Dimmer – Quit blinding yourself!

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Have you tried using your device at night or in bed?  Do you feel like you might as well have a flashlight pointed in your face?  Your backlight – even at it’s dimmest setting – is way too bright, and you’ve likely been losing sleep because of it.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop using your device at night.

With Dimmer installed, you can make your device even darker.  Using any existing brightness control (Settings, the Task Switcher on the iPad, or even third party apps such as SBSettings and Music Controls Pro), you can now lower your brightness even further.  From 100% to 30% on the slider, your backlight will control your brightness, and for any setting less than 30%, Dimmer takes over and virtually dims your display to a reasonable level.

Dimmer is now available in Cydia for only $0.99 – grab it today, use it tonight!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

34 Responses to “Dimmer – Quit blinding yourself!”

  1. Bubba Says:

    Got this immediately when I saw it and it works as advertised. I frequently look at my phone in the dark (watching TV) or read my iPad in bed. Now these tasks are easily done without blinding myself. Takes some getting used to adjusting the brightness (since the levels you’re used to have changed), but otherwise, worth $0.99.

  2. Bubba Says:

    Should note that iPad appears to go almost completely dark but iPhone 4 doesn’t get quite as dark. Running 4.2.1 on both. :(

  3. Prdo Says:

    You’re troll and a loser for posting fake independent review!

  4. phoenix3200 Says:

    I do not think he is the troll…

  5. phoenix3200 Says:

    That’s odd – I did my best to match up the iPad, iPhone 4, and 3GS displays. In any case, I’ll be adding the option to tune the dark point in a future update.

  6. The6uest Says:

    I think these responses should require registration.

  7. Clark W Grizwold Says:

    The “emergency” full brightness feature doesn’t work on my ip4 4.1. Volume up x4 changes nothing but my volume! I really do love this tweak, by the way. I do have my volume buttons set to do stuff with activator (short hold, up down, down up), but I dont think it should affect the quadruple tap. Am I doing something wrong?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Try unhooking activator and see if it works…

  9. Bubba Says:

    Thanks, good to know (no, I’m not a troll, sorry to disappoint you).

    Other things I’ve noticed that would be nice if it could be tweaked:

    1) It appears that the brightness of the lockscreen doesn’t match up with the brightness after the phone is unlocked (i.e. if the screen is on but locked, it’s very bright, but if I unlock it goes dim again). I’m assuming this is because my brightness is set at 50%, so brightness of locked screen still appears to be at the “real” 50% instead of your tweaked 50% (if that makes sense).

    2) I use “Up Up Up Up” quite often to quickly turn my ringer volume up, so I’ve accidentally turned on 100% brightness when I didn’t mean to.

  10. Bubba Says:

    Perhaps “Up Down, Up, Down” would be better? Who would have a reason to do that?

  11. phoenix3200 Says:

    1. Going to release an update for that issue shortly; thanks for noticing.

    2. Hmm…I’ve had more reports of the opposite (see commenter #5). In any case, a future update (probably this weekend) will add a bunch of configurable options which should satisfy most everybody.

  12. R A Says:

    Excellent app! I really like that its basically native so you dont have to configure anything but being to set the dark point (as you already mentioned you were going to do) would be a great update. Sometimes its very very dark and even at the dimmest setting (3gs) its still kinda bright but still, this is a very useful app for when im in bed. before I would literally start to tear when looking at my phone even at the lowest setting but this helped a lot. Hope to see that update soon!

  13. A.priori Says:

    So, I think this needs work. It basically should be like the ibooks dimmer settings…just a nice simple slider on the dock or something that lets you have it near black all the way to normal. Why is this so hard?

  14. phoenix3200 Says:

    You can now adjust the settings yourself to make it darker; there’s a large variation between the dimmest point of many backlights, so despite attempts prior to v1.1, it’s impossible to tune all of them the same.

    As for a dedicated slider or such – there are already plenty of ways to access the volume slider; I just chose to integrate with all of them rather than construct my own.

  15. phoenix3200 Says:

    That update is now live. Have fun setting the dark point even more!

  16. Kel Says:

    I think a setting of 2 variation will be good, for example, 1 setting for normal daylight, and another 1 for night use ;D

  17. Aron Says:

    Any plans for iOS 3 compatibility?

    Just purchased the app, but I won’t be able to use it, using 3G/3.1.3, no plans for upgrading to iOS 4.

    If you will not support this app on iOS3 you should at least include a compatibilty warning in the description.

  18. Aj Says:

    I agree, just purchased with high hopes only to find out won’t install on os 3. Very bummed, would have liked to have seen the incompatibility disclaimer before it let me purchase..

  19. Heneik Says:

    I purchased dimmer for my iPad.
    Is it the normal brightness under settings I use
    I don’t notice any differens from before.
    Where do I set the Dimmer brightness to get my screen darker?

  20. Henrik Says:

    Can someone please tell me how to change the brightness with this app?
    thanks Henrik

  21. R A Says:

    This app doesnt provide its own brightness slider or anything like that. It is simply to allow you to dim the brightness even further than apple allows.

    This app is (mostly) native. you use the dimmer the same way you always have except that you can dim it much further than before which helps a lot in very low or pitch black situations. you can customize exactly how dark you want the native dimmer to be able to go by going into “settings” then “Dimmer” and using the “Dark point adjustment”.

  22. R A Says:

    One feature I would love (which might be a whole new app in itself) is a “night mode” that turns the screen colors to only red. It’s well known that red doesnt affect night vision and is very easy to see at night which would make looking at the phone in a very dark place much easier. Perhaps a SBsetting toggle to turn the screen red or even better, build it into the brightness toggle of sbsettings so save some room!

  23. Fatdawg Says:

    I want to get the SBsettings without the airplane mode toggle – I would to just be able to toggle the phone off while keeping wifi on. However, when I go to download the package, it includes the airplane toggle, and when I downloaded it that way the phone toggle is not an option. I’ve uninstalled SBSettings hoping to fix it by reinstalling, but the only option now is reinstalling with the airplane toggle. Note: the phone toggle appears as an option n the toggle settings, but when I pull up SBSettings the phone button does not appear – whether it’s enabled or not. Any ideas??

  24. Fatdawg Says:

    Sorry wrong area for this post!!!

  25. JA Says:

    I adjusted the dark point too high and my screen went totally black, couldn’t find a way to get out of it (4 times tap didn’t work) so I ended up having to restore the ipad. Rather serious flaw, be careful with that slider!

  26. Manny Says:

    I’ve bought dimmer on iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.3 after the install the phone resprings then crashes into safe mode. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling, I’ve removed all other apps to see if any were conflicting with this, nothing seems to work. The phone runs safe mode until I uninstall dimmer. Any suggestions?

  27. Danny Says:

    Same result as manny. iPad iOS 4.3.3

  28. michaelzeng7 Says:

    Yup I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work with 4.3.3. Anyone else hav this issue because it’s pretty much confirmed from here.

  29. I.s Says:

    Same problem for my 3gs on 4.2.1, no idea why it happens. Works fine for everyone else

  30. Necro Says:

    Bought dimmer, and it doesnt even work :/ after i install it, my brightness slider doesnt work and the brightness stays the same no matter what. after i uninstall dimmer, everything works perfectly. im on 4.2.1. any ideas?

  31. Arthur Says:

    My iph4 is going to safe mode again an again, i hsae 4.1 firmw, any ideas??

  32. Brandy Says:

    Ever since I installed dimmer a few weeks ago, apps have been randomly crashing by either freezing up, or booting me to my home screen and then things freeze. I usually have to do a hard reset to get things working again. Any idea why this is happening? This is on an iPad 2 running 4.3.3.

  33. chetan Says:

    Hi just bought your app last night and was trying the dark point slider..and guess what.. turned it too dark. the 4xup doesnt work? any workarounds?

  34. Garfaa Says:

    I use “Night web browser by Alex” to dim the screen more then iOS can. It doesn’t work in the entire iOS but perfect for browsing the web at least and you don’t have to jailbreak.

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