Do Not Install IOS5 Beta

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At WWDC, IOS5 was announced. I really thought this would go without saying, and it probably does for most of you. But do not install IOS5 beta unless you are a developer actually developing on it. It might seem fun, but really there’s nothing there you can’t get today from IOS4 jailbroken. Since IOS5 is not out until September (months away), no developers are releasing updates to support it right now. Almost everything is broken on it. Yes, you can jailbreak it tethered, but is also only for developers to start fixing things. All these beta firmwares expire which means you will have to update every couple weeks. In short, this is not meant for the public and no one should be running it.

I know SBSettings is broken on IOS5. Yes, I already have had ideas about using the notification area for IOS5 SBSettings. Therefore, all emails regarding SBSettings on IOS5 will just be ignored and deleted.

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  1. Todd Says:

    “Almost everything is broken on it”

    I unjailbroke my iPhone 4, I have 115 apps on it currently, a grand total of 2 crash on open and some buttons are skewed on 3-4 others.

    I have 6 others on my Dev account and we all agree that this is the most stable initial ios build that Apple has ever released.

  2. Steve Says:

    Absolute garbage. Very few issues with the beta build for me.

  3. Martin Says:

    I agree, there is no big issues with iOS 5. I was on 4.3.2, jailbroken and my phone was just acting weird sometimes and getting slower and slower with every week lately. So I decided to unjailbreak and jump straight to iOS5 and I’m sooo happy for doing that. Everything works awesome and the only 2 problems I discovered is that AIR VIDEO doesn’t work (there is update submited to apple) and pocket weather crashes. That’s it. No other issues.

  4. Dave Says:

    Everything works perfectly for me.

  5. Dustin Says:

    This is a bullshit way to skate out of updating your stuff. I’m tethered on iOS 5 so I can help friends make sure their tweaks and themes work. Honestly, there’s no need for you to put SBSettings in the Notification Area. Someone has already done that with UISettings. He updated that just days after iOS 5 hit the “streets” and it works perfectly. I’m sure this would be deleted if I put his repo on here, but you can look-up @qwertyoruiop on twitter and get his repo info there.

  6. Kain Says:

    Guys it may be working without an issue for most people but wait for the official untethered jailbreak because I don’t know anyone who likes a tethered jailbreak I know I don’t. Patience everyone. I agree this iOS looks awesome I know I cant wait.

  7. Davide Says:


  8. Confucious Says:

    Stunning some of the responses on here.
    Any way of uninstalling SBSettings with the 1/4 screen?
    Beta is beta but I’d rather not restore if there is an alternative!

  9. Kevin Says:

    I have been running ios 5 on my main phone since day one, some odd little things that need to be fixed and a couple of apps need to be corrected but it runs really stable for being a beta. I tried to do the non-dev work around and that was garbage so I bit the bullet and bought a dev account and all is good. I have a few dev spots left to register a phone if anyone is interested, $8 iosdevaccess at gmail dot com

  10. The Doctor Says:

    Am i missing something here? When i plug into iTunes, all i get is a prompt to update to 4.3.3 – To which im holding back on due to there being no need to do so.

  11. Sandy Says:

    I am using iOS 5.0 beta1 on my iPhone 4 for days, and jailbreak it using Redsn0w 0.9.8b1. Testing some tweaks such as UIsettings, Five icon dock, iFile, iSHSHit etc. Pretty good to me. For my iPad1, after testing it using iOS 5, now restore back to 4.3.3, as I need to install DisplayOut for presentation and teaching purposes. Now testing PhoneItiPad on the iPad1 using iOS 4.3.3, enjoying phone, sms, facetime, SIM apps etc. I have a developer account.

  12. Ashley Says:

    Worst article ever. You are posting information that you have no idea about.

    I updated to iOS5 and it’s perfectly stable for everyday use.

  13. Ashley Says:

    If you are trying to update to iOS5 you have to be on itunes 10.5 beta and then download the iOS5 update. If you’re on a PC hold down shift and click on restore – navigate to the update and open it. Then wait and let itunes to it’s thing.

  14. Bob Says:


  15. Ghiocel Says:

    Put it on Safe mode. It works!!

  16. Ghiocel Says:

    In safe mode go to cydia and delete sbsettings package

  17. Leopold Says:

    The author really has no idea what he’s talking about. If you want to try it, feel free to install. It works great!

  18. Jason Says:

    You best listen to BigBoss… Ok fine things work with iOS 5 but honestly they don’t have to for months. So anything that doesn’t work don’t bitch to the Devs. And you best hope BigBoss does update SBSettings since I can almost guarantee qwertyoruiop will charge you for UISettings when iOS 5 comes out if you pay attention to his twitter he hits to it all the time. BigBoss is one of the few that gets it in that people aren’t going to pay for tweaks like SBSettings. I greatly respect BigBoss and all his hard work. If he wants to wait he can wait.

  19. Marc Jacobs Says:

    Haha, What a joke…. actually its uisettings isn’t all that great, I’m sure some other dev. will make a far better program to tie into the notifications bar. Anyway, feel free to take the plunge if you dare… because apple is still signing 4.3.3 anyway. I’m a developer and wanted to try ios 5 on my ip4 and I just downgraded today, piece of cake (in DFU) you don’t even need use sauriks servers or tiny umbrella as again apple is still signing 4.3.3. With that said, IOS 5beta is what it is, and if you read the release notes it clearly states what functions are currently not available including syncing with out that cable, etc… Fun for a few hours but for my everyday phone it simply doesnt cut it yet. (I know it shouldn’t either)

  20. Anonymous Says:

    works find for me

  21. BigBoss Says:

    SBSettings will do everything UISettings does and more and will always be free.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I agree to with one condition
    with no cracked apps
    with no jailbreak
    just at it is from the Apple

  23. Brett Says:

    I had iOS 5 on my iPhone 4 GSM, for the exception of a few minor bugs it worked great. But I noticed after 2 weeks, it out of nowhere, started consuming my battery very quickly, would charge completely, and with no use, (nothing running in multitask, push email disabled, location services and notification services disabled) an hour and a half later, my battery would be at 12 percent. After dealing with this a few more charge cycles, I downgraded to 4.3.3.

  24. Yaris Says:

    Como bajar la aplicacion de call lock para el iPod touch

  25. Says:

    Beta 2 is out alot better, we are still doing it at 5$ good for a year so beta 3 (if there is one) will be free if you use us!

  26. Prince Says:


    I tried putting the ios5 in my iphone 4 and now iam unable to restore it back to ios 4.3.3. could any one tell me how do i do it?

  27. Kain Says:

    What happens when u try

  28. Jorge's Says:

    Just let people do their own thing. Huh that was easy right? It even saves both of us from having to type out comments haha. It’s actually easier to not give your mindless dribble. Look at what you wrote. Who does that help? Dude just don’t bother next time not to be mean.

  29. Shane Says:

    iOS 5 is actually pretty stable, and I depend on WiFi syncing so mich that I need it. Do have oroblems with apps. But I really miss the Free Memory button on SBSettings. It cleans about 140NB for me while others can just top out of 120MB, and UISettings doesn’t do that at all, it only provides things people actully don’t need. MobileSubstrate isn’t upgraded for iOS 5 yet, SafeMode shouldn’t even be there.

  30. Hybrid33 Says:

    ive been running iOS 5 b2 on Verizon since it came out. Beta 1 had a few issues that I’ve seen corrected in b2. In all honesty I think b2 of ios5 is more stable than 4.2.8. And yes I’m jail broken, with a dev acct.

  31. rishabh Says:

    i am rishabh and i want parpicipate the big boss 2011

  32. needhelp Says:

    iphone 3gs fw 4.3.3 jailbreak and unlock base band 6.15 now itune won’t sync anyone can help

  33. man van Says:

    i have an acount with dev apps to the iphone and i install th ios 5 on it but right at thend it says on th itunes that my phone is on recovery mode what to do ?

  34. Says:
    Fast .ipsw links, no tricks to download!
    Just Fast Direct links!

  35. Steve Says:

    Right now ure SOL right now. I’m hearing rumors that the dev team is working on a firmware downgrading system so as of now u might have to wait before u can sync again

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Same with my brother

  37. Dman Says:

    There is lots of issues i cant use wifi its bad im downgrading

  38. Bjorn Says:


    I´m running iOS5 B3 since a couple days.The issues i´ve found so far is, can´t change wallpaper except for iOS standard wallpapers. A few apps keeps crashing, but overall it´s seems pretty stable to me. I love the Notification Center.

  39. Christian Says:

    How do you know if SBSettings will do more than UISettings? What if it just happens to get updated when qwertyoruiop comes back? And last I checked SBSettings, it said there would be barely any updates on the More Info page

  40. Dean Says:

    Changing the wallpaper works fine. You have to do it from Settings, not Photos.

    This article disgusts me.

    iOS 5 Beta is meant for developers and not for public users. . .!

  41. Oscar Says:

    Could you please tell me, when will be the IOS5 to the public?

  42. Bjorn Says:

    Well… I am a developer. Disgusts you… poor you, I hope you will survive this terrible time of your life.

  43. Homer Says:

    You fucking idiot, you obviously fucking did it wrong if all your shit “crashes”.Dumbass, why the living hell would you even fucking jailbreak a beta anyway. You dumbshit, jail breaking voids your warranty and does nothing but Apple giving you a big bucket of fuck all. The beta is fine for anyone.

  44. Jude Says:

    this is all bull crap sb setting has been able to work since beta 1 now were on beta 4 and it still works. on top of that apple is using past codeing support meaning almost every app will work. and the tethered jailbreak will let you play your cracked apps too

  45. Eddie Says:

    To develop tweaks for iOS 5.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Woah man, chill and take that banana out ur butt

  47. Martin Says:

    buy the app to install it, never walked and never gave me technical support, they never answered the mail, scam

  48. Martin Says:

    buy app wifi sync to install it, never walked and never gave me technical support, they never answered the mail, scam

  49. idarkside Says:

    what utter garbage i am running ios 5 jailbroken with hardly any issues at all

  50. Josh the Happy Says:

    Well if you don’t let your battery die, tethered really doesn’t mater i’m happy with beta 4, might try beta 6.

  51. Jonbill Says:

    Boy, folks get pretty emotional here. I can’t a afford a dev subscription. I’ve got an ipad2 with 4.3.3 jail broken. I love all the little gizmos I can add to it. What are best sites where I can study up on shsh and signing and all this more techie stuff. Sounds like fun but I want to know what I’m doing so I don’t break something.

  52. Humayun kabir Says:

    Help me sydia

  53. Noran Says:

    Tag bye khzu. Jrrusci. Orchard. If off if

  54. Ben Says:

    hi, i have an iPhone 4 and i updated to iOS 5 Beta 6 and now i have no service from AT&T. When the Final release comes out, will i regain AT&T Service? Please i’m worried. thanks!

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Tethered jailbreak available through redsnow

  56. Gee Kay Says:

    Please is there unlock for iOS 4.3.5 update???

  57. Joe Says:

    We’ll either see iOS 5 beta 8 or iOS 5 Gold Master in about a week or two. We’ll see what happens.

  58. XXX Says:

    @ idarkside I am having an iPod Touch 4g running 4.3.5 Not jail broken and I don’t have a developer account… My friend gave me the iTunes 5 beta and iOS 5 Beta 7… So If I jailbreak my iPod using sn0wbreeze Is it really stable ? PLS help anyone…. Is it worth upgrading or not… ? Or wait for 5 more days and get iOS 5 public version …?

  59. ismaz Says:

    Hi Everybody.
    I don’t know where to publish this so I’ll explain my problem here : I have an iPhone 4.2.1 since March 2011, jailbroken. Problem is that since september when I was back in France, the iPhone has started to send silent text messages to some wierd number : +1 716 794 1480 got the number thanks to iphonedelivery btw) this happens randomly when I’m texting somebody or when I turn on the phone.

    First I thought it was because of Facetime, but I don’t use it, and the text messages of Facetime are sent to the UK, so my question is : has anybody faced the same problem ? and any ideas for a solution? thanks in advance guys.

  60. kama Says:

    hi ismaz , i have same probleme , do you have a solution ? thannk you

  61. Killer Says:


  62. Killer Says:

    All rIght

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