Cydiastore partial outage status

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As some of you may find purchases fail or simply time out the last day or two in Cydia. This is caused by the amazon ec2 outage. When the amazon issues are sorted out, so should be cydia issues. Further, this may make repository updates slow because server side queries to cydiastore may be taking up excess connections. In short, everything may be flaky for a bit. My suggestion is simply to try again later.

There is nothing down on the side of BigBoss or Saurik so there’s nothing we can do at this time but wait.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

17 Responses to “Cydiastore partial outage status”

  1. Tada Says:

    The Program Thai 5-Row Keyboard can’t be entered in the Tada’s Iphone.I don’t know how you help me.

  2. Giamma Says:

    Actually i am not albe to’ download the full version of ibluever,cause the download page dorso not charge and a blank Window remains open..
    I ll try later.

  3. Amer Says:

    I’m also having a problem downloading retinaappicon when I try it says host unreachable waiting to solve this issue

  4. JWG Says:

    Gosh I wish there were some way this could be posted on the Cydia iPhone home page or sent out as an email BigBoss apps such as PkgBackup. Sure would have saved me and maybe lots of others some frustration.

  5. Gadzha Says:

    Yeah..also upgrading to Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 keep saying I’m not entitled to…apparently it checks on cydia store if you’re a legit user..

  6. rehunk Says:

    Does this mean I should not update to 4.3.2 and JB? Answer probably obvious but, thought I’d ask anyway.

  7. dalaohu2005 Says:

    Amazon issue is fixed, but cydia store still down.
    when can u fix that?

  8. valek Says:

    I try to purchase BTStack for 2 days now, all I get is demo with no option to buy on Cydia… Frustrating….

  9. SORF Says:

    What bugs me is developers who push updates during this time. Tlert now won’t work because it cannot download it’s licence. Why intelliborn?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    If you need Cydia store programs, don’t update to 4.3.2 yet. I did it and now have to wait until I can download pkgbkup again. :-(

  11. Schnuller8888 Says:

    If you need Cydia store programs, don’t update to 4.3.2 yet. I did it and now have to wait until I can download pkgbkup again. :-(

  12. rob Says:

    I’m in the same situation as you, didnt know about the outage until Cydia home screen loaded :-(

  13. Hoodwink Says:

    I don’t suppose it’s possible Apple could be involved in the reason Amazon doesn’t appear to be trying “too hard” to get Cydia purchases back online asap… nah, sounds a bit paranoid….

  14. Berly Says:

    I been trying to download Barrel and overboard and get an error then return to Cydia store button. It’s aggravating.

  15. John bang Says:

    I’ve been trying to download cydia 4 the sake of getting me standard ringtone to low knowledge ICT.

  16. Reza Says:


  17. Anonymous Says:

    I phone 4

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