Firewall iP 2.0 now available

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Firewall iP, the first and only Firewall for iOS, got updated to 2.0!

Changelog 2.0:

  • full IPv6 support (be advised that many Internet Service Providers don’t even support IPv6 yet, so if you aren’t able to access a IPv6 only server, it’s not FiP’s fault ;))
  • all new rules are being saved with date and time. Now you can look up which rules you created last
  • totally new way of showing the popup.
  • redesigned popup
  • Option to have the Deny Tab in front (Settings in the GUI)
  • a field on the PoPup which shows the url (TCP) or the data packet (UDP) (if possible)
  • if the hostname has more than 2 parts (more than, when you tap on the selector for “normal, *, and *.” you’ll be able to select parts of the hostname the rule will apply to
  • Option to Import/Export FiP settings (one file) so you can easily backup your stuff (Settings in the GUI)
  • support for port ranges
  • many other enhancements and fixes
  • GameCenter support: added support for the game center daemon (a process which runs in the background). You’ll have to REBOOT your device after installation to enable this (Saurik will fix that in a future MobileSubstrate update). IMPORTANT: because game center is actually an own progress which runs in the background and starts running when a game needs it, rules applied to the Game Center Daemon will affect all apps. You can use allow/deny (all) session to make changes for every game.

Firewall iP is the only security app of its kind and offers many advance features like getting WhoIs-informations about the host.

Block outgoing TCP & UDP connections selectively

Shows you the hostname for the connection & can provide you with WhoIs information

Block connections of apps when you are on a cellular network

Block analytic providers / data collectors which PrivaCy can’t

Block unneeded content (ads ;))

Easy to use interface & control app

and many more….

Firewall iP is available in the CydiaStore for only $2.99

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

15 Responses to “Firewall iP 2.0 now available”

  1. The6uest Says:

    Always like to see updates! Nice popup change too.

    Any chance it’ll be able to completely block iAds in the future?

  2. lisandro Says:

    Thanks for the program

  3. rob Says:

    i have this installed and its a great app but today i have a conflict with the debupdater. after install debupdater firewall comes up with invaild licence and if u press it the app crashes i have some photos of this if you can email me your address then i can send them to you many thanks rob

  4. AL Says:

    Trying to buy Firewall iP 2.0 and can’t find a download/buy button either here or on Cydia store site. PLease direct me.

  5. Al Says:

    I noticed you have a post saying you have it installed. Trying to buy Firewall iP 2.0 and can’t find a download/buy button either here or on Cydia store site.

    Do you have a link to the download>


  6. Marie Says:

    I don’t see nothing under the manage and the theme please help me

  7. Cyrus Says:

    No, I’m afraid not.

  8. Cyrus Says:

    Send it.

  9. Cyrus Says:


  10. Anonymous Says:

    Bull shit

  11. boshek Says:

    Thanks so much for SBSettings. I still love it. Upgraded my iPod Touch 4G to iOS 4.3.1 and now there is a problem with POWER/LOCK. I use it all the time. Now it crashes to Safe Mode. I hope you can fix it. Thanks again.

  12. flixsoft Says:

    would it not be better to block incoming..

  13. Kiloz Says:

    I love this app, as it allows me to control my iPod the way I want to.
    It’s definitely a major plus that I can block ads. :D
    The only issue I’ve had is, since I’ve installed, the standard App Store seems to crash to Springboard when I try to install something.
    It’s not a huge deal, since I can find most of the free apps in Installous anyways, but I’d like to be able to save time and just use the App Store.
    Any ideas?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    never heard of that, but you really should direct this issue to the author directly – I’m sure he doesn’t check this comment roll since this article was posted in February. There’s a contact/author button in Cydia

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