Cydia Gets Speed Upgrade

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For those of you using Cydia, it got a pretty big speed upgrade today. In Cydia you will find updates for some APT packages (up to 3 depending on what you have installed). Make sure you take these essential updates. It should dramatically reduce the time “reloading” dialog is present.

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24 Responses to “Cydia Gets Speed Upgrade”

  1. gregor Says:


    thx for the good news.
    which releaseversion have this update?


  2. iamse7en Says:

    Awesome. Much needed update.

  3. crackout Says:

    Takes 12 seconds to load for me (early iPT 2G).
    The entire load-update-reload is about 30s. Before the update: 45s+.

  4. Alex Says:

    This is what appears everytime i tried to upgrade the cydia:
    http/1.0 403 Cydia Store authentication error.
    Contact for help or try again shortly.

    I tried to reboot and upgrade again, same thing happens.

    Help pls

  5. Optimo Says:

    this can happen when you do `Update All`
    Try doing `Ignore (temporary)` and then look at your changes list.

    Each item in the Available Upgrade section can be tapped on, and then you can choose the Upgrade or Modify button and update each one manually.

    The problem is you have a for-sale item (blue font) that is ready with an update pending, but you do not have authentication yet to get the files. By updating these pay packages manually you can log-in to Cydia Store to authenticate your purchase and update it. Otherwise, consider that you might have a package you did not purchase that is causing your `update all` to abort. You can remove it and your updates will be fixed.

  6. Alex Says:

    Thanks…problem solve!

  7. Art Says:

    Yes, it does work faster!

  8. eweezy Says:

    really thought cydia was buggy today cuz it was going way too fast!….. 3gs… thnx boss fer info

  9. ronaldotorres Says:

    hey bigboss i got a iphone 3g, the battery when off, and for somereason when i placed the phone to charged that it powered on, it didnt work, i try to restore and i`m getting error 23, how can i fix this

  10. Tigr@ Says:

    lol I have spent the biggest part of my life watching at the ‘Reloading Data’ label

  11. iVan Says:

    Nice fix, but since I upgraded Cydia keeps crashing here and there. :(


  12. metaclam Says:

    Mine is now crashing every time on 3G with OS 3.0 after attempting to apply the update. I suspect it crashed while updating because I left the phone and when I came back it was on the springboard. I resbooted phone and tried launching Cydia 3 or 4 times but it crashes as soon as “Reloading Data” comes up. Is there anything i can do via SSH now?

  13. iVan Says:

    My Cydia keeps crashing during use. I dont know what to do. Help please.

  14. Keyaku Says:

    Cydia, in speed on a 3G, is… exactly the same. I don’t notice a change.
    And plus, Cydia now gets more Downloading Errors (cannot connect to host or Cached Failure) and MD5 Size Mismatches.
    So.. the update for me just brought problems

  15. thazsar Says:

    I think Cydia is a lot faster (3GS) but I will agree that it is throwing out more repo errors for some reason. Hope Saurik fixes that minor issue.

    Also, I agree that it didn’t seem to speed up on my wifes 3G so I’m curious as to why that wasn’t affected….maybe a RAM issue despite my efforts to increase her RAM as much as possible.

  16. Optimo Says:

    try this

  17. raj Says:

    I have a 3gs updated to 3.1.3 with a baseband of 05.12.01 i restoring 3.1.2 but i got a the iphone could? not be restored. this device isn’t eligible for the requested build error plssss HELP ME PLSSS ???????????

  18. feytor Says:

    Non e possibile che ci sono tutti questi errori x istallare Cydia, il wifi é la prima cosa che non funziona, pero se aggiorni con la sim carica va tutto bene. Avete preso il posto di apple?

  19. Nina Says:

    After reading these comments I’ll wait to upgrade. I have the worse luck with upgrades nine times out of 10 they end up being downgrades and cause me more grief and aggravation than its worth. I WISH Cydia would run faster but I don’t that will happen with this upgrade or in the near future.

  20. Pat Says:

    Cydia ran way faster on my 3gs when the i upgraded but now for some reason cydia has slowed down alot. It takes like a minute and a half to load everything. My 2g loads cydia faster now. Any ideas? I have the same repos on both phones

  21. Pat Says:

    Now my cydia runs super fast again. It takes like 20 seconds to load everything. Anyone else experience this

  22. Meroo258852 Says:


  23. edwin Says:

    Hi, I’ve a 3G Iphone and I’ve some problems com Cydia ! BigBoss now says always “Unreachable Host”. Ecuse my “Franchy English but I need some help please. What xan I do for that and, I’m neophyte in Cydia, could you help me for sources which are not available (I want to cancel them).

    Big thanks for all and big thanks to the god Big Boss (all you do is fabulous !)

  24. mary Says:

    hi.. i’ve a 3G itouch and i’ve some problems with cydia. I have the same problem with “edwin”.
    Bigboss always says “unreachable host”.
    Could you help me resolve this problem?

    thxx a lot

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