First iPhone4 Only Cydia App

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak

Since the jailbreak is due very soon, I have created SpringFlash, the first iPhone 4 only Cydia app. SpringFlash is a springboard activator based LED flashlight for your iPhone 4. In short, you can have a touch of a button for a bright LED flashlight without hassling with unlocking your iPhone, closing your app, or even turning on your screen.

To use this, jailbreak, install it, go to settings app, activator pane, pick the activation method of your choice, and select the Flashlight. I am using short hold power, myself. It works very well.

Like all apps I write, this is free to jailbreakers in Cydia.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


92 Responses to “First iPhone4 Only Cydia App”

  1. thewhitechip Says:

    Looks good can’t wait!

  2. FrequentCe Says:

    Yes! This will be amazing, there have been too many times already when I needed a quick light and having to unlock and open an app is just way to cumbersome and time consuming.

    If it wasn’t free, I would pay for this.

    Definitely the second thing I download after SBsettings as soon as the JB is out.

  3. belikeike Says:

    1000% agree. I use an AppStore flashlight app every morning as I rustle through the sock drawer so as not to bother the old lady with the overhead light. An activator based flashlight will be nice indeed

  4. Adrian97c Says:

    I’m not shaving until JB is out!

  5. djo Says:

    sounds sick. thanks once again bb.

  6. nim Says:

    I would love to see a SBSettings toogle for the iPhone 4 flash(light). That’d be awesome!! :)

  7. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    Me neither!!

  8. Jimmy Says:

    Me three

  9. Anonymous Says:

    if u so willing to pay, why don’t u donate something?

  10. Tim Says:

    Yep, 1 will stop shaving also!

    Make this a trend! :P


  11. mike Says:

    How do you know it looks good? You got the unreleased jailbreak yet?

  12. Crude Says:

    I’m not shaving as it is… so I won’t shave after the JB either! :)

  13. BigBoss Says:

    Thanks anyways, but I don’t take donations. You guys should donate to Comex who makes this all possible.

  14. Chris Says:

    What do you need to create an app for the jailbroken community?


  15. Chris Says:

    Donations from myself will be done when the jailbreak is out… Donations should be really “enforced” by the community. Otherwise, what is their motivation. Although its a challenge, I am sure they work with love and art, not for the love of art.

  16. Pointless Says:

    Think he meant to say,”sounds good”.

  17. Boricuaguy34 Says:

    I can’t wait for jb man

  18. THE TRUTH Says:

    JUST FOUND OUT SERIOUS BACK SLIDE, JAILBREAK OVER HEATS THE PHONE. This was the other issue that they did not want to mention. They are going to restart the entire process, there is a solution, but needs new start config lines.

  19. comex Says:

    yes that is true sorry all

  20. Suarik Says:

    Yes very true sorry

  21. musclenerd Says:

    only about a 10-15 day delay, meanwhile you could always but a 3g phone and jailbreak lol

  22. Planetbeing Says:

    Actually we can’t fix it. So no jailbreak for iOS 4 :(

  23. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    Wow! Somebody really ha too much time on their hands

  24. Madflier Says:

    Donations should be enforced? You don’t really understand the concept of “donation” do you…

  25. FoReal? Says:

    You guys are just joking right? You guys will release the jailbreak for the iphone 4……if not is there any other way to unlock the phone?? cuz im going out of the country in september.

  26. Planetbeing Says:


  27. Planetbeing Says:

    WHOEVER is reading…….nevermind the above posts by the truth, saurik, musclenerd, and comex……ANYONE can choose those names and reply to this post….if you dont believe me just try it out for yourself

  28. Geohot Says:

    Jailbreaking sucks, don’t try it!

  29. Comex Says:

    Gerrardforlifeee d’iPhonix est naïf XD

  30. Mathias Says:

    PFFT! who cares? even if it does overheat, everything will be fine as long as i can use SBsettings and winterboard again! ;D

  31. Adrian97c Says:

    I don’t care if it overheats, I live in Alaska :)

  32. rob Says:

    Sounds good, thx for providing it!

  33. geohot Says:

    I’m not a whiny baby! -pout-

  34. Comex Says:

    Everyone please be patient. We are just finishing up a few things and polishing the program. We need to make sure no problems arise like Spirit when it deleted your pictures. If it’s done by today it will release today, if not, then it will release when ready. All FaceTime issues were resolved by the way.

  35. Jude75 Says:

    To Comex: Donating.
    When i received the “Spirit” Jailbreak from you.., it was perfect!! I would like to donate; as I have done with other apps that were useful and free of charge. Is there any other way to donate besides Paypal? I am an American living in Korea at the time, so please inform me if there is a way. Thanx for your hard work!!

  36. Comex Says:

    Thanks for your interest in wanting to donate! Paypal is the easiest way and pretty much the only way we take donations. If you can’t send through paypal, it’s ok don’t worry about it. All we want is feedback like yours and for our users to be satisfied. :)

  37. Bak Says:

    or is it the jailbreak for iPhone 4 lol, the existence of the jailbreak casts doubt

  38. Bak Says:

    may be that Apple’s successful counter the jailbreak, will know the truth

  39. Bak Says:

    1 month and 9 days since my iDevice is empty :(

  40. Mathias Says:

    @bak: well, mine isnt exactly empty. im still using it and im pretty happy with it. id be a LOT more happy though if i could use all the marvelous apps from cydia again ;D
    oh man… i was totally new to the whole jailbreaking thing and didnt know that apple is a bitch and wont let you downgrade to a previous iOS version… oh well, lesson learned :P

  41. Bak Says:


    yeah yeah !

  42. Jude75 Says:

    To Comex: Thanx
    Thank you for your quick reply^^. I am satisfied:). I will be wiring some money to my brother in the States.., he said once he receives it he’ll donate for me(about 2 days later). Thanx in advance and keep up the good work you guys are doing:)

  43. Dub Says:

    Did Jailbreak get released already? There is youtube videos on how to jailbreak the Iphone 4.I just want to make sure with you guys.

  44. Mathias Says:

    nope, not yet. you can only jailbreak the iphone 3G right now and the 2nd gen ipod touch and the iphone 3GS only if you meet certain requirements.
    but it seems to be almost done! its only a matter of time now!^^

  45. Sam Says:

    He also said he can’t wait so I guess he doesn’t?


  46. Chais82 Says:

    Jailbreak for all devices is out! Go to site on the idivce being jailbroke.

  47. iName Says:

    dont see springflash in cydia

  48. Chris Says:

    I think it changed to flashlight!

  49. nura gwarzo Says:

    why do you ask

  50. k20beaks Says:

    I also don’t see SpringFlash in Cydia

  51. rob Says:

    Settings>Phone>FaceTime On Fixed theproblem for me.

  52. rob Says:

    Settings>Messages>MMS Messaging On

  53. squint0241 Says:

    Big Boss,

    Installed your flashlight app as well as activator. Not sure which setting under activator that I am supposed to use to activate the light with the phone off using the power button. Anywhere, at home screen, in application, at lock screen?? Want to be able to turn on the light while the phone is locked if possible? Any help appreciated.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    if anyone could please tell me what the secret repository is called where this app is stored, i would forever be grateful.

    i know it should be on the bigboss repo but i cant find it anywhere

    anyone else?

  55. squint0241 Says:

    It’s called “Flashlight”. Just hit the search in Cydia and type it in…

  56. Enigmoid Says:

    Flashlight does support the iPhone 4 LED, but it doesn’t run in the background, and it takes the foreground when activated through activator. Maybe springflash isn’t fully public yet? Or are we missing something?

  57. Anonymous Says:


  58. iName Says:

    Flashlight cannot be enabled by Activator so i dont think its the same app.

  59. belikeike Says:

    Glad I’m not the only retard who came back to this post wondering where this app is at. A little help, BigBoss?

  60. Mike Says:

    You gotta add to your sources…

  61. BeingPlanet! Says:

    Who Cares if it overheated! that’s just another app idea. call it iHeat for those cold winter days!

    Seriously though now that the JB has been released where is this app? i cant find it anywhere!!

  62. BeingPlanet! Says:

    Looks like it is called “flashlight” in Cydia rather than SpringFlash as it states above. just tried it and it uses the built in LED alright. good work BigBoss thanks for such a cool app!

  63. Boomy Says:

    Mike is correct, it’s in the beta repo

    Add source

  64. Andrew Says:

    Well I installed the new Iphone4 jailbreak and everything was working fine but once i shut down the phone, it will not reload, I only get the apply icon and nothing else happens. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    Great app BB!! Im Loving it! Finally a real Flash light!

  66. Jim Says:

    Works great! Thank you!!!

  67. Pyroskees Says:

    Anyone having dependency issues? Every time I try to install SpringFlash it says I need I’m not sure what that is, so any help would be appreciated!

  68. Startengine Says:

    Test ? No,really !

  69. m4rl0n Says:

    Same here!!!

  70. djk1 Says:

    I am having the same problem, I have looked all over to fix it. but no solution

  71. carguy0625 Says:

    I can’t find a fix either.

  72. PA722565 Says:

    I noticed the same issue after upgrading to 4.0.1. It worked fine on 4.0.

  73. PA722565 Says:

    Just got mine to work. I used the camera and made sure the the flash was on. Went back to cydia to install SpringFlash and the dependency was not there anymore. Looks like the flash just needs to be activated once.

  74. m4rl0n Says:

    thanks @PA722565 i got it to work! go on tha camara app turn flash on..

  75. PatrickBlackrn Says:

    I’m having the same dependencies prob. I have went back and tried everything stated above, but still no fix. Anyone find one yet.

  76. Scoop Says:

    Is this really only in the beta repo, the version i installed from release repo isn’t working.

  77. Mohammed Says:

    Just don’t try it

  78. J Says:

    SpringFlash works great…. kinda. It reboots my iPhone4 if it is locked. I set the activator event for a short press of the lock button, the flashlight turns on for about 10-15 seconds, then reboots my phone. I’m guessing its some permissions issue when the phone is locked. It works perfectly fine when the phone is unlocked at the home screen.

  79. iPhone4Guy Says:

    The beta version worked a lot better, the final release is messing up for some reason… I have it set for short hold power/sleep button, and it comes on, but after 10 seconds or so it turns back off, and to turn it back on i have to slide to unlock…. so whats the point. I hope an update will be released to fix this…. Also, i really really hope Kirikae will be updated soon for iPhone 4…. I used the app “disable multitasking” hoping Kirikae would work, but it just crashes my springboard. :( Please update ;)

  80. Anonymous Says:


  81. Boho Says:

    I am having this problem too. New iPhone 4 with 4.0.1

    Anything I can do to resolve this or help diagnose it?

  82. Anonymous Says:

    Then it wouldn’t be a donation then would it? I call being made to give money for goods or services “paying for it”.

  83. Minan Says:

    He said it looks good you bastard.

  84. Tuhin Says:

    not bad

  85. Knaub Says:

    Mine just quit working all together. I have done everything short of a complete restore/re-jailbreak. Sure wish I could get it working again. Springflash was cool until it stopped working.

  86. James Says:


    Mine just stopped working yesterday. Have tried everything to get it to start working again.

  87. Buggy Says:

    I am looking for a similar app for my 3gs which:
    - toggles brightness to max / back to normal
    - can be launched via activator
    - so that double power button can toggle the “flashlight” while the device is locked

    is there something like this around? I only found flashlight and 1) it cannot be toggled by activator and 2) it doesn’t work while the device is locked

    thank you, kind regards

  88. tom Says:

    Chur bro, thats awesome

  89. CarterX Says:

    I’m having a problem with this tweak. It worked fine the first time I used it, then doesn’t pick up for whatever Activator setting I apply it to.

    I’d really appreciate if I got some feed back (even from other users who might have the similar problem).

    iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.1

    Thank you,

  90. Cookie Haid Says:

    Excellent!!! Thanks; I set up the Activator to trigger it when both volume buttons are clicked.

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