Dev Team 4.2.1 Unlock

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Yesterday, the dev team released their carrier unlock for iPhone 3g and 3gs devices. Many of you were waiting for this and assumed it was another exploit that would bring in a new carrier unlock.

Interestingly enough, it’s actually not. It turns out the ipad baseband hardware is the same hardware in 3g and 3gs devices. But the baseband is a higher number 6.x. Therefore, it seems that we can take the ipad baseband and install it on iphones then use the same unlock in ultrasn0w from last time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on iphone 4′s. Therefore, the unlock is for all iphone 3g, 3gs, and ipads running 3.2.2 or lower. iPhone 4 users, there’s no unlock available here nor will it be likely that one will be coming anytime soon.

Keep in mind, if your device is a 3gs new bootrom that a 4.2.1 firmware jailbroken will be tethered so you should not update to 4.2.1 due to this. However, 3g owners and 3gs with old bootrom need not worry about tethered jailbreak and are free to update.

The unlock can be installed directly from redsn0w or from pwnage if you are planning to make a new pwnage bundle.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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  1. J1978 Says:

    Why do you claim their wont be an unlock for the iphone 4, whilst Sherif hasim implied there will be one soon?

  2. Eric Says:

    I second that. MuscleNerd has said that now it’s time to focus on Sheriff Hasim’s crash to make a working exploit which will unlock iPhone 4.

  3. hellodrsoul Says:

    I used this method and it is working greatly. It seems complicated but in reallity it is quite simple. Just download the latest redsn0w and connect your iPhone. and follow the instructions.
    This method has a side advantage for me that I am not eligible for restoring to official firmware anymore. It’s great. Thank you dev team.

  4. John Says:

    Helme to unlock my iPhone 3G 4.1 514.02 for tmobile USA and gelcap mexico

  5. Jassem Says:

    What about IP4 BB 2.10.04 ?

  6. Aikjones Says:

    Sheriff sure said there wud be one for the 4, but the tethered JB makes it uncomfortable for reselling the fone to someone who is not computer aware

  7. J1978 Says:

    So keep it on 4.1, and save your untetherd JB.

  8. remake Says:

    hi i have a iphone 3gs and its unlocked ,but its the 3.1.3 it want to upgrade it to 4.2 please some one help me and i use a mac please any suggestions…

  9. killapple Says:

    you need to upgrade to 4.2.1, jailbreak using redsn0w if you with windows or pawnagetool for mac, then choose baseband 06.15.00 which is the one that works for the unlock. 05.14.02 has no unlock.

  10. killapple Says:

    i would suggest to wait for the untethered jailbreak. or just update to 4.0.1 and unlock it there because 4.2.1 is tricky.

  11. gladys Says:


  12. martin Says:

    I have a iPhone 3G with iOs 4.1 jailbreaked but not unlocked (of course). The bootloader version is 06.02, the question is if I will be able to unlock it if I upgrade my iPhone to iOs 4.2.1 and then jailbreak it through redsn0w? Please answer and help me.. thanks!

  13. eXact Says:

    Works with BB 01.59.00, iPhone4 with iOS4.0.1, greats from germany!

  14. vhicke Says:

    I have unlocked my iphone 4 at 4.1….I had baseband 1.59…..I think my phone is getting better signal with the unlock

  15. DH_ZA Says:

    I have a Iphone4, i have saved my 4.1 shsb on cydia and have now upgraded to 4.2.1 under the impression that because I saved my shsb i can downgrade at another time… I assume this is still correct. I would like to JB my iphone4 now and do not need a Unlock as it is illegal to sell locked phones in my country.
    Do i need to worry about base bands and all that? even for a normal jailbreak ?

  16. tad Says:

    wts about firmware 05.14.02

  17. T_Z Says:

    Is there a ‘How To’ somewhere for this?
    Need to get iPhone signal working pronto.

  18. BigBoss Says:

    Yep, that requires investigating a totally new exploit (translation: starting over from scratch). This exploit here is the “unlock coming after 4.2″ unlock and iPhone 4 is not in it. My definition of “not coming anytime soon” may differ from yours. I don’t believe we will see this before 4.3, myself. Of course, it’s all speculation.

  19. F_U Says:

    I have 3GS having firmware 4.0.1(8A306), Baseband 05.13.04, JailBroken and unlocked via ultrasn0w. Would it be a better idea to upgrade it to 4.2.1 or not?
    I believe that mine 3GS is having old bootrom, released on 30th week of 2010.
    Please advise.
    Thanks in advance.

  20. Aliya Says:

    I have i phone 4g… i want to know how long it may take til i can unlock it

  21. jimmy lo Says:

    Hi I have iphone 4 on FW 4.1 BB 02.10.04. It was already JB but I need an unlock as limerain or ultrasn0w does not work at present. Any suggestions. pls help.

  22. afransen Says:

    Great work Dev-Team. I have one quick question though. I have a 3GS on 4.2.1. I want to jailbreak and unlock, but am wondering if there will be another untethered jailbreak/unlock for the normal baseband. Should i wait around to see if the dev-team will create one, or is the current way the direction we will have to go in order to jailbreak/unlock forever more. I just don’t want to wait around for something that is not going to happen.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    You have any idea how can I downgrade my basement 2.10.04? I need to unlock my iPhone 4

  24. Spree14 Says:

    You have any idea how can I downgrade my basement 2.10.04? I need to unlock my iPhone 4

  25. Matt Says:

    Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know too.

  26. ak a Says:


  27. joshWUa Says:

    anyone know where i can download an iphone 4 4.2.1 custom firmware so i dont upgrade my baseband?

  28. Dshind Says:

    I Already upgraded my iPhone 3G to 4.2.1. Also did this with my iPad 3G. Major oops I guess. My email no longer sends with the iPad. More important is I need to jailbreak and then get a tethering app to use either iPad or iPhone as internet source for my new home in the boonies. Otherwise, I’m screwed and so are my kids. 5 gig a month is not adequate.

    I got an 800 on my math sat 20 years ago, but have no idea what a baseband is. I feel like my grandfather with that VCR thing. Begging for help.

  29. neon Says:

    Hold the power & home button until the apple pops-up
    and then keep holding home until it comes back to normal

  30. wavesurfer Says:

    I upgraded to 4.2.1 and was forced to upgrade to the iPad baseband 6.15.00 now due to ultrasn0w. Everything worked for me, GPS is working and no battery drain, but i am not happy with the iPad baseband because of future upgrade problems, and that every Apple technician can recognize for all times, i have unlocked. I would regard this as a quick and dirty solution and would not recommend to upgrade.

  31. remake Says:

    hi thanks for the great help DEV team and BB i have JB my i iphone with redsn0w and unlocked it with ultrsn0w but the the problem is while i reboot it stuck on apple logo please help …….

  32. Pedro Says:

    I’ve update my iPhone 3G to iOS 4.2.1 and Jailbreaked with redsn0w_win_0.9.6b4. Everything is fine, except that ALL mail links lock the iPhone when clicked.
    I mean every web link or other kind of links (like for youtube).

    Is there a way out of this?

  33. wavesurfer Says:

    Perhaps BigBoss should consider setting the color for 4.2.1 unlock on 3G/3GS from GREEN to ORANGE. Though this is a valid upgrade, the disadvantage to be stuck with the iPad baseband is undeniable. Therefore people should be at least warned to upgrade.

  34. Jon Doe Says:

    Hey guys i have a question,
    I have a jailbroken Iphone 3G, its running a 3.1.3 with a 5.14.02 bot. Whats my next step.
    Should i wait for a bundle or should i update to ipad boot. I reallly do not want to update, but whats the next step??????

  35. Jon Doe Says:

    No way out of it, Your cell is bricked.
    The only way out is update to 4.2.1 or download a shsh file for 3.1.3 to an old boot and through itunes you can update.

  36. Anden Wajong Says:

    hi i have 3gs, already try with 4.2.1 unlock with redsnow 9.6.5b, and 150 % ok but have a problem if reboot or off the iphone cant on so need redsnow again….and i try to downgrade to 4.1 and jailbreak/unlock with same redsnow its succes and working normally….i’m happy now.

    Thanks for thebigbosss

    MerryChristmas 2010

  37. Anden Wajong Says:

    same with me, downgrade wih tinyumbrella to 4.1 and use redsnow agai its working 100%

  38. Anden Wajong Says:

    use redsn0w 0.9.6.b5 or 6

  39. remake Says:

    thanks buddy….. but can u please me how to downgrade it if u can please send me link to it ….

  40. Kevin Says:

    My iPhone 3G is stuck at connect to iTunes and I was running 4.0.1. What is my best option to fix this situation?

  41. silversurfer76 Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 3g on iOs 4.1 with baseband 6.15.00, jailbreak done with redsn0w. My problem is that I can’t see any wifi networks. If i go to settigns and look for wifi networks, the Iphone wont find any. Does anybody ahve an idea how to solve this? Or does this come with the 06.15.00 baseband and there is no solution to this. I have seen many videos on youtube where the Iphones had connection to wifi networks. Could please somebody reply?

    regards, silversurfer76

  42. bornkiller212 Says:

    I update my 3G to 4.2.1 and noe I can’t receive picture messages. The t-mobile network data from previous does not work anymore. Can someone please help me out. I tried installing through cydia and I get errors.

  43. Shayne Says:

    I have an iphone four that i bought off of craigslist. I updated to 4.2.1 and I need to unlock it. I cant get past the connect to itunes screen. Is it possible to unlock from this… thanks

  44. wavesurfer Says:

    On the positive side, 4.2.1 seems to be a good performance leap. I have the first time multitasking on my 3G activated, which runs very smooth, and my 2XL SX Lite motocross and my Snow Moto L snowmobile game seem at least 10% faster.

    Thank you BigBoss ^^

    Merry Xmas 2010

  45. celinc Says:


    I just upgrade my 3G to ipad 6.15 and jailbrake with redsn0w but now I can’t get any WIFI signal. I can’t unlock my phone without WIFI. Can anyone help?


  46. Ihsf Says:

    I have a 3g 4.0 with 05.15.04. does that means I can’t unlock the phone until anyone release a 05.15.04 unlock?

  47. jobu@ Says:

    hi i jailbroked my ip 3gs 4.2.1 but cydia is not working its just a white icon on dsply !! someone please cud u tell me what is problem ???please

  48. Robert Says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and I am on version 4.1.My firmware is 02.10.04.
    So there no chance to unlock it,am I correct?

  49. Anden Wajong Says:

    download tinyumbrella v4.00.80 open and run start tss server, make iphone dfu mode with ireb n run itunes and restore with 4.1 firmwarecoming error 1015 is ok, its done and use limera1n to jailbreak, instal ultrasn0w.

  50. Anden Wajong Says:

    try use redsn0w 09.6.b6 jailbreak

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Ok i fixed the picture message situation now I have another problem…every time I
    I want to send a text using my contact application my phone crashes and I have to restart.

  52. Phil Says:

    3G – ( older baseband ) – just upgraded to 4.2.1 non-tethered PWNGE(?) JB and Cydia won’t launch – can see/access entire file system on my Mac with a file viewer – should also be able to SSH via Mac into phone _ can I update Cydia somehow easily – I’m a pretty intelligent guy – but – think of me as stupid – help – the simpler the better – Thank You___

  53. KillaK Says:

    I have an iPhone 3GS New Bootrom..I jailbroke it using RedSnow b4 and it installed cydia fine. The problem I am having is that any apps I try to download or themes or anything don’t work at all. At the top of the main cydia page it says “this device is waiting for TSS” or something like that. Can anybody point me in the right direction to get all the features of cydia working??? Thank you

  54. KillaK Says:

    Oh and it is iOS 4.2.1

  55. HD Says:

    I upgraded my iPhone 4 to 4.2.1 keeping old baseband 01.59.00 by Tiny Umbrella. I don’t want to unlock using Redsn0w because it will update my baseband while I kept my baseband to be compatible with Ultrasn0w. Can you please suggest what I should do right now? I tried to downgraded it by many tricks many times.

  56. nick Says:

    I tried to restore after jailbreaking to 4.2.1 and am now stuck in recovery mode. Please can someone give me a solution to exit.

  57. walt savic Says:

    hi when i use redsnow 9.6b5 or 6 for my 3gs it doesnt give me any option for install ipad baseband im not sure what im doing wrong

  58. walt savic Says:

    and i get please wait while ur device is being processed with the plug into itunes display im not sure what im doing wrong

  59. remake Says:

    hi im really in big trouble now ……i updated my phone and JB it with redsnow with ipad BB and i problems want to restore it back to original BB tried to do it with tiny umbrella and its not working tried to restore it with itunes too but with no use….im stuck ….HELP……HELP i will really thankfull to u guys ……my iphone is dead now… need help

  60. Anonymous Says:


  61. Anonymous Says:

    I used 0.9.6.b5 and it still crashes the phone

  62. bornkiller212 Says:

    I’m getting the same issues and also mulitasking crashes

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Is it possible to jailbreak 3GS 4.1 using limera1n and then update the baseband to 6.15 and unlock the phone using redsn0w? Then one can have unteathered jailbroken phone that is unlocked with ultrasn0w.

  64. Lexusoman Says:

    Is it possible to jailbreak 3GS 4.1 using limera1n and then update the baseband to 6.15 and unlock the phone using redsn0w? Then one can have unteathered jailbroken phone that is unlocked with ultrasn0w.

  65. AndyK Says:

    Im on a iPhone 3g with 4.1 and running 6.15 BB. My problem is the bigboss repo wont let me load the “t-mobile us carrier”. Cydia just keeps stopping the download 1/3 of the way then reloads

  66. krissy Says:

    I have an iPhone 4, ios 4.2.1 with fw 03.10.01
    I would like to jailbreak so I can have wifi at home(we live in the boonies). My son jailbroke his iPhone 4 but with ios 4.1 My first attempt with limera1n got me stuck in a recovery loop. I had to restore my computer to a point before I installed limera1n and it got my phone going, but, automatically updated me to 4.2.1. Redsn0w doesn’t work for this so I want to know if there is a way to rollback my ios to 4.1 so I can jb.
    Thank you for the help and have a terrific day.

  67. lesgiu Says:

    i think what we have to focus on downgrading bb05.14.02 with bl bigger than 5.08… i think this is d way to go to unlock iphone os 4.0

  68. Jeff Says:

    Is it tethered for iPad also?

  69. Venkat Says:

    Do you guys experienced to take the iPhone to “Factory Virgin state”. Just curious to know on it if I can do this and use without hassles. I read some other blogs Virgin state will unlock the iPhone and no bothers with the Apple. Please share your experience.

    Please share the news if you heard about unlock 4.2.1 without upgrading the baseband to 6.15.


  70. Kawa Says:


  71. Ryan Says:

    Had major issues with my jailbroken 3G on 4.0.2. Eventually restored and attempted to jailbreak with latest redsn0w. Baseband updated to 6.15.00 but no cydia. Restored again after got the apple and spinning circle. Restored again to 3.1.3 still with 6.15.00 but can’t seem to jail break on anything vie tried. Should I upgrade to 4.1 or 4.2 and try again? Is there a way to jailbreak 3G 3.1.3 with 6.15.00? Any suggestions? Jail break seems to hang up on “downloading jailbreak data” or just peters out and resets phone but keeps current fw.
    Any help would be appreciated

  72. laffingMan Says:

    thats to ALL that updated to FW 4.2.1
    that is useless unless you care about apple ‘air’ which has been pulled from ios 10.6.x and the new 10.7(lion). there is NOTHING in value for that update. and to the dateless….. you obviously are missing the smart gene as you have used an IPAD BB for a unlock… its IPAD not IPHONE. you deserve to lose out. the info is there, you all need to find it which is very easy to do. language is not an excuse neither are rednecks for parents that have redhair. scamtime on ebay!!!!!!! thats the only way to get rid of a useless jb iphone with an ipad baseband hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  73. @ Says:

    do u feel happier now by saying all this shit after xmas ? “hahaha” dumbass joker !

  74. RedcarDrac Says:

    What a cock

  75. jailman Says:

    Hi to all!!

    Have buy iphone 4 at tmobile store with 4.2.1 os :((((

    Cant downgrade to 4.1, cydia dont work at new jailbreak…

    Can someone help!!

  76. phi_du Says:

    hi there,
    I have a 3gs and just upgrade the firmware to 4.2.1
    for some reason, the call log history does not work at all. also the MMS is no longer an option for me to use.

  77. RedcarDrac Says:

    *6.15.00 baseband on 4.2.1 firmware

  78. Arrow Says:

    i want to unlock my phone. It is currently jailbroken.

    I have a 3gs that was made in week 42 of 2009.
    I am running 3.1.3 (7E18)
    my firmware is 5.12.01

    I initially had to deal with a tethered jb before spirit came out. I’m now having issues installing apps that require a higher os version, and most importantly, I want to ditch ATT after I unlock my phone.
    Do I have old or “newer” bootrom? and can I use this to get an untethered lb/unlock?

  79. Arrow Says:

    week 41 actually.

  80. Arrow Says:

    nope 42. silly me.. help still requested to get best untethered jb/unlock for my phone.
    32 GB 3GS iphone

  81. Jawad Says:

    Now we are waiting for Jailbreak of 4.2.1 …. for windows

  82. لؤي Says:

    Samta bezaaf!!!!!!!!!

  83. Anonymous Says:

    Minedis a 4.2.1with basement 5.14.02 I jailbroke it with

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Is not necesari dowlowd. Red esnow in mine computer for isntall in the iPhone ???

  85. hardy Says:

    is there any payable software… ??

    which can help me for carrier unlock iphone 4 bb 3.10.01. if you know anything plz reply me… becouse i am tired waiting for unlock software from dev team…….. plzzzz help

  86. Mike Says:

    I have an iphone 3g jail broke with the 4.1 firm ware upgraded baseband to 6.15.00 using tmobile network in the US phone was working fine texting in and out then I switched to my old phone was working, put my sim chip back into the iphone now all I get is no service used the ultrasnow 1.2 also the ultrasnow 1.1-2 and the ultrasnow baseband 6.15.00 from the heaven iphone team still no results, original jail break was with redsnow 0.9.6b6 thanks Mike.

  87. Arrow Says:

    Please clarify. If I have a 3gs made week 42 of 2010, with firmware 5.12.01 that now has an untethered jailbreak with spirit on OS 3.1.3. I should NOT use this unlock because it will be untethered??

    Should I instead upgrade to 4.0.1 with custom firmware, get an UNTETHERED jb with jailbreak me2?

    and then unlock with ultrasnow?

    I want to ditch ATT.


  88. Arrow Says:

    my phone (above) is not pwned. Does that mean I need to make sure it is pwned first??


    can i do what i want without pwnage if I use the custom 4.0.1 firmware?


  89. Crzyass Says:

    hi umm i was just wondering would this jailbreak work on the ipod touch 4g 4.2.1 ?

  90. Cj321 Says:

    I made a mistake :-( I upgraded my already jailbroken iPhone 3G to 4.2.1 and the firmware is 5.15.04, is there a jailbreak ? I’ve been looking on YouTube and none of the breaks were successful. Can anyone help?

  91. Anonymous Says:

    Use limerain which backups the cydia in ur iPhone 4.then after rebooting,limerain icon will on it and then install cydia.cydia will be downloaded by wifi.after installation, go to cydia->source–>and repooo.install ultrasnow and run the process.ur iPhone 4 is ready to go

  92. Bangash Says:

    Use limerain which backups the cydia in ur iPhone 4.then after rebooting,limerain icon will on it and then install cydia.cydia will be downloaded by wifi.after installation, go to cydia->source–>and repooo.install ultrasnow and run the process.ur iPhone 4 is ready to go

  93. Raheel Says:

    I have Iphone 4 4.2.1 with baseband 3.10.01. Can anybody please post if the unlock is available now and how can i do it.

  94. peter Says:

    i have same and still waiting…and dont know if there is unlock avalible

  95. gbb1 Says:

    same iphone , version and bb here . waiting for unlock . cheers

  96. jurassicpie Says:


    I unlocked my phone with pwng tools, what do you mean by choose baseband 06.15.00?

  97. Michael Says:

    Will their be a carrier unlock for the 05.14.02 baseband soon?

  98. vroom Says:

    hey i need help.
    i updated my iphone 3g from 3.1.3 to 4.2.1. the BB was 5.15.04. used redsnow to jail break n was successful but needed an unlock badly so copied the ultrasnow files 0.9.6b5 into the root folder,cydia, autoinstall. i was unaware that 5.15.04 could not be unlocked. the phone hung at start up so i again tried to jailbreak it but now upgrading it to ipad BB 6.15. the jailbreak was successful but still no response from the iphone. pls help me what. how can i reset it?

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