Cydia Store working again.

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Thanks to all our users for their patience, and most especially thanks to those persons that were working on the Amazon outages. Cydia Store’s capabilities have been entirely restored about an hour ago. A tweet by saurik breaks it down: 86 hours of offline time, days and nights of screwed-up sleeping patterns to be available at a moment’s notice.  A hectic weekend closes with much rejoicing and jubilation. Now, go forth and download. :)

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26 Responses to “Cydia Store working again.”

  1. comwiz Says:

    First of all.
    Saurik go and get yourself some sleep you really earned it. second: Thank you for your hard work not only in crisis but with cydia in general.

    to all users who thought it would help insult and complain: do some work or get out of the game.

    keep up the good work and be assured that 99% of the community got your back.

    sleep well!!!

  2. Camo Says:


    Thanks Saurik, enjoy the snooze

  3. TJ Says:

    Come on guys, need to give this jailbreak and unlock team a big credits for what they have done.

    Thank you very much to keep us happy. You are rock

  4. mike Says:

    many many thks,saurik…great effort appreciated,cheers!

  5. jidu niu Says:

    have a good sleep, Saurik.

    thank you.

  6. jpmarch Says:

    Thks a lot Saurik …
    At wake-up don’t miss also to refund all people who purchased on yr store the most buggy & no working app named “CELESTE” from Cocoanut’s !!

  7. Raul Says:

    Thanks a lot, man!
    Enjoy yr rest!

  8. Anupam Says:

    +2 – Glad that all worked well for Cydia and the community in general.

    Appreciate the hard work you guys put in. Enjoy Easter and have a good sleep.


  9. Clement Says:

    Thanks for the great work Saurik!!

  10. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the hard work

  11. LioCraft Says:

    Could you please tell me why Cydia is not finding the repo url?, I’ve tried everything.

  12. Saspjr Says:

    Thanks Saurikt and all the devteam to make all that possible appreciate for the hard work go get done rest jay

  13. Jaap Says:

    Many thanks from Scotland.

  14. Steve Says:

    I’ve noticed since it’s back online sometimes cydia kicks me out when it’s doing its updates for anything new. Cydia closes on me for some reason can someone explain why. I have a iPhone 3GS running 4.3.2 old bootroom running redsnow beta 14.

  15. jim Says:

    I am on iOS 4.3.2 and mobile terminal crash on start up. Anyone solve this problem?

  16. Bill Says:

    Many thanks to the Jailbreak community that made history by protecting our constitutional rights by efforts of making jailbreaking officially legal. Keep up the good work as you all open many doors to the marketing and allowing consumer to exercise their rights. Great Job!!!

  17. Bernardo Says:

    Bigboss, having problem again.

    Ifile, require some file, doesn’t work.
    Sbsetting, require some file, doesn’t work.

    Please fix the issue!!!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    what file? you can’t assume any problem you experience is a problem for all.

  19. Tony pham Says:

    After jailbreak with redsnow, Cydia icon did not show up. My iPhone is a 3G 4.2.1. I appreciate if u could give me some suggestion. Thanx

  20. Anonymous Says:


  21. Heh Says:


  22. Putera iskandar Says:


  23. للآزوت ون ون Says:

    التو ث


  24. للآزوت ون و Says:

    التو ث


  25. bassmod Says:


  26. Ramón oliveras Says:

    Where i can find cydia to downloaded on mi iPod 2 generation 4.2.1 ? I needed urgent.

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