updated they have never worked for me.

  31. zastan Says:

    Worked for me – THANKS!!!

  32. Iphonehiphop Says:

    ok i got your cydia fix
    you need to ssh or if you got ifile on your phone if not you can get it on icy . The app is called ifile or ssh then go to var/lib/dpkg/updates
    And delete all the number files only i repeat only the number files it looks like this 00000 1111111 00000222222 delete all of them.
    It should be one file left with a word thats only file in that folder
    Then reboot the iphone or ipod that mean turn it off turn it back on
    and cydia will be working

  33. psnooky Says:

    Simply thanks to y3k-bug. I applaud people like you who take the time to share your knowledge and help others.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    You are AWESOME!!!! this worked like a charm. Thank you so much.

  35. Iphonehiphop Says:

    Ok people i need feed back let me know if
    this help you out for you just say thanks iphonehiphop or
    e mail at

  36. Jon Says:


  37. rowdytee Says:

    Worked well, thanks for the advice

  38. anthony Says:

    i dont have an iphonemodding source your post did no help :(

  39. intotek Says:

    just follow what it says, then reboot your iPhone/ipod.

  40. Julia Says:

    Thankyou – this worked for me

  41. rogue Says:

    worked perfectly on my 2G 3.0!


  42. Iphonehiphop Says:

    Has #28 been helpful to anybody ? Just say thanks iphonehiphop!

  43. oxy Says:

    thanks guys, it works now again.

    i can live without cydia

    many thanks for your perfect job.

    you are greet guys


  44. gio9 Says:


    My iphone 3gs is not coming up, theres the sign of the apple…

    The cydia fix doesnt work and I do have .NET framework…

    Please help me

  45. Snakenvegas Says:

    Trying to get on Cydia after about 30 seconds i get unable to load timed out . is this the problem everyone is having ? I tried response # 28 did not work. i have iFile but was unable to fix problem . Can anyone help ??

  46. Snakenvegas Says:

    Delete all files except partail folder ? Thats alot of files !!! On my iphone anyway !

  47. megaman Says:

    I did follow the tutorial using DiskAid on Windows and when it opens lists only the partial folder is there,so why is it my Cydia is still not working on my 2G 3.0? I haven’t tried the restore and Jailbreak again so is there any other way to fix this problem?TIA for any help.

  48. IPhoneFIxer Says:

    Hi everyone, I was also having the crashing cydia problem after I upgraded my mobile substrate. The solution on this website didn’t help me at all!
    But I finally found a solution and fixed it.

    I believe all you have to do is reinstall cydia. I used the lastest deb version of cydia and installed it on a previous version of mobile substrate. It worked, and I updated to the latest version of mobile substrate and it is all working fine, even cydia!
    Although, I would suggest not restartinng your phone, I am not sure, but I think it will cause problems in cydia again. maybe someone can try it out!

  49. blkcadi Says:

    The Zip file ClearCydiaListsCache has cured for the most part the loading problem. I now can load Cydia but still getting a ton of errors as it loads. But at least I can get in about 80% of the time now.

  50. 2x4u Says:

    Thanks worked like a charm.

  51. 2x4u Says:

    Actually it worked but now all sources have been deleted.


  52. d2e Says:

    I got it working, but all sources have been deleted and it will not let me add them – any suggestions?

  53. Anonymous Says:

    yeah it deleted everything

  54. iphonepeople Says:

    worked like a charm for me after i rebooted my phone after i ran this. thanks!

  55. digimoral Says:

    This worked for me!
    Using the exe file from above didn’t do the trick, but deleting those ##### files did.

    I didn’t even have to restart the phone.

    Thanks a lot Iphonehiphop!

  56. conchappie Says:

    Yes this finally worked after hours of forum discusions

    FYI you must disable the password lock on ya iphone if you have one for it to work

  57. Deenajs Says:

    This worked perfectly for me. Used Diskaid and deleted all the files. Cydia started without a problem after this! Thanks a lot

  58. G Says:

    Deleteing the files in /var/lib/apt/list did not work for me but this did.

    THANKS Iphonehiphop!!

  59. amotab Says:

    deleted the 3 bigboss repos and its working fine. :)

  60. Je2180 Says:

    This worked for me. My question is now that it is up and running, it is prompting me for an upgrade. Do i ignore it or should i upgrade it i think it is for the mobile Subtrate.

  61. Iblackdude Says:

    But ….. Why Clippy doesnt work with qtwitter ??????????
    Disappointing !!!! :(

  62. Iblackdude Says:

    And i mean with iphone 3Gs

  63. elquiz Says:

    Hi folks.

    @Optimo: Removing the files from “var/lib/apt/lists” worked the first time I ran Cydia after removing the files, it ran perfectly; but then sometimes Cydia times-out when loading and sometimes not. If it timed-out it will surely crash when I try to do something else with it. If it doesn’t timed-out it will work fine.

    @Jon (posts 15 & 16): I don’t have the “iphonemodding” (or “imodding”) repo installed, so I think the problem must be some other repo(s).

    @Iphonehiphop (post 28): My “var/lib/dpkg/updates” was empty, no number-named files in there.

    Thanks for the info guys, you always rock!

  64. Leo Says:

    @Jon – I didn’t have the iphonemodding repo installed. Tried next solution

    @optimo – I removed all the files in the var/lib/apt/lists folder. Restarted IPhone/cydia…UGH, still not working!!..

    @iphonehiphop – I did have 1 file that was all #’s (0000) so I deleted it. Removed Big Boss source as well.

    In addition, I decided to download/run the cydia cache clear tool from above as well. Restarted IPhone/cydia….YES!!.. I’m back in business!!..

    Whew… Thanks everybody for all the help. Awesome

  65. Absolut Tonic Says:

    I erased “partial” folder… cydia returns me error (of course)…
    Am I dead? anything I can do?

  66. Anonymous Says:

    restore it

  67. Anonymous Says:

    give it to me

  68. Absolut Tonic Says:

    that’s what I’m doing right now;-)

  69. Absolut Tonic Says:

    Just resored Cydia… still doesn’t work…and cydia crashes
    help anyone, advice?

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Is CYDIA down today?

  71. Mani Demos Says:

    It worked wonders, but it deleted all the sources until you restart cydia. If you start cydia and dont see it updating just close cydia wait a few mins and restart till you see downloading package.gpg on top then all should be good.

  72. Black Simorgh Says:

    hey guys, is there a new BigBoss source?

  73. Weston Myers Says:

    Thanks! This worked perfectly. Was annoyed by the errors, crashing, and just cydia taking forever to load. This fixed it all.

  74. MOE Says:

    I have been looking like everyday all day since I encountered this problem on July 18th!! This is the fix i have been looking for. I loaded the file … ran it…and it worked exactly the way you said it would…THANKS a million!! I am a new iphone owner as of a few months ago and i because this was soo helpful i am joining this forum IMMEDIATELY!!!!

    ;-) MOE

  75. iMarkDD Says:

    I did the Mac version with DiskAid. It works perfectly now.

    Thanks!! :)

  76. Zeeshan Mir Alam Says:

    Hay guys just install Iphone PC Scuit

    connect your iphone with it. Go to application>Installer Source> add souce

    updated souce and install cydia

    you can add other source too. no need of wifi to install any application ;)

  77. madzack Says:

    lovin you !!!!!! it worked

  78. nocturn Says:

    yep, worked fine…

    …initially i just removed the file pointed out on the PDF but then i i decided to actually use the recommended directions and “delete everything apart from the PARTIAL SUBFOLDER”.

    cydia is back online

    smile within my shadow

    3G iphone – 2.2.1 (i can wait for the next pwn)

  79. Mike Says:

    I tried downloading the zip and following the instructions in the PDF – neither worked. iphonehiphop’s instructions on deleting the 0000 #s worked like a charm – thanks iphonehiphop!

  80. BJ Says:

    only working method for me…
    Props to you Iphonehihop!

  81. Francesco Says:


  82. Wu Says:

    Thanks to Iphonehiphop I finally got Cydia on one of my iPhone 3G 3.0 working again. Nothing else was working for me and I really didn’t want to restore and jb again.

    Thanks again Iphonehiphop!!!!

  83. vvviktor Says:

    This is very useful and work
    Thank You Iphonehiphop

    !!! Post once again !!!

    Iphonehiphop Says:
    July 19th, 2009 at 1:46 am

    ok i got your cydia fix
    you need to ssh or if you got ifile on your phone if not you can get it on icy . The app is called ifile or ssh then go to var/lib/dpkg/updates
    And delete all the number files only i repeat only the number files it looks like this 00000 1111111 00000222222 delete all of them.
    It should be one file left with a word thats only file in that folder
    Then reboot the iphone or ipod that mean turn it off turn it back on
    and cydia will be working

  84. christian Says:

    thanks iphonehiphop!
    Great work!

  85. Davin Says:

    Thanks a ton. This is the only thing that worked for me.

  86. david Says:

    did what big boss said ran it on my windows and on my 3g phone and worked thank you very much

  87. klevermind Says:

    thank you y3k-bug…worked like a charm

  88. JON from HB! Says:


  89. tony Says:

    “It worked great , thank you”

  90. Anthony Says:

    OMG thanks alot! been trying to fix cydia for couple days now tried a whole bunch of different things.

  91. ian Says:

    thanks iphonehiphop>>>>cydia now working!!!!
    thanks again!

  92. dancervantes Says:


    this worked even for cydia problems not related to july 18 update

  93. Dazcwelshy Says:

    Man you are a legend this had bugged me for far too long nice fix!!!!

  94. San Says:

    This Is Fucking Crazy . Dont Do That Guys . It will Lock Your Phone . Coz You Deleting Yellosn0w Files …So Rest Of Up To You Guys

  95. teara Says:

    THANK YOU! cydia all the sudden started crashing and deleting the number files worked. thank you!!!

  96. V8 Says:

    Cheers, i had this problem on the 27th after updating all sources, this fixed it.

  97. Darren Keeton Says:

    thanks. worked perfectly and it also can be done using Diskaid which just requires ur iphone to be plugged u into ur computer

  98. carnel9 Says:

    i deleted partial how can i fix it?
    everything else hasnt worked

  99. w00t Says:

    The deleting of the 0000 files worked for me thanks

  100. ChrisG Says:

    WORKS , tried all the above methods , none worked , this on the other hand worked like a charm ! thank you very much

  101. anonymous Says:

    hey thanks a million it worked…..(i tried the first option but it did not work but then second one worked so thanks a lot)

  102. Kim Says:

    I haven’t upgraded, added, or changed anything. (3g on 2.2 firmware) Just turned off and turned back on my phone because it had been a while. Cydia won’t load now. Will this work to fix this problem? No idea what happened. Thanks for your help.

  103. Ofer Says:

    I removed boss repository from my cydia
    Now I cannot add it back
    Cydia refuses to add
    I do not have the apt-get on my iphone either
    Any help will be apreciated

  104. Dragan Says:

    I tried to ad ashman beta reopo and cydia just went down. I tried all of those things from above,deleting some or all repo,don’t have anything in upgrade folder. Tried also this
    Open putty and connect to your iphone’s ip address using the SSH protocal
    login using username: root / password: alpine (or the password you changed it to when you installed OpenSSH on your iphone)

    Type in: apt-get remove cydia
    you’l be prompted to confirm with: Yes, do what I say!
    If you don’t confirm correctly you will receive an abort message

    once uninstalled type in: apt-get install –force-yes cydia

    Cydia will reinstall.

    got message anable to install 2 esential. Uninstalled Cydia on Icy and reinstall. Nothing works. If i start clear cydia cache i get message system cant find the file specigfied.


  105. Dragan Says:

    Is it because of Icy? Can Icy be removed? Most of my apps are from cydia…what to do???

  106. Blur Says:

    But then you are assuming that people actually have the ssh serversoftware installed in their iphone.

    I havent installed such a package so I cant use ssh to reinstall Cydia.

    All other fixes didnt work for me. So, at this point Cydia still isnt working. When starting Cydia it pops back to springboard straight away.

  107. o0nedflanders0o Says:

    It worked thanks Iphonehiphop

  108. Glittermonkey Says:

    Hi Guys,
    My cydia stuffed twice on the new 3.0 so I had to re jailbreak…painfull as!!!! so I heard how to use “disk aid” to ssh into the phone then delete all sources except the partial folder. all done works great but how the hell do I add big boss again as I want to get sb settings??


  109. jetdoc Says:

    Thanx a million esp those who guided me here. I can smile on Cydia once again

  110. Dragan Says:

    Icy is working like a charm. So switch to Icy till Cydia became as it was. I was missing cydia for two days and now…like i was born with Icy,and UI on Icy is more iPhone like than Cydia.

  111. Kapilv Says:

    SALUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Deleted ##### file and Cydia Works like charm again

    I ve spent hours searching net and finding a solution to crashing of cydia
    Didnt had OpenSSH nor mobile terminal nor ICY, was frustrated

    Thanks to iphonehiphop
    You rock MaN !!!!!!!

    Thanks Thanks Thanks

  112. Anonymous Says:

    will this not lock the phone??

  113. Anonymous Says:

    only this worked! YOURE THE BEST!

  114. Hidde Says:


    Thanks so much!
    i love you guys for helping me out!
    It’s working again!
    Your solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Paras Says:

    It worked for me…thanx

  116. Iphonehiphop Says:

    You are all welcome glad to see that this way helped
    iphonehiphop say spread it around.  those ## files is a bug

  117. Drew Says:

    That’s funny. I’ve been looking everywhere for a fix. I guess I’ll just come straight to the source more often. Thanks a lot.

  118. Andy Says:

    This worked for me as well!

  119. stefan Says:

    you a boss doggy

  120. Anonymous Says:

    Just create a folder named partial with the same permissions as the folders before it (probably 0755) hope i helped :)

  121. Itouchdude Says:

    Use iphone browser or somerhing that doest require open ssh. The if other fixes dont work go to /etc/lib/apt/Sources.list.d and delete all the files there except cydia.list (just delete all of te text within cydia.list) ::))

  122. chintan Says:

    hi to all

    i have problem.
    when i open cydia and the it serach for internet.and then when i click on 10 to 15 second cydia gone and close.and main page of iphone come.

    what that problem ?

    this tutorial is fix my problem

  123. brad Says:

    thank f**k for that!
    i havent been able to load cydia for a few days now. i went through and manually cleared out a whole heap of shit but no dice. i just stumbled across this and BAM 2 seconds later im using cydia again :)
    i am surprised that being BB this is a free d/l LOL i was waiting for a paypal link to pop up when i fired up the .exe file hahahaha

  124. galloway Says:

    i dont know what SSH is on where to find it. I am having the sam problem as everyone else and really would like to get cydia to work. Can anyone help

  125. brad Says:

    Roger, this worked for me as well. thanks much!

  126. KutKreator Says:

    Man, thanks for the info. I had been without Cydia for three days. This was the only thing that worked for me.

  127. Mustafa Says:

    Thank you Very much!!!!!

  128. krod Says:

    Hi Ofer,
    I’m in the same situation. My cydia crashed and I was able to delete some files. I deleted the boss repo, because libhide which is in boss repo crashed my cydia. So I got rid of it, and later was able to get into cydia. Now I tried to manually in Bigboss repo but cydia can not find the repo. I type in the correct url address. Did you find a solution, or does anyone know how to add repo a different way besides entering on cydia?

  129. Ariel Says:

    Yea. Deleting the 0000 files worked after trying a lot of stuff! on my 3g 8g.

  130. jeanette Says:

    Thanks this worked for me too, after trying for hours to sort Cydia out its back working, Cheers !!

  131. Anonymous Says:

    Please help me to install adobe reader in my iPhone is there any cydia source for adobe reader

  132. rod Says:

    i dont have openssh. I need to fix cydia.
    Cannot ssh to iphone

  133. rod Says:

    cydia packages are empty, sources are empty and getting an error.
    I don’t have open ssh installed. I cannot use wincsp or iphonebrowser to connect to file system.
    How can I install openssh without cydia?


  134. Anonymous Says:


  135. rod Says:

    I removed through terminal /private/var/lib/apt/lists

    delete everything except the folder “partial”
    Cydia is up

  136. Anonymous Says:

    Ssh reinstall cydia

  137. GarySomers Says:

    get into the phone ssh use iphonebrowser or even pc suite for iphone

    then navigate here


    Navigate to the /var/lib/apt/lists/ folder. Delete the 3 x zodttd files Navigate to /private/etc/apt/sources.list.d Delete the zodttd file Then launch cydia.

    This fixes the issue everytime.

  138. me Says:

    my cacheclearing program shuts down when i click the button
    help plz… n wuts .NET

  139. joever Says:

    whew, thanx iphonehiphop. it works on my iphone. thanx a lot man.

  140. joever Says:

    ei, nice, it works on my iphone. thanx a lot man.

  141. Adrian Says:

    Thanks a lot, this works perfectly.

    My cydia is now working without problems!

  142. juuice19 Says:

    @yk3-bug hey i deleted all the files on ssh like you said and then i disconnected and rebooted my ipod and cydia still crashes and i did save the files on my comp so its ok but what should i do

  143. Juuice19 Says:

    Ok so I know ur not supposed to delete the partial folder but do u delete the contents of the folder please answer soon

  144. Juuice19 Says:

    U know thos ## files
    ok so one of mine say repo.smxy…######## and then it has numbers
    I’d that the big

  145. Brenda Says:

    My Cydia won’t load. I don’t have iFile. What program do I need to download on my pc so I can go inside the iphone? I am new at this so if you can explain in detail. I really don’t want to rejailbreak iphone. thanks I would really appreciate a response.

  146. Ryan Riley Says:

    Been trying things for 2 days. This was the only one that worked!! Thank you SOOOOO much.

  147. Francis Says:

    Rajiv, What .net did u use?

  148. mong Says:

    Thx It worked!

  149. Y DO U NEED KNO Says:

    i have tried this but i keep gettin a message that says that it cant initate the process could u plz email me and help me

  150. wondering Says:

    will this erase any of my data like apps or jailbreak apps?

  151. prateek Says:

    U suck god dam it… fuck u

  152. Tayten Says:

    BION I’m ipmsersed! Cool post!

  153. Katie Says:

    How Do I Do This??

  154. Katie Says:

    i need help i have no clue how to do this but its exactly what i need to fix my cydia

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