Getting “Warning: You are running low on memory” pop-ups? The Fix.

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Many users, including me, have gotten the iPhone System pop-up: “Warning: You are running low on memory…etc” in the past few days. Unfortunately for me, my phone did a hard crash when my wake-up alarm went off this morning and I had to do a full restore (I was planning on upgrading from 3.0 anyways).

The culprit? Rock App

Why? It seems that Rock is not clearing out the log\cache file, so it constantly grows larger, indefinitely.


  1. SSH into your phone or use iFile\Diskaid and locate /var/mobile/Library/RYP/logs
  2. Delete rockapp_{date}.log

Some users have indicated that their log files have totaled from 1gb to over 8gb in size!

I have not confirmed this, but a user told me that going into Rock and clicking “Clear cache” will fix this problem.

I am not sure if there was a date bug, but it seemed that it has recently hit everyone that has Rock (and extensions) installed.

Updatekwickone has stated that a Rock update is out that will fix this problem. Update Rock to see if the problem is resolved, if not, delete the log file as mentioned above. I had to fix my friend’s phone and I could not even launch Rock. After deleting the logfile, rebooted, everything was back to normal

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  1. kwickone Says:

    has been fixed (I believe) with a RockApp update just posted. Download and install via Rock.

  2. mattyb123 Says:

    I just restored and seen this after I have finished :( I don’t even use rock its just there incase

  3. ranova Says:

    yes, it seems to happen even if you never use Rock. Let’s hope it’s fixed. Largest I’ve heard about is 11gb!

  4. Says:

    Just had about 5 peeps asking me about why they’ve lost up to 4GB of available space.. i’ll pass the info.. thanks BB..

  5. Says:

    While looking into the issue.. I also notice that proswitcher keeps proswapfiles.. we found about 45 of them at 575kb… while not that big, I wonder how many files a constant proswitcher user has accumulated…

    You can find them here

    /var / mobile / cache folder

  6. ranova Says:

    I wish my phone didnt do a hard crash (which caused me to restore) so I could look more into the matter. I, too, had proswitcher installed (since release).

  7. Kitcat490 Says:

    I don’t even see that folder, are you sure that was the correct directory?

  8. Kitcat490 Says:

    And to prevent confusion, I meant to reply to iPhone enthusiast

  9. mattyb123 Says:

    I only had 4GB remaining anyways, so it said I had no space at all

  10. TJ Says:

    /var /mobile /library /caches

  11. Mario Says:

    The log file has and always does roll each day. The issue at hand was a Rock App got caught up in a bzip decompression of a corrupt bzip file from one of your self-added repositories (self-added = either via package install of a “repository” or manually typed in – the 6 default Rock Central repo’s do not use bzip compression).

    We’ve fixed the code to prevent this bzip issue from ever occurring as well as added an auto terminate after 1 minute of this process – so that given any unexpected situations in the future – the end result problem experienced will not reoccur (regardless of the cause of the issue).

    If you’re having an issue updating to the latest version:
    * Easiest thing to do is reboot your phone.
    - If you don’t have enough space to update still (not sure) after the reboot, perhaps the easiest thing to do is :
    - Go into RockApp and clear out your icon cache under Manage -> Settings -> Clear Cache.

  12. BigBoss Says:

    I am pretty sure ispazio uses bzip2 on his packages file. Is this what you mean? And saurik uses bzip compressed debs now. Anyways, glad it’s fixed.

  13. Mario Says:

    Yeah – it works with bzip like ispazio and saurik (although the RockApp doesn’t use theirs because they use rockcentral which uses a proprietary format for performance reasons).. But – if you added another repo outside the default, and they used bzip compression – it would normally work and has until now. However, some relatively commonly added 3rd party repository had a corrupt bzip file which caused our bzip code to loop and print to the log file.

  14. iphoneglance Says:

    I went to rockapp, got the update and then my phone crashed, I’m so glad that it wasn’t a serious crash. Rockapp is a head ache more than it’s worth so I just deleted. I only wanted to test mywi, which I found was good, going to hbe to install the one that doesn’t actually install rockapp.

  15. Arcticfires Says:

    i just got this today…
    didn’t come here until i removed every photo from my ipod…
    well im going to try this, and see if it works!
    ill get back to you on this subject

  16. Arcticfires Says:

    its still not fixed. i deleted the log file!
    i cant open rock, and im afraid of rebooting…

  17. ranova Says:

    the storage space does not update (at least in sbsettings) until you reboot. Did you take notice how big the log file was?

  18. Arcticfires Says:

    it seemed to be small, but im no expert at converting file sizes…
    i had 2-3gb and now it says 0mb in sbsettings.
    i tried removing rock, and i got an error, something about sub processes.
    i just tried again, and it randomly respringed.
    i wonder if that will work….

  19. Arcticfires Says:

    OH GOD!!!
    my ipod isn’t comming back after it re-springed!
    i hear the noise that it makes when it gets connected when you plug it in to charge!
    and then i dont know!

  20. Arcticfires Says:

    please help!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Arcticfires Says:

    ok, now i just rebooted!
    please help someone!
    is it going to reboot, or did i just loose my ipod?!!?

  22. Arcticfires Says:

    ok it finally rebooted after like 5 resprings and now i have my space back!

  23. cyberjaya Says:

    I thought I’m the only one having same problem. Got a 6GB log file created by RockApps :(…

    iPhone:/private/var/mobile/Library/RYP/logs root# ls -lart
    total 5948160
    drwxr-xr-x 2 mobile mobile 102 Mar 16 00:17 ./
    -rw-r–r– 1 root mobile 6090913670 Mar 16 09:03 rockapp_2010-03-16.log

  24. Anonymous Says:

    In case of a problem you should always be able to restore

  25. Christina Says:

    Go to /var/mobile/Library/caches

    I had over 50 Proswitcher caches at 575KB each. That is only after I started counting after I started deleting them. I have photos of caches files dating back to January. As I said, that was after I started deleting.

    The Rock app log was huge too as the “quick fix” suggests. I deleted it but it only gained me about 2gb of space. Right now I’m still trying to figure out where is the remaining space is lost.

  26. Christina Says:

    Also, the Rock update didn’t fix the log size nor does “Clear Cache” At least for me. Perhaps it didn’t truly update because right now I’m racing to stop my applications from disappearing on my iPhone

  27. Scuba Says:

    mine was over 21 gigs on my 3gs holy crap

  28. CaNe Says:

    Ok well i have the same problem as everyone else. I deleted the log file and restarted my iphone i know have 11 apps out of 68 visable when i go into my Settings-General-About and it shows i have 66 songs (correct) 8 Videos(correct) 1app (SO WRONG!!) WTF is going on?

    On my iphone i have 11 apps visiable and the other 50+ are gone but when i plug into itunes it shows i have 668mb of apps on my iphone….. How do i get them back? Also i synced my iphone with another computer over a year ago and i no longer have that computer so how can i sync? Stupid apple sucks in this matter of only syncing to 1 PC stupid *****!!!

  29. Artric Says:

    I had this same problem yesterday. But NOW MY iPHONE WILL NOT BOOT!

    It was getting hot yesterday, now it will not get past the Apple logo. I let it charge overnight. The thing drains and then I plug it in and it charges (the normal way with the battery indicator), until it has enough juice and it tries to boot. It sticks there indefinitely.

    Anyone else had this problem? I really DO NOT want to lose 3.0 and my prime tethering ability!!

  30. Alex Says:

    I dont usually leave comments but i woke up today to that error. My alarm didnt go off and i almost missed work. But i had over 26gb of that stuff. I just reboot my phone and it was back to normal. Best part is i dont even use rock.

  31. slid3r Says:

    Got the same problem, deleted the 2.5GB log file from the folder suggested. and as said here before,
    1. I still see an 8gb as Orange-colored “OTHER” on my ITUNES capacity bar.
    2. My Iphone is getting heated alot!

    Anybody knows how to fix THAT ?
    I realy don’t have the time to restore ?
    Is it possiable it is some kind of a virus or so ?

    thanks for your help guys

  32. Sam Says:

    Alex… same boat as you. My alarm did not go off and I too almost missed work…I’m a teacher, this sucks. The night before my phone was getting hot and I was consistently getting “low disk space” warnings. So I deleted a bunch of apps and it freed up about 3 gigs on my 16gig 3GS. Funny thing was it slowly depleted and I went back to 0 free space… WTF? Some scary stuff. Well this morning that happened and I looked at my phone and it said the time was 3:23 or something like that… then it froze on the battery screen. I left it at home and today, after work, I found this website and deleted that rock app and file. My disk size is at 6.9 gigs so I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it shrinks like the previous night. Wish me luck and thanks all that helped.

  33. nummy Says:

    this file size overflow seems to have happened to my SMS db file (however I didn’t get the mem low warning). file was pretty hefty and woke up one day to find it cleared out. 3.1.2 jb 3gs

  34. Ignacio Says:

    12 gb here. But mi iPhone is still alive. Yeahhh babyyy

  35. Anonymous Says:

    12.2Gb lost

  36. Artric Says:

    Mine was getting hot too, before I noted the problem. I took it in to Apple, and they recovered it… to 3.1.3 :(

    I downgraded it to 3.0 using Saurik’s server, but I have a lot of work to do to get it back to where it was.

    Before I do that – can someone answer whether I should go with a higher version? My main reason for staying on 3.0 was for tethering ability. Thoughts?

  37. truncj Says:

    Just upgrade to 3.1.2 using sauriks server and install another tethering fix. I have not tested them individually, but I have tested MyWi on 3.1.2 and it works a charm for usb/bluetooth/wifi tethering.

    *** I also just stumbled upon this post today after I restored my phone two days ago. All the symptoms fit and it took up a good 13gb on my 3GS. I’m glad i found the time to restore everything and get it back to working order, but I just wish this was posted in cydia (i know, the irony) or modmyi so that I could’ve saved myself the trouble (assuming these fixes completely eliminate the problem). Thanks for the info regardless

  38. JoblessPunk Says:

    My phone was getting slugish real quick. I thought something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

  39. Arcticfires Says:

    can someone like make a SBSettings toggle thingy to do this automatically?
    because that would make this a lot easier to fix.

  40. Arcticfires Says:

    i seem to have a problem when i like re-spring after i do this..
    any reasons why this make occur.
    because it shows the screen and then i hear my plugged in noise and it doesn’t go to the springboard…

  41. Tyler Ohlenforst Says:

    Wow… I opened an app I downloaded yesterday (myTown) and my iPhone (3G/8GB/3.1.2) completely froze and I had to try restarting it like 5 times for it to finally restart. I had nothin running no themes or anything, no backgrounder, no sbsettings or anything. I don’t even have those installed. I started my phone up and all my NOT jailbroken apps from the appstore were gone, I went to Setting>General>About and it doesn’t say I have any apps and I have o bytes free space. (BTW this whole time Rock wouldn’t open and would crash on start). I deleted the log using iFile and it said the log was -1.5 (about) GB which didn’t make sense because it said NEGATIVE (-). WTF. Idk. Help.

  42. ohyeahbabe Says:

    total size : 12,530,475,008
    3gs unit 16gb telling me i was running out of space LOL

  43. Graemac Says:

    After deleting the log file, upgrading rock and re-springing i still have 10.29GB showing in itunes as ‘Other’.
    Keeps freezing now, struggling to use it.

    Any ideas…..please???

    iPhone 3GS 32gb

  44. Arcticfires Says:

    ok, there is something really weird.
    after i removed rock, all my apps crash after i open them…
    im afraid to restart…
    i tried respringing and it has re-sprung yet, the spinny thing it still going

  45. Arcticfires Says:

    ok, now it rebooted automatiaclly!
    can someone tell me if it doesn’t start up, am i able to restore it?
    or something, because i dont want to lose another ipod!

  46. Sikh Says:

    WOW. Never knew about this website. Been going crazy ALL DAY to fix my phone. Fucking RYP. I didnt even bother with it, it was just there with blackrain. I love cydia and will always use cydia.

    Anyway, left my phone home backed it up(after it entering the respring loop after it booted finally and i force quit out of the loop) and instantly backed up everything / deleted ALL my song and photos. This caused me to have enough gigs to open cydia and read Surik’s twitter which lead me here.

    This is one of my new home page tabs now. Thanks to this site, i opened up RYP and cleared cache. Nothing. I ssh’d into my phone and RIGHT NOW im looking at a 16.7 GIG LOG FILE. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK.

    Excuse my language, but WTF? Wow. I took a SS to prove it, and if anyone(especially RYP Dev) wants to see the log ill HAPPILY show you the LOG and the SS.

    Its BS that a log is THAT BIG. I’ll keep a watch now on my logs. WTF really?

    Oh btw, thanks for the proswitcher tip, i deleted all of them. I use “Kirkae” now. Easier menu.

  47. Jeter Says:

    My log file was 11gig+, wow!

  48. Mintyfrench Says:

    GUIs is for peeps that have lost the cracked apps like me after the whe rock issue. Open up installous.

    Set intall method – clean
    iTunes sync – on
    debug log – on

    and hey presto my apps all came back.
    Hope it work for everyone else.

  49. Lense Says:

    This bug filled 80% of my 32gb 3gs, i couldnt launch cydia anymore and had to restore :( No more rock for me.

  50. haiyyu Says:

    I had the same issue too.
    iFile said that the /logs-directory is over 9GB. But there was only one file with 2GB in it. So i just removed the whole /logs-directory. ^^

  51. Ladylhet Says:

    Got 3GS 32gb here.. I deleted the file and it’s 25gb.. after rebooted my iphone. It’s works again =)

  52. Pissed Says:

    I’m absolutely fucken pissed off about this and as for RYP, I hope you get a pox you assholes. This happened to me a week ago, for two days I tried to fix it, couldn’t use my phone, my most important business tool, could do anything, and was forced to do a restore (this post wasn’t up then) 3Gs to 3.1.3, and now I can’t go back or jailbreak. I’d like to kick those fucken asshole at RYP in the head. Can someone post an email address for RYP, I’d like to introduce them to my fist. I didn’t even use the POS and it updated in cydia. How can this happen? Who is responsible, coz they need to understand the severity of their fuck up. To all out there, delete RYP and if we can get an email addy, let em fucken hear our voice. Forgive me, I’m so fucken furious about this, it’s not on!!

  53. Pissed Says:

    Just checked their website, and they’ve deactivated their “contact us” comments page. COWARDS. I’d like to sue their fucken asses off, god i’m so fucken pissed!!!

  54. matt Says:

    i wasn’t affected by this issue, but this post did prompt me to take a look at the RYP log directory. what i discovered is that Rock app is doing updates at 3:30am in the background. i didn’t even realize this was happening. i’ve since disabled the auto updates. i don’t remember if auto-updates was enabled by me after i installed Rock or if that was enabled by default. in any case i’m going to keep an eye on Rock to see if it’s doing anything else in the background that i’m not aware of.

  55. Elijah Says:

    Thank you so much, it worked and now I don’t have to restore my phone, which I was so close to doing.

  56. INEEDhelp Says:

    Please help me. I am very close to recovering my iPod Touch. I lost all of my apps from the appstore and install0us, but not rock. I downloaded iphone explorer but it only shows my ipod’s photos and screenshots. I don’t know how to get to rock, i am in a horrible position. Because it says my space is full, i can’t download any other apps and whenever i try to open rock, it crashes after a split-second. That’s not even an exaggeration! Please, please, please help me recover all of my apps before i restore my iPod!

  57. ObnoxiouzOne Says:


    Available memory via SBSettings Toggle was at 30mb!!
    Follow direction from BIGBOSS off this post and up it to about 50mb, Took out Category up to 100mb range and last I uninstalled BossPaper which had me at 140mb-150mb. But still wasn’t back to regular performance. Then decided to uninstall CRACKED version of InfiniDock and InfiniBoard. BOOM!!! REBOOTED!!! and solve my problem. This was causing it as of why I’m not sure.

  58. XiV92 Unltd. Says:

    Doesn’t work for me, as I had to restore about a week ago and do not have Rock on my 3GS running 4.01

  59. jloh Says:

    Problem with low on memory after jailbreakme, checked cydia and memory use is down to 87% on a 3gs iOS4. Previously jb with Blackrain – had installed a bunch of cydia apps like infolock, sbsettings, irealsms, etc…working great. Now after upgrading to iOS4 and jb – cannot install the cydia apps without system crash. I checked with ifile to look at caches etc – nothing unusal. Did the previous Blackrain jb reduce available system memory? Checked the system memory on jb ipad and it show only 65% utilization. Any suggestions? Thanks

  60. mike Says:

    Hi Guys

    I have the same issue :
    - iphone 4 jailbroker + cydia + rock…
    - pop up with low on disk – categorized as other

    I have tried the above (delete the log file but it did not work.
    (the log file itself was not big at all)

    What can I do ?
    Please any help would be greatly welcomed !


  61. awesomesauce Says:

    you can always hold home and power at the same time for 10 seconds, usually helps unresponding.

  62. awesomesauce Says:

    same :( i have a 4 GB on my 8 GB ipod touch…half of my space is being eaten up by an unknown “other” meanwhile everytime i delete an app, it moves to the other side not changing the space on my ipod touch but deletes the app…wth someone help please?

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