iPhone Advertising

Author: BigBoss

Have a product or an accessory for iPhone users? How about an app in App Store or paid app in Cydia that you wish to promote?

Advertise with us! We offer very targeted advertising directly to iPhone users. Our ads can show up in Cydia, Installer, and on this website. Soon, the ads can also show up inside selected applications.

Cydia Targeted: 15c a click in $150 intervals. 10c a click in $500 intervals with a minimum 1 month guarantee that your ad will run the whole month. Guaranteed at least 40,000 page views per day as a minimum (generally runs 3 times this number).

Non targeted: $500 for one month flat.

Banners are 300×50 banners made by you. We will have clicks go to the link you provide. You may make multiple banners and they will be rotated for variety.

Payment can be made via Google Checkout. If you are interested, contact me.